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    Pre-empted - New Year's Day 1872
Lily walks in on Ted taking down the Christmas tree and offers her help. Gina, with baby Capwell, enters Lionel's office and sets off the alarm. Lionel, awakened by the alarm, grabs a golf club and heads inside to protect his property. He finds Gina cowering behind a screen. Lionel tells her that she needs to see a doctor because she is not acting rationally. Gina says that she cannot afford to see a shrink, so Lionel offers to pick up the bill.
Suzanne is in a rotten mood in the morning. She confides in Katrina that she can't help but feel Eden's presence whenever she is with Cruz. Mason asks Cassie if she had contacted Warren after the trial. She snaps at him to stop throwing Warren's at her every time they have a conversation. Angela buys Warren's rival newspaper, The Santa Barbara Bulletin for him as a victory present. Warren is grateful, but is weary of the underlying commitment within. Lionel is horrified at his busted up security alarm, the handy work of Gina. Lily tells him that Gina has been seeing the doctor and he has prescribed some tranquilizers.
January 6 January 7 January 8 January 9 January 10
Santana is showing her designs to Kelly for approval. Kelly tells Santana that she really does not care about the decorations and tells her to take it up with C.C. Cruz track Suzanne down to the Oasis. He asks her what the problem was but she says nothing. Kelly invites David to dinner to discuss business. Sophia sees Cruz and Suzanne talking affectionately and feels uncomfortable. Suzanne invites Cruz over for dinner.
David tells Kelly to stay out of his personal life. He tells her that he let Angela control all aspects of his life and does not intend to make the same mistake again. Cassie is drunk. She tells Mason that she wants to tell Warren the news herself. She adds that she will have to tell Julia what an evil and manipulative man he has been in hopes that Julia will leave him. She says that she will enjoy watching him suffer.
Cassie agonizes over how she will break the news to Warren. Ted and Kelly join Sophia for breakfast. Kelly tells Ted about the embarrassing run in she had with David the night before. Mason shows up at Julia's to take her out for breakfast. Katrina questions Suzanne about her night with Cruz, but she evades the question and buries herself in work. Mason and Julia arrive at the Oasis. Mason goes over to talk to Cassie. She is still hostile towards him.
C.C. invites Santana to a prestigious club for dinner, much to Rosa's strong objections. Lily tracks Lionel down to the club and asks him to talk Gina into taking her medication. Gina arrives shortly and invites them to Channing's christening. Both Lily and Lionel say that they will not accept unless she invites C.C. Rosa expresses her concern over C.C.'s invitation.
Cassie goes to Warren's office under the pretense of looking for Lionel. Warren is very formal towards her. She asks if there was any tension between him and Lionel, and when she receives a negative answer, she realizes that her message was not as effective as she had hoped. C.C. makes a huge scene at the club regarding their treatment of Santana. He storms out, vowing to close the club down. David, Lionel and Sophia have witnessed C.C.'s whole tirade. Sophia's expression shows signs of hurt feelings, but tries to hide it by being proud of C.C.
January 13 January 14 January 15 January 16 January 17
A black tie benefit is being thrown in Cruz's honor at the Oasis and Suzanne is all upset because she has to cover the event and interview Cruz. Katrina offers to trade places, but Suzanne declines siting that it would compromise her professionalism. Rafael asks Cruz about his problem with Suzanne. He tells his son not to give up on her so easily. Ted and Kelly head over to invite Gina to the party, but Lily tells them that Gina is spending quality time with Channing.
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Gina, her normal self again, shows Channing off to Sophia at the benefit. At her table, Sophia receives a bottle of champagne and a gift from an anonymous person. Warren ponders over the birth certificate. He tells Angela that he wants to go to the party to find Lionel. Ted asks Lily why she is staying in town. He also asks her to tell him the truth about Frankie. Lily says that she only met Frankie a few times. Frankie tells Lily that his target is Lionel.
Mason's guilt over hurting Cassie manifests itself as nightmares. In it, Cassie's proclamations of gloom and doom over his relationship with Julia hit just the right mark. Kelly, Ted and Cruz unwind after the party. Cassie comes over, drunk, and oozes venom about Mason to them. Lily is at Dash's office, severely beat up. When Dash questions her about it, she maintains that she fell down a flight of stairs. Dash manages to wear her down and she admits that she messed up somebody's deal and paid the price for it.
Lionel tells Gina to keep her duties strictly professional, but stubborn old Gina goes through his personal mail and is intrigued by the contents within. Rafael tries to convince Suzanne to give Cruz another chance. He tells her that no matter what she does to change her physical appearance, it will not change her heart. Suzanne gets irritated with Rafael and they end off on an unpleasant note.
Craig has commandeered the transport and its passengers. He ties the guards up and leaves them in the middle of nowhere as he heads back to Santa Barbara. Gina catches Lily eavesdropping on Ted's conversation with Dash. She confronts Lily about it and Lily tells her to stay out of her personal life. Cassie is anxiously awaiting Warren's arrival. Mason comes by, but she is not the mood and she tells him to leave.
