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 Soap Opera Digest, 1986

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Actors come and go on the soaps. However, many characters endure for years so viewers must cope with accept the actor who is playing the part at the moment. Here, a look at soap characters who went through plenty of changes.


Santana Andrade, Santa Barbara

Ava Lazar originated the role when the show premiered in 1984. During Lazar's run, the producers decided Santa Barbara had too many blondes so they made her a brunette. They also did away with her entire family - pretty much. We thought Lazar was good in the role and never understood why she left.

In 1985, Margaret Michaels took over. She was unconvincing. That, and the fact that Santana was most unappealing at that time (all she did was whine about getting Brandon back), made Michaels's run on the show short-live.

Gina Gallego became available when Rituals was cancelled (she played Diandra Santiago) and Santa Barbara didn't waste a second hiring. Good move.