Judith McConnell's parisian adventure

 Daytime TV, 1988

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The city of lights shined ever lighter recently when Judith McConnell went to Paris, France. Judith (Sophia) was in Gay Parée to promote Santa Barbara, which is one of the most popular shows ever imported from America Soll.

From the Eiffel Tower to the Palace at Versailles, Judith was recognized wherever she went. "Everyone was so charming," says Judith of the French fans. "There was a chambermaid in my hotel who would greet me with, "bonjour Sophia !""

At first Judith relied on her high school French to get by, but by the time co-star Lane Davies (Mason) joined her for the tour, "I couldn't remember how to speak English ! He'd ask me something and I'd answer in French !," she laughs.

The combination of the kindness of the people and the beauty of the city "made me cry" admits Judith. "I told Lane, "I'm never leaving Paris ! I'm going to stay and open up the Sophia Capwell Boutique !""

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