Santa Barbara says bye bye to Eden

 By Joan Mac Trevor, CinÚ TÚlÚ Revue, 1991

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Even if the atmosphere is relaxed and family, the team can not hide its emotion. On the stage of Santa Barbara is "celebrated" the departure of Marcy Walker, who decided to leave the show to try her chance elsewhere. Behind the smiles, the fair actress is obviously touched : hard indeed to separate from her colleagues after having skirting them daily during seven years. A few hours before, Eden had played her last episode. An ultimate blow of theatre in a saga which does not count them any more.

A few weeks ago, already, we had told you the tragic end of Eden Capwell, who had thrown herself from the top of a cliff. The rescuers did not found her body, which left to the writers an open gate if Marcy Walker decided to stay. The actress had all the same to finish the season and she thus played the role of Suzanne, a woman-painter, with long brown hair, who strangely looks like Eden.

In the last episode that Marcy Walker shot, new rebound : she plays once more Eden ! This one did not die and returns in Santa Barbara, "inhabited" by the spirit of her brother, Channing, accidentally killed by his mother, Sophia (Judith McConnell). Eden sndeed known, for a few months, personality disorders. In her madness, she shoots Sophia to avenge Channing. In the coma, Sophia is led to the hospital. Unconscious, she sees Eden in a coffin. But the young woman is well alive. Murderer, she has to leave the town. She is seen climbing in a black limousine, driven by a man, played by Stephen J. Cannell. Do not seek : it is the producer of her next TV show, Palace Guard !" I imagined this end with him", explains Marcy Walker who, on this occasion, revealed all her sense of humour, "and I proposed it to the producers of Santa Barbara. Against any expecting, they accepted. With this end, everything is possible, even my return in the show..."

Marcy Walker, indeed, leaves Santa Barbara in excellent terms with the producers. To wish her good luck in her new career, they organized a small party at the end of the shooting of the fatidical episode. Bridget and Jerome Dobson, the creators of the show, even invited former actors of the show like Todd McKee, and also Lane Davies and Terry Lester who have both played Mason Capwell. "It is hard to leave the team", entrusted Marcy Walker, obviously very touched. "You had really become my second family. I shared so many things with you : a divorce (with Billy Warlock), a remariage, a birth... A Martinez especially will miss me. He had become as a brother for me."

A Martinez however was not at the goodbye party of his tender partner. And everyone raises the same question : would there be an quarrel between him and theteam ? Will he leave the show too now that Marcy Walker is not there anymore ? A Martinez, in fact, was already not in the United States anymore at the time of the party : since the end of shooting, the actor had led all his family on holiday in Mexico. "The idea to do not to see Marcy every day anymore makes me sad, more than if it were about a simple friend", he entrusted before going. It was not necessary to have any more so that the speculations begin in Hollywood where one always wonders if A Martinez will leave or not Santa Barbara. "I always said that if Marcy went away, I would also leave", he recalled. At the last news, the actor prolonged his contract of two months : he will thus stay in the skin of Cruz Castillo until October. "For the continuation, I have a project of TV show with NBC", explains A Martinez. Enough to open the door to all the hypothesis...

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Marcy Walker (Eden Capwell Cranston Castillo) and Judith McConnell (Sophia Capwell Armonti Mathis), Todd McKee (Ted Capwell), Marcy Walker and Jed Allan (C.C. Capwell), Kristen Meadows (Victoria Lane Capwell), her husband Paul Lewis, Jed Allan and Marcy Walker, Marcy Walker and Joseph Bottoms (Kirk Cranston), Marcy Walker and Frank Runyeon (Michael Donnelly), Marcy Walker and Jane A. Rogers (Dr. Heather Donnelly), Jane A. Rogers and Jed Allan, Marcy Walker, John Callahan (Craig Hunt) and Karen Moncrieff (Cassandra Benedict Lockridge)