The weddings of Santa Barbara
Augusta Wainwright and Lionel Lockridge


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Plunged in a complete darkness following the collapse of the tunnel, Augusta Lockridge is forced by the events to make coming at her sides her younger sister Julia, to support in the event she is living. Because of her doubts about the faithfulness of her husband, Lionel having getting closer these last days to his former mistress Sophia, Augusta has no choice but to get closer to Julia, although the years have deeply moved them away the one from the other. Their reunion takes place at the Santa Barbara hospital.

Moreover, it is by going to her sister's bedside that Julia meets Lionel in the hallways. Since he does not recognize her, Julia is forced to prove her identity, to tell some little details that occurred during their wedding.

The wedding of Augusta and Lionel occurred in 1960, and this despite the fact that at the same time, Lionel was having an affair with the actress Sophia Wayne. The wedding was celebrated in a church. Julia was her older sister's maid of honor. She was carrying Augusta's train and, at the end of the rise of the nave, Julia tripped over the train causing Augusta's fall on the bench in front of the altar. At the evocation of this memory, Julia and Lionel can only laugh.

Augusta and Lionel will then move into the family home along with Minx, Lionel's mother who, from day one, will not find her step-daughter to her taste. Two children, Warren and Laken, will fill Augusta and Lionel's happiness. However, we will later discover that Warren is not Lionel's son, but the son of an unknown lover, just passing, while Lionel was travelling Europe.

Subsequently, their marriage will experience ups and downs, marked by many moments of eccentricities (the annual champagne baths, the circle of truth...) until 1986, when they will divorce to rebuild a new life away from each other, without ever really forget the so special eccentricity of their love...

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