January 20 January 21 January 22 January 23 January 24
Craig is forced to kidnap Kelly after realizing that there's nothing else he can do. Sophia, Mason and Cruz are worried about Kelly. Warren is shocked to find out that Lionel isn't his biological father. He is crushed by the fact that Lionel never said anything, and he questions him about who is his father, but Lionel doesn't know because Augusta never told him.
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C.C. is shocked to learn that Craig took Kelly as a hostage. Mason blames C.C. for the entire situation because C.C. always encouraged Craig. Rosa is skeptical over Santana. Rafael tells C.C. that he expects him to marry Santana.
Kelly manages to free herself from Craig and rushes to Gina. Craig is starting to lose his mind by threatening both women. Lily isn't satisfied with her life with Ted. Angela questions Warren about his feelings for Cassandra.
Cruz finally finds Craig and then offers to become his hostage in exchange for Kelly and Gina's security. Hunt accepts the offer, but refuses to let Kelly go. Mason and Julia question their love life, but Julia remains trying not to get too much involved.
Katrina and Dash's relationship goes forward when Katrina manages to publish an article on Dash and numerous companies offer to give him a job. Dash realizes that the jobs are far away from Santa Barbara, but to please Katrina, he doesn't say anything to her. Craig bounds Cruz and Kelly. C.C. is ready to pay the ransom. With Mason's help, C.C. manages to find Craig and put his plan in motion.
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January 27 January 28 January 29 January 30 January 31
Cruz manages to free the hostages and then goes on a hunt after Craig. They start shooting, and Craig provokes Cruz by mentioning Eden. Cruz accidentally fires a shot at the pilot of the plane. Cassandra appears suddenly and manages to convince Craig to surrender. Katrina learns about Dash's job offer and then she persuades him to take it.

Last appearance of John Callahan (Craig Hunt) and Timothy Gibbs (Dash Nichols)
Mason tries to persuade Julia to marry him, and although she expresses her love for him, she doesn't want to get married. Cassandra and Warren talk about their love and the possibility of being together now that Warren knows the truth about his paternity. Kelly has to face the flashbacks of being kidnapped by Craig. Katrina is having hard time dealing with Dash's departure. Ted offers her support from the entire Capwell family.
Lily and Ted have a talk and come to a conclusion that they should be only friends. Angela is keen on opening a gallery with Warren's photos. Warren is determined to find out who knew about his paternity before him. Cassandra decides to fight for their love, so she admits to Warren that she knew, and they end up fighting. C.C. wants to see his son, but Gina refuses to let him see Brandon, and C.C. is convinced that Lionel told Gina to act that way, so he confronts Lionel about it.
C.C. asks Katrina to move back into the Capwell mansion and she agrees, but he has to promise not to meddle in her life anymore. Cruz has an important talk with Suzanne. Sophia explains to Kelly why she didn't tell her about the fact that Eden was the one who shot her. Cruz advises Cassandra to tell Warren about Mason.
Katrina moves back into the Capwell mansion, and Lily isn't glad to see her there, so she tries to draw Ted's attention. Julia agrees to try to be with Mason again, but only if he proves that he's a changed man. Cassandra is about to confess to Warren about Mason, but Mason interrupts her in the nick of time. He convinces Cassie not to say anything because Warren might say something to Julia and their relationship might fail again. Angela works on opening the gallery with Warren's photos. Lily invites C.C. to see his son, much to Gina's annoyance.
February 3 February 4 February 5 February 6 February 7
Mason asks Cassandra not to say anything to Warren, but she is reluctant to accept his plea, and she gives him limited time to clear his name. Mason finally gets to tell the truth to Warren, who is crushed by his words. Lionel tries to find a husband for Gina with the help of a partnership agency. Warren's photos are a huge success in the opening of the gallery.
Warren refuses to let Mason's confession hurt him, and he's keen on redirecting all his energy on finding his biological father. Mason is troubled by Warren's behavior and he dreams of Warren killing him. Julia wonders if she wants to marry Mason or not. Santana wants to leave Santa Barbara when C.C. doesn't seem to support their relationship, but he tries to convince her otherwise. Lily receives a mysterious letter.
Cassandra wants to start a new life with Warren, but he needs time to think about their future and the consequence of Mason's confession. Ted learns that Lily asked Mason for a few free days so she'd be able to visit Las Vegas. Ted follows her to the train, where Lily meets with Ray, an old friend. Warren asks Cruz to help him find his biological father. Cruz receives a letter from Eden.
C.C., Cruz and Sophia receive letters from Eden. She claims that she's finally getting better and that she needs to move on with her life, but she refuses to return to Santa Barbara. She suggests C.C. and Sophia should try to be friends again, and she encourages Cruz's relationship with Suzanne. She also sends divorce papers for Cruz to sign. Suzanne wants Kelly to take care of Cruz, Chip and Adriana. Julia still hasn't decided if she wants to be with Mason or not.
