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        January 1
.       Pre-empted - New Year's Day
January 4 January 5 January 6 January 7 January 8
CC finds Julia & Mason at the Capwell Hotel, Cruz back in the hospital, gets the microchip implanted in his head, Julia tells Mason where Tori is & he confronts her at rehab, Keith learns Gina has her sight back
Thompson, the guy Sophia hired, plants a bomb on Pamela's rig, there's an explosion, fire, & oil spill; Pearl starts work at Johnny's; Cain & Pearl help the animals injured in the spill
Eden & Cruz return to the hotel, the spill clean up continues, Pamela tells Keith she thinks CC sabotaged her rig, Thompson asks Sophia for $20,000, TJ comforts Sophia then Thompson knocks him out
Andrea arrives to help with the animal rescue, Tori leaves the clinic & returns home, Rita has a hearing with Julia & Mason, Gina tells Sophia she knows about her & Thompson & she wants Brandon back

First appearance of Ally Walker (Andrea Bedford)
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Tori tells Pamela about rehab, Eden & Cruz in Hawaii planning to return to Santa Barbara, Cain & Andrea visit Pamela & CC, Julia meets with the Liptons, Gina photographs Sophia with Thompson
January 11 January 12 January 13 January 14 January 15
Cain hosts a benefit party at the Lair for the animal rescue work, Jake proposes to Hayley,  Hayley is hit by Carmen's drunk date & dies in Jake's arms, Tori finds an old vial of cocaine but doesn't use it
Hayley's ghost appears, Hayley's memorial service not shown, Kelly confronts Sophia about Thompson

Last appearance of Stacy Edwards (Hayley Benson) and first departure of Nicolas Coster (Lionel Lockridge)
Pearl is shot, Gina finds out Scott has dinner with Kathleen, Tori sets up a romantic evening for Mason
Gina calls Kathleen a slut, Sophia gives Gina custody of Brandon, Pearl in the hospital recovering
Jeffrey flies to New York to find Kelly, Scott learns Gina can see, Rita goes into labor during the trial, Carmen is worried about Eden & Cruz
January 18 January 19 January 20 January 21 January 22
Pre-empted - Soap Opera Awards (aired on NBC) 870
Eden & Cruz back in Santa Barbara, Eden and Andrea have a reunion, Rita is willing to die for her baby and Mason asks the Liptons to drop their suit
Mason leaves Tori and goes to Julia's, Sophia pawns her wedding ring to pay Thompson, TJ & Sophia kiss
Julia & Mason spend their first full day together, Mel tells Tori to get a lawyer, Cruz tells Eden why he joined the INID, Eden & Cruz find a hooker that knows Harry
Laken leaves town, Cruz places a phony ad to lure Harry, Ben leaves Hal's money clip at the Orient Express bar and Pamela finds it & calls CC, the hooker is in trouble

Last appearance of Susan Marie Snyder (Laken Lockridge)
January 25 January 26 January 27 January 28 January 29
Thompson tells Sophia he wants $10,000 a week, Sophia tells TJ about the oil rig, Alex leaves town, Cruz finds the hooker dead, Eden puts on a wig to meet Harry, Betty White cameo

Last appearance of Michael Durrell (Dr. Alex Nikolas)
Tori overhears CC saying that Julia & Mason slept together while she was in the clinic, Eden & Cruz have a scene with Betty White
Andrea drugs Cain and photographs the blueprints, Tori tells Mason she wants $5,000,000, Cruz tries to catch Harry at a theater, Betty White at the theater
Tori & her lawyer serve Mason papers at Julia's, CC goes to the boathouse and remembers hitting Hal who fell in the water, Cruz puts Harry's picture on TV, Andrea bugs Cain's phone
Mason tells Julia he has to move out, CC dives & brings up Hal's skull, Harry tells Cruz he is looking for the Fox, an assassin, Harry is shot
Last appearance of Marisol Rodriguez (Carmen Castillo)
February 1 February 2 February 3 February 4 February 5
CC & Pamela bury Hal's skull, Keith asks Cruz questions about the picture he put on TV, Cain starts to suspect Andrea is the Fox
Brandon hits up Sophia, CC & Ted for money, Andrea stakes out the banquet room at the hotel, Mel & Tori finish their screenplay
Ted finds a bone at the boathouse, Mason tells Mel he'll invest in the movie if he sleeps with Tori, Richard leaves a bomb with Cruz
Cruz is OK after the bomb exploded, Cain finds the bug in his phone, Cruz learns he has chip implanted in his head
Keith asks Gina to marry him, Cruz is tracked to the hospital, Scott removes Cruz's chip in the elevator, then it plummets to the ground
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February 8 February 9 February 10 February 11 February 12
Scott, Eden, Cruz, and Cain are OK after the elevator crash, Cruz tells Cain about the Fox, Cain thinks Andrea is the Fox
Thompson meets with CC and Sophia later tells CC Thompson was lying, Cain bugs Andrea's apartment and then gets drunk and goes to the beach with his gun
Sophia tells CC the truth about the oil rig spill and they fight, Julia & Mason go to Kris Kringle's cabin, Andrea is ordered to kill Cain but can't do it
Kelly & Jeffrey find CC at Pamela's with a hangover, the day of the political meeting, Eden follows Richard to the airport & he boards a plane to Mexico
The political meeting is moved to a TV station, Cain sees Andrea with a rifle and tackles her but she gets away, Tori & her lawyer show up at Kris' cabin
February 15 February 16 February 17 February 18 February 19
Tori, her lawyer, Julia & Mason spend the night at the cabin, Andrea & Cain hold each other at gunpoint but she escapes and boards a boat to Mexico, Cruz, Eden & Cain follow
Sophia sees Pamela and CC together and then goes to TJ and they make love, Andrea kidnaps Cain on the boat
At Kris Kringle's cabin the porch roof collapses on Mason, Rita tells Pearl she likes Jake
Eden & Cruz on a cruise ship, Andrea has Cain held captive, they think Andrea is the Fox, Eden, Cruz, & Cain shot
Eden, Cruz & Cain shot at on deck (replays), Andrea in custody, Mason brought to the hospital for surgery
February 22 February 23 February 24 February 25 February 26
Andrea shot at by the Fox, Eden, Cruz & Cain realize Andrea's telling the truth, Mason in a coma, Kathleen is the Fox, escapes to Mexico
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Cruz looking for Cain, Eden & Andrea who have been kidnapped, finds them on a plane, Cruz fights with the pilot
Cruz fights with the pilot and Eden lands the plane, Mason wakes up, Keith asks Gina to live with him
Kathleen has hostages, Pamela tries to blackmail TJ about his affair with Sophia, CC walks in on TJ & Sophia in bed
Mason agrees to go to the island with Tori, Cruz gets wounded but the hostages get safely away
February 29 March 1 March 2 March 3 March 4
Kathleen is shot & killed but tells Andrea she didn't kill her father, Tori & Mason arrive at an island for a quickie divorce
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Eden & Cruz have a fiesta in Mexico, CC tells Kelly he and Pamela slept together
Julia arrives on the island, Eden & Cruz go hiking in Mexico & have a ceremony

