The couple Eden Capwell and Cruz Castillo


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Emblematic basis of Santa Barbara, the couple formed by Eden and Cruz will not have cease, during its seven years of existence, to tear and to refind itself, symbolizing all alone love and the pernicious obstacles to its stability.

Cruz Castillo arrives in Santa Barbara at the beginning of August 1984. He is called urgently by C.C. Capwell on the site of one of his oil platforms which is burning. Eden Capwell is then in Paris. She is back to Santa Barbara at the end of September, on a private jet of which she cordially greets the pilot before jumping in parachute and landing in the Lockridges' garden. Eden and Cruz have in fact already met each others, without our knowledge, in Europe, in the famous Orient-Express train. Cruz was then working on a top secret affair and Eden had left the United States for France five years ago, after Channing Junior's death. Their reunion takes place at C.C.'s birthday party, whereas they had promised not to see each other anymore.

Exchanging at first some distants relations but full of complicity, Eden and Cruz do not wait much until they share the first kiss of their new era after their European period. The first real exchange of feeling is besides done a little time later, when, kidnapped by Peter - the carnation killer - Flint, Eden is saved from a probable death by Cruz. Cruz is still of the part when it is thereafter question to save Kelly and Joe Perkins, taken as hostages by the same Peter Flint. Even if he did not succeeded in saving Joe, Cruz is nevertheless thanked one cannot more gracefully by Eden, who finally offers herself to him for their first night together...

A first wedding is organized at the Capwell hotel, but is stopped by a fire in the stages. Whereas the couple prepares to repeat, Cruz reopens the investigation of Channing Junior's murder. When it is proved that Sophia, Eden's mother, is in fact the murderer, Cruz is obliged to arrest her. Eden, who does not accept it, breaks with Cruz.

Arrive then C.C.'s coma and Gina DeMott's machiavelic plan : to dope Eden to make her believe that she has disconnected C.C.'s life-support system. Eden, feeling guilty, looks for comfort towards Cruz, but discovers that he is opposed to euthanasia. Only Kirk Cranston seems to be interested in her states of mind. She then ends up marrying him, but regrets it at once. When Cruz learns that she is pregnant of Kirk, he decides to propose the marriage to Santana Andrade, his old friend, to enable her to obtain the legal guard of her son, Brandon. Eden loses her baby in a car accident. Cruz starts suspecting Kirk not to have only good intentions with Eden and the Capwells in general, and when Kirk tries to embed Eden in an Aqualand basin, Cruz arrives in time to save her and arrest Kirk. Santana, doped without her knowledge by Gina, reverses Eden in car. Claiming significant care, she leaves the town after having finally divorced Cruz.

Cruz and Eden, finally reunited, decide not to wait anymore and become engaged. It is without counting on the arrival in Santa Barbara of Victoria Lane, Cruz's ex-girlfriend. One fine evening, she profits of a comatose Cruz after a shipwreck in boat, to make love with him. She becomes quickly pregnant.

On her side, Eden is left for dead in the bottom of a cliff by the psychopath Elena Nikolas. Handicapped, she is welcomed by Cain Garver who sequesters her in his house isolated from any civilization. After many weeks, she nevertheless manages to escape and reappears in Santa Barbara where everyone believe her dead. But Cruz has only a few time to enjoy the return of his beloved, because he is accused of Elena's murder and put in jail. With the complicity of Cain and the Capwells, he escapes during the wedding ceremony of Kelly and Jeffrey Conrad and hides himself in a cave where Eden, who refound the use of her legs, comes to join him.

Once the investigation completed and Cruz cleared, it is finally the great day : on April 01 1988, Cruz and Eden get married in Pebble Creek. But after that, Eden learns not only that Chip, Victoria's son, is in fact also Cruz's one, but also that she is sterile ! In Paris, she undergoes an operation that regulates the problem.

Between that, Cruz has known some new adventures, finding himself face to face with a dangerous maniac, Dr. Willoughby, who sequesters him on his island and organizes a man hunt to kill him. If Cruz had, for a while, lost his memory from this, he refinds it due to Eden's good cares who, while saving him, succeeds in making him being conscious again by making him live their love again. A new house and a new job for Eden (television journalist) complete to resolder the couple, hardly overstrained these last months.

At least until September, when the drama happens : Eden is raped and gets pregnant a little time after... Fortunately, some paternity tests attributes paternity to Cruz. Eden thus keeps the child and in the night of January 01 1989 borns the little Adriana. But the things are not therefore ended : indeed, Adriana is kidnapped by Zack Kelton, Eden's gynaecologist and rapist, and given to Hollis, Cruz 's sister-in-law ! Whereas they thought she was dead, Eden and Cruz refind Adriana in Paris, safe and in good health.

After a reunion in Acapulco between Cruz and his father Rafael, reappears Robert Barr, Eden's youthful lover, who tries to reconquer her. Seeing his wife divided between Robert and him, Cruz even leaves the conjugal home. But the couple ends by refind itself during a very magic trip in Pebble Creek. A few weeks later, new drama : Eden falls into coma after an overdose of drug. Cruz then sends her to rest in Paris while he tries to find the person in charge of the traffic, who turns to be Kirk Cranston !

Then begins the talisman affair. A shamam whom Cruz meets by chance, leaves him a talisman coveted by a Pasha in Orient. This one makes him kidnapped in his harem to satisfy his multiple mistresses ! Fortunately, Eden takes care and, this time, that is her who runs to avenge her beloved husband.

After a short but tragical period of coma at the time of Christmas 1990, Eden is harassed by Andre Wolfe, a man who tells her she is his former accomplice of robbery in Paris twelve years ago. But Andre's accomplice was not exactly Eden, rather her double, Lisa... Eden indeed suffers since adolescence of split personality, having burying inside of her secrets and rancours about her mother, Sophia. Andre blackmails her so that she starts to work again with him and, after a new burglary with her, he is killed by Cruz. Lisa then takes the final control of Eden, makes believe in her death after a fall in front of Cruz, and reappears under the identity of Suzanne Collier, an old friend of Eden. Passing from Suzanne to Channing Junior, "Eden" goes to the Capwell mansion where she shoots Sophia to avenge Channing's death, then leaves definitively Santa Barbara.

Cruz, discovering different clues, understands that Eden is not dead and goes after her. He is followed by Eden as far as North Carolina where he meets the real Suzanne Collier who decides to move on in Santa Barbara. They both fall in love, but very quickly Suzanne understands that she can't rival again the always long-lived memory of Eden and prefers to break with Cruz. Cruz receives one day some documents for a divorce procedure coming from Saint Domingue where Eden is nursed. Eager, as Eden advises him in the letter, to begin a new life, he signs the papers.

Cruz's departure for Mexico the next year marks the beginning of a new life for him. And perhaps, far from the televiewers, his reunion with his beautiful Eden...

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