The wonderful romantic passion of Eden and Cruz !

 By Joan Mac Trevor, CinÚ TÚlÚ Revue, 1987

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Eden and Cruz love each other. Will they succeed in overcoming the thousands of obstacles which happen on the road of their happiness ? Could their wedding, so much awaited, be finally celebrated and link them in front of God, people... and millions of televiewers ? Santa Barbara continues to impassion people on the two sides of the Atlantic. At the hour when the Americans discover the fourth year of the adventures of the Capwells and the Lockridges, Europe becomes mad at its turn about the great romantic passion which will be, in the months to come, the center of an intrigue with many surprises. Joan Mac Trevor tells the secrecies of this wonderful love which moves so much faithful fans of a soap whose good health, in the ratings, still promises many episodes to be followed.

Incontestably, Eden and Cruz form today the star-couple of Santa Barbara. Day after day, the public is impassioned for the romantic adventures of the dark investigator played by A Martinez and of the daughter of the powerful Capwell clan, played by Marcy Walker all in splendour. This moving passion, on the eternal model of the impossible love of the wealthy heiress and of her modest suitor, conquered the heart of the televiewers, touched by their heart-rending fight for happiness. Today, in the episodes aired in France on TF1, it is question of marriage between Cruz and Eden. Will love finish by triumphing over all the obstacles ?... This passion became one of the principal intrigues of Santa Barbara. However, it failed never to be born. The writers had not expected at all that a sentimental relationship would outline between Eden and the police officer.

"When I arrived in the show", tells Marcy Walker, "I was told that my character was supposed to be related to Warren Lockridge. I actually shot some scenes with him, but which did not bring through many things. In the scenes I played with A Martinez, on the contrary, immediately emerged an impression much stronger, an unexplainable chemistry that did not escape to anyone. Then, it came to both of us the idea to invent a love-story between our characters. The writers however hesitated for a long time to integrate in Santa Barbara a love-affair between this rich girl of the high society and a simple guy, raised in a poor Mexican family."

Finally, the two actors are authorized to outline with a lot of prudence the first steps of attraction. "It was very clear", entrusts A Martinez. "We could exchange looks, but there was absolutely no question of going further, not even to hold each other hand. Thus our story began : each of both of us constantly fighting to repress the feelings known for the other." Marcy Walker approves : "At that time, Eden was not sure to want to tie this relation at all. She knew she had never been seduced by a man as much than by Cruz but such an affair seemed to her so unusual. Until there, she had only known men considered suitable for her by her father, boys from her sphere. Cruz was so different that, I believe, even her had many difficulties to accept the fact that she had fallen in love with him !"

The feelings between Cruz and Eden gave a new turn to the show. "I have not always been a police officer in Santa Barbara", explains A Martinez. "At the beginning, I was a spy. I owe a lot to Marcy, or rather to her character, who did not support that I compromise myself in dangerous missions any more. It is her love for Cruz Castillo who has, to some extent, constrained the writers to give a new orientation to my character. I had already played on several occasions roles of police officer, which had besides never brought success to me. I must be responsible of it because I tended to dramatize the character whereas a police officer generally announces himself by the control he has of himself. For this reason I approached Cruz Castillo with more distance, more reserve. I wanted to repair my last mistakes. In general, in soap-operas you are asked to do the opposite, that you carry your soul and your heart on the face, that all the intrigue is only emotion..." This self-control has been quite useful to Cruz Castillo. "Cruz and Eden have been so often separated", continues A Martinez. "They spent so much time each one on his side to hope to be reunited again one day. They waited so long time before being able to kiss each other and they suffered from it..."

The public found sympathetic this moving couple. "In all the letters we receive", explains Marcy Walker, "it was practically only question of our love the one for the other. People wished us much courage, reassured us, asked us to keep confidence." The obstacles accumulated in front of the young people on the road of their happiness, beginning with the reserves of Eden's father, gave to the public reasons to follow step by step, with passion, the story of this impossible love. But today, Cruz and Eden seem well decided to cement their union. Will they arrive at the end of all the resistances which are opposed to their wedding ? The televiewers of TF1 will certainly follow with much interest the next episodes.

"Without wasting the suspense", reveals Marcy Walker, "one can reveal that Cruz and Eden will well enjoy a splendid bridal ceremony. All will be prepared with a luxury worthy of the Capwell daughter. Eden will arrive in a superb white dress... But, in a soap, you always have to expect an unforeseen surprise ! Let us say that we are not at the end of our troubles yet !" A love like Eden and Cruz's one can however resist to many events. In the United States, where Santa Barbara will soon start its fourth year, their passion is stronger than ever. A recent episode finished on a particularly moving scene. In a deserted church, at the gleam of the candles, Eden and Cruz, the eyes in the eyes, reaffirmed their oath. "I promise you to always remain close to you", he said, receiving as an answer : "I promise you to love you as much I will live. And I hope to live a long time to make you happy as much as you made me happy." Santa Barbara still promises some great days to the faithful of this great romantic love.