Lily is threatened by Ray on the train and Ted comes to her rescue. She accepts his offer to help her, but then she suddenly disappears. Ted locates her and finds out that she's working as a stripper in a night club. Cruz has a long discussion with Kelly and he finally signs the divorce papers. He then informs his children that their mother will never return home. Mason is confronted by a woman from his past. Julia finally accepts Mason's proposal.
February 10 February 11 February 12 February 13 February 14
Ted brings Lily to a hotel, but Ray is already there. Lily and Ray enter a discussion in which Ray claims that Lily wants to cheat on Ted and wants to partake in her gain, but she claims that it's not what she wants. Julia dreams of a perfect marriage with Mason. Cassandra and Angela have a huge fight about Warren which results in a catfight.
Sophia wants to be with C.C. again. Lionel tries to change her mind about it, but she won't listen to what either Lionel or Gina have to say to her. The only problem now is the fact that C.C. is with Santana. Mason is happy because of his engagement. Ted and Lily run into Mason and Julia in Las Vegas.
Sophia and C.C. are about to become closer again, but Santana plots to break them up. Lionel wants David to help him find Warren and to prove to him that he has always loved him as his son even though he's not his biological father. Gina thinks that her anonymous date is Lionel, but she's disappointed to learn that it's a completely different person.
Mason wants Julia to arrange the date of their upcoming wedding. Kelly helps Cruz decorate the sports hall for children and they accidentally end up locked in the gym. The tensions arise between them. Angela wants to have the information that Mason collected on the death of her sister. Gina learns that Lionel arranged her the date with Moose.
Cassandra learns that Warren is returning to Santa Barbara, so she arranges everything so Warren wouldn't run into Angela. Cruz accidentally causes a fire in the gym and is shocked to learn that his children are missing. He rushes back into the burning place to save them. Sophia is sad to learn about C.C. and Santana's growing relationship and she watches as C.C. decides to buy an expensive present for Santana.
February 17 February 18 February 19 February 20 February 21
Warren interrupts a fight between Angela and Cassandra and finally makes it clear to Cassie that their affair has ended. Ted listens to Lily and Ray's conversation, but at the end of the day, he manages to win Lily over. Santana is keen on fighting for C.C. Cruz manages to rescue all the children from the burning gym, but he gets hit by a beam, and is then rescued by Warren.
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Kelly and the others are worried for Cruz's health, but the doctor informs them that Cruz will be fine. Cassandra refuses to believe that Warren hates her and she thinks that Angela is guilty for Warren's sudden betrayal. She decides to collect evidence on Angela's sister and use it against her. She goes mad when Mason refuses to give her the info. Lily tries to find a second job so she'd be able to pay off her debt to Ray.
The Capwell family is preparing for the commemoration of Grant Capwell. Julia wants Mason to tell Warren about their marriage plans, but Mason is having second doubts. Warren has no intention to forgive Mason for what he did, and he doesn't support their marriage. Mike confesses that he was the one who burned down the gym. Rosa warns Santana that C.C. is only using her to play with Sophia, and that Sophia is his one and only true love.
Julia wonders why is Mason making a huge deal about the commemoration of his uncle. Kelly persuades Art Paxton to work with her. Sophia wants Cruz to come to the commemoration with her. Julia learns that the commemoration is only a surprise arranged by Mason, and it's actually their wedding. Julia then disappears.
Lily breaks into C.C.'s bank account and decides to steal $10,000 to pay Ray back, but she eventually changes her mind and decides to gamble by betting all her money on a horse. Warren informs Angela that the commemoration is actually Mason and Julia's wedding. Mason and Julia have a meaningful talk in which Mason promises to become a better person, and Julia forgives him.
February 24 February 25 February 26 February 27 February 28
Mason and Julia finally get married. C.C. is satisfied and he decides to give Mason the position of the president of Capwell Enterprises. Mason and Julia leave on a honeymoon to a lonely island. Lily loses the money at the horse race. Cassandra tells Angela about how much Warren hurt her. Santana makes a scene for C.C. when she learns that he made an appointment with Sophia.
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Angela puts cream on Warren's face, but the moment is ruined when the cream causes a skin reaction. She realizes that Cassandra might have put something in the cream to get revenge. Cruz receives an invitation to meet his old classmates and Kelly convinces him to meet with them. C.C. has a nice dinner with Sophia. Katrina convinces Santana to stay at the mansion and she advises her to have a serious talk with C.C. Santana tells C.C. that she is pregnant.
Lily is desperate when Ray continues to blackmail her to return the money. She goes to Gina's for help, but even she can't help her. She realizes that there's nothing more to do, so she goes to Ted's and finally tells him the entire truth. C.C. feels betrayed after learning about Santana's pregnancy. Mason and Julia enjoy their honeymoon.
Lionel learns that someone stole a large sum of money from his bank account and he thinks it's Gina. He goes to her salon and makes a huge scene about it. Lily persuades Ted to lend her the money to pay off Ray and return the money to Lionel. Lionel is shocked to learn that Lily stole the money, but he forgives her. Cassandra is still keen on fighting for Warren.
