The wedding-surprise of Julia and Mason

 By Isabelle Caron, TÚlÚ 7 Jours, 1992

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"Now, I just have to really get married !" Nancy Grahn, one of the most appreciated actresses of Santa Barbara, smiles. Her sumptuous wedding dress suits her ravishingly. Here are what could give ideas to her companion, the beautiful Steven Sletzer. But while waiting for reality, here is now the fiction. Julia Wainwright marries Mason Capwell. For the second time and almost for the third ! The faithful ones of the show indeed remember that a first marriage has ended with a divorce since, for the remariage, Julia has said no to Mason at the last time.

One thus takes the same ones and starts again. Lastly, not completely, because if Nancy is Julia since the beginning of the show, we already are to the third Mason Capwell : Gordon Thomson. And then, this wedding, they are the American televiewers who, in a certain way, wished it. Like the majority of the American producers, those of Santa Barbara regard the mail as an invaluable guide. One lately reproached them to propose only dramas, the divorce of Eden and Cruz, constrained and forced, being the height.

To make forget a divorce, anything better than a wedding ! Yes, but in the tradition of Santa Barbara, more than strange. As I could note it, all the guests arrived dressed in black, believing to attend a funeral office. Explanation of this scenario by Nancy Grahn : "Warren Lockridge played by Jack Wagner, my nephew in the show, threatened several times to kill Mason, my husband-to-be. This one, afraid, convenes the family and the friends under the pretext of a religious service to the memory of his brother Channing. He even hides me the date of the wedding until the last moment. Fortunately my dress is ready." And what a dress ! It took 150 hours of work to realize it. The costumier of the show, Diana Eden, chose, on the suggestion of Nancy, a crape of China color ivory which she decorated of spangles and pearls, with a long train from the shoulders.

Nancy Grahn swore to herself to have an identical dress the day of her wedding that she well "sees" this year. A ceremony to which she would like to invite all the actors of Santa Barbara become, with the years, all her friends.

At her truth-false wedding, Rosa, the maid of the Capwells, was at the honor. Margarita Cordova, who plays the role, could enter in the book of records of Santa Barbara. She was there, in July 1984, the first day of shooting of this show, aired from now on in seventy countries. "With my eight years of presence, and all that I saw, she says, I could write a book of memories !" The writers are preparing to her a great love story with Rafael Castillo, the father of Cruz, very well played by Henry Darrow who, in the famous TV show, was already the father of Zorro. As for Jack Wagner, this Warren Lockridge, that the French televiewers did not discover yet, a long time hero of the show General Hospital, he is very famous in the United States. He adores his role. "Warren is humanistic. He besides has just bought a daily newspaper in Santa Barbara : The Santa Barbara Conscience, to preach there, frankness, honesty, hope, through the articles..." Jack Wagner also recorded several discs, all classified in the charts. A Martinez dreams to imitate him. Not Nancy Grahn : "I cannot sing !"