A new love for Cruz

 By Alena Prime, TÚlÚ Star, 1992

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Eden disappeared (this is one of the unexpected rebounds imagined by the writers of the show, but which we will not see before several seasons in France...), will Cruz remake his life with Kelly ? This sentimental suspense is currently in the center of the concerns of the American televiewers of Santa Barbara, who already discovered a few months ago Eileen Davidson, in the role of the new Kelly. This one, having the intuition that her sister is alive, does absolutely not want to see the friendly sentiments she feels for her brother-in-law to be transformed into love passion. Cruz is obviously not of this opinion. As much as he decides to be become free while accepting the divorce that Eden proposed to him by letter. Will Kelly finally yield to the advances of Cruz ? Will they form the new couple-star of Santa Barbara ?

The producers hesitate to cross the step, knowing that the televiewers, having not forgotten Eden, would undoubtedly be hostile to a love-affair between Kelly and Cruz. A dissatisfaction which would risk to lead immediately to a fall of the ratings. Therefore one decided, in a first time, to introduce in the story a whole pleiad of new characters who will be presented to the press at the end of this week. Among them, there perhaps will be an actress who will take the place of Eden in the heart of Cruz and who, causing the jealousy of Kelly, will precipitate her in the arms of his brother-in-law... To be continuated.