Santa Barbara's glamorous icon preaches the word of God

TÚlÚ Loisirs special, 2014

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Santa Barbaraaaa / Qui me dira pourquoi / J'ai le mal de vivre... ? Ah ! This syrupy song on the images of pleasant California scrolling under a white arc : more kitsch than the beginning credits of Santa Barbara, you die ! But do not laugh.

In the 1980s, millions of televiewers followed every evening on TF1 the adventures of the Capwells and the Lockridges, the two rival families of this daytime soap-opera. With, at the head of the cast, an attractive blonde with an impeccable blow-dry, the archetype of the American girl coming from a good family : Marcy Walker.

We did not forget the complicated love story between Eden, her character, and Cruz Castillo. Eden was the rich little daughter of the powerful Capwell family et Cruz the South American cop - poor of course, but terribly sexy - in charge of shedding light on the murder of Channing, Eden's brother. We did not forget either the French words of the famous credits sung by Gilles Sinclair which, after J'ai le mal de vivre... continued with Santa Barbaraaaa /Je ne sais pas, je vais / Comme un bateau ivre...

In the last news, Marcy, who is now named after her fifth husband, Doug Smith, dedicates herself... to God. At the beginning of the 1990s, to follow the spiritual awakening of her son Taylor, the actress became voluntary of her evangelic church then downright minister for children, in North Carolina. And her sermons were so convincing as the leaders of Life Church (it is the name of her church) called her to join them. In 2005, Marcy Smith thus settled down to Edmond, Oklahoma, where is the siege of Life Church, of which she is from now on a member of the staff. We are far from the Hollywood glitter !

Do we want to see her again ? No, my dear brothers, for her, the fast lady has sung. Because the Californian hair is old-fashioned and because, if she has talent to preach, to play something else than Eden Capwell in front of cameras, it is not the same sermon !


Jed Allan
He was the most long-lasting actor in the role of C.C. Capwell, Eden
's father. Now 77-year-old, Jed joined the cast of the show The Bay (as his former "rival" Nicolas Coster) but, since the death in 2001 of Toby, his wife during forty three years, he does not want to spend his life in the studios any more. Settled in Palm Desert, a Californian city for fabulously rich retired people, he is divided between massages and the pleasure to receive his three children and his six grandchildren. A golden half-retirement.

A Martinez
Far from the image of the seducer Cruz Castillo, the today 66-year-old actor (hey yes !) is the father of three children. He lives happy in his beautiful house in Malibu with his second wife, Leslie Bryans. Since the end of Santa Barbara, he has never stopped shooting. We saw him in other soaps as The Bold and the Beautiful and, more recently, in the role of a redoubtable Indian in the show Longmire, broadcasted in France on D8.

Nicolas Coster
How to forget Lionel, the "sugar daddy" patriarch of the enemy clan of the Capwells, the Lockridges ? Now 81 years old, his interpreter, Nicolas Coster, is at the helm. Since the departure from home of his two daughters and his son, he lives as a young boy with his second wife, Beth Pantel. Not only happy to play the mayor of a rich Californian city in The Bay, a web-series, the actor also teaches dramatic art at the university. What a health !