Marcy leaves Santa Barbara

 TÚlÚ Magazine, 1991

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Not easy for Marcy Walker to have to leave the character of Eden Capwell. However, for some time already, especially since the birth of her son Taylor, the blonde star of the most famous soap in the world, gave serious signs of breathlessness : "To hold the same role during years, is also difficult, if not more, than to do a movie. When you finished a film, at the end of a few weeks, you can forget everything, the text, the personality of your character, and even its name ! It is a stroke on the past. I, when I awake, I'm Eden, and when I come back home at the end of the day, I'm Eden. When I lie down, I'm still Eden Capwell Castillo. It is necessary to have a good physical and moral resistance not to crack at the end of a certain number of episodes !"

To eliminate this Capwell become cumbersome, the authors of the show imagined that after an long run, she slides on a stone, tries to catch the hand of Cruz and fall into the vacuum. Her body is not found. What could allow, but not before a year, in the United States, the return of Eden. The Americans think of everything ! However, Marcy Walker is not ready to return a day in Santa Barbara : "I have much sorrow to leave the other actors, especially A Martinez, my husband on screen. It is a page of my life that I turn. My husband, the real one, encouraged me... At 29 years old, it was necessary for me to move !"

When Taylor was born, Marcy Walker suddenly felt the imperative need to privilege her family life : "I wondered during months what was the best to do. I knew that the fact of working ten hours per day on stage and of also stay a long time far from home, was not good for anybody. And especially not for Taylor. I spent fantastic years on Santa Barbara, but today, my son passes above all."

It was thus necessary that her husband, Stephen, hold the double role of father and mother at the house. But his job of cameraman can bring him to leave the house at any time. Then, Marcy would like to succeed in better sharing her time : "My job does not enable me to develop emotional practices with my child, to have these privileged moments of the day when we can be together. When I come home the evening, it is often late, and Taylor sleeps for a long time. The morning, early get up to go to the studio, I am for him only a short appearance. I often leave the heart teared. I hope that he will not reproach me one day to have being absent for long days at the time of the first months, of the first years of his life."

If Marcy Walker is also sensitive to her responsibilities as a mother, it is incontestably because of her own mother. Marcy was only eight month old when her father, while coming back home, found her alone in her cradle. Her mother, Diane, had left without leaving a word of explanation : "My father tried to find her by all ways. Especially by asking to her family, but my mother did never returned. I even do not know her face; I never saw photo of her. It is as if I were an orphan, as if I had never had of mum."

However, six years ago, Marcy received a letter from her mother : "She said that she had seen me on television and that she wanted to see me agaion absolutely. I did not hesitate a second, I immediately answered her that I wished also to see her. She didn't give me news since."

What decided Marcy Walker to play in Palace Guard, a show created by the producer of Hunter (Stephen J. Cannell), it is that one of the two more significant American networks, CBS (ravishted to remove one of its stars to its rival channel NBC), will air it in prime time, i.e. at 22 p.m.. Marcy thus leaves the afternoons to air at the most prestigious schedule in the United States. It was one of her dreams. Thirteen episodes were already ordered. Marcy will become Christy Cooper, a ex-movie star, recycled in the business. She indeed directs the service of public relations of a big hotel. Finished the fragility of Eden, this time Marcy plays a strong woman, a go-ahead type. Finished also the life in studio, was it Hollywood, Marcy will travel a lot : "Already to shoot the pilot, we went to Mexico. The scenarios forecast to take us along throughout the world, undoubtedly even in Paris."

As for her private life, Marcy dreams to have four or five children. "I needed three marriages to be finally happy. Stephen, my husband, is the ideal man because he thinks like me. We placed the love of our future children above all." She met Stephen on the shooting of the TV movie Desperado. She was the star, and him the cameraman. Marcy had just separated from her second husband, the actor Billy Warlock. She asked the divorce, and a few months later, she was pregnant of Taylor. The rest at the next child...