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Complete name : Eden Tyler Capwell

Date of birth : June 15, 1962

Father : C.C. Capwell

Mother : Sophia Capwell Armonti

Brothers and sisters : Mason Capwell (half-brother), Elena Nikolas (half-sister), Brick Wallace (half-brother), Kelly Capwell, Ted Capwell, Greg Hughes (half-brother), Channing Capwell III (half-brother)


Married to : Kirk Cranston (1985-1986), Cruz Castillo (1988-1992)

Child : Adriana Castillo

Former known boyfriends : Robert Barr (1979), Randall Jordan (1979-1981), Jean (1984)

Professions : Employed at the Capwell Enterprises, manager of the restaurant The Orient Express, journalist at channel KSB 8


Marcy Walker :
September 28 1984 (# 45) to August 09 1991 (# 1773)

? :
October 28 1991 (# 1827) to October 30 1991 (# 1829), February 04 1992 (# 1895) to
February 05 1992 (# 1896)


The eldest girl of the powerful C.C. Capwell, Eden Capwell is the only one of his children not to be present from the opening of the show. Her name is repeatedly pronounced before her physical arrival and, as soon as she is quoted, we feel a touch of jealousy from Mason's mouth, a touch of admiration in Kelly's, admiration and love without limit as soon as C.C. evokes his eldest daughter. She is, from the beginning of year 1984, the deserving heiress of the dynasty : his adored son Channing Junior embodied in a woman's body.

The image which is presented to us upon Eden's arrival certainly allows to see the potential of the character, while limiting herself to the usual cliché of "daddy's girl", sure of herself, with an advantageous physical appearance, who respects only a single line of conduct : to get her own way, whatever the means. Of course, Eden is a Capwell and so she knows that her name is a big strength able of influencing everybody in Santa Barbara. Furthermore, after the death of her mother and of Channing Junior, Eden knew how to fill the places left empty within the family, further to their disappearance : confident and an heiress of C.C. (for proof, she validated each of her father's dates), big sister and mom with Kelly and Ted (they turned themselves to her when they were lacking their mother), and rival with Mason for not only C.C.'s affection and gratitude, but also for the management of the Capwell Enterprises.

Very fortunately, Eden Capwell does not limit herself to this spoilt girl by life, embodied with all the clichés of  "poor rich girl" who does not know what to do with her life and who comes to impose her choices, her visions to the various members of her family. As we shall see it, Eden will immediately give up this image to become a more complex, less picture perfect character, and especially a free, independent woman, sure of her choices, guided by a single quest : to exist and to be happy all on her own. And it is obvious her new meeting with Cruz Castillo which will be used as a revelation to her. From then on, for all her life, she will never stop defending this love, so impossible at the beginning : a love which symbolizes in everything she believes.

Her surprised arrival in this last quarter of 1984 is justified by her adored father's birthday. Eden is then this awaited smooth character, who gives herself for pleasure to the pilot of her private jet, then faces the son of the rival Lockridge family to demonstrate her Capwell heiress status. If the return in town (she had left Santa Barbara at the express request of her father after the murder of Channing Junior) is made without anybody knowing, Eden is also taken at her own game, because she finds herself face to face with a former lover : secret agent Cruz Castillo. Their reunion is tense - she orders him to leave the city and of course to keep their past a secret - although a very powerful connection is seen.

She then begins a flirtation with Lionel Lockridge, using her resemblance with her mother to disturb the head of the Lockridge family and to learn more about it. Very fast, this flirtation obliges her to get involved in the investigation on the Amanda Lockridge and to see Cruz Castillo again. This investigation allows them to share a first kiss in 1985 and to realize that neither of them is indifferent and forgot the passion shared in Europe. It allows them at leisure to play cat and mouse, allowing them to play with their feelings and with each other's feelings, without realizing that in the end they find themselves trapped by love.

There are numerous domestic fights between them, during which Eden returns Cruz's engagement ring, and where Cruz pretends to get rid of the ring too ! Because Cruz asked for her hand in marriage without all thee protocols in front of the Capwell Hotel elevators, in front of C.C. who attends powerless in the strange demand. From the explosion of the tunnel to her kidnapping by Peter Flint - the carnation killer -, the continuation of the events consolidates Eden in this certainty :  she fell madly in love with Cruz, to the point that her whole body needs his presence to bloom, to the point that her soul became complementary to his, and to the point that there cannot be happiness in her life if Cruz is not by her side.

