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Cruz and EdenMinx Lockridge is back and starts by rebuild the Lockridge mansion. She hires Michael to find her daughter whom she gave up at birth and who turns to be... Cassandra ! Laken also reappears and dates Amado, become mad about motor races. Warren is also in the part again and reveals the affair he had with Cassandra in the past, before he learns that she is in fact his aunt. Cassandra falls in love with Mason, when this last one discovers that Warren is not in fact Lionel's son. Mason does not say anything to Cassandra not to risk to see her turning over towards Warren. Augusta, meanwhile become an alcoholic, enters a detoxication center.

Mason finally reveals the truth to Cassandra, while on his side, Warren falls in love with Angela, judge David Raymond's wife. Angela and David indeed live a very difficult relation, in particular since the death of Angela's sister, Marilyn, killed during a car accident whereas she was fiancée to David. Warren repurchases the newspaper The Santa Barbara Conscience and begins by fire Flame, who was dating Michael.

Kelly has an affair with the singer Richard Sedgewick who dies of a heart attack by kissing her ! She finally agrees to marry Quinn, persuaded that he is Robert and not his twin brother. But once arrived in front of the altar, she realizes that she is mistaken. However understanding that it is Quinn that she loves, she does not say anything and marries him. As he is always pursued by the police, Quinn decides to leave Kelly and runs away in Great Britain.

Eden begins during that time to suffer from split personality. Lisa, the character whom she has unconsciously created to hide there all the rancours accumulated since her childhood towards her mother, more and more regularly takes the top on her personality. Lisa is moreover a former jewels robber and commits new crimes with her accomplice, Andre Wolfe. Cruz tries to help his wife, but Eden runs away from him and falls from a cliff. Whereas everyone believes she is dead, Eden reappears under the name of Suzanne Collier. When Sophia discovers that she is acted in fact her daughter, Eden takes the personality of Channing Junior and shoots her mother to avenge Channing's death, twelve years ago. She immediately flees the town, while the real Suzanne Collier, who is in fact an old friend of Eden's, arrives there and dates Cruz.

Gina broaches a procedure to adopt a child, but as she refuses the company of Keith, this last one prefers to leave the town. She steals samples of sperm of C.C. and Mason at the sperm bank of Santa Barbara and insemines herself with C.C.'s sperm.

Katrina Ruyker arrives from Germany and settles at the Capwells. When she falls in love with Dash, C.C. requires of Craig to make him leave the city. Katrina discovers the operation and makes Craig being fired. This last one, to be avenged, makes the offices of Warren's newspaper explode and accuses Mason. He even goes until shooting Mason, but kills Amado. He is arrested and succeeds in escaping from prison, but Cassandra convinces him to surrender.

Santana Andrade escapes from the asylum and has an affair with C.C.. Her mother, Rosa, yields for her part to the courts of Rafael Castillo, Cruz's father. Lily "Light" Blake, Gina's daughter, is back and tries to seduce Ted, also back and more interested by Katrina. Dash leaves Santa Barbara and Katrina for a new job in Saint-Louis. As for Gina, she finally gives birth to Channing Capwell III in a veterinary clinic.