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Identity   Interpreter
Date of birth : August 25, 195?

Father : Rafael Castillo

Mother : Carmen Castillo

Brothers and sister : Ric Castillo (half-brother), Carmen Castillo, Rafe Castillo (half-brother)

Married to : Santana Andrade (1986), Eden Capwell (1988-1992)


Children : B.J. Walker, Chip Capwell Castillo, Adriana Castillo

Former known girlfriends : Jeannie Watkins (197?), Jodie Walker (197?), Victoria Lane (197?), Suzanne Collier (1991-1992), Kelly Capwell (1992)

Professions : Secret agent, police detective, private investigator at the Last resort agency


A Martinez :
August 13 août 1984 (# 11) to September 11 1992 (# 2050)


Cruz, it is the valuable man par excellence : fair, straight, honest and faithful; the stereotype of the man in what he has of nobler. Whatever is the decision to take, Cruz chooses the one which is the most just; what does not miss to upset his everyday life, because his circle of acquaintances (and in particular Eden Capwell) is not always ready to understand his choices.

When Cruz Castillo lands in July 1984, it is obedient in the orders of C.C. Capwell, because he represents for him his last recourse in front of the fire which ravages one of his oil rigs. His return to Santa Barbara allows him to find old friends : Sally Taylor, Joe Perkins, and old loves as Santana Andrade and Eden Capwell. Nothing seems to put to the test the friendship and the loyalty which he carries, and it is as such that he supports actively Joe in his quest to find the real murderer of Channing Capwell Jr, that he helps Santana Andrade to obtain the custody of her son Brandon, that he gets opposed to the Capwells, that he supports Nick Hartley while he is suspected of the kidnapping of Kelly Capwell.

Due to his position within the police and due to his interactions with the Capwells, Cruz Castillo is of all the big investigations : from the murder of Channing Junior to the murder of Dylan Hartley, by way of the murder attempt on C.C., the disappearance of Gina DeMott in the boathouse, the hostage taking in Mary DuVall's clinic, Christie DuVall's rape, Hayley Benson's rape, the disappearance of Mason Capwell, the investigation on the Fox, Hal Clark's death, without forgetting of course the numerous investigations connected to his beloved Eden.

Very fast, the shared attraction that he feels for Eden Capwell is going to become the new fundamental axis of his life and, afterward, each of his choices will take into consideration the possible impact on their love. It is during the year 1985 that the storyline of the carnation killer reveals to all the strength and the beauty of this big love : Cruz has even to face his mother and C.C. Capwell to demonstrate the sincerity of their feelings. Decided to take the plunge, in spite of the quarrels and social barriers, Cruz and Eden try to get married at the Orient Express. Unfortunately, a fire lit by Marcello Armonti prevents them from marrying.

It is because of his righteousness that he has to take, during the same year of 1985, one of the most important decisions of his life. Charged of the investigation on Channing Capwell Jr.'s murder, Cruz proves that the murderer is in fact the victim's mother, besides Eden's mother, and has no other possibilities than to arrest her. Eden does not understand, and does not forgive him this decision, especially since they both had just found themselves. The break between them seems then inevitable. And in spite of Cruz's efforts, the gap continues to widen. It reaches its peak during C.C. Capwell's coma. In front of this terrible event, Cruz remains faithful to his convictions, and does not share Eden's logic : to obey her father's last wills. Indeed, C.C. Capwell asked his daughter, if he was maintained alive artificially, to disconnect the machines. Cruz cannot support this act because, for him it is an obvious fact, life is a very too precious present from God. Cruz may try everything, he does not succeed in crossing this gap and in finding the one that he loves more than his life. He does his best to prevent her from going away more, but their road definitively seems to have gone far away the one from the other, and Eden gets married to Kirk Cranston.

