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Date of birth : December 1961

Father : Ruben Andrade

Mother : Rosa Andrade

Brother and sisters : Olivia Andrade, Gabriella Andrade, Danny Andrade

Married to : Cruz Castillo (1986)

Child : Brandon DeMott Capwell


Former known boyfriends : Channing Capwell Junior (1978-1979), C.C. Capwell (1984, 1991-1992), Mason Capwell (1984), Keith Timmons (1986)

Profession : Interior decorator


Ava Lazar :
July 30 1984 (# 1) to December 05 1984 (# 92)

Margaret Michaels :
April 26 1985 (# 192) to October 02 1985 (# 303)

Gina Gallego :
October 03 1985 (# 304) to March 27 1987 (# 678), November 15 1989 (# 1335) to November 22 1989 (# 1340)

Wanda DeJesus :
July 19 1991 (# 1758) to May 28
1992 (# 1976)


Long and filled with disappointments, the life of Santana Andrade has known as many twists in the drama as changes of interpreters... Santana is, in her young years, Channing Capwell Junior's girlfriend before C.C., his father, discovers it and separates them by force, refusing to see his son dating the daughter of his Mexican maid and gardener. But it turns out that Santana is pregnant and, at her son's birth in 1979, she is forced by C.C. to abandon the child. Adopted by Stockman DeMott and his wife Gina, the young Brandon will be the object of many dealings within the trio Santana-C.C.-Gina.

In 1984, Santana decides to take her revenge. She gets closer to C.C., whom she succeeds in seducing with the aim of obtaining from him information on what happened to her son. It is shortly after the arrival in town of Gina DeMott that Santana discovers that the son who accompanies her is in fact hers. She then regains hope to make up for lost time with Brandon. She gets closer to Gina then to C.C. to try to make him act on her son's legal custody. But C.C. eventually repels her and decides to marry Gina to keep his grandson at home. At the moment, everybody knows that Brandon is Santana and Channing Junior's son, except... Gina. Discovering that this latter has an adulterous relationship with Mason, C.C.'s elder son, Santana works things out so that C.C. finds them together in bed and so puts a term to his marriage with Gina. She has hope that C.C. tips the balance in her favor, but he sinks into a coma just before modifying the custody of the child. Meanwhile, Santana learns that Channing Junior, the love of her life, had homosexual relations during their affair and has never loved and respected her. These revelations help her to get beyond her nostalgia for Channing, and to intend to find the real love of her life.

Once out of his coma, C.C. promises to offer to Santana Brandon's custody if she gets married and is in a position to offer him a stable family life. Santana asks Mason to marry her, knowing that he will see there a good way to torment his father, one of his favorite games. The day of the ceremony, Mason is completely drunk and humiliates Santana. This is when Cruz Castillo, her childhood boyfriend freshly separated from Eden, proposes her to marry him, avid to help her to get her son back. The couple unites in Mexico, in Santana's family. So married to Cruz, Santana settles down at the beach house with Brandon, letting a Gina full of resentment work out her next plan, of the most Machiavellian.

Discovering that Santana takes anti-allergy medicine, Gina has the idea to replace her pills by drugs which are sold to her by dealer Angel Ramirez. Santana becomes quickly addicted and incapable to control herself. She makes many scenes in public and begins to be persuaded that Cruz took up with Eden. Therefore, she gets closer to district attorney Keith Timmons, with whom she begins an adventure. Gina is delighted to see her plan working, and leads Cruz to guess his wife's affair with Keith. One foggy evening, Keith and Santana knock Eden down by car, while Santana was driving. They run away and, when Santana understands what she has done, she chooses to hide the truth from Cruz, who eventually discovers her guilt. Keith arrests Santana and breaks with her to get closer to Gina. Santana is forced to enter detoxification, and sees C.C. getting Brandon's custody back. She escapes after a few days and takes Gina and Eden hostage at the beach bar. She shots Gina in the leg, before Mason intervenes to reason with her.

Santana ends her cure and gets out of it still more determined to get Brandon back. While she plans to run away to Mexico with her son, she is stopped by Brick Wallace who proposes her a better plan. He tries to help her to negotiate Brandon's custody by getting ahold of a videotape coveted by C.C. which would allow him to acquit his daughter Kelly of a murder. Santana is close to succeed, until Gina makes the deal fail. Santana gets then closer to Brick and encourages him in his project to acquire Buzz's Place to create his own bar, Johnny's Place.

Santana disappears then, to reappear only two and a half years later. She appears at Gina to celebrate Brandon's birthday and discovers that meanwhile he learnt that she is his biological mother. Apparently unstable, it turns out that Santana escaped from the psychiatric hospital in which she was treated for depression. She kidnaps Brandon, but is fast caught up by Gina and new district attorney Ethan Asher. Santana says again goodbye to Brandon and returns to the asylum.

In summer 1991, Santana discovers that, in spite of the drugs that he makes her take, her doctor, Dr. Grant Jameson, is a dangerous criminal. She manages to escape from the asylum by taking with her proofs of the experiences made by the doctor on his patients. Knocked down by Dr. Jameson's car, Santana is left for dead by him. She however finds Cruz and Warren Lockridge, who support her during the trial against the doctor. Jameson finally makes a confession and is condemned for all his misdeeds. Santana finds then her place in Santa Barbara again and obtains from C.C. to redecorate his villa.

By a risky stroke of fate, Santana falls then in love with the man who formerly took her son away from her, and settles down with him in the Capwell mansion. In spite of the reluctances of the Capwell children and her mother Rosa, Santana is well decided to find her place in the heart of the Capwell patriarch. Worried of the still close relationships which C.C. has with his ex-wife Sophia, Santana thinks of having won the battle when she discovers that she is pregnant. But C.C. does not seem happy of the news, and Santana then thinks of aborting. While suddenly she sees C.C. offering her to marry him, she has a miscarriage. Doubting his love and feeling that C.C. is going to escape from her, Santana prefers to leave then definitively the city for New York, far from her family and from Brandon...

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