Cruz's good byes


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The biggest drama among the dramas in this year 1992 : Cruz Castillo's departure, far from Santa Barbara. A departure somewhat forced in fact, Cruz not having any other choice to save the family and the friends he loves.

In fact, Cruz has recently learned that he has a daughter, B.J., born from an adolescent love affair with Jodie Walker who has just moved in town with her husband and children. But B.J. hides a heavy secret : she had been sexually abused on several occasions during her childhood by her godfather, Frank Goodman.

But Frank tries to resume and B.J. tells the whole story to Cruz. But, a few days later, after a violent altercation with Sawyer, B.J.'s brother, Frank is found shot dead. Sawyer is suspected, but flees town with Aurora DeAngelis, his girlfriend. And this is by finding gunpowder traces on B.J.'s dress that Cruz discovers the truth : his daughter has killed uncle Frank. Cruz then does not have anymore choice : he signs a statement accusing him of the murder and announces his intention to leave the United States for Mexico, his native country.

Then comes the moment of the tearing good-byes to all those he loved during these years in Santa Barbara, beginning with B.J., for who he sacrifices himself. Following then the last good-byes with Julia, his forever friend, then C.C. with who he had shared the disappearance of Eden the previous year. In front of the rock where as teenagers, Cruz and Jodie had engraved their names, Cruz makes an ultimate good-bye to Mason, Jodie and Reese Walker.

Cruz is ready to board the plane which will lead him to Mexico, leaving Kelly, his new love, and B.J., his newly discovered daughter, behind him forever...

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