Certain to have lost any chance to find themselves together again (Cruz has just learnt that Eden is pregnant with Kirk's baby), Cruz, by faithfulness and by loyalty, eventually gets married to Santana Andrade, so allowing her to give a stable home to Brandon. During this marriage of masquerade, he does everything he can to oblige the memory of Eden to leave his spirit and his heart, in order to grant a chance to his new life. But, as soon as Eden is in danger, Cruz becomes again the friend, the protector, or even the rescuer of his beloved : he does not hesitate to dive into a pond filled with sharks to give her help when Kirk tries to kill her. He then has to face a terrible dilemma : to return towards Eden and betray his commitment to Santana, commitment sealed in front of God, or to betray his heart, by staying with Santana and live a life without love. Santana's depression eventually imposes him a choice which he would never have known to make : to divorce.

This end of year 1986 is marked by the return of the past in his everyday life, materialized by the return in town of his youth love, the actress Victoria Lane. This return points under the light the dark secret which he shares with Tori concerning the tragic disappearance in the ocean of Katie Timmons, the young sister of Keith, desperately in love with him. During an investigation, Victoria and he are shipwrecked, and she takes advantage of him and the situation to make love with him, while this latter is totally delirious, convinced that he is with Eden. Cruz is then, again, abandoned by Eden who discovered their relation. Cruz still ignores that a child was then conceived. Months later, he will bring him to life, ignoring everything of his filiation.

Cruz will need several months (and Pearl Bradford's help) to reconquer Eden's heart and make her forget his treason. Avid to get married as quickly as possible, they choose to unite their fates at this beginning of 1987, in the heart of the Utah mountains. It is there that Cruz has to face the biggest drama of his life : the death of Eden. Cruz cannot face this situation : he pushes away all his friends to be the most alone possible, drowns his sorrows in alcohol and work, takes important risks, forgetting his own life, and especially he refuses to accept, to even envisage the possibility as Eden really died. Cruz eventually accepts his mourning during a journey on the place of the drama, giving up in the nature his faculty to love. This drama considerably changed Cruz's soul.

According to his friends' advice (and in particular Julia Wainwright and Sophia), Cruz creates his own detective's agency : the Last resort agency. He surrounds himself with his friend Pearl and with Eleanor Norris, whose advances he ceaselessly has to repel. At the same time, he also has to play his older brother's role (role which he will find later again with the return of Ric) with her young sister Carmen, who has fled the family home.

Confronted with the miracle of Eden's return to life, Cruz never has a rest to fight for reconquering her and making her admit the obvious fact : his love for her has never failed in her absence (he has never cheated on her with Eleanor or another one) and he remains the same in spite of the handicap which affects her, Eden having lost the use of her legs.

While the couple re-forms, a new drama arises : the death of Eleanor Norris, who turns out to be Elena Nikolas, the second child of C.C. Capwell and Pamela Conrad. Cruz is very fast accused of the murder and condemned for life imprisonment with a 25 years mandatory minimum sentence. Again, all the hopes for Cruz and Eden seem lost for ever. The situation is all the more serious as Cruz, in prison, finds one of his worst enemies : Angel Ramirez. He escapes several murder attempts, while trying to prove his innocence. After numerous hesitations, Cruz crosses the barriers of morality and, helped by Cain Garver and the Capwells, he takes advantage of the wedding of Kelly and Jeffrey Conrad to escape. He takes refuge in a submarine cave. Become a fugitive, he leads his own investigation while trying to escape district attorney Keith Timmons who pursues him ceaselessly. This period also allows the couple Cruz and Eden to re-form. And, while he eventually proves his innocence, Eden finds the use of her legs again. Again free and gather, they make again wedding projects.

Cruz then has to face new charges : Andrea Bedford suspects him of being her father's murderer (under the pen name of the Fox), crime committed when he worked in the secret services. Obliged to prove again his innocence and his integrity, Cruz dives back into past, and eventually demonstrates to Andrea that the murderer turns out to be another person : Kathleen McDougall, a hospital nurse. At the end of this investigation, Cruz and Eden have a break, and benefit of their presence in Mexico to meet Guillermo, Cruz's uncle, and to focus on their wedding to come. It is the starting point of a new link between both lovers, with the creation of a link of magic and paranormal between them. Listening to the dreams of his betrothed, Cruz agrees to get married in Pebble Creek, the place where Eden was conceived ! Nothing more then seems to be able to separate them.