Eden becomes encompassed with this certainty which will become her creed after the explosion of the tunnel connecting the Capwell villa with the Lockridge villa. Being afraid for Cruz's life, she realizes all the place he occupies in her heart, the immense empty space which would live in her if ever Cruz was not a part of her life any more. For the first time, Eden realizes that she needs somebody, that she needs to give a sense to her life, that the path she follows is not the one which suits her. Eden's personality is then completely transformed : she gives up the features of the young and attractive heiress who does not know what to do with her life; she found her reason for living, a sense to give to her life. And it is without her knowledge at first that Eden is becoming another woman, more straight, more just, brought to fight against prejudices. It is moreover her who decides to stage her answer to Cruz's marriage proposal, during a sweet ceremony in an isolated clearing.

Eden then has to fight to impose her choice to her father and to be accepted by Cruz's mother. Sure of their love, they decide to get married in the Orient Express, the restaurant managed by Eden. A fire prevents them from ending the ceremony, obliging them to postpone their desire to unite their fate. If they swear that this delay is only momentary, Eden and Cruz are going to know their first disappointments. Because Eden, in contact with Cruz, has changed; thanks to him, she learn righteousness, integrity and especially the sense of the word forgiveness. Eden, who during this year has to overcome the return of her mother whom she considered dead for years (we shall discover afterward that the disappearance and the return of Sophia will not be without impact on Eden's personality), agrees to forgive the harm of the absence caused by her disappearance and opens her arms to welcome her mother in her life. Very fast, mother and children find a big complicity, catching up, if it is possible, the years of separation.

The investigation og the murder of Channing Junior is not without creating tensions between the young fiancés. Eden is afraid that the truth about her brother's death, who was killed by Sophia, comes to prevent her happiness. Obliged to choose between Cruz and her mother, Eden is forced to break her commitments with the policeman : how could she love the man who separates her again from her mother ? The separation is effective and without appeal, although they both suffer a lot from it. But just like Cruz, Eden is obliged to make a Cornelian choice : her new righteousness, awakened by Cruz, forces her to carry support to the members in her family. Slowly, a gap grows bigger between them. This is all the more important as Eden, to force herself to forget Cruz, gets wholeheartedly involved in the management of Capwell Enterprises. The investigation on Christie DuVall's rape, of which Ted is accused, allows Eden to move a little closer to Cruz , who is in charge of the investigation. When Ted is declared innocent, C.C. manages to push them again in the arms the one another.

But fate still persecutes Eden, because her beloved father announces to her that he has a brain aneurysm. He also obliges her to promise to him not to allow him to be kept alive artificially. Eden promises and swears : she will do everything in her power not to leave him in this state. Resigned, Eden accepts the eventuality to disconnect the machines which would keep him alive. Brought down by his disease, C.C. dives into a coma and Eden has to overcome at the same time the weight of the tensions in her relationship with Cruz, to overcome her pain of her father's disease, and to ensure the management of Capwell Enterprises.

Eden then agrees to be assisted by a young lawyer, Kirk Cranston. In search of support, as a last resort because not being able to turn to Cruz, she finds an attentive ear in Kirk. He chooses the inverse position of the one that would have taken Cruz : he shows himself comprehensive in the eventuality to put an end to her father's life. During the party where Eden and Cruz are to announce their engagement, Cruz refuses the promotion of office work without risk within the police which Eden obtained him thanks to Kirk's help. Eden, who is not in her normal state because she has been drugged by Gina, flies into a rage and breaks up their engagement. Then, accompanied by Kirk, she leaves to take refuge with the other man in her life. There, in a state of big despair, she almost executes Gina's plan : to disconnect the machines which keep her father alive. But she faints and it is Gina who finishes the work. Deceived by Gina, Eden considers herself responsible for having done it. It is Kirk that she turns to in a fit of interest, incapable to face and to support Cruz's eyes. Slowly, due to a lack of desire, out of tiredness, a little by gratitude, Eden can only speak to Kirk, especially as he does his utmost to keep Eden in his net - he covers Eden on what happened the day of the murder attempt against C.C.. At the end of the year 1985, Eden accepts the marriage proposal of Kirk Cranston, thinking of putting an indestructible barrier between her and Cruz, so thinking of making her feelings disappear.