First appearance of Eva LaRue (Margot Collins)
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Tori, Mason & Julia return to Santa Barbara, Keith & Gina steal Scott's keys to Ben's house
Eden & Cruz return from Mexico, CC hits TJ then flashes back to hitting Hal
March 7 March 8 March 9 March 10 March 11
Richard escapes from custody from the plane, TJ in the hospital, Gina & Keith follow Pamela and CC
Tori's mom in town, Tori's lawyer tells her Mason hasn't made the first settlement payment
Cruz's mom arrives in town, Ted tells Kelly TJ was a gigolo
Cruz gets the bust of Harry in the mail, gives it to Andrea but Cain breaks it, Cruz's mark on the bust matches the bullet that killed Andrea's father, Mason is concerned about Tori when he finds her at the rehab clinic
Keith questions an old maid from the hotel where Pamela and Hal went, Scott asks Cruz for help
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March 14 March 15 March 16 March 17 March 18
Keith questions Pamela, Cruz questions CC, Kelly faints
Kelly finds out she's pregnant, Mel dies
Mel's funeral, Kelly decides to have an abortion but can't go thru with it just as Jeffrey comes in to stop her
Kelly and Jeffrey make up, Julia & Mason spar in court over CC and Pamela's plan to build a country club, Richard dies and tells Andrea that Cruz killed her father
Cruz's bachelor party, Eden and Julia crash the party, Mason gets drunk
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March 21 March 22 March 23 March 24 March 25
Cruz tells Andrea he didn't kill her father but Richard probably did
Eden's bridal shower
Eden & Cruz
drive to Pebble Creek - series of flashbacks, Kelly has pains while painting the living room
Eden & Cruz spend the day at Pebble Creek planning for the wedding
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Cruz dreams he and Eden grow old together, Eden says she can't move her legs
March 28 March 29 March 30 March 31 April 1
Dream episode: Cruz dreams Eden dies and they go to heaven
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Julia & Mason drive to Pebble Creek, Eden & Cruz learn about the Captain & Amelia, Gina & Keith arrive at Pebble Creek, Eden loses her dress on the cliffs
CC arrives at Pebble Creek, Sophia & Kelly drive to Pebble Creek, Cruz leaves notes for Eden
Cruz goes horseback riding, Jeffrey arrives at Pebble Creek, wedding starts
Eden & Cruz's vows, wedding reception
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April 4 April 5 April 6 April 7 April 8
Eden & Cruz start their honeymoon,
Eden sets up a crib in the stables, Andrea visits her father's grave, Sophia asks TJ to move in with her
Andrea and Cain go to Virginia to visit Cain's family but end up in a cave, Mason wakes up hungover in his office and then gets drunk, Julia is appointed assistant district attorney to get dirt on Keith
Tori starts work as a candy striper, CC tells TJ to get out of his house
Eden & Cruz go back in time, Julia starts work in Keith's office, Cain visits his family
Eden & Cruz back in time day 2, Gina gets drugged and kidnapped by a cult, Chip is kidnapped
April 11 April 12 April 13 April 14 April 15
Eden & Cruz make it back to the present and return home, Cruz helps Tori in finding Chip
Cruz questions Wilma's sister, Keith rescues Gina from the cult
Tori remembers giving birth while waiting for word on Chip, Wilma shows up at Cruz's office without Chip
Wilma has Chip in a motel then sets a fire and goes to the pier, Gina dives for Hal Clark's bones
Wilma surrenders and Chip is safe, Cain goes to his army reunion and sees Major Hamilton