Julia isn't happy to learn that Mason wants to work for C.C. again. Angela is convinced that Cassandra poisoned the cream. Warren calls the cosmetics company to learn more about it, and they admit that there were chemicals in the creme. Cruz, Kelly and the children prepare for C.C.'s birthday. Sophia arrives at the party, but her presence makes Santana irritated. She doesn't know if she'll carry C.C.'s child or have an abortion. She is surprised to see C.C.'s comment on her dilemma.

Last appearance of Justin Gocke (Brandon DeMott)
March 2 March 3 March 4 March 5 March 6
Lily realizes that she's falling in love with Ted, but it seems like Ted is only interested in Katrina. Santana thinks about having an abortion, and C.C. doesn't want to have anything to do with her decision, which only insults her. Mason buys Julia a house and everything goes great until Julia meets the staff.
Minx tries to get Lionel and Warren close together. Cassandra continues her revenge against Angela by messing with more cosmetic products. She mixes a few drops of color into Angela's tinge, and her hair color ends up violet. Lily first day in college turns out to be a disaster. C.C. is shocked to hear Gina's demands.
First appearance of Eric Close (Sawyer Walker), and Leslie Ryan (Lisa Fenimore)
Gina learns that Santana is pregnant, and she's worried that this baby might come in way for her little Channing. Angela is keen on getting revenge against Cassandra after her hair turned into violet. Mason offers Kelly a job. Warren dreams that C.C. is his biological father.
Minx asks Angela to come and visit her. They talk about trying to get Lionel and Warren to talk to each other again. Minx warns Angela that Warren might break her heart one day. Gina learns that Sophia still loves C.C. Lily continues having problems in college, caused by her professor.
Mason and Julia continue having problems with their house staff. Santana lies to C.C. about wanting to take a job in Los Angeles, but she actually wants to have an abortion. Rosa is shocked to hear about Santana's plan and she manages to convince her to rethink. Angela invites Minx and Lionel to dinner, and then manages to convince Warren to come too. Cassandra poisons Angela's soup. Lionel ends up taking the soup and he collapses to the floor.
March 9 March 10 March 11 March 12 March 13
Lionel is brought to the hospital after drinking the poisoned soup. Minx instantly realizes that Cassandra poisoned the soup and she confronts her about it. C.C. and Sophia admit their love for each other, but Sophia judges C.C. for the way he's treating Santana's pregnancy.
Lionel and Warren become closer again after the events from Angela's party. Warren refuses to leave the hospital. Minx and Lionel have a talk with Cassandra, trying to persuade her to leave Warren at peace, and Lionel even threatens her with a lawsuit. Kelly is happy to learn about Cruz's upcoming promotion. Julia is freaked out by the possibility that something freaky might be going on around the house.
Lily and Professor James have a conversation with the dean of the college. The dean doesn't believe anything that Lily has to say, but then the Professor admits that Lily's provocative outfit is the reason for their troubles. Ted isn't pleased with Katrina moving to Suzanne's place. Angela wants Warren to live with her, but he changes his mind at the last moment. Gina decides to reward David for doing a good job for her. Cassandra questions David about Angela's past.
Sophia and Santana fight for C.C. Gina questions Julia about financial claims that she can make in the name of her and C.C.'s son. Rafael finds out that he has in illegitimate son named Rafe that will be arriving in Santa Barbara soon and he tries to find out more info about Rafe's mother. Warren accepts a good job proposal to work at the college.

First appearance of Mark McCoy (Ken Mathis)
Lily is surprised to learn that Warren will be her new lecturer in college. Julia is becoming certain that there is a ghost in her house. Cassandra hides a necklace, with the picture of Angela's sister inside, in Angela's bed. Warren is surprised to see Angela's reaction when she finds it. Lily sees Katrina and Ted bathing nude together in the night.
March 16 March 17 March 18 March 19 March 20
Julia and Mason are wondering where did the mysterious picture and the ring come from. They are aware that the house is hunted, but Mason refuses to move out. Lily steals Katrina and Ted's dresses while they are bathing nude. Angela confides in Warren about her sister's death. Cruz attends a police seminar. Kelly visits him at his place and informs him about Santana's pregnancy.
C.C. and Santana are finally both happy about Santana's pregnancy. C.C. receives an earful of insults on the phone from a woman that fighting for Gina's rights. Gina tries to persuade Julia to help her beat C.C. in court, and Julia refuses, but she decides to help her if she ever needs her. Cassandra buys a portrait of David in Angela's gallery.
Mason and Julia freak out when the staff serves them uneatable food. They continue hearing strange sounds from the house, and Julia starts thinking she's going crazy. Cassandra tries to get closer to David. Rafael eagerly waits for the arrival of his son Rafe. C.C. finally decides to be with Santana, which means he's getting a divorce from Sophia.
First appearance of Robert Fontaine Jr. (Rafe Castillo)
Rafael tells Cruz that he has a long lost brother Rafe, a person that Rafael didn't know existed until now. Lily is surprised to learn that Rafe and Tonya are lovers. Vic informs Cruz that Vargas' wife is Rafe's lover. Vargas follows Rafe and attacks him with a knife. Lily hears a shot and when she arrives to the scene of crime, she finds Vargas dead. Warren informs Angela about organizing a reunion with his old classmates.