The end of the year continues with pain for Eden who has to face attacks in the management of  Capwell Enterprises, with her father's absence, and her estrangement with Cruz. Although C.C. does not die, Eden does not succeed in overcoming her guilt. Trapped in an infernal spiral, Eden finds strength and comfort in the many love letters she writes to Cruz, which she hides secretly in her belongings instead of sending them to him. Pearl Bradford, Cruz's best friend, seeing him unhappy, gets help from Julia Wainwright to awkwardly organize a meeting between the two ex-lovers in the Capwell cabin. Kirk, mad with jealousy (he discovered the letters that Eden regularly writes to Cruz), follows Eden. He surprises them while she clears things up with Cruz by repeating to him that she will stay with Kirk in spite of her feelings for him. Thinking that Eden cheated on him, he blows up the cabin, leaving Eden, Cruz, but also Mary DuVall and Mark McCormick for dead. They come through safe. Cruz for the first time holds the famous letters in his hands as Eden entrusted him, he returns them to her without reading them.

Eden then leaves to rest alone in Hawaii. At her departure, Cruz comes to see her at the airport and tells her that he will not give up and that she will return to him. It is during this absence that Cruz learns from C.C.'s mouth that Eden is pregnant (because Kirk exchanged Eden's pills, who does not want children) and that he has to leave her alone. Hurt, not wanting to destroy a family, Cruz understands that he lost Eden. He decides to join her in Hawaii to tell her verbally that he will not bother her any more. Eden, who had time to think and who is ready to come back to him, does not understand his decision and, stunned, she lets him go away.

Back in Santa Barbara, Cruz decides to help Santana to get back her son Brandon (C.C. promised her custody if she builds a stable and well-balanced home). Not wanting to waste her time with Mason and having no more future with the woman he loves, Cruz proposes to her to marry him. She accepts. Back home looking for belongings to leave to get married in Mexico, Cruz finds Eden's letters. He reads them one after the other, until Eden appears to tell him that she loves him and that she is going to leave Kirk. Cruz tells her that she is pregnant and that he will not destroy her family. Eden, who cannot understand this pregnancy, begs him, but nothing can be done. Respecting his commitments to Santana, Cruz refuses. Eden leaves, without knowing that the love of her life is about to get married.

Back home, Eden then has to face every day with Kirk's sick jealousy, especially as she undergoes the assaults of a blackmailer, who turns out to be her own husband. He tries to get rid of her with Gina's help, in the boathouse. Eden manages to escape and, during her flight, she has a car accident. She gets out of it without too many wounds; she loses the child that she was waiting for. Cruz runs up to her bedside and reveals to her that he married Santana. Eden is devastated.

Back home, Eden begins to have doubts about Kirk and asks Nick Hartley to investigate. But while Kirk is confronted with Gina whom everybody considered dead, he has a heart attack. Eden learns that he needs a transplant and thus she stays by his side to support him. However, once Kirk recovers, she does not lose sight to unmask him and to have him arrested. She eventually confides in Cruz and they both persuade Kirk that they are lovers to push him to the limit. This does not miss to stir up Santana's jealousy. While Cruz sent Eden to hide, Gina joins her to warn her that Kirk is on her tracks and that he wants to kill her. And indeed, Kirk finds her and a pursuit starts in Aqualand park, where Eden is close to drown or devoured by sharks. Thanks to Cruz's intervention, Eden is saved and Kirk is arrested.

Kirk on the sideline, thinking the lovers would be reunited, but Cruz puts an end at Eden's illusions : he will respect his commitment towards Santana. After Kirk's jealousy, Eden has to face Santana's jealousy (her behavior is exaggerated because of the pills given to her by Gina). Believing that Cruz cheats on her, Santana begins an affair with district attorney Keith Timmons, Cruz's worst enemy. During an evening when she is under the influence of drugs, accompanied with Keith, she knocks down Eden by car. Cruz eventually understands that Santana is responsible and, although he continues to want to help her, it is clear that their marriage has ended. Facing Cruz full of guilt, Eden eventually convinces him that they need one another. And it is on Harbor Cove beach that a future seems to take shape again. It seems that nothing more can separate them, having understood that they could not know happiness separated.

