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 Soap Opera Update, 1990

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Roscoe Born

ls there anything that Quinn can offer Kelly that Robert can't ?

A walk on the wild side, a little sugar with her tea. Another moonlight mile, and a dance with Mr. D.

ls there a particular quality that Quinn possesses that makes him enjoyable to play ?

There's a lot about him that makes him enjoyable, but the main thing is that he's much more upbeat than Robert - having fun is one of his top priorities.


Carrington Garland

Do you think that Kelly will have feelings for Quinn after she discovers his true identity ?

Kelly will have opened up so much to Quinn - she'll have given up her soul thinking it was Robert, but I think she'll be very, very angry because she thought all along it was Robert, and is just once again lied to. I guess her feelings will depend on Quinn's actions as well - it will play a lot on how (when he impersonates Robert) Quinn responds to Kelly. I think in the end Quinn may turn out to be great fun on the outside, but he has no soul on the inside.

What makes Robert attractive ?

To Kelly, he's the sexiest man in Santa Barbara, and she wants him badly. She's got to have him !