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Complete name : Mason Lemont Capwell

Year of birth : October 1954

Father : C.C. Capwell

Mother : Pamela Conrad

Brothers and sisters : Elena Nikolas, Jeffrey Conrad (half-brother), Eden Capwell (half-sister), Kelly Capwell (half-sister), Ted Capwell (half-brother), Greg Hughes (half-brother), Channing Capwell III (half-brother)


Married to : Victoria Lane (1987-1988), Gina DeMott Capwell (1989), Julia Wainwright (1989-1991, 1992-...)

Child : Samantha Wainwright Capwell

Former known girlfriends : Patricia Hampton (1984), Sarah (1984), Santana Andrade (1984), Veronica Gayley (1984-1985), Mary DuVall (1985-1986), Janice Harrison (1985), Lily "Light" Blake (1986), Carrie (1988), Sasha Schmidt (1989), Cassandra Benedict (1991)

Professions : Assistant of the district attorney, district attorney, lawyer at Smith, Caulfield & McKenna and at Capwell & Capwell


Lane Davies :
July 30 1984 (# 1) to July 21 1989 (# 1254)

Terry Lester :
September 29 1989 (# 1304) to November 01 1990 (# 1581)

Gordon Thomson :
November 01 1990 (# 1581) to January 15 1993 (# 2137)


Tortured character, particulary cynical, Mason is the elder of the Capwells children, but also the less appreciated by his father, C.C. who prefers Channing Junior. Initially, Mason is the son of Pamela, the first wife of C.C. who he did not stop to disavow. Mason has always refused to conform himself to the commands of his father. In the beginnings of Santa Barbara, he falls in love with Santana Andrade and joins her to help her to recover her son, kidnapped at birth by C.C.. Then, he lets Gina DeMott, C.C.'s new wife, believe she is not pregnant and risks to be turned out of doors. He then encourages her to sleep with him to mend the problem. Finally, and above all for his father's despair, he refuses to work at the Capwell Enterprises !

But Mason quietens down quickly when one day finally, he meets the great love in the person of Mary DuVall, who had just left the convent. At her contact, he becomes another man, sweet and passionate, and is even on the point of becoming father. Until that one evening, Mary is victim of a serious accident : the letter "C" of the sign of the Capwell hotel becomesdetached and crushes her... Mason then loses his taste of life and starts drinking. He walks away from Santa Barbara for a while and comes back weeks later accompanied by his "redeemeress", an evangelist named Lily Light, who turns to be Gina's daughter !

Only remedy to his chronical instability : Julia Wainwright, a beautiful lawyer with a sufficiently strong temperament to succeed in facing him. Eager to have a child, she asks Mason's participation by a signed contract. And very quickly, they fall in love. But at this moment Mason learns that the actress Victoria Lane is pregnant of his brother-in-law, Cruz Castillo. Not to create a rupture between Cruz and his half-sister Eden, Mason proposes Victoria to marry him and adopts the young Chip as his son. By the same occasion, he hopes, by giving the first name of Channing "Chip" to the child, touch the Capwells heritage as envisaged in his grandfather's will. But his couple with Victoria does not go on and when Samantha, Julia's daughter, is born, he finally decides to divorce and move in with Julia whom he continued to see during his wedding.

During this time victim of a kidnapping scored by his hidden sister, the perfidious Elena Nikolas, Mason learns in 1987 that his mother, he thought dead, is in fact alive ! He then finally finds a family which welcomes him as he always wanted, Pamela moreover introducing him her other son, Jeffrey Conrad, also present in Santa Barbara.

It is a few months later that are found in the Capwell boathouse Mark McCormick's bones. Mark was Mary 's former husband who once had raped her. Mason is suspected and decides to carry out his own investigation to the convent where resided Mary. With the assistance of Father Michael, the guilty, Sister Agatha, is arrested. But meanwhile, Mason, victim of an explosion in the church, sees his personality being duplicated and thinks he is Sonny Sprocket, singer-dancer from Las Vegas. Gina discovers the facts and, while asking Sonny to act like Mason, marries him to benefit of the Capwell money. However, the ceremony is stopped by a shot which touches Sonny and makes him becoming again Mason after a short period of coma. There, he finds Mary who tells him that she is his guardian angel and encourages him to marry Julia, because she knows he loves her and that Julia can make him happy. So, when he wakes up, Mason obeys her and marries Julia.

But Mason has not regulated his problem with alcohol and his relations with Julia feel it. He profits to have to inquire about Robert Barr's doubtful motivations to leave the United States and go to Japan for a few times. When he comes back, he finally divorces Julia after having avowed her his adventure with Sasha Schmidt.

Mason lets himself being seduced by Cassandra Benedict, even he knows she loves in fact Warren Lockridge. But she has just discovered that she is Minx Lockridge's hidden daughter, then Warren's aunt, and that their love-affair can not morally continue. Mason profits then to ask her in marriage, but the ceremony is interrupted by Warren who kidnapps Cassandra and sequesters her in a cell of the old prison of Alcatraz. Mason succeeds in liberating her, but one time in Santa Barbara, the weddding is not on programm anymore. Unable to really forget Julia, he organizes a ceremony of marriage instead of a death-watch for his uncle Grant Capwell. Finally married again to Julia, Mason invites a young pregnant teenager, Gracie Lee Lively. But whereas with Julia he decides to adopt Gracie's baby, Julia discovers that she is pregnant. Their last kiss closes the ultimate episode of Santa Barbara...

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