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Robert Barr

Real name : Robert Parisi

Date of death : November 26 1990

Brother : Quinn Armitage

Former known girlfriends : Eden Capwell (1979), Lisa DiNapoli (198?), Dina (1989), Helena (1989), Kelly Capwell (1990)

Profession : Businessman, president of Barr Industries


Quinn Armitage

Brother : Robert Barr

Married to : Kelly Capwell (1990)

Former known girlfriend : Flame Beaufort (198?-1990)


Roscoe Born :
June 16 1989 (# 1232) to February 13 1990 (# 1396), June 15 1990 (# 1484) to June 11 1991 (# 1732)


When Robert Barr makes his appearance in 1989 in Santa Barbara, he appears as a new spoilsport for the couple Eden and Cruz Castillo. Robert is indeed Eden's big youth love. He needs a lot of perseverance to make that this latter, amnesic of this past, remembers the summer of passion which they shared ten years ago on Las Sirenas island. But it is not the only memory that Robert makes reappear at Eden : at that time, he had, by love for her, declared himself guilty of Raul Mondragon's murder, thinking in a erroneous way that it was Eden who had killed him.

These years spent to San Sebastian prison while he was innocent made him pass the wrong side of the barrier. Now free, he tries, with the complicity of Sandra Mills and Lisa DiNapoli, to take possession of Capwell Enterprises for the dangerous mafioso Anthony Tonell. When he succeeds, he becomes the pet peeve whom all the Capwells hates. Except Eden, who falls again under his charm and hesitates between giving up to his advances and keeping her distances with his seductive and secret temperament. Her couple with Cruz does not resist it, even if Robert does not succeed in reconquering completely the one he loves for ten years of a wild love.

However Robert turns out far from the mafioso whom we imagined when he goes to the gold mine of El Diablo, Mexico, to counter his boss Anthony Tonell's plans. He discovers that this latter wants to make come some plutonium with explosive capacities to the United States, by hiding it inside golden ingots. Helped by Kelly Capwell, Robert hijacks the train containing the load, and attracts the wrath of Tonell and his henchman, Craig Hunt. At the death of Tonell, Robert turns to be his main heir. He gives back Capwell Enterprises to their former owners, and decides, with Kelly's help, to do the cleaning among Tonell's illegal business. Both then begin an affair. But very suddenly, Robert leaves the city by pleading to Kelly that he has never loved her. Kelly accuses her sister of having pushed Robert aside of her heart, but nothing changes the facts, Robert is now left.

However, a few months later, Robert reappears in town and joins Kelly. He acknowledges to love her and to have lied to her for her good, fearing that she pursues him whereas he had problems to regulate with Tonell's accomplices. Their impassioned love-affair resumes, until arrive son the scene Quinn Armitage, Robert's twin brother, whose existence was ignored by him until then. This latter, jealous of his brother and eager to recover his fortune, kidnaps. Helped by his mistress Flame Beaufort, he learns to talk and act like Robert and takes his place. Discovering that Robert is in fact almost ruined, Quinn changes his plan and decides to marry Kelly in order to reach the Capwell fortune. But what he had not planed, is that he would really fall in love with Kelly. Very quickly, he offers her a marriage made of love more than of money. Discovering that Quinn is really attached to Kelly, Flame becomes mad of jealousy. After having pushed this latter in the stairs, she poisons her and makes her believe that "Robert" and Eden have taken again their relation.

Robert, prisoner of a cell in the basement of Flame's house, is then sent by this latter to her family in New Orleans. Craig and Cruz find his track, but Robert is sent to a forced labor camp by Roy, Flame's cousin. With Cruz, he succeeds in escaping and joins Santa Barbara. Eden and Cruz know from now on the existence of Quinn. But Robert is killed by Flame the evening of his return, while letting think that it is Quinn who was killed in state of self-defense by Eden.

Meanwhile, Kelly learns that she is pregnant of the one that she believes to be Robert. But she miscarries, because of the drugs that Flame made her take. Quinn is devastated, and lashes physically out at Flame several times. He takes advantage of her professional secrecy duty to ask to lawyer Julia Wainwright to help him on a legal plan, and so admits her his true identity. When Kelly attends the death of singer Richard Sedgewick after a heart attack in her hotel room in Washington, Quinn helps her to hide the body and gets back to her trust. He succeeds in pushing aside his rival Craig Hunt and proposes again to Kelly to marry him.

But at the wedding ceremony where she finally thinks she is marrying Robert, Kelly understands in front of the altar that it is him who was killed and that it is in fact with Quinn that she is about to get united. She faints and Quinn transports her to on an island off the United States where he tries, in spite of this revelation, to reconquer her. He gets back all the more easily her heart as Kelly had remained, for all these months, in love of Quinn rather than Robert. But they know that the masquerade is not going to last; Flame, Julia, but also Craig and Michael Donnelly having since taught who he really is. At their return in Santa Barbara, Quinn stays with Kelly to console her with the disappearance of her sister Eden. It is there that C.C. Capwell discovers Quinn's real identity and launches the police after him. Arrested then released on bail, Quinn accepts reluctantly the plane tickets which Kelly offers him to finally leave the city and to avoid prison...

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