The weddings of Santa Barbara
Sophia Armonti and C.C. Capwell


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Under the fond eyes of their children, Sophia and C.C. knew how to remain friends in spite of their divorce in 1987. After having gone away and torn because of Pamela Pepperidge, year 1990 sees deep new links weaving slowly between these two hearts which cannot support to be too distant the one of the other.

Sophia will have had to become emancipated to understand all the attachment which she feels for the leader of the Capwell clan, to understand that she is there, not to support him, but to assist him, at the same time friend and mistress.

C.C. will have had to suffer again terribly, further to Megan Richardson's death, so that he has to accept the presence of a friend, of the only soul which calms him, by his side.

A movie, and perhaps the memory of a past rich in love and in passion, will have be needed so that their hearts find a common way again, guided by a new friendship.

In front of this common past, this future which opens to them and the hope to be again a close family, Kelly - who has just got married to Robert Barr - offers a curious Christmas present to her parents : a surprise party which will turn out to be a remarriage, the day of Christmas Eve. Of course, Eden and Mason approve Kelly's idea.

And which other place that the Capwell villa, the house of their love, the heart of the family, could welcome this remarriage ? Surrounded with Eden (dressed in a black dress) and Cruz, Kelly (dressed in a white dress), Mason and Cassandra (dressed in a red dress) - only Ted and Greg are absent - Sophia and C.C. pronounce, for the third time, "I do" with the inmost certainty that nothing will come to break this love oath.

Before the ceremony, Eden comes to find her mother who goes through an old photo album. Mother and daughter take advantage of this moment of intimacy to say the enjoyment, the immense enjoyment, of this moment; because Eden is certainly the one who wished the remarriage of her parents the most.

Just after Robert's departure of the villa - Kelly does not wish that he attends the ceremony - C.C. arrives in a tuxedo, accompanied by the priest. He finds his daughters in the hall of the villa. Everybody goes to the dining room, where Cruz, Mason and Cassandra discuss around a glass, looking forward to the bride. Sophia, dressed in a grey-white dress, lowers, alone, the main staircase of the villa, holding a bouquet in her hands. Then, she comes to take place beside C.C. for the vows exchanges, then the wedding rings.

However, they have barely finished exchanging their vows that dark clouds are approaching the Capwell villa, while all the hopes seemed possible (Kelly has been proven innocent of Robertís murder, and Eden has been out of the coma a few days earlier). The sudden arrival of Keith Timmons stops the party and makes impossible the slightest reception. Keith shows up with a smile on his lips and handcuffs in his hand : he comes to arrest Eden for Robertís murder. Exasperated of so much stupidity and wickedness towards his own, C.C. hits Keith.

The memory of Channing Junior which comes to haunt Eden and to multiply the personalities in her mind, will get the better of this third union. Sophia and C.C., before really finding each other back, will have to face the past. This past which has kept them away since 1961. Both will have to learn to forgive each other in order to let Channing Junior find the eternal rest, and to give Eden a chance to resume her life with Cruz and her family...

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