Terrible Mason

Nana, 1989

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Nana exclusively met the American actor Lane Davis, a.k.a. Mason Capwell, the ignoble lawyer of Santa Barbara. And, as you will find in autumn the continuation of this famous series, Mason explains the motivations which urged him to continue.

You are in France at present, what are your activities ?

Well indeed, I study French at "the French institute". I am here for one month and I take advantage of it to take also holidays. I like your country and, even when I was young, I pretended to speak your language. Then I decided to learn it really (laughs).

You are one of rare actors who plays in Santa Barbara since the beginning of the television show. Isn't it boring after a  while ?

I admit that by moment it is very tiring. At a certain time, I even wanted to stop everything. And then, finally, I realize with the passing of time that I lived more exalting adventures than negative ones. Then, I decided to continue.

But for an actor, isn't it frustrating to be confined in a single same role ?

I do not play only in Santa Barbara but also in several plays. I interpreted Macbeth and Hamlet because I feel good in the Shakespearean roles. It thus allowed not to tire me of the character of Mason. I try to be a complete actor.

What do you think of the image of Mason, who is a terrible character ?

I find it funny to play this role. I am not a nasty being in real life. Mason allows me to go away from my personality and it is very exciting. My character reminds me a little J.R. in Dallas and I'm very satisfied to obtain the same success.

What do you think of the girls of today who make, as for them, integral part of your public ?

I find them refreshing and intelligent and I know that they are the most faithful fans of Santa Barbara. I hope that they will stay it a long time because I have just renewed my contract for six years...