First appearance of Warren Burton (Phillip Hamilton)
April 18 April 19 April 20 April 21 April 22
CC has the boathouse blown up, Cain's reunion day 2
Eden comes home after having the mumps, Cruz dives for the bones
Cruz finds the bones and hides them in Pearl's apartment but Keith & Gina steal them, Kelly thinks about going to work for Armonti
Cruz tells Eden about the bones, Pearl and Cruz discover the bones are missing, Phillip arrives in Santa Barbara and offers Andrea a job
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Pamela & CC go over to Gina & Keith's for dinner, Julia & Mason find out Hal had a kid with him the day of his disappearance

Last appearance of Robert Thaler (Pearl Bradford) and Rick Edwards (Jake Morton)
April 25 April 26 April 27 April 28 April 29
Heather arrives, Keith has separate meetings set up with CC and Pamela, Cruz & Julia find out Scott was with Hal that night

First appearance of Jane A. Rogers (Dr. Heather Donnelly)
Keith tells CC Pamela signed a statement saying CC murdered Hal, Eden & Cruz bring Scott to the boathouse
CC tells Mason Hal died accidentally after a struggle, Scott undergoes hypnosis, he remembers the car accident
Cruz has Cain follow Pamela, Kelly's first day at Armonti, Cain sees Pamela dig up the skull
Cain steals the skull from Pamela, Scott remembers the struggle in the boathouse and that Pamela came back and shot Hal
May 2 May 3 May 4 May 5 May 6
Scott remembers Pamela shot Hal (replays), Eden tells Mason about Pamela killing Hal, Mason stops CC from shooting Pamela, Cruz learns the bones from the water aren't Hal's
Phillip sends Tori flowers, Kelly tells Sophia about Hal's death and Pamela, Cain & Andrea send Eden & Cruz a Mexican siesta, CC tells Kelly he's going to try to get Sophia back
Keith gets the skull & bones sent from Cruz, Mason sets up a romantic dinner for Julia on the beach but gets stuck in the elevator at the office, Tori & Phillip go on a date
CC enlists Cruz to find out whose bones were in the water, Sophia has the flu so TJ plans to go to Chicago with Kelly, Cain finds an identity bracelet that may belong to the bones
Kelly & TJ end up at a motel after their plane emergency landed, the identity bracelet belongs to Mark, Pamela tries to kill herself, Eden & Cruz find the skull in Keith's office, Mason has flashbacks of Mary & Mark
May 9 May 10 May 11 May 12 May 13
Pamela is OK, Cruz learns the skull is Mark's, Scott tells Tori Chip has a bone marrow disease, Tori tells Cruz Chip is his son
TJ & Kelly hitch a ride after their car stalls, CC & Sophia have dinner, Cruz has the bone marrow test and it's a match for Chip, Cruz tells Eden about Chip
Kelly & TJ find a stable and Kelly starts having pains, Chip's operation is a success, Sophia finds out TJ took money from her
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Gina gets the idea to go on Wheel of Fortune, Cruz visits Chip in the hospital, Kelly loses the baby, Keith finds Pamela & holds her
Kelly tells Jeffrey & Eden about the miscarriage, Ben goes to CC's with a gun, Keith gets evidence against Mason, Mason tells Julia he was drunk for weeks after Mary's death & doesn't remember a lot
May 16 May 17 May 18 May 19 May 20
Sophia confronts TJ about the money, Ben has CC & Pamela hostage in the wine cellar, Mason attempts a rescue & the gun goes off
Mason gets wounded, Sophia tells TJ to leave her alone, Keith learns the gun that killed Mark was registered to Mason
Andrea learns Soo Li had Cain's daughter, Pamela wants Jeffrey to go to England with her, Keith gets a glove-more evidence against Mason
Cain & Andrea go to Bangkok, Keith learns the blood on the glove was Mason's, Cruz is knocked out while trying to trap the person following Mason at the Capwell house
TJ visits Kelly, Mason tells Julia he'll get help for his drinking, Cruz is put on a boat & lands on an island but can't remember who he is
May 23 May 24 May 25 May 26 May 27
Gina & Keith on Wheel of Fortune, Eden goes on TV pleading for Cruz's return, Dr. Willoughby tells Cruz he looks forward to playing his game
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Gina & Keith on Wheel of Fortune (day 2), Cain & Andrea find Ming Li, Ted finds a medallion, Julia & Mason go to a mission where Mary worked, Mason decides to go undercover at the mission

First appearance of Tamlyn Tomita (Ming Li)
Mason dresses up as a drunk to go undercover, Phillip helps in the search for Cruz, Cruz learns Dr. Willoughby hunts people, Cain talks to Soo Li's sister
Mason arrives at the mission in Goleta & meets Michael, Kelly goes back to work, Soo Li's sister tells Phillip Soo Li didn't love him, Cain meets Ming Li but is grabbed by Phillip's goons

First appearance of Frank Runyeon (Michael Donnelly)
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Kelly in the hospital after having pains, Andrea has Ming Li but Cain is missing for a while, Eden goes to the island and finds Cruz but he doesn't know her
May 30 May 31 June 1 June 2 June 3
Mason at the mission, visits the convent and sees Sarah, Julia comes to the mission, Eden on the island, she gets brought to the house