A new cloud nevertheless is outlined on the horizon, the cloud which makes vacillate the couple and which confirms Cruz in his status of righteousness, integrity and assuming his responsibilities. He discovers he has a son, Chip, stemming from his adventure with Victoria during year 1986. The young boy is affected by leukaemia, and only a marrow transplant from a compatible donor (his father) can save him. Cruz agrees to give his marrow, and opens the doors of his life to this son, assuming completely his father's role. He even starts (to the great displeasure of Eden at first) a legal action to obtain the shared custody with Victoria. At Victoria's departure, Chip eventually lives definitively in the family house with Eden and Cruz, and will become perfectly integrated into the Castillo family.

Plunged at the heart of the investigation on Mason's disappearance, Cruz undergoes an aggression and drifts up to a mysterious island. Become amnesic, he becomes the prey of a mad scientist : Dr. Willoughby. It is thanks to the intervention of Eden (come to his help) that he recovers memory and that he succeeds in winning against the hunter.

Back in Santa Barbara, Cruz and Eden settle down in their new house, always situated at the edge of the beach, surprise gift of Cruz for his wife, even if this house does not correspond to him particularly. It is during this period that he participates in a new investigation. A man nicknamed the video rapist commits murders in town. Cruz is going to have to face the most terrible drama of all his life : the rape of Eden. Cruz does his best to face this tragedy but, for maybe the first time, he seems powerless to help Eden. Some time later, affected again by Andrea's death, Cruz participates in C.C. Capwell's plan to trap the rapist.

Then, he has to face a terrible matter of conscience, because he is going to learn that Eden is pregnant. For a while, Cruz is afraid that the father of this baby can be the rapist. Fortunately, the amniocentesis results prove that Cruz is well the father of the little Adriana. It is moreover Cruz who helps Eden to give birth to their daughter, in a cave, after the New Year's Eve. The dramas then follow one another in a wild speed : first, Adriana is kidnapped. Then Cruz, during his investigation, eventually discovers the identity of the rapist, Dr. Zack Kelton, who tells him that Adriana is dead. Cruz refuses to believe it, certain that his daughter is still alive. He leaves then for a crusade to try to find his daughter, and he is helped in his quest by Sandra Mills, a medium. Comforted by some medium powers that he discovers in himself, Cruz does not give up, while he also has to face Sandra's obsession (this one succeeds in feeling all that Eden feels). Finally, Cruz and Eden eventually discover Adriana well alive, in Paris, at Cruz's own brother. It is from this moment that Cruz's family is going to reconstruct around him.

After Ric, who comes to settle down to Santa Barbara, it is his father whom Cruz finds in Acapulco (the meeting is directly organized by Eden). The reunion between Cruz and his father goes well, in spite of the fact that Cruz blamed his father, for years, for having abandoned them. Both men eventually get along well, Cruz forgiving to his father his departure and his absence, and it is with pleasure that Cruz welcomes his father next to him and so allows him to become integrated into his family.

His marriage with Eden is then going to know a terrible shock wave, with return in town of Robert Barr, Eden's first love, well determined to reconquer her. Cruz attends powerless in his wife's long run hesitation and, too proud to impose on Eden to choose, he prefers to leave the house. He settles down alone and, on his side, begins to date Nikki Alvarez. His father urges him to be honest with both women and not to follow the same road as him, by preferring the flight. Helped by a wind of magic, the couple Cruz and Eden re-forms in Pebble Creek, while Robert Barr leaves town.

But a new investigation of Cruz is again going to upset the couple. Overseeing an investigation on a new drug which strikes the city of Santa Barbara, Cruz is going to have to face Eden's coma, and the return of Kirk Cranston (returned under the pen name of Kahana). Trapped on his island, both enemies face each other and get engaged in a new fight, of which Cruz goes out victorious.