Nevertheless, during the same year, the return of the famous actress Victoria Lane comes again to upset their lives and to damage Eden's trust. Eden immediately feels excluded from the secret that Cruz and Victoria, his ex-girlfriend share. Today, it is Eden who is confronted with doubts and jealousy. Destabilized by their last separation and damaged in what she has being more precious, Eden crosses the yellow line and works to move Victoria away from Cruz. She does not realize that she betrays Cruz's love and trust. Mad with jealousy, Eden flies away to France in search of Victoria's fiancé, her purpose being to oblige Victoria to leave town. Her plan fails. The result is even on the contrary to what she hoped because, scandalized by her excessive behavior, Cruz breaks up with her. Eden finds herself more alone, more discouraged than ever : she is nevertheless the one responsible for this break up. The break up is all deeper as Eden eventually learnt that Cruz cheated on her with Victoria, while they were shipwrecked near a lighthouse. Indeed, while Cruz was seriously injured, Victoria took advantage of the trance in which Cruz was because of drugs she gave him, to slip into his bed while he was thinking she was Eden. Eden's solitude is infinite.

Year 1987 begins in solitude, far from Cruz, as year 1986. All Pearl's help, spirit and fancy will be necessary so that both lovers find themselves forgiving each other during a journey in Europe, in search of Kelly, while they reunite in the famous Orient-Express so precious to their heart : Cruz forgiving Eden's excesses, and Eden forgiving Cruz's ”treason” with Victoria. Their reunion is challenged by the announcement of Victoria's pregnancy, who will never stop crying out that the father of her child is not Cruz. While they are more in love than ever, they are struck by a new drama : during a car accident with a drunk driver, Eden loses the child she carried. This miscarriage allows Eden and Cruz, beyond the sorrow which overwhelms them, to completely find each other again and to hope for a future. It is moreover what they work at in this year 1987 : to offer themselves as fast as possible hope. They then decide to get married, refusing to postpone this so many times putting back the ceremony. Their choice is to go to Utah. It is over there, alone, that they decide to unite their life, to seal the eternity of their love.

While everything is set up for this journey, a professional setback forces Cruz to let Eden leave first to prepare and organize this expected day, so that everything is completed. There, in the Beautiful Peaks mountains, Eden is confronted with the biggest test of her life : a definitive separation with the love of her life. Left for dead by Elena Nikolas (who will turn out to be her half-sister), Eden is taken in by a mountain dweller, while her family and especially Cruz consider her dead. Paralyzed, Eden owes her safety only to Cain Garver who, day after day, helps her to reconstruct, facing her death, her paralysis. By dint of training and of determination, Eden recovers the use of her legs and, with this new strength, succeeds in releasing herself from Cain's influence. Back in Santa Barbara, Eden assumes her resurrection in front of her family stunned to see her again alive. Unfortunately, the reunion of Eden with Cruz is only short-term, because Eden again loses the ability to move her legs. Handicapped again, Eden refuses to live with Cruz, not wanting to impose this burden on him on a daily basis. Eden hangs onto her only hope to find her previous life : Cain's help. She imposes him in the Capwell villa against everyone's opinion, and requires him to make her undergo the same treatment. Simultaneously, Eden fights with all of her strengths against the deep love she feels for Cruz; who is trying day after day to reconquer her and to prove to her that his love has nothing to do with her handicap, so much his love is complete. By dint of persuasion and love, Cruz achieves for Eden to accept that in spite of her wheelchair, nothing has changed between them and nothing will change. While saving Cruz, trapped by flames in a warehouse, she understands that, in spite of her handicap, she is as strong as before.

But Elena's shadow did not stop playing with them and to separate them : while Cruz and Pearl try to confound her, she commits suicide in the Laser Palace and accuses Cruz of having killed her, by dying in the arms of her real father, C.C . Capwell. Keith, who always dreams of catching Cruz, eventually knows Elena's last words and arrests him. Condemned to 25 years of prison, Eden has to face Cruz's will to put a definitive term in their relationship. There is not hope as a couple anymore. But Eden is not a woman to give up. She fights so that Cruz restores self-confidence and faith in their love : only death could separate them. To prove him the strength of her feelings, Eden chains herself up to the courthouse doors, faces district attorney Keith Timmons and the judge and, helped by Cain, organizes a plan so that Cruz escapes during Kelly and Jeffrey Conrad's wedding. This escape becomes the only hope for Cruz to find the real culprit. After a spectacular escape, Eden and Cruz finally find themselves again in a submarine cave, and there Eden offers to him the most beautiful hope : she walks again.

