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Kelly and JeffreyMason signs a contract with Julia to make a child to her. After several attempts, Julia finally falls pregnant and gives birth to a little girl, Samantha. Victim of a shipwreck with Cruz, Victoria benefits from his half-unconsciousness and of the fact that he takes her for Eden, to sleep with him. She falls pregnant and gives birth to a boy, Chip. Mason proposes to marry her and cries out that the child is his to protect the relation of Eden and Cruz and especially to be able to inherit more quickly.

Whereas Cruz and Eden organize their wedding, the car of this latter one is stopped by a woman who pushes her in a climb covered with snow in the Utah mountains and leaves her for dead in an helicopter accident. Eden is found paralysed and is welcomed by a mountain dweller named Cain Garver, a Vietnam veteran, who falls in love with her and sequesters her in his cabin.

Pearl helps Kelly and her roomate, Alice Jackson, to escape from the asylum. Kelly is sent in Europe to escape from justice after the murder of Dylan. Jeffrey Conrad is sent to join her to keep an eye on her and obviously, fall in love with her. Gina uses the tape proving the self-defence act of Kelly to force C.C. to marry her. But she ends to give the tape to the police and Kelly is cleared. This last one thus returns to the United States and marries Jeffrey.

Cruz cries the loss of Eden and, with Pearl, creates the Last resort agency, a detectives agency. Elena Nikolas, the young woman at the origin of Eden's disappearance, obtains a place there to approach the Capwells. This last one turns to be Pamela and C.C.'s daughter and seeks to be avenged from all the family. She kidnaps Mason and tries to murder Kelly on several occasions. Eden escapes from the cabin and rejoins Santa Barbara, pursued by Cain. Cruz and Pearl finally discover Elena's true identity. This last one is killed and her last words accuse Cruz to be his murderer. Cruz is immediately charged by Keith. Elena's adoptive father, Dr. Alex Nikolas, admits to have been present at the moment of the crime and to have seen Elena committing suicide. Pamela, who was believed to be dead, reappears, the face concealed because disfigured. Gina supplies her a potion to care for her and Pamela can find again her two sons, Mason and Jeffrey.

An adoption agency which sells children removed from their parents settles in town, directed by Paul Marshall, an old friend of Victoria's. Chip, Samantha and Johnny are kidnapped, but quickly found healthy and safe. Mason, in love with Julia, divorces Victoria, leaving her enough money to raise Chip alone. Victoria wants to resume her actress job, but becomes addicted to cocaine by the fault of her friend, director Mel Stock.

Lionel lives a new passion with Jane's mother, Caroline Wilson, and takes at his charge Jane and Alice, Caroline's hidden daughter. Alice's father, Gus Jackson, comes to be forgiven of his errors by his daughter and leaves the town with her. Lionel marries Caroline, but very quickly this latter dies from a rare disease.

Hayley, for her part, is raped and Brick is the first suspect. The rapist turns to be Ken, a waiter at Johnny's Place. Hayley and Ted have problems in their couple, especially after the return of Laken, and divorce. Hayley falls in love with Jake Morton, who works with Ted at the Abernathy stables, while Brick dates Jane. They both finish by leaving the town with Johnny.