Mason learns that Julia was giving law advice to Gina, but she wasn't legally allowed to do so. Cassandra tells Angela that she knows her secret. Rafe tries to persuade Lily to help him get to Tonya. Julia and Mason's love life is seriously threatened by the constant mysterious happenings in their house.
March 23 March 24 March 25 March 26 March 27
Tonya admits having a reason to kill her husband. Rafael fears Rafe might die due to the knife wound injury. Minx reveals a secret about Abigail Trent, the person who is haunting Julia and Mason's house. Cassandra drugs David and he admits that both Angela and him caused Angela's sister's death. Cassandra tapes his confession. Cruz is happy to learn that Rafe was released from the police station.
Ted forces Lily to move out of the guest house. Mason confides in C.C. about wanting to have a son. Gina tries to persuade Julia to help her in court, but Julia refuses this time. David puts the tea cup to analysis to learn if Cassandra drugged it or not. Gina makes it clear to C.C. that she won't make any compromises during the trial. Katrina wonders about Ted and Lily's strange friendship.
Cruz is upset when Rafe runs away from the hospital and arrives at his place. David tries to persuade Angela to admit to Warren that Cassandra tried to poison her, but Angela refuses to do so. Ted makes it clear to Lily that he has no interest in her. Meanwhile, it seems like Rafe got his eye of Lily.
Cassandra continues plotting against Angela, as she prepares to reveal the secret about Marilyn's death to the entire Santa Barbara. Sophia worries that Kelly is become too attached to Cruz, and she warns her about it. Warren has a stage fright on the night of his class reunion. Santana finds out that C.C. bought an engagement ring.
C.C. proposes to Santana, but he also admits that he still loves Sophia. Santana is reluctant to accept the proposal, but eventually decides to marry him. Cassandra plots to get both Warren and Angela into a trap, where the truth about Angela's sister's death could finally be revealed.
First appearance of Forry Smith (Reese Walker) and Kim Zimmer (Jodie Walker)
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March 30 March 31 April 1 April 2 April 3
Lily decides to get rid of Katrina during Warren's school reunion, so she locks her into the storeroom. Rafe catches her doing it, and promises to keep her secret if she drops the charges against him. Angela admits to the group of people exactly how her sister died and although people seem to be understanding what happened, she can't forgive herself. Minx is worried about her.
Kelly tries to get closer to Cruz and show him where her feeling are, but he still seems to be bothered by the fact that Kelly is Eden's little sister. C.C. announces to his family that he is going to marry Santana. Sophia doesn't react on it, but C.C.'s children aren't happy with this surprise at all. Cruz persuades Jodie and Reese Walker to move back to Santa Barbara.
Gina uses her charms to seduce David. Rafael tries to persuade Lily to drop the charges against Rafe, but Lily still refuses. Angela can't get rid of the guilt caused by her sister's death, so she breaks up with Warren. Julia and Mason's house continues causing havoc. The cook reveals to the couple that Abigail died on her wedding day in their bed.
At the Oasis, Gina and her feminist group cause a big scene at C.C.'s table. C.C. calls the police and Cruz is forced to arrest Gina. Rafe finally manages to convince Lily to drop the charges against him. Boswell gives Reese a job at the police station.
Julia finds Abigail's diary in the house and is fascinated by the content of it. Lily and Lisa fight when Lily discovers a picture of Lisa and Rafe together. Kelly and Cruz's relationship begins to improve. Julia becomes friends with Jodie, who is still trying to decide if she should move back to Santa Barbara. Gina spends some time in prison.
April 6 April 7 April 8 April 9 April 10
Mason and Julia decide to have a child together. Angela is having hard time dealing with her sister's death. She tells Warren that she wants to leave Santa Barbara. Suzanne tells Mason that she found another picture hidden beneath Abigail's picture. Mason and Julia realize that Abigail's husband had an affair. Warren meets a feminine boy named Troy who is keen on studying in his class.
First appearance of Sydney Penny (B.J. Walker)
Angela falls off the ladder and while being unconscious, a spirit of Marilyn appears to her and advises her to move on with her life and forgive herself. Santana is mad when C.C. wants to give a cradle to Gina. Lily asks Troy to accompany her to a dance competition, but he refuses.
At the dance competition, Lily tries to make Ted jealous by dancing with Rafe. Warren is happy to learn that Angela has decided to stay in town. Gina is still in her prison cell, and she's having problems dealing with her cellmate. Ted is mad to learn that Lily has been spreading rumors of them dating, and he forbids her to continue lying around.
Last appearance of Leslie Ryan (Lisa Fenimore)
Warren tries to convince Cassandra to stop feeling bad about herself. Julia offers Jodie a good job at the police station that includes helping people, and Sawyer encourages Jodie to take the job, which she later gladly accepts. Suzanne meets Lindsay who is fascinated by her. Warren and Troy enter a huge discussion.