After long weeks of investigations and hiding places not to be caught by Keith who continues to pursue Cruz, then Kirk's return (we learn that he was Elena's mentor) who tries to kill them, the real murderer's confession finally allows Cruz to be acquitted and allows them to talk again of their wedding project. Previously, they decide to take a few days of holidays in Hawaii, where Cruz finds a former head of the time he worked at the I.N.I.D.. They have to put aside their wedding projects again, Cruz being called back by the agency to put his hand on his former partner, accused of thwarting national security. After new adventures which lead them to Mexico and after a party organized in their honor, Eden and Cruz know happiness of a first Mexican marriage orchestrated by Cruz's uncle, the mysterious Guillermo. He predicts for Eden that she will see the place of her wedding in a dream. Back in Santa Barbara, Eden does everything to dream about this wonderful place in which she will unite her fate with Cruz.

After having finally dreamed about it and having looked after it in vain, it is by describing it to her mother that she learns that this place is Pebble Creek, a place filled with magic (the immortal love between Amelia and Captain Anderson) and of memories (it is there that Eden was conceived years before). And it is thus in the gardens of this magic place that they pronounce their wishes, at the edge of the ocean, and that they allow the ghosts of Amelia and her Captain separated for centuries to finally find peace and happiness. During their honeymoon they spend there, Eden and Cruz let themselves being penetrated by the timeless magic and by the strength of love which lives there. After a brief travel in time (where they almost separate Sophia and C.C. in 1962, which would have led Eden to have never existed), Eden and Cruz's goes on.

However a new revelation risks to damage to this couple and especially, it comes to break a dream dear to Eden : to be the first one to give Cruz a child. Indeed, Chip, sick, needs a bone marrow donation. Victoria is obliged to tell the truth, the real father, Cruz, being the only one to be able to save him. Eden attends powerless in Cruz's attachment towards this little boy who is his son. This is when during an investigation, Cruz is kidnapped by a mad scientist who has for an only activity to track down men as games on an isolated island. Eden succeeds in releasing him, not without taking numerous risks : once again, she demonstrates the sincerity of her feelings to Cruz, as well as the strength and the determination she can show when her happiness is in danger.

Victoria, who decided to leave Santa Barbara with Chip, has an accident and, while she is at the hospital, she entrusts her child to Cruz. Back from Los Angeles where she underwent tests to find out why she does not succeed in getting pregnant, Eden discovers that Chip is there. At first, the woman and the mother who live in her make Eden to not bear this child who symbolizes at the same time Cruz's treason, but also the end of the young woman's dreams. Furthermore, further to the examinations, she learns that she cannot be pregnant any more. However, she eventually lets herself being won over by Chip and sides beside Cruz, who wants to obtain his custody further to Victoria's drug problems. And, when later, Victoria leaves to Cruz Chip's complete custody, Eden welcomes him into their life and becomes a wonderful mother for him. Nevertheless, to be able to realize her dreams of family, Eden, without speaking about it to Cruz, flies away towards Paris to undergo an operation to allow her to have children. Cruz, feeling that she is hiding something from him, makes Kelly speak and joins Eden. Having announced his disappointment and his anger concerning this secret unworthy of the trust and the love that they share, he eventually understands Eden's distress, forgives her and stays with her during the operation.

Back in Santa Barbara, Eden directs, with Lydia Saunders's help, a report on the treatment of the employees within Capwell Enterprises, further to a wave of redundancies. But discovering that Lydia uses her and by concern of the truth on the facts, she decides to manage it all alone. She becomes passionate for journalism and, further to a brilliant report on street children, she is hired by the local channel station. There, Eden demonstrates the implication which drives her and proves that she makes her choices not according to her name, but well according to her convictions.

