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Maiden name : Wayne

Year of birth : 1941

Mother : Adriana Wayne

Married to : C.C. Capwell (1961-1985, 1987-1988, 1990-1991), Count Armonti (1982-1984), Ken Mathis (1992-1993)


Children : Brick Wallace, Eden Capwell, Kelly Capwell, Ted Capwell

Former known boyfriends : Lionel Lockridge (195?-1969, then 1990), T.J. Daniels (1988)

Professions : Actress, president of Armonti industries


Rosemary Forsyth :
August 02 1984 (# 4) to October 26 1984 (# 65)

Judith McConnell :
October 29 1984 (# 66) to January 15 1993 (# 2137)


Sophia, woman of kind and generous appearance, is a character who hides number of secrets. If one of her prime movers is her love for C.C. Capwell, she shows herself incapable to shape a long-lasting life as a couple with him, alternating throughout the show break-ups and remarriages.

When Santa Barbara begins, Sophia is supposed to be dead and buried for fifteen years following a fall from the yacht belonging to Lionel Lockridge, her lover. Her return in town is done secretly. Meanwhile married with Count Armonti now deceased, Sophia disguises herself as a man, Dominic, and wears brown beard and black glasses. Learning the release from prison of Joe Perkins for the murder of her son Channing Capwell Junior, she wants to help him to prove his innocence, convinced that the guilty is in fact Lionel. She gives him many appointments and tries to approach Kelly, her daughter. Until the day when she is discovered and decides to face her family, Eden, Ted and C.C. first. Her miraculous resurrection is very badly lived by her children who reproach her not to have warned them that she was still alive. Moreover, she is accompanied by Marcello Armonti, the Count's son, who does not try to arrange anything : convinced that C.C. is responsible for his parents' death, Marcello indeed does not cease to harass him.

However, the things get better and Sophia is quickly reintegrated within the family. Until that, during a reconstitution of the evening of Channing Junior's death organized by Cruz Castillo, Sophia remembers being sit behind the desk of the study and having shot her son ! She had indeed thought that the revolver was not charged and that it was Lionel Lockridge who had just entered. Wishing to frighten him, she pressed on the trigger and the blow left, C.C. having reloaded himself the weapon in the afternoon that day. Fortunately, having not premeditated her act, Sophia is not worried more than that by the police.

A few months later, a new rebound strikes Sophia : whereas it is revealed that Channing Junior was not in fact C.C.'s son but Lionel's, Sophia learns by Brick Wallace that Channing was not either her son ! Actually, it is Minx Lockridge, Lionel's mother, who exchanged Channing and Brick at birth at the maternity so that her grandson wouldn't be raised by the Capwells. Thus, Sophia loses a son, Channing Junior, but gains a new one in the person of Brick. She gets closer to this unknown son, who is the only one whom she lets in on the confidence of the harm which suddenly eats away at her : she is victim of a breast cancer. Even if she wants to spare anxiety to C.C. and her children, these ones eventually learn the news. Sophia undergoes an operation which turns out a success.

Rejected, then reconciled with C.C., Sophia has finally the opportunity to find her wife's place back. But it is without counting the blackmail Gina DeMott imposes on the couple : to re-marry C.C. in exchange for a videotape cleaning Kelly from the charges of murder on Dylan Hartley. Two wedding ceremonies between Sophia and C.C. are so organized and interrupted at the last minute by Gina, who eventually reaches her goals. Even if C.C. finds himself remarried to Gina, Sophia continues to date him in secret. This complicity strengthens the love between the couple, which deceives Gina at the first opportunity.

In spring 1987, once her rival moved away, Sophia eventually re-marries C.C.. But to live with this rather authoritarian and narrow-minded man is not an easy one for Sophia. Because in particular of the return in town of Pamela, C.C.'s first wife, the conflicts are permanent. Sophia has the bad idea to hire a henchman, Ed Thompson, to scare off Pamela. This latter finds nothing better that to blow up the oil rig belonging to Pamela, then turns against Sophia whom he blackmails in exchange for his silence. By learning her implication in the drama, Sophia finds herself rejected by C.C..

At the beginning of 1988, she meets T.J. Daniel, a former gigolo with whom she quickly starts an affair. She divorces C.C. the same year. However, she breaks with T.J. after having discovered the financial embezzlements he was guilty of within the Armonti Industries. Single again, Sophia gets closer to C.C. again. She indeed remains faithful in friendship to him and the couple continues to spend most of its time together.

Financially independent thanks to the Armonti Industries of which she is the owner, she however accepts in 1990 the call of cinema and more directly of Stephen Slade, to make a new movie of which she would be the heroin, Margaret, as in her great old time. But she discovers, once the shooting completed, that the movie, Journeys, is a totally subjective biography of the Capwells ! Fortunately, the film is destroyed in a fire. The same year, Sophia succumbs for one night to the advances of her former lover Lionel and spends the night with him. But she quicky regrets this weakness when Gina threatens to blackmail her with photos she had taken of this night. But the magic of Briana, Eden's guardian angel, allows this latter to go back in time and to convince Sophia not to give in to Lionel. So Sophia does not have to worry about Gina's pics any more, suddenly become all blank, what they were showing having finally not happened.

Meanwhile married to C.C. again on the initiative of her children, Sophia must face, in this beginning of 1991, to Eden's ceaseless attacks. This latter, possessed by Lisa, her split personality, reproaches her her past affair with Lionel and to have kept secret during so many years the fact that she was still alive. Victim of a gun shot from Eden, this time under the influence of the personality of an avenger Channing Junior, Sophia falls into a deep coma, from which she will not wake up before many weeks. Feeling herself responsible of all the things that happened to her daughter, she prefers to leave C.C. and obtains the divorce.

In 1992, Sophia meets Ken Mathis, with whom she quickly falls in love and whom she decides to marry. But Ken has a quite precise desire : to drug Sophia in order to inherit the Armonti Industries. His mistress, Andi Klein, poisons Sophia by little progressive doses. But Kelly and police officer Connor McCabe discover that Ken's two previous wives died of strychnin poisoning. Ken is arrested and put in jail. Whereas Sophia slowly recovers, she learns the murder of Ken in his cell by Andi.

But C.C. is not far and comes to comfort her. They finally fall themselves in each other arms as on the very first day of their love...

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