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        January 1
.       Pre-empted - New Year's Day
January 4 January 5 January 6 January 7 January 8
Kelly accuses Ken of poisoning Sophia. Rafe pleads his case to Lily. Gina, trying to save the situation, gives Lily advice on how to save the situation. Sophia is taken to the hospital. Mason and Julia also leave the ceremony to watch Gracie giving birth, but they find out she's only faking it. Lily decides to go through with the wedding.  Ken is arrested.
B.J. continues being troubled by her past, and she enters a fight with Warren while writing about their experiences. B.J. runs into Rafe and they talk about their problems. Sawyer joins them and encourages B.J. to fight her past.
Lionel and Gina surprise Lily and Ted on their honeymoon. Gina gives Lily sex advice for their first night, and then gives her sexy underwear. Lily finds this all repulsive. Rafe comes to Lisa's hospital room and the truth finally comes out in the open. Lisa admits that Rich helped her fake the pregnancy so she'd hurt Lily. Rafe promises to stay by her side and says that she is still his wife, but when Lisa confesses that they were married by a fake priest, Rafe goes away hurt.
Sophia's condition is getting better. Ken is locked up for suspicion of murder. He tries to blame Andi, while Andi seeks help from Reese, but he won't help her. Jodie sees a shirtless Reese and Andi together and makes a wrong assumption. She immediately goes home and makes love to Micah. Gina wants to go home immediately, but Lionel arranges the taxi to be late so they'd stay. After a few laughs, Gina decides to go along Lionel's plan.
Gracie is scared of the fact that she'd have to give away her child and never see it again. Mason and Julia are making the new house plans, and they enter a discussion of how to make the baby room.
January 11 January 12 January 13 January 14 January 15
Reese brings Andi to jail for an interrogation. Ken wants McCabe to give him a chance to talk with Andi. Andi poisons the tea and goes to talk to Ken. Reese runs away. Andi gives Ken the tea and while talking about the fact that Andi poisoned Sophia, Ken drinks the tea. Ken wants to tell the truth, but he falls on the floor before he can. Andi waits for him to die, and then screams for help.

Last appearance of Mark McCoy (Ken Mathis)
Rafe decides to separate from Lisa definitive, and then sends a letter to Lily asking her to run away with him. Lily meets with Rafe for the last time. Ted is happy that Lily decided to stay. Julia and Mason decide not to adopt Gracie's baby. Warren proposes to B.J. again.

Last appearance of Robert Fontaine, Jr. (Rafe Castillo)
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When Andi starts talking about Switzerland, Reese tells Andi he doesn't want to start a relationship with her. Ken's autopsy shows that he has died on apoplexy, and Micah tells McCabe that the kind of drug can be found in Switzerland. Reese and McCabe find Andi's apartment trashed. While waiting for Micah, Jodie is visited by Andi.

Last appearance of Nina Arvesen (Angela Raymond) and Bridgette Wilson (Lisa Fenimore)
B.J. and Warren inform the others about their wedding ceremony. Andi talks to Jodie while Micah is away, and while Jodie talks to her husband over the phone, Andi poisons her food. Gina realizes that Lionel is way too good for her and decides to end whatever they had. B.J. has a nightmare.
C.C. and Sophia talk about their past, and they realize that no matter whatever happens, something is always stopping them from being happy. They kiss. Julia comforts Gracie and promises that her baby will have a great future and the only thing it needs is love. Then Gracie goes into labor. Jodie and Reese talk on the beach, and he promises to always fight for her. They start walking, and finally embrace each other again. Julia takes a pregnancy test and learns she is pregnant. B.J. and Warren's wedding ceremony starts and everyone reunites. Andi appears during the ceremony with a rifle, threatening to destroy the wedding, but just before she can harm anyone, McCabe stops her. Then the wedding ceremony continues, and everyone starts dancing. - End of the show
Last appearance of Jed Allan (C.C. Capwell), Gordon Thomson (Mason Capwell), Eileen Davidson (Kelly Capwell), Michael Brainard (Ted Capwell), Nicolas Coster (Lionel Lockridge), Jack Wagner (Warren Lockridge), Margarita Cordova (Rosa Andrade), Judith McConnell (Sophia Armonti Capwell), Robin Mattson (Gina DeMott Capwell), Nancy Lee Grahn (Julia Wainwright), Paula Irvine (Lily "Light" Blake), Erin Moore (Samantha Capwell), Eric Close (Sawyer Walker), Forry Smith (Reese Walker), Kim Zimmer (Jodie Walker), Sydney Penny (B.J. Walker), Thaao Penghlis (Dr. Micah DeAngelis), Christina Brascia (Aurora DeAngelis), Charles Grant (Connor McCabe) and Krista Tesreau (Andi Klein)
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