During year 1988, she also makes a report on gangs. During her interviews, she gets acquainted with Critter, a member of one of these gangs, whereas a serial rapist begins to terrorize the city. Eden is then going to be confronted with one of the biggest dramas of her life. Involved in the investigation to arrest this man, Eden is going to focus on her obsessions. The worst drama of her life strikes her : she is violently raped by the video rapist. The scene takes place in Eden and Cruz's new house. Confronted with all the horror of the after-rape, Eden remains distant from Cruz. A short time later, she discovers that she is pregnant and the couple has to face the most terrible questions : who is the father of the child she is waiting for ? Very fast, contrary to Cruz, Eden acquires with certainty that this child is Cruz's, it cannot be otherwise, in spite of the rapist's messages. The amniocentesis results cannot dissipate the doubts, these ones having been forged by the rapist. Eden tries with great difficulty to make the most of her pregnancy. To help her father who wants to unmask the rapist, Eden obliges Cruz to set up, during a masked ball, a strategy to arrest him. The party ends in a drama : the death of Andrea, her best friend.

Avid to make a new start, Eden accepts her father's invitation and it is in the train specially chartered for the party that Eden and Cruz celebrate this end of year 1988. But while the train is snowbound, Eden begins to have contractions. A helicopter takes Eden and Cruz with them to bring them to the hospital, but a snowstorm obliges them to land. It is in an isolated cave that Eden, helped by Cruz, gives birth to a girl, Adriana (the first name of their two great-grandmothers). Eden is in seventh heaven, especially as new tests confirm the paternity of Cruz. She is bloomed, because she finally managed to have the family she wished for so much. But this happiness is short-lived because Eden has to face the worst new developments : Adriana is kidnapped by Dr. Zack Kelton. Cruz understands finally that the culprit is Eden's gynecologist and he chases after him to get his daughter back. But after a relentless fight, Zack dies after having told Cruz that Adriana is dead. Even if they do not believe it at the beginning, indications let them think that Zack did not lie. A ceremony is organized to say Adriana goodbye. Eden and Cruz are devastated.

Under her father's pressure, Eden then decides to accompany Kelly in Paris, but Cruz refuses to leave. Indeed, further to a mystic journey in the cave where Adriana was born, he doubts of her death. However, he says nothing to Eden not to give her false hope. Just like Cruz, Eden does not give up and refuses to believe in her daughter's death. During a visit at Ric's, Cruz's brother, the presence of Charisse, his daughter, wakes in her the feeling that Adriana is alive. Back from Paris for their first wedding anniversary, Cruz reveals to Eden that Adriana is certainly alive. The investigations lead them to Canada, where they fall again on an old enemy, Kirk, who turns out to have played a role in Adriana's kidnapping. However, the chances to find the child continue to go away. This is when Eden begins to dream about her daughter and, she is convinced of it, it is the girl who is at Ric's. Because Cruz embarks on another track without telling her anything, she flies away to Paris with Kelly and they both hired under false identities at Ric and Hollis'. Cruz eventually finds the two sisters and especially his brother. First of all reluctant in front of Eden's conviction, it is after moving reunions of the little family in the Jardin du Luxembourg that he ends up believing it. After a race against the clock, Eden and Cruz eventually get back their daughter, who was to have been kidnapped by Hollis.

Eden can take advantage of her family around her and of the happiness which floods her life. And strong of all this family love, she bustles then to find Cruz's father so that everybody around her can have the satisfaction to have all his family with him. It is in Acapulco that she finds Rafael Castillo's track and, after some misadventures, she offers for father and son to find themselves again after years of absence.

Back from Mexico, Eden discovers that her first big love, Robert Barr, the one who marked all her teenage years, is back in town. Robert has only two objectives : to take control of Capwell Enterprises for Anthony Tonell, and to reconquer the one that he has never stopped loving in spite of all these years. No memory of this summer 1979 remains in Eden's mind. It's as if a powerful barrier in her mind prevented her from going back in time and from allowing her to remember Robert, Las Sirenas and Raul Mondragon's murder. In front of Robert's insistence, Eden lets herself being moved, especially as something in her heart lets her understand that this man is not unknown for her. Avid to discover a part of her past, Eden goes a little away from Cruz. Taken between two men, Eden hesitates and doubts : the love vows exchanged in Pebble Creek vacillate in front of the five years of prison Robert spent in her place. Eden confuses all the more easily love and gratitude as Cruz steps aside by himself, whereas Robert becomes more and more present. And it is alone, because Cruz left the marital home, that Eden spends the end of year 1989.