Last appearance of Karen Moncrieff (Cassandra Benedict)
Mason and Julia are worried when Samantha starts talking about a friendly ghost in the house. Samantha finds a white rabbit. Lily rejects Rafe's flirting, but Rafe doesn't seem to be the kind of guy to just give up that easy. Reese and Warren's poker games goes out of control, so Angela is forced to intervene.
First appearance of Bridgette Wilson (Lisa Fenimore)
April 13 April 14 April 15 April 16 April 17
Warren is irritated by Reese's claims that Angela is making him do whatever she wants. Samantha goes mad when Mason tells her that they will have to move out of the house. Julia, however, manages to convince him to stay in the house for at least one more week. The ghost starts talking to Julia. Reese persuades Kelly to play a game of strip poker with him. Cruz is confused to see them together.
Reese becomes jealous to learn that his wife Jodie is now working at the police station. Cruz receives presents from an unknown person, and later he finds a man that threatens to commit suicide wired with explosives. Mason tries to burn Abigail's diary after realizing how much fascinated Julia is with it, but the diary seems to be unable to destroy.
Reese and Jodie find out that the man who is threatening Cruz is actually a man from their past who wants to have his revenge. They manage to save Cruz before it's too late. Gina's cellmate in prison turns out to be an actress hired by C.C. to make Gina's life harder. Kelly refuses to attend C.C.'s engagement party.
C.C. admits to David that he hired an actress to play Gina's cellmate, which is all a part of his plan to have Channing for himself. Lily pays Troy for writing her homework. Gina wants to leave the prison as soon as possible. Rafe asks Lily to attend C.C.'s engagement party with him. David and Gina become closer.
Kelly changes her mind and decides to attend C.C.'s engagement party. Rafe is hurt when Lily dances with Ted. Julia is mad to learn that Mason tried to burn Abigail's diary. Gina admits to David that she was only using him. C.C. asks Mason to be his witness at marriage. Samantha and Julia face death when someone turns on the gas in the house. They manage to escape at the last minute.
April 20 April 21 April 22 April 23 April 24
Antonio tells Julia that he forgot to turn off the gas in the house, but she doesn't seem to believe him. Rafe and Lily find out more about Troy's life. Troy is deeply touched when Sawyer brings him food and money. Santana isn't happy to learn that C.C. permitted David and Gina to use his yacht. Warren visits Troy and reads some of his manuscripts. Julia is happy to find missing pages of Abigail's diary.
Katrina and Ted discuss about the family portrait. Lisa and Lily make a truce. Reese is jealous to see Cruz and Jodie talking. Katrina decides to visit Dash. Mason thinks that Julia is pregnant, and he wants to move into another house. Suzanne is restoring a painting of a man who looks like Mason. Shortly after, an unknown woman destroys the painting.
Sawyer's first baseball game in college starts. Reese tries to get Kelly to attend with him. Warren sends his class to write a report on the game. Cruz and Jodie also attend. Reese is very proud of Sawyer. Lisa invites Lily to attend a student association with her, but she refuses. Cruz and Kelly continue to grow closer.
Reese invites Reese's game friends to the Oasis for a few drinks. Warren admits to Angela that he stole a draft of Troy's manuscript to see if the draft is valuable or not. While paying, Reese discovers that his credit card is empty. Sawyer then asks Warren to borrow him some money.
Mason is disappointed to learn that Julia isn't pregnant. Julia fells pressured by her husband and it all leads into a fight which results with Julia sleeping on the couch. Reese confides in Kelly about his jealousy over Cruz and Jodie's friendship. Warren tries to get Troy to give up the streets and move into his house, but Angela is disturbed about the idea of Warren living with a homosexual.
April 27 April 28 April 29 March 30 May 1
Troy moves in Warren's place. Angela doesn't approve of this change and she goes to Minx for advice. The mirror in Julia and Mason's house starts moving and it hits Mason over the head. Julia then receives a message from the ghost, telling her to look for Abigail's daughter and son-in-law. Reese and Jodie blame each other for B.J.'s disappearance. Jodie tells an insecure Reese that she only loves him.
Lisa and Deanne spread rumors around the town about Sawyer being a homosexual, and having a relationship with Troy. Gina and David seem to be in love with each other. Julia asks for Warren's help in locating Abigail's daughter. Mason is fed up with the haunted house and he tries to plan a trip for his family.
Gina leaks info to the local newspaper office about Julia and Mason's house being haunted. Ted learns that Katrina went to see Dash, although he strongly advised her not to go. Suzanne accuses Ted for destroying her painting. Julia decides to find a different way to communicate with the ghosts. Jodie tries to help an abused woman.
Rafe continues trying to seduce Lily, who doesn't seem to be interested in him at all. He makes it clear to her that he is not her boy toy, and she once again rejects him. He steals a car and follows her around. Santana wants Sophia to act around her differently, since she will be the Capwell first lady soon. Jodie manages to persuade her client to accept her help, but she's soon thrown out of the house by the jealous husband.