First appearance of Phyllis Frelich (Sister Sarah)
Mason hides in the confessional when Gina arrives to talk to Michael about marrying her & Keith, Eden gets caught with Cruz, Dr. Willoughby starts the hunt
Eden & Cruz make it to a cave & make love, Mason talks to Sister Sarah, CC & Sophia go to the island to find Eden & Cruz, Heather tells Jeffrey Kelly needs therapy to deal with the miscarriage, Dr.
Willoughby finds Eden & Cruz
Ming Li ditches Cain & meets with the Major, Sylvia recues Eden & Cruz from Dr.
Willoughby, Keith gets evidence against Mason from an anonymous source, Keith gets a warrant for Mason's arrest
Keith searches Julia's house, Gina hands out wedding invites, Julia & Mason make love in the belltower, Tori plans to go to LA, Michael gets upset when he finds Mason talking to Sarah
June 6 June 7 June 8 June 9 June 10
Ted throws a going-away party for Tori at the Lair, Eden visits Scott for tests to see if she can get pregnant, Eden asks Sophia to go to LA with her for her fertility tests
Gina tries to get the Capwells to go to her wedding, Mason tells Julia he plans to lure the killer out after himself, Tori & Chip wisit Cruz before leaving for LA, Tori crashes her car
Mason is almost killed in the belltower, Eden checks into a hospital for tests, Tori is taken to surgery after the crash, Mason stops Sarah from jumping off the belfry, Cruz takes Chip home
Michael learns who Mason really is, Andrea & Ming Li fight, Sarah gives Mason the key to Michael's office & he finds a gun, Eden waits for the results of her tests & then returns home to Cruz & Chip
Michael denies killing Mark & knocks Mason out, the church catches fire after a gas explosion, Eden learns she may not be able to conceive
June 13 June 14 June 15 June 16 June 17
Mason escapes during the fire at the church, Tori tells Julia she wants Chip to be with Cruz, Cruz tells Tori's mother he's keeping Chip while Tori is in the hospital, Julia learns of the fire in the church
Everyone waits for word of the identity on the body found in the church, Phillip learns Ming Li isn't Soo Li's daughter, Pamela blackmails TJ, Keith says the dental records match and that Mason is dead
Sophia tells Kelly that Mason died in an explosion, Julia hysterical, Pamela tells Jeffrey about Mason
Julia collapses, Cruz goes back to the convent looking for Sarah, Heather visits Michael (her brother), Mason's funeral
Gina blames Keith for Mason's death, Eden makes her reservations for Paris, Michael invites Cruz to meet Sarah but really it's Agatha impersonating her, Ming Li & Cain have picnic inside during a storm, Sarah escapes from the convent and leaves a note for Julia
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June 20 June 21 June 22 June 23 June 24
Ted tells Tori Mason is dead, Eden going to Paris for the surgery to allow her to have kids, Julia leaving for the convent, Kelly & TJ get drunk on the beach and kiss, Heather & Michael have lunch
Kelly goes to Cruz's after spending the night with TJ on the beach
Julia meets Sarah at the convent, Carmen in Santa Barbara after Cruz's brother lost her house, Ted hosts a summer solstice beach party in honor of Mason, Pamela poisons Kelly's drink, Kelly collapses
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Eden arrives in Paris, Kelly taken to the hospital, Cruz visits Tori in the hospital, Gina tries to explain sex to Brandon after learning he called a porn hotline
Last appearance of Robin Wright (Kelly Capwell)
Cruz looks for his brother Ric, TJ visits Kelly who is in a coma, Keith questions Jeffrey about Kelly's poisoning, Julia searches Michael's desk
First appearance of Kimberly McArthur (Kelly Capwell)
June 27 June 28 June 29 June 30 July 1
Eden in Paris, Gina blackmails Pamela, Jeffrey arrested, Pamela plants the poisoned glass in TJ's car, Pamela anonymously calls Cruz to implicate TJ, Sarah collapses at the convent
Pamela agrees to pay Keith & Gina $1,000,000 to Keith if they arrest TJ & release Jeffrey, Pamela plants the pills on TJ & gives her statement to Keith, Julia talks to Sarah, Sarah writes Mason's name
TJ arrested, Kelly wakes up from the coma, Scott gets he & Heather "stranded" on an island and they make love
Daytime Emmy Awards (CBS) - Santa Barbara wins!
Pre-empted - Wimbledon coverage Pre-empted - Wimbledon coverage
July 4 July 5 July 6 July 7 July 8
Sophia visits TJ in jail, Gina & Keith get the $1,000,000 from Pamela, Kelly awake, Tori is released from the hospital & agrees to move in with Phillip, CC & Sophia have dinner at the Capwell house
Mason's will reading, Eden in Paris, Tori picks Chip up from Cruz's, Kelly asks Cruz for help with TJ's bail & he's released, Pamela goes to Kelly's room with a needle
Jeffrey finds TJ with Pamela's needle, Julia & Heather discuss Sarah's condition, Kelly goes to the roof of the hospital to meet TJ but Pamela is there with a gun
Pamela is arrested and put in jail, Ming Li steals Andrea's engagement ring, Cruz asks CC where Eden is

Last regular appearance of Marj Dusay (Pamela Conrad)
Kelly tells Cruz the truth about where Eden is, Scott visits his father in jail, Michael sees that Julia is lying to him
July 11 July 12 July 13 July 14 July 15
Michael discovers who Julia really is and confronts her, Cruz arrives in Paris and finds Eden at her clinic
Party/auction at the museum, someone chases Sarah to the belltower, Arthur makes a grand entrance at the party
First appearance of Jon Cypher (Dr. Arthur Donnelly)
At the party, Darlene steals some jewelry, Ming Li tries to seduce Cain, Arthur and Michael spar at the party, Julia argues with Michael about Sarah, Darlene arrested, Brandon ok after a school bus crash

