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Cruz, Eden, Kelly and Ric in ParisEden learns that the father of the baby she is waiting for is well Cruz and not the video rapist. She gives birth to a girl, Adriana, but the baby is kidnapped at the hospital. Cruz, with the assistance of Celeste DiNapoli and Michael, discovers that the rapist is Dr. Zack Kelton, who was sexually abused by his sister during his childhood. Whereas Cruz tries to make him say where is Adriana, Zack says to him that she is dead, then falls from the top of a cliff and dies. A psychic, Sandra Mills, helps Eden and Cruz to locate their baby in Paris. It is there that Hollis, the wife of Ric, Cruz's brother, illegally adopted her. Hollis commits suicide while plunging in the Seine. Eden, Cruz, Adriana, Kelly and Ric go back to Santa Barbara, where these two last ones live a great passion.

Gina marries Mason/Sonny, but during the ceremony, this last one is shot. After a meeting in Paradise with God then Mary, who reveals to him to be his guardian angel, he awakes as Mason and not Sonny. But he continues to have serious problems with alcohol which threaten his relation with Julia. Lisa DiNapoli accompanies him to the Anonymous Alcoholics and he succeeds in stopping to drink. Lastly, Julia and he can get married.

The relation of Heather and Scott is threatened by Celeste, Scott's girlfriend in college, who tries to hide the fact that she became a hooker. Scott chooses Celeste, but breaks when he discovers the truth. Heather gives birth to a little Michael and finally leaves the town for Chicago.

C.C. hires Megan Richardson to help him to write his autobiography. He learns that from his relation with her, 18 years ago, was born a child, Greg Hughes. This last one, who joins Santa Barbara, marries the third sister DiNapoli, Emily. Megan then reveals that she suffers of leukaemia and leaves the town to die in peace.

The new district attorney Ethan Asher creates a shock in the city : he is the double of Dr. Zack Kelton. The son of Laura, his wife, was accidentally killed several years ago by Michael. Then police officer in Boston, Michael was Laura's lover. Leo Mitchell arrives in town to avenge the death of his brother that he devolves on Michael. Leo is killed and Michael, who left the priesthood to return in the police force, is the first suspect. But finally Laura recognizes being guilty.

A certain Robert Barr, who worked a long time in Las Vegas for the mafioso Anthony Tonell, arrives in Santa Barbara and seeks to appropriate the Capwell Enterprises to himself. Mason leaves for Europe in order to try to know some more about them, but disappears. Ted then leaves to research him. Bunny also investigates on Tonell, but disappears at his turn. He is believed to be dead, but he reappears a few weeks later with Mason, who had an adventure with Sasha Schmidt, Tonell's mistress. When T.J. leaves the town, Bunny repurchases The Lair and hires Sasha as a singer.

Eden and Robert were lovers during their youth, but Eden does not remember anything. Robert has in fact spent several years in prison for the murder of Raoul Mondragon to protect Eden, thinking that it was her who had killed him. When Eden refinds her memories, she immediately falls down in love with Robert. Cruz organizes a reconstitution of the murder on the Capwell yacht and the murderer turns to be the candidate at the governor election, Jerry Calhoun, who jumps over the edge and gets drowned.


Sophia and C.C.Eden finally decides to stay with Cruz and Robert then turns himself towards Kelly. Tonell is killed and it is at this time that the identity of his wife is revealed : it is Augusta Lockridge ! Robert has still details to regulate with Tonell's men and, because he does not want to put Kelly in danger, leaves the town. During his absence, Kelly flirts with Craig Hunt, one of Tonell's men. She however goes back to Robert at his return. But Robert was kidnapped by his twin brother, Quinn Armitage, and by Flame Beaufort, the fiancée of this last one. Quinn replaces Robert and falls in love with Kelly. Cruz saves Robert, prisoner in a work camp in Louisiana, but this last one is killed by Flame. In Santa Barbara, everyone thinks that it is in fact Quinn who is dead.

Gina's mother, Phyllis Blake, arrives and settles with her at the Lockridge mansion. But Laura burns the house when she discovers the relation between Gina and her husband. Gina, Brandon and Phyllis then move in the caravan of Mack, Gina's brother. Laura is sent to an asylum, but escapes with the complicity of her roomate, Annie DeGeralamo, in the purpose of killing Ethan. She unfortunately misses her target and kills Sasha. Laura recovers the body and puts it in Mason's home to make him being accused. Mason and Julia hide the body in their freezer and see their house haunted by Sasha's ghost ! Sasha's sister, Sidney Schmidt, helps them to frighten Laura to make her acknowledge her crime.

