From Santa Barbara to Paris

 Salut ! Magazine, 1991

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During his stay in Paris, Lane Davies recorded a disc under the artistic direction of Orlando, Dalida's brother. This disc, All I Need, will come out at the end of February. To polish arrangements, Lane Davies received the contest of the "mixers" of Elton John and Phil Collins. Lane specifies that he did not become a singer on a blow of head or advertisement. "It is a long time I work my voice. And I sang, on stage, Jacques Brel's musical, L'Homme de la Mancha".

Lane, everyone knows you thanks to Santa Barbara . Since your departure of the show, you offered yourself a trip around the world which finishes in Paris. Why this choice ?

Because it is Paris ! I love there people, kitchen, architecture, rhythm of life.

What do you appreciate in this rhythm of life ?

I find that French people have a good way of living, they have their hythm. They are cooler than the inhabitants of Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, I work all the time, whereas here, I can live more gently, sit down in a café, look at people. I take time to make shopping, to visit museums. However, I like also a lot the quality of Californian life but, finally, Paris is more relaxing than New York or Los Angeles.

Why to have recorded a disc in French ?

Especially for the fun. I have already recorded an album in the United States, this time, I liked to approach the French studios. And then to sing is for me a supplement, therefore I am more relaxed.

You left some time ago Santa Barbara which, in France, is an enormous success. Was that difficult ?

A little difficult nevertheless because all the team of Santa Barbara is a little my family. The actors, the technicians, the production... We worked together during five years, that counts.

Apart TV, I learnt that you made theatre too ?

Yes, it was a formidable experiment.

Is it an experiment which you would like to renew... perhaps even in France ?

To renew, yes, but not immediately in  France. My French is not faultless yet.

After this first disc made in France, is there a project of album ?

Yes, with Orlando, my producer, we have already several songs of ready, but in English of course.

Would you like to live in Paris ?

Part of the year, yes, but I need to be several months per annum in Georgie. My family live there and I need to see it.

Do you listen to French music ?

I like many people like Brel, Piaf, Dalida. There are many new ones that I like well but I do not remember their names.

Which are the districts you prefer in Paris ?

St-Germain, the Quartier Latin, because of people that you meet there, the small streets.

Can you explain the success of Santa Barbara ?

Not, I cannot. It is perhaps because of the personality of the characters which is close to reality.

Do you watch the show on TV from time to time ?

Yes, I watch it a little from time to time, in France.

Which impression that makes you to see and hear you speaking in French with another voice ?

Bizarre, very bizarre. But I like my French voice. Moreover, I had attended to a session of doubling...