Last appearance of Eva LaRue (Margot Collins)
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Keith & Gina take Brandon fishing, Sophia fires TJ, Cruz returns early from Paris and plans to surprise Eden with a new house
Cruz brings Eden to the new house he wants to buy, Brandon asks CC & Sophia to come to Gina & Keith's wedding, Julia takes Sarah out of the convent
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July 18 July 19 July 20 July 21 July 22
Cruz & Eden sign the papers on the new house, Sarah at Julia's house
Julia gets Keith to close the Mark McCormick case, Keith & Gina trying to decide on where to honeymoon, Tori & Phillip have a dinner party
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Tori brought to the hospital after Phillip's party, Eden tells Cruz they should file for joint custody of Chip
Cruz talks to Julia about Chip's custody, Eden visits Tori in the hospital, Scott tells Tori she needs to go to a rehab clinic
Phillip tells Cruz Tori has gone to a clinic, Eden & Andrea hang out, CC sets up a romantic dinner for Sophia but she doesn't go
July 25 July 26 July 27 July 28 July 29
Sophia goes to see CC but she's not ready to get back together, Cruz rescues Chip from Phillip's
Julia & Sarah go to the beach, Keith & Gina try to stay cool during a heat wave
Gina dishes gossip to Lydia, Lydia starts her story on CC, Brandon asks everyone  to come to the wedding, Eden & Cruz spend the last night in the beachhouse
Eden & Cruz move into their new house, Keith brings Sarah in for questioning, Gina & Brandon have a picnic
Gina & Keith both get waylaid on their way to the wedding, Gina delivers a baby, Frank holds Keith at gunpoint
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August 1 August 2 August 3 August 4 August 5
Gina & Keith's wedding
Eden & Lydia get arrested, Sarah tells Julia & Michael about her nightmares, Keith & Gina rush to catch a plane to Hawai
Ming Li's birthday, Keith & Gina in Hawaii, in the belltower Julia tries to get Sarah to remember who shot Mark
Sarah says Mason killed Mark but Julia refuses to believe it, Gina dreams she gets held up in Hawaii by some gangster looking for the coins they found in the hotel room
Agatha goes to Julia's with a gun but Sarah grabs it and it goes off
August 8 August 9 August 10 August 11 August 12
Gina & Keith return from from Hawaii, Keith comes down with a rash, Scott meets Zack, Cruz & Michael go looking for Agatha, Sarah & Julia
First appearance of Leigh J. McCloskey (Dr. Zack Kelton)
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Cain & Andrea read the Kama Sutra, Eden has a James Bond fantasy, Michael gets Julia free from Agatha, CC & Sophia have dinner, Agatha tells Michael Mason didn't die in the fire
CC's new romance with Lydia makes the front page, Michael visits Agatha in custody, Zack interviews for the obstetrics / gynecology position, Michael tells Cruz what Agatha told him about Mason
Michael tells Julia Mason may be alive, Jeffrey meets a singer at Johnny's, Julia & Michael go to the burned-out church
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Eden & Cruz tell Kelly & Ted that Mason may be alive, Gina & Keith plan to look for Mason, CC & Sophia's anniversary, Julia & Cruz start looking for Mason, TJ follows Kelly to Santa Fe
August 15 August 16 August 17 August 18 August 19
Julia & Cruz get a lead on Mason, Keith & Gina arrange for Julia & Cruz to be arrested in Hemet, Keith & Gina go to a biker bar and learn Mason went off with a circus, Kelly & TJ play tennis and have dinner
Michael arrives to get Cruz & Julia out of jail; Keith & Gina arrive at the circus; Julia, Michael & Cruz get in a brawl at the biker bar; Tori leaves rehab and goes to see Chip; Jeffrey gets shot; TJ and Kelly start to make love; Michael, Julia & Cruz arrive at the circus
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Jeffrey in the hospital, Kelly and TJ make love, Gina gets shot out of a cannon at the circus, Tori hysterical and Scott tries to convince her to go back to the clinic, Cruz goes back home, Michael & Julia fix a flat tire and decide to go home
Cruz and Chip build sand castles, Heather asks Scott to move in with her, Michael moves out of the convent, Cain & Andrea argue about her job, Tori & Cruz meet to discuss Chip's custody but she flips out