Last appearance of Henry Darrow (Rafael Castillo)
Lisa invites Lily into her women society, but soon Lily learns that she was sent into a trap when she's approached by a bunch of male students trying to take advantage of her. Rafe rescues her. Santana tries to persuade Rosa to leave her job as a cook, but Rosa refuses. While trying to talk to the ghosts, Gina falls into a trance. Santana feels pain in her stomach.
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May 4 May 5 May 6 May 7 May 8
Santana is brought to the hospital, where she learns that she miscarried. She realizes that there is no longer any reason for her to stick around C.C. and she decides to leave town to make room for C.C. and Sophia. In trance, Gina learns the location of Abigail and Mariah's graves. Cruz and Jodie rescue Lily and Rafe.
First appearance of Christina Brascia (Aurora DeAngelis)
Julia learns that Abigail and Mariah are dead. Gina receives telepathic powers in Mason and Julia's house. Ken shows interest in Sophia. Angela wants Troy to remove himself from Warren's life. Mason tries to convince Julia to go on a trip with him, but she refuses his suggestion.
Katrina returns to Santa Barbara. C.C. and Santana's engagement is officially broken. Angela believes that Troy fell in love with Warren. Julia is keen on finally revealing all the secrets in the house. Mason believes that Julia's obsession is ruining their marriage.
Julia discovers Mariah's grave and finds a flower next to it which reminds her of something. Reese, Jodie and Kelly visits Santana at the hospital. B.J. is brought there too, and she watches her parents from afar. Julia has an encounter with a mysterious woman. Jodie continues helping the abused woman.
Rafe's attempt to win over Lily finally seem to be having an effect. Cruz visits his Indian ancestors to learn more about himself and his relationship with Kelly. Sawyer shows interest in boxing, but Reese tries to talk him out of it, because Sawyer has a scholarship for playing baseball. Jodie finds B.J. in the hospital.
First appearance of Thaao Penghlis (Dr. Micah DeAngelis)
May 11 May 12 May 13 May 14 May 15
Kelly tries to regain her friendship with Jodie who still seems to be jealous about the fact that she thought Kelly and Reese were having an affair. Jodie awaits for B.J. to celebrate her birthday. Sawyer meets a strange girl in the park. B.J. finally tells Warren that she's a woman, and Warren takes it as a huge shock. Cruz decides to be with Kelly.
Lionel babysits while Gina is having fun with David. After realizing that Gina is giving him no attention, Lionel hires a call girl and goes to meet her. B.J. tries to explain to Warren why she had to disguise herself as a boy. Lisa tries to make life harder for Lily because she thinks that she's the one to blame for her parents separation. Angela surprises Warren just as he hugs B.J.
Samantha and Julia meet a man named Disgrazia in the train. The train leaves too early, so Mason misses it. Mr. Disgrazia questions them about the ghosts stories and then he tries to find out more about the stories from Samantha, as it seems like he knows Abigail. C.C. isn't fond of Cruz and Kelly's relationship.
C.C. arranges a dinner party for Santana and invites Kelly, but he forbids her to bring Cruz. Both C.C. and Santana are surprised when Sophia arrives with Ken. Jodie and Reese arrange a party for B.J.'s 19th birthday. An angry Reese learns that B.J. was living with Warren for awhile.
At the party in the Oasis, C.C. is angry to see Cruz and Kelly displaying their affection for one another. Jodie receives mysterious phone calls and she refuses to take them seriously, but soon she realizes it's Ramon. Mr. Marcus Disgrazia continues talking about the house with Julia and Samantha. He tells them that he knows Micah personally. Samantha suddenly stops breathing, so Dr. Disgrazia steps in to help her.
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May 18 May 19 May 20 May 21 May 22
Angela is having problems with Warren, who seems to be concentrated on B.J. He explains that he is only concerned about B.J.'s writing skills, but Angela doesn't believe him. Reese questions Warren about why he let B.J. live with him and then goes on to ask him how was it possible that he didn't realize B.J. was a woman.
Dr. Disgrazia manages to save Samantha's life. Julia decides to take a break from the trip, and she returns to Santa Barbara. Gina is shocked to find out that C.C. wants to fight for the custody of Channing. B.J. forms a friendship with Rafe.
C.C. makes a business arrangement with a Japanese businessman. Lionel overhears their conversation and decides to help Gina. Gina suspects that David is working for C.C., so she trashes his apartment. Rafe asks B.J. to attend a summer party with him because Lily is going with Ted, but B.J. rejects the offer. Aurora tells Sawyer that she doesn't want to see him again.
The hospital recommends using Dr. Marcus Disgrazia as Samantha's doctor, and although Mason has problems with that, he decides to do what's best for his daughter. However, he runs a background check on the mysterious doctor. Angela wants Warren to come to Hawaii with her, only to try and make him forget about B.J., but Warren refuses to leave town. Minx intends to suggest B.J. for the Lockridge scholarship. Jodie convinces Boswell to let her work on the Ramon case.
