The weddings of Santa Barbara
Kelly Capwell and Robert Barr / Quinn Armitage


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A few weeks earlier, unexpectedly, Kelly announced to her family during a dinner at the Capwell villa her engagement with Robert Barr. If her parents and her half-brother Mason and his wife Julia are present at the dinner, Ted and especially Eden are absent. Kelly does not want her older sister, Robert's former girlfriend, to participate in the celebration of her happiness. Out of jealousy, and because she tries to make them break, Kelly breaks the bond that has always united the two sisters.

This time, Kelly does not choose Eden as bridesmaid; moreover, she does not even want her to attend the ceremony (Eden will have been her bridesmaid only for her wedding with Jeffrey). Her choice is for Cassandra Benedict, who is obviously happy with her happiness. Wounded in her pride, Eden swears to continue to find a way to prevent this wedding.

Eden is not the only one who does not want this wedding : C.C. has no confidence in this new suitor in his daughter's heart. Perhaps he keeps in mind the announcement of another engagement, years ago, on Las Sirenas island, between Eden and him. Ready to do everything to make them break up, C.C. asks Kelly to sign a marriage contract, then he even invents a false clause in a will : if Kelly dies before having celebrated her five years of marriage, her money will return to her family. All pretexts are good to show Kelly that Robert aspires only to marry her fortune. But Kelly holds on, and she organizes her wedding at the Capwell villa on October 24, 1990.

In preamble to this wedding, Kelly has already experienced an intimate episode with her fiancé in a typical Louisiana property. There, Robert gave her a wedding dress from the owner of the premises. There, reassured by Robert on this "Quinn" whose shadow seems to hover over her life, Kelly abandons herself to him.

But, as a bad omen to her future union, she drops the mirror that Ted gave her as a wedding gift. She looks at Robert, present at her side, with eyes full of despair : don't we say seven years of bad luck per piece... Although Robert does his best to reassure her, the doubt entered her mind, almost winning her heart... Already, the day before, Robert had seen his wedding dress, while she had come to show it to her father (writing effect, this is not the wedding dress that Kelly will wear the next day).

On this October 24, after the earthquake that shook the Capwell family (at the last moment, Kelly, on Robert's advice, accepted the excuses of her father and the fact that he will be present at her wedding - unlike Eden), a violent storm roars on the city of Santa Barbara. The rain strikes against the windows of the villa. Thunder echoes.

As if to chase the storm out, the Capwell villa and especially the staircase and the large living room were decorated with white satin knots and fresh white flowers. The bride, in her young girl's room, prepares herself. Mason, in the living room, hesitates to serve himself to drink and ends up offering a drink to Robert. There, Mason takes advantage of this moment of intimacy with Robert to give him some advice so that he manages to make a place in the family. He also explains to him what it means to marry a Capwell girl : the family is not as ideal as it seems.

Then, the master of the place, C.C., joins them to give a toast to Robert, for the happiness of his daughter. Only C.C. and Robert have a glass in their hand; Mason, feeling Julia's imminent arrival, knew how to resist the temptation. The three men, dressed in a black tuxedo, are in the theme of the 1930s, desired by Kelly.

In the meantime, Cruz takes the time to phone C.C. to ask him to try, once again, to change Kelly's mind; Eden suffers from not attending her younger sister's wedding.

In Kelly's bedroom, it is Sophia who comes to watch over the preparations of her daughter. Sophia wears a black dress, with a neckline lined with white. Despite the acceptance of the wedding by everyone, in fact, Sophia, C.C. and Kelly still feel a real tension. Is this why, for this wedding, Kelly does not have the traditional gifts offered to future brides : something blue, something old, something new ? Sophia comes, subtly, to make sure of her daughter's feelings. They are very quickly joined by C.C.. Sophia reassures Kelly about her worries.

As a loving father, C.C. comes (as he had done for Kelly's wedding with Jeffrey) to assure her of his love and support. C.C. must face the ambiguity of his feelings : he wants the happiness of his beloved daughter and, at the same time, he knows that this marriage is not a good idea. Moreover, he is already responsible for a break within the family : Eden and Kelly, so close for a long time, are advancing today on different paths. And, in C.C.'s eyes, Robert is responsible for it. He is the only one responsible.

C.C. prepares three glasses of red wine to toast to Kelly's happiness. As she was about to take the glass to her lips, as a sign of destiny, a violent thunderbolt rings out. Kelly jumps with fear and surprise, spilling wine on the bottom of her dress. As an evidence, she interprets this as a new bad omen.

At the Capwell villa, everything is ready for the wedding. As the city is hit by pouring rain, Flame Beaufort observes through a window what is happening between the walls of the villa. She seems not to care about the rain, so much her attention is focused on the Capwell salon. Robert notices her and worries about it. And, just before the ceremony, he steps aside for a moment to call Roy Beaufort.