Lionel, returned in Santa Barbara, tries to recover art paintings remained hidden in the tunnel leading to the Capwell mansion, of which he had sold counterfeits to C.C.. Gina, with the assistance of Phyllis, pretends to be blind to steal these paintings, but Lionel surprises her. Together, they decide to sell the originals to an Asian investor, but each one on his side, without the knowledge one of the other, replaces the originals by copies. When the purchaser discovers he has been misled, he kidnaps Augusta and Lionel is obliged to sell the Lockridge mansion to C.C. to get the money for the ransom.

Ethan and Craig, just like Derek Griffin and Stephen Slade, turn to be orphan. As a child, an orphan named Cassandra Benedict, who was living at the Capwells, was killed in the now famous tunnel. The four men seek to avenge her death. Derek accuses Mason and tries to kill him. But Cassandra is in fact alive and arrives just in time to stop him. Derek and Ethan are sent in prison, this last one to have tried to bribe the judge for Derek's release. During this time, Stephen convinces Sophia to take again her job of actress. He directs a movie with her, Journeys, which turns to be a disguised biography of the Capwells. Before being released, the film is destroyed in a fire. Cassandra's prints are found on the place of the damage, but she is not worried.

Cruz meets Nikki Alvarez, a Mexican secret agent. Nikki joins the police force, in the purpose of succeeding in saving her brother, Amado Gonzalez, of dealers. Nikki's ex-boyfriend, Marcos Llamera, under drug influence, kidnaps Nikki and Michael on the island of his boss who turns to be... Kirk Cranston ! Cruz delivers his friends and arrets Kirk. When Cruz comes back to Santa Barbara, Shamar, an old Indian on the point of death, offers to him a talisman supposed to offer super capacities to who carries it. Cruz then escapes from death on several occasions before being kidnapped by a pasha who wants to use his capacities against him and to welcome Eden in his harem ! Cruz fortunately escapes, with the help of Eden and Michael.

Mason's alcohol problems reappear and threaten his marriage with Julia. Mason is now in charge of the new project of the Capwell Enterprises, Oasis, and is opposed to Blue Sky Brigade, an ecologist movement managed by Dash Nichols, who reproaches Oasis to harm to environment. Julia, then Dash's lawyer, ends one evening by sleeping with him. The following night, Dash forces her to do it again, without realizing that he becomes brutal. Julia then prosecutes him for rape, but Dash is cleared thanks to Keith Timmons, returned at the post of district attorney. Dash has then an affair with Julia's psychologist, Dr. Denise Foxworthy. But when Julia kidnaps him to make him admit his faults, he realizes the contents of his acts.

The Blue Sky Brigade offices are destroyed by Harland Richards, an investor of the Oasis project. Nikki Alvarez is killed in the explosion, whereas she was going to marry Michael. Harland's wife, Gretchen, has an affair with Mack, while her daughter, Tawny, falls in love with Ric. Harland ends up revealing that he changed of identity a few years ago and that he is actually Ric's father, born from a relation with Carmen Castillo. Realizing that they are half-brother and sister, Tawny and Ric get separated.


Cruz and EdenMinx Lockridge is back and starts by rebuild the Lockridge mansion. She hires Michael to find her daughter whom she gave up at birth and who turns to be... Cassandra ! Laken also reappears and dates Amado, become mad about motor races. Warren is also in the part again and reveals the affair he had with Cassandra in the past, before he learns that she is in fact his aunt. Cassandra falls in love with Mason, when this last one discovers that Warren is not in fact Lionel's son. Mason does not say anything to Cassandra not to risk to see her turning over towards Warren. Augusta, meanwhile become an alcoholic, enters a detoxication center.

Mason finally reveals the truth to Cassandra, while on his side, Warren falls in love with Angela, judge David Raymond's wife. Angela and David indeed live a very difficult relation, in particular since the death of Angela's sister, Marilyn, killed during a car accident whereas she was fiancée to David. Warren repurchases the newspaper The Santa Barbara Conscience and begins by fire Flame, who was dating Michael.

Kelly has an affair with the singer Richard Sedgewick who dies of a heart attack by kissing her ! She finally agrees to marry Quinn, persuaded that he is Robert and not his twin brother. But once arrived in front of the altar, she realizes that she is mistaken. However understanding that it is Quinn that she loves, she does not say anything and marries him. As he is always pursued by the police, Quinn decides to leave Kelly and runs away in Great Britain.

