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Lionel and GinaCruz receives from Eden papers for their divorce. He ends up signing them on the councils of Kelly, who becomes his new love. At a high school reunion, Cruz refinds some old friends, Jodie and Reese Walker, also in the police, and about to move in Santa Barbara. Their daughter, B.J., disguised as a boy, follows the journalism class dispensed by Warren. But very quickly this last one discovers her true identity, as well as the fact that she was sexually abused in her childhood by a friend of her parents, Frank Goodman. Frank takes Cruz and Jodie in hostage, when this last one avowes to Cruz that B.J. is his daughter.

After a fight with Sawyer, B.J.'s brother, Frank is found dead, shot. Sawyer is suspected and runs away from Santa Barbara with his girlfriend, Aurora DeAngelis. Cruz finds on a dress of B.J. traces of bullets powder. To protect his daughter, he signs a confession and leaves the country after tearing good-byes to all his close relations. B.J. is however arrested by the police officer Connor McCabe and is judged for the murder. Julia is charged to defend her and leads her to Dr. Skyler Gates, a psychiatrist. After having recognized the facts, B.J. finally remembers that Frank actually committed suicide. She is cleared, then marries Warren who supported her during the lawsuit.

C.C. wants to obtain the guard of Channing Capwell III, but Lionel marries Gina and adopts the child. Gina becomes the designer of Gina Jeans and hires Cruz's half-brother, Rafe Castillo, and his girlfriend Lisa Fenimore, like models.

Lily falls in love with Rafe. But Lisa pretends to be pregnant of him to force him to marry her. Their wedding is cancelled when it is proven that the priest was in fact an actor. But Lisa says she had also been deceived on her pregnancy to keep Rafe on her side. Katrina discovers the affair of Ted with Angela and goes back to Germany. When Angela gets closer to C.C., Lily and Ted pretend to have an affair to make Angela and Rafe jealous. Finally, they fall in love the one of the other and get married.

Santana discovers she is pregnant. But she has a miscarriage and leaves C.C.. Sophia, on her side, marries Ken Mathis. But this last one is especially interested by the Armonti Enterprises money and his mistress, Andi Klein. He drugs Sophia so that she leaves him the control of the company. Kelly and Connor suspect Sophia to be drugged and discover that Ken's first two wives died poisoned by strychnin. Whereas Sophia is at the point of death, Ken is arrested. His accomplice Andi, become meanwhile Reese's mistress, kills Ken in his cell. As for Sophia, she returns with C.C. that she never really ceased loving.

Mason organizes a surprise wedding with Julia during what has to be funeral for Grant, C.C.'s brother. They both spend their honeymoon at the Ballymoor mansion, which turns to be haunted. One day, Samantha does not succeed to breathe any more, but is saved by Dr. Micah DeAngelis. Abigail Beckwith runs after the heritage of Aurora, Micah's daughter, but is quickly arrested. Wishing another child but not succeeding in conceiving a new one, Julia and Mason decide to adopt the baby of Gracie Lee Lively, a pregnant girl they welcomed at home. But Julia finally discovers that she is pregnant...