Kelly says I do to the wrong twin

 By Gabrielle Winkel, Soap Opera Weekly, 1990

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Though it's a small Santa Barbara wedding by Capwell standards when Kelly (Carrington Garland) marries the enigmatic «Robert Barr» (Roscoe Born), there's certainly enough behind-the-scenes drama to make up for it. Garland, who's filming her first TV wedding, admits calling the nuptials "the wedding from hell, where everything is wrong. It's not like some romantic fairytale."

And a Santa Barbara fan know, Kelly is actually marrying Robert's twin, Quinn (also Roscoe Born) and she's certainly in for heartbreak. Quinn and Flame (Roberta Bizeau) arrived in Santa Barbara to replace Robert, take his money and then leave town. Problems arose when the sneaky Quinn and Flame discovered that Robert was not as flush as they had hoped. They then switched to plan B, which meant going after the Capwell millions by having Quinn marry Kelly. For those who like to play "what if", Born does think the real Robert would have "definitely wanted to marry Kelly and have children with her. But he wouldn't propose to her until he left she was ready and until she said she was ready."

Though the fans would prefer for Quinn to leave town and for Robert to be released that he loves playing the two brothers. "Quinn doesn't have any limits, or he has very few. He'll say or do anything, at any time." Actually, Born is playing three parts : Robert, Quinn, and Quinn as Robert. Playing three roles occasionally is cause for some confusion. "I was doing a scene the other day, and I was Quinn pretending to be Robert and I felt as if I was acting to much like Robert. Of course, Quinn is going to become more and more like Robert and start to be Robert. He starts to have genuine feeling for Kelly that don't include manipulating her."

By the time the wedding takes place, Quinn is quite torn between his feelings toward Kelly and the other woman in his life, Flame. And as for the two brothers, in another time and place perhaps they could have been friends, but now, Born says only "if Quinn had a lot of therapy, perhaps."

The Capwell-Barr wedding kicks off a very exciting November storyline for the NBC soap with plenty of action and the revelation of lots of secrets. As for what the future holds for the real Robert and soon-to-be-devasted Kelly, time will tell.