Last appearance of Phyllis Frelich (Sister Sarah)
Cruz gets the custody hearing set for tommorow, Gina & Keith go to Palm Springs to look for Mason, Julia & Michael leave for Vegas after seeing a photo in the paper that looks like Mason, Julia & Michael get robbed and stranded on the way to Vegas
August 22 August 23 August 24 August 25 August 26
Michael & Julia tied up in an old gas station in the desert, Scott gets sent to run the neighborhood clinic, Eden & Cruz planning to go to a hearing on custody of Chip but then hear Chip is missing, Julia & Michael get free get an old motorcycle started
Tori takes Chip out of town but later returns him to Eden & Cruz, Keith & Gina arrive in Vegas looking for Mason
Julia & Michael make it to Vegas, Keith & Gina dress up as maid/bellhop, CC offers $1,000,000 for informations on Mason, Sonny/Mason in the Vegas hotel
Keith, Gina, Michael & Julia work together to try to find Mason, Gina gets stuck in Sonny's room, two goons grab Sonny
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Ted learns Kelly slept with TJ, Gina finds Sonny and frees him from the goons
August 29 August 30 August 31 September 1 September 2
Sonny & Gina make it to a motel after driving all night thru the desert, Cruz looks for a kid who stole Eden's earrings, Cruz gets knifed
Cruz knifed (replays), Keith finds Gina, Gina tries to get Sonny into bed to see his birthmark, Sonny hits Keith
Scott's father in the hospital after disconnecting himself from dialysis, TJ parades his new girl in front of Sophia
Gina & Sonny wake up together, CC gives Tori a job at the Country Club, Cruz is offered a job, Eden meets Zack after she films a story on runaways, Eden accepts a job at KSB TV
CC, Cruz & Eden celebrate her new job at the Country Club party, Gina tells Sonny Keith is her brother when he finds them in bed together, Julia finds Mason's flask & gets drunk
September 5 September 6 September 7 September 8 September 9
Keith & Gina keep Sonny locked in the basement, Gina tries to convince Sonny to impersonate Mason, Kelly gets in a fight at Johnny's and gets arrested
Eden starts her new job at the TV station, Cruz & Julia start work on the gang issue, Gina makes Keith apologize for insulting Sonny
At the dentist Mason remembers who he is & leaves, Mason visits the Capwell house & Julia's, Eden & Cruz argue because she won't tell him where Critter is, Julia & Mason reunite
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Julia & Mason spend a happy day together, Cain & Phillip fight, Critter is arrested at the meeting Eden set up and he vows revenge on Eden

Last appearance of Tamlyn Tomita (Ming Li)
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Critter attacks Eden live on the air, Gina learns Mason is back and kidnaps him, Gina knocks Mason out until Sonny finally returns
September 12 September 13 September 14 September 15 September 16
Cain returns to his cabin and Andrea follows him there, Julia & Michael look for Mason, Scott's father taken into surgery
Scott's father dies, Andrea tells Eden about Cain and leaves town, Eden starts getting harassing phone calls, Sonny breaks his toe & then returns to Julia's pretending to be Mason
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Boswell lets Critter go, Eden gives a speech on TV saying that Critter faked his confession on the air, a drunk Cain goes to see Eden
Eden's rape, Gina asks Heather about multiple personalities, Tori sees Sonny kissing Gina
  Watch the promo of this episode
Eden wakes up on the beach & returns home, Cruz takes Eden to the clinic, Phillip beats up Cain
September 19 September 20 September 21 September 22 September 23
Cruz takes Eden to the Capwell house, Sonny comforts Eden, Cruz goes after Critter at the station
Cruz goes after Critter (replays), Lydia convinces Boswell to let Cruz go after he attacked Critter, Heather asks Scott not to move out
Jeffrey searches TJ's office for the tapes, Eden visits Julia, Cruz cleans up the house, Sonny calls Gina for legal help
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TJ knocks out Jeffrey & tries to make it look like a robbery, Sonny remembers details from one of Mason's old cases, Eden tells Cruz she's pregnant
Keith returns, Jeffrey rushed to the hospital, Julia tells Sonny about his birthmark, Zack tells Eden she is pregnant but the rapist could be the baby's father
September 26 September 27 September 28 September 29 September 30
Gina & Keith tell Sonny his birthmark is a tattoo they gave him, Boswell asks TJ about Jeffrey's accident, Arthur operates on Jeffrey
Eden doesn't recognize Critter's voice on the tape & won't press charges, Boswell bullies Eden, Keith tells Cruz about Gina's rape
Heather visits Eden & counsels her, Cruz visits Cain, Eden decides to press charges against Critter
Eden goes on a TV show to talk about the rape and criticizes a soap called General Clinic, Wendy is raped
Eden & Cruz take Wendy back to her apartment to talk to Boswell, Michael comes to talk to Julia & Mason about their wedding preparations, Wendy & Cruz get videos of the rapes
October 3 October 4 October 5 October 6 October 7
Sonny sets up a dinner with CC, Jeffrey comes out of his coma, Eden does a broadcast from the police station but faints, Tori tells Julia she saw Mason kissing Gina, the rapist calls Eden
Julia calls Gina looking for Mason while Keith dumps Sonny at Julia's, Ted tells Cruz about Cain's erratic behavior, Eden & Phillip get stuck in the elevator at the station & she pulls a gun, Julia & Mason fight
Phillip gets the gun from Eden and she thinks he's the rapist but then changes her mind, Sonny gets drunk at the Lair, Eden gets another call from the rapist
The security system installer scares Eden, Eden & Cruz go on a picnic, Gina tells Sonny he should give up drinking for Julia, the attorney general's guy takes Keith's files, the rapist leaves Eden another video
Eden has stomach pains, Michael tries to counsel Sonny, Keith sets the evidence room on fire with Julia inside, Cruz goes back to work as a cop, the rapist tells Eden Cruz is dead
October 10 October 11 October 12 October 13 October 14
Zack tells Eden to take it easy, Michael rescues Julia from the fire, the rapist watches Eden & Cruz program their new security system, the evidence against Keith wasn't destroyed in the fire
Keith's indictment makes the paper, Kelly brings a catatonic Jeffrey home, Sophia back in town, TJ hires a nurse to look after Jeffrey, Gina locks Sonny & CC in the wine cellar
Mason & CC get drunk in the wine cellar, Keith asks Gina to go to Rio, a woman accuses Cain of rape, Keith has visions of his dead parents, the rapist leaves a mannequin at Eden & Cruz's
Keith gives Gina a romantic evening before he leaves town, Brandon rescues CC and Mason from the wine cellar
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Heather helps Michael work on his new parish, Kris Kringle visits Julia & Mason, Eden & Cruz try to figure out how the rapist got in the house, Gina & Brandon learn Keith is gone, the rapist goes to see Eden
October 17 October 18 October 19 October 20 October 21
Eden shoots at the rapist at the house, Boswell finds Cain on the beach after the rapist fled, Mason tells Sonny that Sonny was his invisible friend as a kid, Cruz finds the rapist's video camera
Julia is made district attorney and is asked to look into Keith's disappearance, Sonny & Mason make a deal about Julia, Brandon turns Gina's house into a bed & breakfast
Mason starts work at Capwell Enterprises, Eden tells the family she's pregnant, Lydia working with Boswell on the rape case & she meets with Cain, Eden & Cruz make love for the first time since the rape
Bunny arrives and rents a room from Brandon, Michael frightens off Carla - a girl wanting to have an abortion, the rapist goes to Kelly & Jeffrey's and grabs Kelly
First appearance of Joe Marinelli (Bunny Tagliatti)
CC & Sophia scare off the rapist at Kelly's, Lydia spies on Cain, Carla goes to the hospital after having a back-alley abortion, Eden & Cruz trace the rapist's call and find a shrine to Eden
October 24 October 25 October 26 October 27 October 28
Eden having nightmares, Gina gets a subpoena, Michael tells the bishop he plans to leave the preisthood, Julia presses Sonny/Mason to set a wedding date, CC investigating the rapes
Sonny tries to get Julia to ease up on Gina, Kelly makes a statement on the attempted rape, Sonny & Bunny meet, Eden & Cruz dine with Zack & Heather, the rapist leaves a rose at Eden & Cruz's hotel room
Brandon suggests a Halloween party to CC & he plans to trap the rapist, Sonny shreds a file for Gina, Lydia gets Cain's criminal record
Cain decorates his house for Andrea's return, Scott returns from London, the rapist leaves a skull on Eden & Cruz's patio
Lydia & Boswell think Cain is the rapist & plan to watch him at the party, Halloween party begins, Andrea is attacked on the beach

