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Lionel and AugustaEden, feeling indebted towards Kirk to have supported her, accepts to marry him. C.C. wakes up from his coma and divorces Gina. He promises to Santana the guard of Brandon if she gets married and financially stabilized. Cruz, who knows Santana since college and knows how much Brandon counts for her, proposes to marry her and Brandon is given to Santana. But so that this last one is recognized as being a bad mother, Gina replaces Santana's pills for her allergies by drug. Become dependent, she is forced to enter a detoxication center.

When Kirk discovers that it is Gina who tried to kill C.C., he sends to Eden anonymous letters so that she continues to think that she is well responsible. Eden ends however having doubts about Kirk, and this one then blackmails Gina so that she kills her. After a fight at the boathouse, Gina is left for dead, drowned. When finally Eden and Cruz return to each other, Kirk tries to kill them, but Gina reappears and prevents him to succeed. Kirk is finally arrested.

At this point in time Victoria Lane, an old friend of Cruz, arrives in town, with an unavowed purpose to recover him. Keith Timmons becomes the new district attorney and accuses Victoria and Cruz of the drowning of his sister Katie a few years before.

Mary leaves the convent and falls in love with Mason. But her former love, Dr. Mark McCormick, is seriously wounded during an explosion orchestrated by Kirk to kill Eden and Cruz. Thinking that he is dying, Mary accepts to marry him. However, Mark recovers from his wounds and rapes Mary. A few time later, Mary is killed by the fall of the "C" of the Capwell hotel ensign, whereas she was pregnant of Mason.

Kelly, fiancée to Nick, sleeps with Dylan in a moment of weakness, during a business trip. She breaks with Nick in front of the altar and avowes to him her affair with his brother. But he forgives her, what makes Dylan mad of jealousy. He attacks Kelly with a gun at the presidential suite of the Capwell hotel. Kelly pushes Dylan through the window and kills him. Gina recovers the tape which recorded all the scene behind the suite two-way mirror. Kelly, traumatized, is put in an asylum managed by Dr. Rawlings. Pearl Bradford, acting like a patient, joins her to help her and find the trace of his brother, Brian, who was also interned.

Two nieces of C.C.'s come to live at the Capwell mansion, Courtney and Madeline. Courtney falls in love with Pearl and helps him to obtain a job of driver at the Capwells. Madeline is found murdered and her husband, David Laurent, is accused of the crime. He is defended by Julia, with who he has an adventure. David is finally discharged and Courtney admits having killed her sister in self-defence.

Lionel Lockridge discovers a new son in the person of Brick when this last one learns that he has been exchanged at the birth with Channing Junior by Minx Lockridge, who did not want to see her grandson raised by the Capwells. Amy and Brick end up getting married and Brick adopts Johnny like his son. But nothing goes well any more for the Lockridges : Warren becomes a chronic bettor and is surprised stealing money at the casino, while Augusta disappears with her lover and that Laken leaves California.

Gina's niece, Hayley Benson, joins her aunt and finds a job of maid at the Capwells. She falls in love with Ted, who, for his part, is harassed by a woman with long red nails called Roxanne. Roxanne turns to be in fact Jane Wilson, Ted's boss at the radio station where he works.

Mason is back to Santa Barbara, proclaiming having been saved by an evangelist named Lily Light. This last one is in fact the Gina's daughter, born from a rape when she was thirteen. Hayley is indoctrinated by Lily to protest against the opening of the casino. She accidentaly starts a fire in Buzz's Place during the manifestation and Amy dies in the flames. Not to have to testify against her at the trial, Ted, witness of the scene, accepts to marry Hayley.