«I couldn't marry a man who was in love with someone else !»


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Playing the starry-eyed Santana Castillo on Santa Barbara is an easy job for Gina Gallego. "Both Santana and I love the men in our lives with all our heart. But I could never marry a man who was in love with someone else, like Santana has. I require a lot of attention, but I do give a lot, too."

Off-screen, Gina has a man who pays her plenty attention, her husband, Joel Bailey. "Joel et I celebrated our third anniversary on July 2. We met while we were working on Flamingo Road. Joel waited until our last day on the set to ask me out. Our first date was New Year's Eve 1981. We've been together ever since. I knew the first week we met that we'd get married. Joel didn't know for six month," she laughs.

Last November, Gina and Joel moved into a new house in California's San Fernando Valley. Now they're putting the finishing touch on their home. Is a nursery on their agenda ?

"We want a family" she says. "The question is when ? My career's going so well. My friends, who have children and careers, keep encouraging me. They tell me a child will enhance my life. One day I'm sure Joel et I will find out."