From Dynasty to Santa Barbara

 By Roderick Barrand, TÚlÚ Poche, 1990

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Dynasty is cancelled on the other side of the Atlantic. From this amazing show, Gordon Thomson, alias Adam Carrington, keeps an excellent memory. "John (Forsythe), Linda (Evans) and Heather (Locklear) form from now on part of the family. As for Joan (Collins), she is formidable. Between awful characters, we can only get along, do not we !"

One could think that Gordon will finally get rid of his role of malicious guy. Well not ! He will be Mason Capwell in Santa Barbara, in the place of Lane Davies. "In Dynasty, I had pushed my character until the limit. I stay in my stronghold." This character is one of most awful and most creative than imagined the American television. The Santa Barbara affair has been concluded in twenty-four hours. "I accepted the very generous offer of the producers !", declares Gordon who did not have to pass an audition : he was the character !

However, the chance did not always smile to the actor. "When you choose the job of actor, it is necessary to know to armour yourself. You are fired twenty-five times a year." During this black period, Gordon sees only one solution : to end with life. "I even checked my insurance policy to make sure that my family would not need anything in the event of a disappearance." Six months after this desperate situation, Gordon Thomson obtains a main role. Then, the contracts continue.

Since that, Gordon is reassured. "All that was necessary for me was a good work and a little respect. Isn't it what everyone needs ?" Then why to stir up the past, 11 years after ? "If my experiment succeeds in persuading even only one person that you can go out from the tunnel, I will have been useful." If Gordon Thomson proudly sits in front of his nice swimming pool, he does not forget for that much the time of the hard days. "Money is not all. It gives independence and freedom. That is all."