The weddings of Santa Barbara
Kelly Capwell and Robert Barr / Quinn Armitage's engagement


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As Robert Barr mopes around in the cell set up in Flame Beaufort's house, his twin brother, who stole his identity and his fortune, is now stealing from him the woman he loves. Sitting at a table at the Pacific Bay polo club, Kelly Capwell, after refusing once, accepts Robert's wedding proposal.

Robert / Quinn does not hide his happiness in the middle of the polo club restaurant. Back in their place, he offers an engagement ring to Kelly, which he gently slips to her finger. Their destiny seems sealed. Then, each of them decides to announce the great news.

At the same time, the real Robert, still locked in a cell in the basement of Flame's house, distills a poison to his jailer. This terrible poison will even get over her, because the rest of the events will prove Robert right : Quinn really fell in love with Kelly. And face of this emerging love, everything will be swept away : whether it is the relationship between Flame and Quinn, whether it is the strength of their desire for money.

So, when Quinn comes to announce the news of his engagement with Kelly Capwell, Flame trembles. What if Robert was right... If she lost Quinn's love... If he loved Kelly... An idea of revenge begins to take shape in her mind.

Kelly also announces the news to her father, presenting him the new ring that adorns her hand. C.C. does not show a great enthusiasm at the news of his daughter's engagement. Kelly easily understands that her father is opposed to this marriage. In fact, C.C. tells her openly, but since he did not want to argue with her, he tenderly embraced her, while thinking of possible ways to prevent this union. After Kelly leaves the living room of the villa, C.C. hastens to contact one of his lawyers to see what it is possible to do so that Robert cannot get his hands on the Capwells' money.

As usual, C.C. does not appreciate his daughter's suitors, and Robert does not escape the rule. He quickly imagines a new ploy to distance Robert from Kelly : a marriage contract. C.C. advises Kelly to have Robert sign a contract that will prevent him from accessing the Capwells' money, at the villa. Kelly is against this idea, justifying herself behind the love that unites them. C.C. loses his temper, C.C. threatens... Kelly, convinced of Robert's love, advises her father to give her part of inheritance to her brothers and sister. Robert does not love her for her money. Robert loves her for her. Robert came back for her. With the firm intention of showing everyone the strength of their feelings, Kelly organizes an engagement dinner at the villa. If she invites Mason and Julia, Cassandra, her father and her mother, Kelly chooses not to invite her sister Eden, as well as Cruz, her brother-in-law.

While she is not expected, Eden comes to the Capwell villa; Cassandra invites her to enter and welcomes her to the engagement dinner of her sister. Eden then understands that she is not invited, and Cassandra apologizes for her mistake. Kelly arrives from upstairs and the two sisters have an explanation. If Eden gets mad because of the way her sister treats her, she ends up leaving while wishing her all the happiness of the world. Kelly does not believe in the sincerity of these words.

The dinner is held in the dining room of the villa, in the presence of the two fiancÚs : Sophia to the left of Robert, C.C. at the end of the table, Cassandra to her left, Mason at her side faces Robert; as for Julia, she is beside her husband, in front of Kelly. During the dinner, everyone tries to do their best to forget the absence of Eden and Cruz. C.C., even if he makes a toast to their happiness, always keeps in mind the idea of a marriage contract to keep Robert away from the Capwells' fortune. At the end of the dinner, discovering the news of the engagement, it is Craig Hunt who comes to congratulate Kelly with a chaste kiss.

Locked in his cell, Robert feels that time is running out... He risks losing Kelly forever. He approaches the bars and plays his last card by stirring Flame's jealousy up. He does not stop repeating to the young woman that Quinn fell in love with Kelly and that, if he proposed to her, it is not for her money, but rather for her love. He assures her that once married, Quinn will kill them both. Flame finds in these words a real resonance. Inadvertently, she gets too close to the bars. Robert then grabs her forcefully and steals the remote control of his cell. Robert regains his freedom and Flame finds herself prisoner in her own prison. She will not be released until later by Quinn, mad with rage to know Robert is free.

A few days later, Kelly announces the official date of her wedding, October 24th, 1990. The ceremony will be held at the Capwell villa, with very few guests. She asks Cassandra to be her bridesmaid, who accepts. Despite Sophia's reproaches, Kelly does not change her mind : she does not want Eden at her wedding since she cannot accept the idea of her union. At the same time, Robert - locked in a coffin - arrives in New Orleans.

If Kelly, fully satisfied with her engagement despite the fact that her sister will not be present at her side, expects to find happiness with Robert, the cards of destiny, now reshuffled, will take her on another path. A path that will lead her to New Orleans, before leading her to celebrate her union with the man she really loves since he came back to Santa Barbara. If Kelly abandons herself entirely to him, believing she knows him, she will eventually discover not his true face, but his true identity...

Text written for this site by Lilian

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