The weddings of Santa Barbara
Santana Andrade and Mason Capwell


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This new wedding, which comes to upset the small world of Santa Barbara, tightens once again the intrigue around the small Brandon and his filiations with the Capwells. Adopted and loved as if he was his blood grandson by the powerful C.C. Capwell, Brandon would inherit as well as all the other Capwell children. And, if in the past, C.C. had considered useful to withdraw the child from Santana, useful to trust him to Gina DeMott's care, it would seem that today this is not the case anymore. Today, C.C. divorced Gina DeMott, Brandon's adoptive mother who, after some serious drug problems, lost her guardianship thanks to C.C.'s benefit. Gina is deeply wounded in her flesh and her heart, because she sincerely loves this child that she raised since a baby. And whereas she is definitively driven out of the Capwell mansion, dressed like Eve, Gina swears to C.C. that she will be avenged in all the ways it is possible and that she will gain custody of her son.

C.C. also benefits from it to get closer once again to Santana Andrade (they knew a first love affair in 1984), who does not cease, on her side, to harass him to obtain custody of her biological son. Brandon becomes the stake of a terrible duel between these two women, who are also and especially his two moms... The reunion of Mason (who first of all looks to wound his father) with Santana is mainly due to the mischievous plan developed by C.C.. Indeed, he exerts a detestable blackmail on the poor Santana: he will agree to entrust her with custody of Brandon only if she gets married and she builds a stable and durable home with her husband.

Mason, to be avenged of his father (C.C. always especially preferred Channing Junior to him, as well as Sophia's other children), approaches Santana. In addition, by discovering the blackmail exerted by his father at the same time on Santana and Brandon (who passes from homes to homes), Mason, moved by her problems, accepts her wedding proposal. His acceptance is not exclusively based on revenge, because having known in his childhood the lack of paternal love, he considers his father’s blackmail as horrible and dangerous. This is why he tries to convince Santana of the sincerity of his decision. Even if they do not share a very great passion, there exists and it is undeniable a real feeling of confidence between them. Moreover, they had already shared an outline of passion twice in the past: at the whole beginning when Santana worked at the Capwell mansion, before she prefers Channing Junior to him, then in 1984, before she leaves Santa Barbara. And already at that time, then for dark reasons, Mason had already proposed to marry her.

Through this marriage, Mason knows that he will be able to create a family and especially to offer to Santana (for whom he feels a lot of respect) and to Brandon a stable and solid home, where they all will be able to live in perfect harmony. Mason, who the first knew to tie sincere links with Brandon, wants perhaps to try to be re-live his childhood, but especially he wants to prevent him from knowing the same loneliness as him, loneliness which at 13 years old resulted in finding comfort in alcohol. Lastly, Mason, by this marriage, also tries to forget his impossible love with Mary DuVall, married today with Doctor Mark McCormick.

Little after Mason, it is Cruz Castillo, the faithful friend from childhood, who at his turn proposes to Santana to marry him. Cruz, given up on Eden Capwell, hopelessly tries to forget her. And he knows perfectly that today any reunion between them is perfectly impossible, because she is not only married with Kirk Cranston, but she now waits for a child from him. Santana is touched by Cruz's proposal. She knows that Cruz, if he will make a good father for Brandon, will not make a good husband. It is not that she awaits the same passion as the one he feels for Eden, but it is only because she very well knows that it is by spite and solicitude that he made this proposal to her. Conscious of the importance of her choice, Santana prefers to refuse Cruz's proposal and on the other side accepts Mason's one.

The wedding ceremony of Santana and Mason takes place at the Orient Express, during episodes 412 and 413. And although it is not a loving wedding, each of the two characters find interest there: Santana can recover custody of her son Brandon after long years of separation, and Mason is avenged of his father while becoming the father-in-law of the child of Channing Junior, his eternal rival.

Around them are joined together:

- The members of the Capwell family : C.C. Capwell, Kelly Capwell (his half-sister), Ted Capwell (his half-brother), Sophia Capwell Armonti (his step-mother),

- Courtney Capwell and Madeline Capwell Laurent, two nieces of C.C.'s,

- Rosa Andrade,

- Nick Hartley,

- Mary DuVall McCormick and her husband Dr. Mark McCormick.

At the last moment, a final surprise occurs since the ceremony and the reception are cancelled. Indeed, before pronouncing their wishes, Santana reconsiders Cruz's wedding proposal, and she decides not to marry Mason anymore. She perhaps realizes that the life with Cruz will make it possible to release her from the Capwells, which would be much more difficult if she was married to Mason, who is in an eternal conflict with C.C.. Right before the ceremony, Santana takes Mason apart and explains to him her abrupt reversal of thought. Mason understands and accepts Santana's refusal. And in spite of their non-wedding, they remain good friends, conscious of the confidence and honesty which always marked their relationship, and the same since the time she was working as a servant at the mansion. And it is Mason who is in charge to announce the cancellation of the ceremony.

Some time afterwards, Cruz and Santana will unite, according to the Mexican habit, their destiny. Santana's reversal can be explained by the fact that Cruz and she share the same social origins and this same Mexican blood which runs in their veins. In addition, Santana perhaps ended up realizing Cruz's sincerity when he affirms to her that he definitively drove out of his mind the memory of Eden. This is why Santana let herself be seduced by her friend's proposal...

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