In her bedroom, Kelly panics : she cannot marry with a stained dress. Sophia reassures her, she manages to erase the stain so no one will notice the wine mark. In parallel, Kelly receives a phone call from the real Robert, but, because of the storm, the communication is interrupted. Sophia, then again C.C., wishes all the happiness of the world to their daughter, who at last seems to look radiantly happy at the approach of saying «yes» to Robert.

As the music rings out in the villa, the bridesmaid, Cassandra, in a red dress, with a bouquet in her hand, walks down the great staircase. Everyone looks at her, and Julia observes Mason : she feels, not she knows, that the torments of alcohol torture him again.

When Kelly appears at the arm of her father, Robert / Quinn smiles... The victory, his victory, seems to arrive at last. Suddenly, a violent thunderbolt startles her and the light shuts down for a second. Kelly panics and turns around, almost to escape and go up the stairs to take refuge in her bedroom. Only a near-spectral light crosses the window at the top of the steps. Sophia shudders and Robert worries... What if the gods do not want this union ?

An even heavier atmosphere falls on the Capwell villa, the air gets charged with electricity. Kelly understands that the tumult of her feelings is in tune with the weather. As for Robert, he fears that the truth will come out, as if with the next lightning, the light would be done on his true identity.

The sudden darkness dissipates little by little; a soft light spreads in the living room of the Capwell villa, diffused by the many candles scattered around. Cassandra crosses the arches and enters the living room, where the priest, Robert and the other family members wait for Kelly's arrival at C.C.'s arm. After a last look from her father, Kelly joins Robert and they move towards the priest. Their hands come together as if to give themselves courage. The priest begins. His words are lost. Kelly says a few words. Her wishes seem more destined to convince her of this wedding than to convince her family of her love for Robert. Robert smiles at her. She seems to relax. Kelly and Robert pronounce their «I do», binding them to each other for life, uniting their destiny; undeniable proof of their love for each other. A long, tender kiss seals their union.

While the rain and the storm hit Santa Barbara, behind a window of the villa, dressed in black and red, Flame, heartbroken, attends the whole scene. This wedding, this wedding masquerade, comes to destroy all her certainties : Quinn really fell in love with Kelly. Robert was right. Flame understands that she just lost Quinn, nothing will be as before. She knows she will have to fight back, to get revenge in order to take back control of Quinn.

Once the ceremony ended, Kelly regains her joie de vivre and congratulates herself for becoming Mrs. Robert Barr. During an embrace, Robert notices Flame's presence outside. He quickly manages to move away from his wife and guests to join her. Flame presents then all the phases of the jealous woman : first the anger, then the doubt, the lack of confidence and finally the need, this vital need, to hear that she is always loved. Robert knows how to find words to reassure her : this wedding does not matter, it is always her whom he loves. They kiss... Flame hangs on to Robert, asking for another kiss. And, hidden behind the trees, Eden attends the whole scene.

Robert joins his wife and his guests to give a toast to Kelly, to their love. Eden then enters the villa. Robert comes to join her. And it is with a smile that she announces to him that everything is over for him, she knows the truth... Robert freezes : of what truth does she speak ?

Eden faces Quinn, certain to be right : she saw him, right out there, kissing Debra London. The anger prevailing, Eden slaps Robert when he tells her that she never managed to forget him... Robert tells her that she is crazy, that this is all lies. Sophia comes to separate them, seeking to protect Kelly, and orders Robert to join his wife. Eden says her last warnings to her mother concerning Robert and Debra : their relationship is not what they say. Sophia does not seem to understand and Eden feels despised and excluded from this family, from her family. She prefers to leave, while insisting with her mother on the reasons of her anger : what she hates is that Robert cannot even respect Kelly on their wedding day. She leaves without telling Sophia what she saw.

At the end of the reception that sees Julia leaving, humiliated once again by Mason, Robert leads Kelly in their new home and announces that this is here that they will live their love. And while Kelly waits for her husband in their bedroom, she is surprised to see her sister in the room. The two women argue. Kelly leaves the room and falls down the stairs...

New wedding for Kelly and new drama. To her great despair, this wedding is only a prelude to a whole series of dramas (paralysis, the draft of madness, Robert's death, a promise of a child...), dramas which will find a conclusion in another wedding. What if Quinn could really bring her happiness ? We will never know, because to prevent him from going to prison, Kelly chooses to save him at the expense of her own happiness... A new door in her heart closes, after Joe Perkins, Nick Hartley, Jeffrey Conrad. Yet, despite all the trials she had to go through, Kelly keeps hope, keeps faith in love. She knows that, one day, she will find love...

Text written for this site by Lilian

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