Eden begins during that time to suffer from split personality. Lisa, the character whom she has unconsciously created to hide there all the rancours accumulated since her childhood towards her mother, more and more regularly takes the top on her personality. Lisa is moreover a former jewels robber and commits new crimes with her accomplice, Andre Wolfe. Cruz tries to help his wife, but Eden runs away from him and falls from a cliff. Whereas everyone believes she is dead, Eden reappears under the name of Suzanne Collier. When Sophia discovers that she is acted in fact her daughter, Eden takes the personality of Channing Junior and shoots her mother to avenge Channing's death, twelve years ago. She immediately flees the town, while the real Suzanne Collier, who is in fact an old friend of Eden's, arrives there and dates Cruz.

Gina broaches a procedure to adopt a child, but as she refuses the company of Keith, this last one prefers to leave the town. She steals samples of sperm of C.C. and Mason at the sperm bank of Santa Barbara and insemines herself with C.C.'s sperm.

Katrina Ruyker arrives from Germany and settles at the Capwells. When she falls in love with Dash, C.C. requires of Craig to make him leave the city. Katrina discovers the operation and makes Craig being fired. This last one, to be avenged, makes the offices of Warren's newspaper explode and accuses Mason. He even goes until shooting Mason, but kills Amado. He is arrested and succeeds in escaping from prison, but Cassandra convinces him to surrender.

Santana Andrade escapes from the asylum and has an affair with C.C.. Her mother, Rosa, yields for her part to the courts of Rafael Castillo, Cruz's father. Lily "Light" Blake, Gina's daughter, is back and tries to seduce Ted, also back and more interested by Katrina. Dash leaves Santa Barbara and Katrina for a new job in Saint-Louis. As for Gina, she finally gives birth to Channing Capwell III in a veterinary clinic.


Lionel and GinaCruz receives from Eden papers for their divorce. He ends up signing them on the councils of Kelly, who becomes his new love. At a high school reunion, Cruz refinds some old friends, Jodie and Reese Walker, also in the police, and about to move in Santa Barbara. Their daughter, B.J., disguised as a boy, follows the journalism class dispensed by Warren. But very quickly this last one discovers her true identity, as well as the fact that she was sexually abused in her childhood by a friend of her parents, Frank Goodman. Frank takes Cruz and Jodie in hostage, when this last one avowes to Cruz that B.J. is his daughter.

After a fight with Sawyer, B.J.'s brother, Frank is found dead, shot. Sawyer is suspected and runs away from Santa Barbara with his girlfriend, Aurora DeAngelis. Cruz finds on a dress of B.J. traces of bullets powder. To protect his daughter, he signs a confession and leaves the country after tearing good-byes to all his close relations. B.J. is however arrested by the police officer Connor McCabe and is judged for the murder. Julia is charged to defend her and leads her to Dr. Skyler Gates, a psychiatrist. After having recognized the facts, B.J. finally remembers that Frank actually committed suicide. She is cleared, then marries Warren who supported her during the lawsuit.

C.C. wants to obtain the guard of Channing Capwell III, but Lionel marries Gina and adopts the child. Gina becomes the designer of Gina Jeans and hires Cruz's half-brother, Rafe Castillo, and his girlfriend Lisa Fenimore, like models.

Lily falls in love with Rafe. But Lisa pretends to be pregnant of him to force him to marry her. Their wedding is cancelled when it is proven that the priest was in fact an actor. But Lisa says she had also been deceived on her pregnancy to keep Rafe on her side. Katrina discovers the affair of Ted with Angela and goes back to Germany. When Angela gets closer to C.C., Lily and Ted pretend to have an affair to make Angela and Rafe jealous. Finally, they fall in love the one of the other and get married.

Santana discovers she is pregnant. But she has a miscarriage and leaves C.C.. Sophia, on her side, marries Ken Mathis. But this last one is especially interested by the Armonti Enterprises money and his mistress, Andi Klein. He drugs Sophia so that she leaves him the control of the company. Kelly and Connor suspect Sophia to be drugged and discover that Ken's first two wives died poisoned by strychnin. Whereas Sophia is at the point of death, Ken is arrested. His accomplice Andi, become meanwhile Reese's mistress, kills Ken in his cell. As for Sophia, she returns with C.C. that she never really ceased loving.

Mason organizes a surprise wedding with Julia during what has to be funeral for Grant, C.C.'s brother. They both spend their honeymoon at the Ballymoor mansion, which turns to be haunted. One day, Samantha does not succeed to breathe any more, but is saved by Dr. Micah DeAngelis. Abigail Beckwith runs after the heritage of Aurora, Micah's daughter, but is quickly arrested. Wishing another child but not succeeding in conceiving a new one, Julia and Mason decide to adopt the baby of Gracie Lee Lively, a pregnant girl they welcomed at home. But Julia finally discovers that she is pregnant...