Year 1990 which begins obliges Eden to choose between the two men who marked her woman life : Robert, who symbolizes the past and maybe also a certain shape of rebellion, and Cruz, whom she saw getting dangerously closer to Nikki Alvarez, who represents undoubtedly her future and the life she always dreamed about. Helped by a magic breath, Eden flies away from New York to find herself in Pebble Creek : their land of love par excellence. Cruz is there too. The beauty of the place, the souvenir of their wedding, the power of real love which haunts these walls allow Eden and Cruz to reunite and to revive the passion which connects them to one another. For that purpose, one as the other has to put aside their wounded pride, to think only of the couple which they form together.

Very fast, Eden finds her marks again, as if Robert's presence had never taken her away from Cruz and from the independent life that she built for herself. Involved in an investigation on the new drug which ravages the city, Eden, as usual, crosses all the barriers, at the risk of her life. One evening, while she is ready to leave the studio of KSB 8, a man administers her a big dose of this drug and leaves her for dead. Of course, it is Cruz and the strength of his love who guides her towards the return in life. Obeying Cruz the time of the investigation, Eden reaches Paris for her security. Joined by Cruz, who meanwhile had to fight again against Kirk Cranston, they offer themselves one moment of eternity on the tracks of their first meeting : Paris, the Orient-Express... These moments in France allow of course Eden and Cruz to build souvenirs for themselves by restoring life to the past with promises of future, but also they oblige Cruz to become aware of his inheritance because in France, the couple escapes miraculously several attacks apparently thanks to the talisman given by an old Indian to Cruz before his departure for Paris.

And it is little time after their return to Santa Barbara that Eden has to face the kidnapping of Cruz by the men of the Pasha of Khareef, because of this talisman. Listening to only her heart, Eden, helped by Michael Donnelly, flies away for the Middle East to release the one she loves, even if for it, while she became a prisoner in her turn, she risks becoming one of the Pasha's wives. Cruz, who had refused to be the parent of the Pasha's children, already escaped. Released thanks to C.C.'s intervention, Eden and Cruz make peace with the Pasha and get back to Santa Barbara.

They are again confronted with Robert Barr's return, whom they considered definitively out of their life. Even if Eden has no more feelings for him, she can only lose her temper when she notices the love-affair between Robert and her sister Kelly. Ready for anything to take Robert away from her young sister, she becomes allied with Craig Hunt to discover Robert's past, because everybody disapproves of this union. But what they still ignore is that Quinn, Robert's twin brother, took his place and that he sincerely fell in love with Kelly. The break-up between the two Capwell sisters seems to be definitive, especially as Eden is not invited to Kelly's wedding with Robert. Eden, who thinks that Robert and Debra London / Flame Beaufort are lovers, follows Debra to New Orleans and finds Robert who has been kidnapped. She thus learns the existence of Quinn. While she tries to save Robert, she leads him to the hospital, where Quinn eventually finds them and again exchanges his place with Robert. However, the doubts on Robert and his intentions are not finished. Eden, powerless, attends the wedding from the garden in the Capwell villa and surprises Robert with Debra / Flame. She is furious and beats Robert in front of everybody. After the wedding, she follows Debra up to Robert and Kelly's new house and attends powerless to her sister's fall on the staircase, because of Debra's strategy.

Some new information puts doubt on Debra / Flame and Cruz leaves to join Craig in New Orleans. To protect Kelly, who further to her fall on the staircase is paralyzed, Cruz advises to Eden to invite herself to her sister and Robert's house, which is not without stirring Kelly and Flame's jealousy up. During a terrible confrontation between the twins, in the presence of Kelly, Eden and Flame, Quinn dies, killed by a bullet. We shall know later that it is Robert who died, and not Quinn. Kelly is arrested, but Eden still watches over her young sister. Thinking that the culprit is Kelly and to protect her, Eden decides to surrender and to admit to the murder. Whilst going by car to the police station, she has a serious car accident and falls into a coma. In this state, she knows an out-of-body experience and, guided by Briana, she discovers the identity of the killer : Flame, the abandoned mistress. Eden wakes up from her coma the day of Christmas, helped and supported by Cruz's love strength. They can then make the most with their family on Christmas and New Year holidays, and dream about the sweetness of a more quiet year.

