The four avenger orphans mystery


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Quite scheming story that these four Santa Barbara recurring characters who, in full year 1990, jointly reunite each other in the purpose of eliminating the Capwells !

These four characters, Ethan Asher, Stephen Slade, Derek Griffin and Craig Hunt, turn to be orphans and to have grown up in the same orphanage in Santa Barbara. Become adults, they decide to gather their forces to avenge another orphan, Cassandra Benedict.

Child adopted by the Capwells a few decades earlier, Cassandra would be mysteriously dead during a caving in the tunnel between the Capwell and the Lockridge mansions. The four men then accuse Mason and C.C. of the responsability of this death, through very radical methods of action.

But what they then ignore is that Cassandra is in fact not so dead than that and that her real identity still hides many secrets...

Cassandra Benedict
Abandoned by her mother, Minx Lockridge, to an orphanage, Cassandra was adopted very young by the Capwell family. She was presumed dead at the age of eight, after a fight with Mason Capwell followed by a collapse in one of the tunnels of the mansion. It would seem that, afterward, Cassandra was taken in by a monstrous man who raped her and used her as a slave for him and his family in Singapore. It is there that Warren Lockridge found her, without knowing who she was, and helped her to run away. Cassandra returned to Santa Barbara a few months later only by learning that some men were searching for her murderer, the four avenging orphans...
Ethan Asher Craig Hunt

Actions carried out : Ethan is, among the four orphans, the one who stays the most set back from the exactions committed by the clan. He especially uses his legal and political relations (he is the district attorney of Santa Barbara) to help Derek to escape from prison after his arrest for murder attempt on Mason Capwell.

Attachment to Cassandra : More calm and thoughtful than his companions, Ethan tends to show less his feelings to Cassandra.

Character's outcome : After having tried to bribe a judge to release Derek, Ethan is arrested and thrown in prison.

Actions carried out : More moderated than Stephen and especially Derek, Craig has some other ambitions that the resolution of Cassandra's presumed death. Some personal interests which lead him to avoid turning his back on the Capwells and thus to stand back with the avenging actions of his associates.

Attachment to Cassandra : Craig was in his childhood Cassandra's best friend, and becomes it again as from her come-back in Santa Barbara.

Character's outcome : If Craig ends up in prison, it is for totally other motives than the intrigues surrounding Cassandra.
Stephen Slade Derek Griffin

Actions carried out : Stephen has choosen cinema, his job (he is a director), to take revenge on the Capwells. The movie for which he has recruited Sophia Capwell turns out to be a disguised and injurious biography of this family.

Attachment to Cassandra : At her come-back in town, Stephen shows a sincere and passionate love for Cassandra. Even if this latter will never give it back to him.

Character's outcome : Stephen disappears overnight whereas he was following some leads concerning the fire which destroyed his movie. Cassandra was strangely his first suspect...

Actions carried out : Attached to Cassandra, Derek is the most radical of the four orphans in his avenging actions against the Capwells. Unstable, violent, he tries to kill Mason Capwell twice, persuaded that he is at the origin of Cassandra's death. He even shoots Craig to punish him for having warned Mason of the danger which was watching for him.

Attachment to Cassandra : Even if their orphan's condition strongly binds him to Cassandra, Derek acts above all by exaltation and desire of personal vengeance on his own childhood.

Character's outcome : Derek is arrested twice by the police and ends up in prison.