The return of Kirk Cranston


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As many soap-operas cops, Cruz Castillo has always preferred to act on the ground rather than in his office. This is why he does not hesitate, in this year 1990, to fly to the help of his good friends Nikki Alvarez and Michael Donnelly, when they need his assistance.

Nikki turns out to be a Mexican police officer who joined the Santa Barbara police force with a well precise purpose: to save her brother Amado Gonzalez from dealers. With Michael Donnelly, a former priest who becomes a policeman, she has been kidnapped by Marcos Llamera, her ex-boyfriend, now drug trafficker in Santa Barbara. Even Eden Capwell, without her knowledge, was close to dying from an overdose of Ice.

Cruz finds the trace of Nikki and Michael on Kahana desert island where the head of the traffickers resides, who turns out to be Kirk Cranston, Eden's first husband !

It is not the first time that Kirk reappears: in 1987, he had in particular organized the suicide of the perfidious Elena Nikolas by having Cruz accused of it. Then, in 1989, he turned out to be behind the adoption of Adriana, Eden and Cruz's daughter, by Hollis Castillo.

Cruz manages to reach Kahana island where Nikki and Michael are retained. He frees his friends, prisoners in a cage. He then survives the explosion of the laboratory where Kirk makes his drugs, then finds Kirk in the middle of the jungle. With Nikki and Michael, Cruz leads Kirk on his boat and leaves the island to join Santa Barbara. During a fight, Kirk falls into the water and does not reappear. It is the last time we shall hear about him...
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