Year 1991 will not be the year of respite, because Eden is going to have to face her own past, and to try to overcome the discovery of the one she really is and that she refused to see for many years. The arrival of Andre Wolfe, a French seducer, destabilizes her especially as he does not stop calling her Lisa. Eden feels that they share a past, without being really able to identify it. In the course of their meetings, the truth eventually materializes. Eden's personality cracks, letting Lisa reappear, inheritance of the anger of her past. Lisa is Eden's alter ego, the double who allowed her to bear her anger during her mother's death. It is her who allowed Eden to overcome this trauma and to remain the family heiress, allowing the Capwells to remain united. Lisa had already took control again of Eden's life in Paris, during her forced exile after the death of Channing Junior. Lisa had then become associated with Andre to become the new Arsène Lupin. With Eden's return in Santa Barbara, Lisa had got back to shade and darkness. But today, with the confrontation with Andre, Lisa is determined to find the light. Lisa's will to come back on the center stage is all the stronger as she discovered that Sophia did not die as she believed for years. Lisa and Andre commit many thefts successfully, before Cruz eventually puts the hand on Andre. But he is killed by wanting to escape, taking with him the secret which Eden tries with great difficulty to keep.

If Lisa stops stealing, Eden's double remains still present and concentrates all the violence of the non-said hatred Eden feels towards Sophia. Slowly, Eden slides in a bottomless abyss. Cruz eventually discovers the truth and urges her to speak to a psychoanalyst. Surrounded with all her family, Eden thus tells them all the pain she has in herself for so long. But this confession pushes Lisa to the limit. After a painful confrontation with everybody in C.C.'s study, she runs away and returns at the beach house. There, Eden tries a last time to get the upper hand by leaving a note for Cruz. But Lisa is stronger. She urges Eden to go on the cliff and, while Cruz tries desperately to reason with her, it is under her parent's eyes and especially Cruz's, that she falls. Cruz tries to catch her up, but her hand slips, leaving there the engagement ring which Cruz will later find. Although he dives in to save her, nobody can find Eden's body.

Eden is very fast declared dead. However, a few weeks later, Eden returns to Santa Barbara, under the features of the painter Suzanne Collier, her childhood friend. The blonde Eden thus becomes the brunette Suzanne. This new personality is a part of Eden's plan : to offer to Cruz the possibility of falling in love again. But, Eden contains in herself a fourth personality : her late older brother, Channing Junior. Conjugated to Lisa's hatred, Channing Junior seems to completely get the upper hand over Eden and Lisa to occupy the center stage. One evening, Eden / Channing makes Sophia come in the study of the Capwell villa to take revenge against this mother who abandoned her children and who murdered this beloved son. She traps her and shoots her. This outcome, however, allows Eden's real personality to surface : Channing and Lisa withdraw, having satisfied their vengeance. Eden phones for help before leaving the city aboard a limousine. If Eden leaves Santa Barbara, it is to find a remedy in her troubles, to silence her other ones who live in her and who can, at any time, put in danger those she profoundly loves.

Eden's shadow will not stop hanging for long months over the Capwell family, but also and especially over Cruz, especially after Sophia, out of her coma, told them that it is Eden who shot her. Cruz leaves to conduct research, but eventually understands that she does not want to return. He thus gives up his efforts, by keeping the hope that one day Eden, his Eden, will return to him. Unfortunately for him, during year 1992, he receives (just like C.C. and Sophia) a letter from Eden. In her letter, she announces her desire not to return to Santa Barbara, to stay far from them by fear of hurting them again. As usual, she is used as a link for the family unity, advising to her parents to return the one towards the other, because she knows the love they share. For Cruz, she asks him to carry on with his life and, for this, she almost orders him to sign the divorce papers she already signed. She also asks him to start again his life with the real Suzanne whom she brought him to take care of him (the meeting between Cruz and Suzanne having taken place under her eyes). Unfortunately, in spite of the good intentions noted in these letters, this confession of no-return makes her be thought as a selfish woman who abandons her family, all the opposite of what Eden had become over time.

With Eden gone, it is the other ones to maintain her presence in their collective memory, although nobody ignores that she will come back to find and to resume the place which belongs to her with Cruz. This separation is only another hitch in the fate which waits for them. And moreover, Cruz's departure from Santa Barbara pushes us to hope that he left looking for the one that he has never stopped loving...

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