The weddings of Santa Barbara
Caroline Wilson and Lionel Lockridge


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Separated and divorced of Augusta since 1986, Lionel Lockridge will need some long months before considering a relationship again with another woman. And curiously, it is Caroline Wilson who wins his choice; a woman who is diametrically opposed to the character of Augusta. For her part, Caroline, after a troubled past, is finally certain to have found some happiness. Moreover, the future finally seems to smile to her : she managed to make peace with her daughter Jane and found her other daughter, Alice. Now she can enjoy moments of peace, since she has built a semblance of family around her.

After having been courted for a while by Jane to have brought her his support, Lionel became attached to Caroline. For several months he hosted in his house Jane and Alice, Caroline's two daughters. And it is shortly after their trip to Guatemala that Lionel asks Caroline to marry him. This latter contracted in this country a viral infection (that no one can manage to heal), which tires her a lot and makes her withstand violent fevers.

The wedding takes place in the Lockridge property. It has been brought forward because of Caroline's health. It is also just after her release from the hospital after a malaise that Caroline and Lionel decide to bring forward the wedding date on the same afternoon. Lionel, who sees in this only a matter of concern, lets himself quickly convinced by Caroline who qualifies herself as greedy. She no longer wishes to loose time and wants to enjoy the earliest possible the years of happiness ahead.

Before the wedding, they make to each other a touching declaration of love, Lionel regretting not to offer to Caroline the greatest wedding. Very tired, she does a heavy effort to attend the ceremony standing on her two feet. This ceremony is certainly one of the simplest in the show history : no wedding dress, or particular other storyline come to invite itself to the wedding.

This is Reverend Rems, a friend of Lionel's, who agrees to marry them (in episode 719) in the presence of some friends, and Caroline regrets it, the wedding takes place in the absence of Warren and Alice.

Around Lionel and Caroline are reunited :

- Jane, Caroline's daughter,

- Ted and Hayley Capwell,

- Laken, Lionel's daughter. This latter is not excited about the new marriage of her father. A few days earlier, she had an altercation with Caroline, accusing her of having interfered between Lionel and her mother, thus preventing any possibility for them to reunite and perhaps to get remarried.

Too tired for a reception, Caroline finds herself comfortably installed on the white sofa of the villa. Lionel tells her about the party they will make for their first marriage anniversary, while Caroline gets asleep her head on his shoulder. Meanwhile, Jane, Laken, Ted and Hayley find themselves at Johnny's Place where Laken relive the past, especially the year 1984, referring to Mr. Bottoms and the camel, the haunted motel, and Ted and Danny Andrade's Hollywood experience.

The love story between Caroline and Lionel will be sadly short-lived, since Caroline will die a few days later from her viral infection (episode 745). Lionel will be deeply wounded by this loss. After the departure of Brick and Laken, having no interests anymore, he will eventually leave the town.

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