The Dominic mystery


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Re-appearing in Santa Barbara at the same time as Joe Perkins, the character of Dominic immediately appears as very mysterious. And episodes after episodes, he will deliver his secrecies little by little, until the truth appears to everyone.

Whereas that Joe swears that he will discover the real murderer of Channing Capwell Junior (even if he really does not know where to start), he receives the unexpected help of a man dressed in black, with brown beard and sun glasses. During their various appointments in old unused warehouses of the city, Dominic swears to Joe that he believes in his innocence and that he will help him to find who really killed Channing Junior. On Dominic's advices (and also under the threat of his revolver), Joe enters the Capwell mansion. Thanks to the map and the security code provided by his accomplice, Joe succeeds in entering Channing Junior's room to steal some of his personal effects (letters and intimate diary).

And even if Dominic arranges an appointment between Kelly and Joe at the time of a horse-race, Joe ends up very quickly doubting the sincerity of his accomplice. A piece of the mystery of Dominic rises when Joe surprises him in front of Channing Junior's grave. According to Joe's memories, Dominic was present at the Capwell reception, the night of July 30, 1979, the night of the murder of Channing Junior. Actually, Dominic was present in the office, when Joe discovered lengthened on the floor the dead body of Channing Junior. Dominic remained thus silent at the time of Joe's trial and during his five years of prison. A question remains to be answered : why ?

Even if that they begin their investigation again, with the assistance of Cruz Castillo, Dominic realizes that Joe is still wary of him. And thanks to Joe's investigation, the veil of mystery around Dominic is dissipated, letting foresee his true personality. Under the black glasses and the brown beard of Dominic is actually hiding a woman. A woman who would have realized several stays in company of someone called LL at the Yucca Dunes hotel in San Francisco, and who would then have been led at the Anchorage asylum. During his search of the murderer of Channing Junior, Dominic is also interested in C.C. Capwell and in his love life. And whereas he plays his jet pilot, Dominic learns the links which unite the head of the family to Santana Andrade. During this trip by plane, C.C. seems to find in Dominic a familiar impression. Immediately, Dominic justifies this strange feeling behind the fact that he already piloted the Capwell plane, some years ago.

After the announcement of Joe's disappearance in the sea, Dominic contacts Kelly, and swears to her that she (since Kelly also knows that he is a woman) will testify to clear the memory of Joe, and to say what really happened the night of July 30, 1979. However the kidnapping of Kelly and the resurrection of Joe will prevent her from holding her promise, but not to start again her investigation. However, the true identity of Dominic remains unknown. It is during the earthquake of November 12, 1984 that Dominic, dressed of her morning dress, reveals to Joe and Kelly, who do not hear, her secrecy. Dominic is in fact Sophia Capwell, C.C. Capwell's officially dead wife, and also Eden, Kelly and Ted's mother. A part of Sophia's mysteries is revealed, but only a part.

Then, it is a hard time for Dominic, because Lionel Lockridge wonders about this mysterious accomplice who roams around Kelly and of Peter; this man awaking in him memories of the past. Moreover, it becomes obvious that in more of their old connection, Dominic and Lionel share other secrets. And it is on her own tomb that Dominic convokes Lionel, accusing him of the murder of Channing Junior, being based on the theft of the gold coins. This is a new face of Dominic which is revealed : her hate for Lionel Lockridge. Basing herself exclusively on this hate (accentuated by the fact that Dominic holds him for responsible for her boat accident, fifteen years ago), Dominic directs the suspicions towards Lionel : she hides the note received by Channing the night of the murder in the pocket of Lionel's smoking, as well as the ring of Channing Junior (gift of Lionel to Sophia at the time of their affair). Dominic does not fear anything since, at the time of her intrusions at the Lockridges, she does not hesitate to face Minx Lockridge.

Happy of her victory after Lionel's arrest, Dominic leaves Santa Barbara for one moment. She reserves a compartment in the Victoria Express for Chicago. Unfortunately for her, she is then rejoined by her worst rival, Lionel Lockridge. There, after a fight with him, Dominic loses her factitious beard and takes refuge in the restoring wagon. Whereas she tries to stab her former lover, Lionel discovers the true face of Dominic : this is Sophia... The shock is total for him. Whereas he believed her dead, that he had to face her ghost, to live again his past at the time of Eden's return (who looks like her mother so much), Lionel is the first inhabitant of Santa Barbara to discover the surprising truth...

But, as in Santa Barbara people are never simple, it will be necessary to wait before her children and her former husband learn the news and can react to her resurrection. Moreover, before Sophia reveals her true face and her true identity, she will hide behind other faces and other identities...

Text written for this site by Lilian

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