Then, Cruz is confronted with the weight of his sakhites ancestors' inheritance. He receives a talisman on behalf of a shaman of the tribe. Even if he does not really believe in it, Cruz has to admit that this stone saves him on many occasions of a sure death. Then he is kidnapped by the pasha of Khareef who has for desire that Cruz makes a child to one of his wives to inherit Cruz's supernatural powers. Of course, Eden comes to save him and so to guarantee his faithfulness !

But at their return in town, Robert Barr's shadow always hangs over. In love with Kelly, Robert is not the one that he tells to be : he is in fact Quinn, his twin brother. Cruz eventually discovers the truth and leaves for New Orleans, to rescue his rival, locked into a forced labor camp. Back in town, Cruz has to try to reconcile Eden and her sister Kelly for whom the break seems to be definitive. Then, he has to face the fact that Eden is sure to have killed in self-defense Quinn (in reality it is Robert who died). Plunged into a coma further to a car accident, it is Cruz's love which will bring her back to life, the day of the Christmas Eve.

Nothing more then seems to hang over Cruz's happiness. Nevertheless year 1991 will be the black year for him. He faces the multiple personalities of his wife (Lisa a jewels thief, the spirit of Channing Capwell Junior), as well as a man appeared from the darkest of her past : Andre Wolfe. During his investigation, Cruz even has to shoot down this man. And from then on, the couple which he forms with Eden is going to lose the balance as Eden is going to become an other one. Cruz finds Eden on a cliff which overhangs the ocean. In spite of all his love, he is powerless in front of the stirs which ravage Eden. Maintaining Eden at arm's length, his hand eventually lets go of her, and Cruz attends to what he believes to be his wife's death. He may try everything to find her, Eden remains untraceable. Totally broken, Cruz does not know how to face, even if a woman painter enters his life. Bending under his sorrow, Cruz does not recognize Eden under this disguise. It is only when she tries to kill Sophia, that Cruz succeeds in reading between the lines. Certain that his love is still alive, he leaves to her research. His road crosses then that of real painter Suzanne Collier, with whom he eventually makes the leap and so begins a brief affair. A leap that he had refused to make in 1987, with the disappearance of Eden in the Utah mountains.

Cruz cannot refrain (directly or indirectly) from sending back to Suzanne the souvenir of Eden. No other love can hold the comparison. Suzanne, tired to fight against the memory of this woman and this mother, prefers to go away and to leave Cruz with Eden's shadow. This shadow eventually goes away slowly, because one day Cruz is obliged to face the evidence : Eden sent him divorce papers which he agrees to sign, not without pain. If, on the paper, he accepts this separation, his heart does not really admit it. Is it to maintain alive this memory that he eventually succumbs to the charms of Kelly, Eden's own sister ? And because Chip and Adriana do not really adapt themselves to this situation, he sends them to join his parents in Mexico.

At the same time, Cruz, during a high school reunion, finds his friends Jodie and Reese Walker. Cruz, during this period, seems to survive, fighting from time to time in order to remain alive. He eventually understands through the clues that she leaves that the young woman B.J. Walker has been sexually abused by Frank Goodman. He then decides to take action. He finds himself trapped by this man's madness together with Jodie. Fearing the worst, she admits him B.J.'s secret of birth. She is not Reese's daughter, but his. Quite as with Victoria's secret, Cruz is faced with paternity. Contrary with Chip, he will not try to play a role in B.J.'s life, leaving with Reese this right to be a father, not wanting to blow up a family.

However, after Frank's death, Cruz eventually discovers during his investigation material evidence tending to prove that B.J. is responsible for his death. Listening only to his heart, and having acquired the certainty at the bottom of himself that nothing retains him to Santa Barbara anymore, Cruz accuses himself for the murder. He sends a last message to his friends, and refuses that Kelly runs away with him : she has everything to lose and nothing to win. After heart-breaking good-byes, Cruz leaves the city for Mexico, where he with no doubt found his children Chip and Adriana, and where he waits for the return of the one who has never stopped possessing his heart and his soul...

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