First appearance of Russell Curry (Vic Boswell)
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October 31 November 1 November 2 November 3 November 4
Halloween party continues, Andrea is murdered, Phillip is discovered over Andrea's body with the knife that killed her, Phillip accuses Cain of being the rapist

Last appearance of Ally Walker (Andrea Bedford)
Opening party at Michael's parish, TJ questioned in Andrea's death, Cain hits Boswell, Sonny has a wedding fantasy, Eden reviews the party guestlist
Cain catches Lydia spying on him at Andrea's grave, Cruz goes to see an imprisoned serial rapist, Zack encourages Eden to have an amniocentesis
Phillip plants a bloody towel in Cain's apartment, Eden feels the baby kick, Cruz asks Eden to have the amniocentesis for paternity testing, Sonny loses big at poker
Cain's apartment is searched and the towel is found, Sonny tries to come up with money for the poker debt, the towel found is Eden's from the night of the rape, Sophia is attacked at the hotel
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November 7 November 8 November 9 November 10 November 11
Sophia is attacked but the rapist flees without hurting her, Cain is wounded & goes to see Eden, Augusta returns, Cain is arrested
First reappearance of Louise Sorel (Augusta Lockridge)
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Cain waives his right to an attorney, Sophia spends the night at the Capwell house, Cruz questions Cain, Augusta is suspicious of Mason & Gina's relationship
Cain is charged with murder, Zack asks Heather about the rapist's profile, CC & Sophia go to Pop's Place to look for the rapist, the rapist calls Eden and leaves a message on the machine
Eden & Cruz learn the phone message was Cain's voice distorted by Boswell, Boswell finds more planted evidence, Cruz asks Ted to keep an eye on Phillip, Eden & Cruz find a ski mask in Cain's car
Cruz asks Cain about the ski mask, Gina hits Julia, Cain tries to hang himself in his cell, Sonny tells Julia they shouldn't have sex until the wedding night, the rapist calls Eden & Cruz from Cain's hospital room
November 14 November 15 November 16 November 17 November 18
CC & Sophia go undercover at Pop's Place & dance, Boswell stops Cain's release when he finds out the call's origin, Eden tells Zack she'll do the amniocentesis
Cruz tries to figure out how someone got into Cain's hospital room, Michael hears confession again from someone violent & lifts a print off the chair, Augusta tells Julia she saw Mason & Gina dancing
Mason asks Julia to marry him tonight but Sonny calls it off, Eden falls after thinking she sees the rapist at the hospital, Michael sends Cruz the print lifts and agrees to help
Cain fires his new lawyer who wants him to plead guilty, CC & Sophia set up Julia & Mason's rehearsal dinner, Gina gets a photo of Keith with another woman, Julia finds Gina's note in Mason's pocket

