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Cruz, Eden, Kelly and Ric in ParisEden learns that the father of the baby she is waiting for is well Cruz and not the video rapist. She gives birth to a girl, Adriana, but the baby is kidnapped at the hospital. Cruz, with the assistance of Celeste DiNapoli and Michael, discovers that the rapist is Dr. Zack Kelton, who was sexually abused by his sister during his childhood. Whereas Cruz tries to make him say where is Adriana, Zack says to him that she is dead, then falls from the top of a cliff and dies. A psychic, Sandra Mills, helps Eden and Cruz to locate their baby in Paris. It is there that Hollis, the wife of Ric, Cruz's brother, illegally adopted her. Hollis commits suicide while plunging in the Seine. Eden, Cruz, Adriana, Kelly and Ric go back to Santa Barbara, where these two last ones live a great passion.

Gina marries Mason/Sonny, but during the ceremony, this last one is shot. After a meeting in Paradise with God then Mary, who reveals to him to be his guardian angel, he awakes as Mason and not Sonny. But he continues to have serious problems with alcohol which threaten his relation with Julia. Lisa DiNapoli accompanies him to the Anonymous Alcoholics and he succeeds in stopping to drink. Lastly, Julia and he can get married.

The relation of Heather and Scott is threatened by Celeste, Scott's girlfriend in college, who tries to hide the fact that she became a hooker. Scott chooses Celeste, but breaks when he discovers the truth. Heather gives birth to a little Michael and finally leaves the town for Chicago.

C.C. hires Megan Richardson to help him to write his autobiography. He learns that from his relation with her, 18 years ago, was born a child, Greg Hughes. This last one, who joins Santa Barbara, marries the third sister DiNapoli, Emily. Megan then reveals that she suffers of leukaemia and leaves the town to die in peace.

The new district attorney Ethan Asher creates a shock in the city : he is the double of Dr. Zack Kelton. The son of Laura, his wife, was accidentally killed several years ago by Michael. Then police officer in Boston, Michael was Laura's lover. Leo Mitchell arrives in town to avenge the death of his brother that he devolves on Michael. Leo is killed and Michael, who left the priesthood to return in the police force, is the first suspect. But finally Laura recognizes being guilty.

A certain Robert Barr, who worked a long time in Las Vegas for the mafioso Anthony Tonell, arrives in Santa Barbara and seeks to appropriate the Capwell Enterprises to himself. Mason leaves for Europe in order to try to know some more about them, but disappears. Ted then leaves to research him. Bunny also investigates on Tonell, but disappears at his turn. He is believed to be dead, but he reappears a few weeks later with Mason, who had an adventure with Sasha Schmidt, Tonell's mistress. When T.J. leaves the town, Bunny repurchases The Lair and hires Sasha as a singer.

Eden and Robert were lovers during their youth, but Eden does not remember anything. Robert has in fact spent several years in prison for the murder of Raul Mondragon to protect Eden, thinking that it was her who had killed him. When Eden refinds her memories, she immediately falls down in love with Robert. Cruz organizes a reconstitution of the murder on the Capwell yacht and the murderer turns to be the candidate at the governor election, Jerry Calhoun, who jumps over the edge and gets drowned.