Cruz's two loves

 By Isabelle Caron, TÚlÚ 7 Jours, 1992

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"I present you Jodie Walker. She is however not the sister of Marcy !" A Martinez is proud of his effect and takes the voice of Cruz, even softer than his. Jodie Walker is the new "creature" of Santa Barbara. An idea of Pam Long, recently named head writer of the show, since Bridget and Jerome Dobson, the creators-writers-producers had been fired for the second time. Pam Long, who worked a long time for Guiding Light, suggested that was hired, for the role of Jodie Walker, Kim Zimmer, who was Reva Shayne Lewis in this other soap during six years and obtained for this role three Emmys. Who is this mysterious Jodie Walker ? Answer from the first concerned, A Martinez : "She is a woman cop whom I suddenly refind after many years. She is a friend of childhood. We were at school and in college together then, whereas I loved her in secrecy, she married another friend, Reese, and she left Santa Barbara. I then married Eden but without really forgetting her. We will refind ourselves at a reunion of former students, in Santa Barbara. I thus will have to work with her in the police."

A Martinez does not say anymore. To spare the suspense ? The truth comes out from the mouth of the beautiful Jodie, or rather of Kim Zimmer : "Our former feelings are not extinct. We will refind ourselves and the intrigues will start. It is the wish of Pam Long, the head writer..." Eventful intrigues ! Since the departure of Marcy Walker, and thus of Eden from Santa Barbara, it was necessary to seek the woman, or rather the women so that the character of Cruz is not unceasingly lonely. Explanation of A Martinez : "I always fell sentiments for Suzanne Collier, played by Terri Garber, I am very attracted by Jodie, my friend of childhood and moreover, I am not insensitive to my sister-in-law, Kelly, the sister of Eden."

Pam Long, the head writer, benefitted from the arrival of the new Kelly to create this extreme situation. What is normal since the fourth Kelly, Eileen Davidson, arrives straight on from The Young and the Restless where she had been Ashley Abbott. Cruz thus will find himself in front of two loves without he being able to decide to love one rather than the other. The soap psychology passed by there. As A Martinez says : "Cruz suffered so much from the disappearance of Eden, his great love, that he can not recover. Then he seeks, either in Kelly, who is the prolongation of Eden, or in his former girlfriend, who is the prolongation of his childhood, someone to love very much."

The desire of Pam Long, the head writer  so that Santa Barbara still knows beautiful days on the network NBC (and on many channels in the world), is "love, always love". After the recent wedding - in the United States - of Julia Wainwright and Mason Capwell, a news idyll will join together C.C. Capwell and Santana Andrade. She prepares other intrigues which will mix the old heroes or the ones just arrived in the show. What to give tonicity to A Martinez that the role of Cruz is far from wearying : "There are always new things in Santa Barbara. I have the chance that one chooses me as partners some very pretty women. They all become friends, but only friends. I am a very faithful husband, very happy with Leslie, and I have the happiness to only live with women." Happy in love, the two "women" of Cruz are it too. Kim Zimmer is married with the director A. C. Weary and they have three children from 2 to 10 years old.

As for Eileen Davidson, her companion is Don Diamont, Brad Carlton in The Young and the Restless. The world of soaps is never left ! Kim Zimmer, who all the producers dispute and who had been seen in episodes of MacGyver, is a fan of Santa Barbara : "I always arranged myself to be able to watch it, even when I played ! More than that, I know A Martinez very well and especially Nancy Grahn with who I worked when she was a dancer in Chicago. The only reproach that I could make to Santa Barbara, it is that it missed rather young heroes. With the arrival of our family, the Walkers, I swear you that will change ! As for the actor who had been chosen to be my husband, Forry Smith, he strangely looks like Richard Dean Anderson, MacGyver himself ! He is one of my best friends, he is also the godfather of one of my sons, Jake, born in February 1980. We dreamed to play together for a long time. And moreover, I find him very beautiful." With Cruz, they will end up disputing their admirers !