Last appearance of Justin Deas (Keith Timmons)
Julia & Mason's rehearsal dinner, Lydia helps Cain escape from the hospital, the rapist knocks Michael out & leaves a video clearing Cain, Gina & Sonny set up Julia to see them together
November 21 November 22 November 23 November 24 November 25
Julia & Mason's wedding day, Lydia & Cain on the run and end up surrounded, Michael gets a footprint at the chapel, the wedding starts but Julia speaks up
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Julia stops the wedding, Cruz ends the stand-off with Cain, Cain is cleared and leaves for Utah
Last appearance of Scott Jaeck (Cain Garver)
Thanksgiving - Keith sends Gina a live turkey, Julia kicks Mason out, Bunny & Augusta get arrested for gravedigging
Pre-empted - Thanksgiving 1090
Gina bails out Bunny & Augusta, Michael's chapel is trashed, Scott tells Mason he thinks the Capwell oil rigs are causing cancer, Eden's amniocentesis test, Eden falls, Julia is kidnapped by the rapist
Last regular appearance of Jon Cypher (Dr. Arthur Donnelly)
November 28 November 29 November 30 December 1 December 2
Julia is held by the rapist in a warehouse, Eden in the hospital after falling, Sophia meets Crystal/Celeste while she & CC try to catch the rapist
First appearance of Signy Coleman (Celeste DiNapoli) 
Michael receives a tape of Julia being held, Eden still in the hospital, the rapist has Crystal dress up like Julia and go to Michael, Sonny learns Gina hired a private investigator to find Keith
TJ threatens Jeffrey who can talk again, Zack is introduced to Diane, Michael understands where Julia is by watching a videotape of her
Michael rescues Julia, Eden fantasizes about giving Cruz a son, Mason tries to tell Julia about Sonny but Gina interrupts, Diane gets a call from the rapist, Michael & Julia kiss
Julia and Michael make love, Ted learns Phillip framed Cain, Zack claims he saw the rapist, Eden & Cruz get the amniocentesis results but they are inconclusive because the rapist switched them
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December 5 December 6 December 7 December 8 December 9
Mason sees Julia and Michael together (replays), Cruz rescues CC & arrests Phillip,  Sonny pretends to be Mason with Gina to see if she really does like Mason better
Tori alibis Phillip for Wendy's rape, Scott tells Julia about his oil rig/cancer theory, Phillip admits framing Cain, Augusta moves in with Julia, Cruz finds a footprint on the beach
CC plans a surprise wedding for Sophia tonight, Cruz tells Julia about the amniocentesis results, Scott jokes that Heather might be pregnant, Julia delivers CC a subpoena
Sophia refuses to marry CC; Julia breaks with Michael; Gina, Brandon & Bunny go to Mexico to find Keith
Bunny electric shocks Sonny to try to learn where the files are, Cruz learns the rapist is limping, Eden gets amneo results from the rapist
December 12 December 13 December 14 December 15 December 16
Michael brings Julia a Christmas tree, Eden & Cruz meet Chelsea - an orphan whose father was a murderer, Eden shows Cruz the faked amniocentesis results the rapist sent her
Samantha's baptism - Heather & Scott are the godmother and godfather, Bunny looks for the medical files in Mason's office
Eden & Cruz learn the two sets of amniocentesis results were both faked, Crystal picks up Sonny, Brandon donates his Christmas presents to the orphans, Bunny & Gina break into Sonny's office
Eden & Cruz in the hospital try to lure the rapist there, Brandon is knocked out by Jack the bum, Cruz pulls a gun on Jack at the hospital
Jack is arrested & questioned, Eden's surprise baby shower, Brandon faints while decorating the Christmas tree, Jack says he's guilty
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December 19 December 20 December 21 December 22 December 23
Jack confesses, Brandon lapses into a coma
Michael talks to Jack in jail, Sonny comforts Gina at the hospital, Cruz & Michael don't think Jack is the rapist, Eden & Cruz go to Kris Kringle's cabin
Day before Christmas Eve - Kris comes to Santa Barbara for the party at Michael's church, Kris brings Mason out & he visits Julia & Samantha, Kris sprains his ankle
(Some pre-emption - Pan Am flight explodes over Scotland)

First appearance of Caitlin Moore and Erin Moore (Samantha Capwell) 
Day before Christmas Eve continued, Mason visits Brandon in the hospital, Brandon has a Christmas / Bethlehem fantasy dream, Kris arranges for Eden & Cruz to deliver presents in his place
Christmas Eve, Brandon's dream continues, Eden & Cruz deliver presents, Julia & Mason spend the evening together, Brandon wakes from the coma
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the special ending credits
December 26 December 27 December 28 December 29 December 30
Crystal is arrested for soliciting & Michael bails her out, Cruz discredits Jack's confession, Gina agrees to pretend to be Bunny's fiance, under hypnosis Jack says he knows who the rapist is
Jack says the rapist wore scrubs, Scott visits his dad's house, Zack & Diane sleep together but Zack disappears for a bit while she sleeps, Jack is murdered, it appears Zack is the rapist...
Julia discovers Mason's break in in her office, Gina plays Bunny's fiancée for his uncle Mario, Zack has a sexual problem with Diane
New Year's Eve party on the train, Eden goes into labor, Michael buys Celeste some new clothes
First appearance of Kelly Ann Cohn (Wanda Berkowski)
Eden & Cruz are helicoptered off the train but emergency land at a cave, Michael Feinstein sings on the train, Zack rapes Diane, Scott proposes to Heather, Jeffrey pushes TJ off the train
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