Ramon beats up her wife again and she ends up in the hospital. Jodie worries that something might happen to her client's children, so she decides to take matter in her own hands and secure the kids. However, this only brings her into danger. The summer party at the university kicks off with a beauty contest.
May 25 May 26 May 27 May 28 May 29
Sawyer and Rafe have a huge fight at the summer party. Lily wins the beauty contest and chooses Rafe as her man, but Rafe refuses to be Lily's guy. He tells her it's too late. Reese and Cruz are worrying about Jodie. On her way out of the apartment, Jodie encounters Ramon.
After the party, Sawyer wakes up in Lisa's bed. Reese worries about B.J.'s safety because she's home alone. Ramon arrives at the Walker place and starts molesting B.J. Reese arrives at the right time to protect his daughter. Jodie and Connie's children are hiding at Kelly's place.
Samantha is diagnosed with Sholen Syndrome. Dr. Marcus decides to use a new unapproved technique to cure her. C.C. tries to convince Santana to stay in Santa Barbara, but she refuses to listen to him, and she leaves to New York. Sophia and Ken returns from their romantic trip in San Francisco, and Ken worries that Sophia might return to C.C.

Last appearance of Wanda DeJesus (Santana Andrade)
Jodie persuades Connie to leave Ramon, take her children and move into the house for abused women. Connie does so, but the house is soon put on fire. Gina and Lionel try to make a business deal with the Japanese businessman, Mr. Taksan, with the intention of buying C.C.'s shares, but before they can make any arrangements, Mr. Taksan passes away. Suzanne restores the mysterious painting and recognizes Dr. Disgrazia.
June 1 June 2 June 3 June 4 June 5
University students and friends gather to watch the boxing match between Rafe and Sawyer. Sawyer is disappointed to see that Aurora didn't come, and Rafe uses it as his advantage. Aurora suddenly arrives later and Sawyer immediately wins the fight. Suzanne is attacked by a mysterious person at Julia and Mason's house and she falls off a cliff. Julia, Marcus and Mason find her and take her to the hospital. The painting of Dr. Disgrazia (as Micah) disappears.
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The abused women shelter counts 12 fire victims. Jodie feels responsible for everything that happened, and she knows that Ramon is the one who put up the fire. She reminisces about a similar case she had in Florida. Sawyer celebrates his boxing victory over Rafe, and Aurora kisses him. Gina and Lionel's plan to bring down C.C. continues as they convince the Taksan sons to sign their shares to them.
Reese wonders if Gina had anything to do with Taksan's death. Dreyfuss arrives and Marcus immediately leaves. Mason trusts that Dreyfuss will somehow help him resolve all the mysteries. Meanwhile, Disgrazia has the intention to kill Suzanne.
Cruz steps into the room while Disgrazia tries to suffocate Suzanne with a pillow, but he doesn't realize what the man was about to do. Katrina and Julia show Cruz the message that Suzanne received and which lured her to the cliff. Julia realizes that the message was typed using the typewriter in her study room, and then she informs Cruz that only her, Mason and Disgrazia had the access to it.
Kelly comforts Jodie, who is mourning over Connie and her children. It comes to a great shock when Connie appears on her doorstep. Ramon manages to find out where Connie is. Jodie has no proof that Ramon caused the fire, so she's forced to let him go. Lionel proposes to Gina and she accepts.
June 8 June 9 June 10 June 11 June 12
As a marriage present, Lionel makes Gina president of Santak, and she enjoying in her new role and power over the Capwell business. C.C. is shocked to find out about this. Suzanne is still in a coma. Katrina finds a message that has written "Marcus" in blood, and she suspects it might have been Suzanne who tried to warn them about the doctor.
Marcus wants to operate on Suzanne, or she will die. Julia tries to prevent him, realizing who Marcus actually is. She reveals him as Micah DeAngelis, the suspected murderer of Mariah and Abigail. Warren teaches his class about sex and AIDS.
C.C. shows Gina her new office and then gives her a load of job to do, so she'd admit that it's too much work for her. B.J. and Angela fight over the article that, in B.J.'s mind, offends women. On the other hand, C.C. seems to love the article. Warren decides to skip B.J. and concentrate on Angela. Sophia learns from Ken that Santana won't marry C.C. Micah bids farewell to Aurora and leaves a serum for Samantha.
Using cheap tricks, Richard Landers wins the scholarship in front of B.J., to whom the award was originally meant to go. Lisa is jealous of Lily. Rafe puts together a plan. Reese tries to convince Sawyer to give up boxing. He tries to scare him by talking big of his next opponent.
B.J. disappointment over losing the scholarship is put aback when her father informs her that he sent one of the articles to the New York Journal, who are thinking of publishing it. Sawyer tries to take Aurora home, but she refuses to go. Julia questions Suzanne about the identity of her attacker.
June 15 June 16 June 17 June 18 June 19
Sawyer is worried when Aurora continues acting strangely in their relationship. He admires her approach to the relationship, but he isn't sure why she is like that way. Cruz wants to take Disgrazia to the police station. Suzanne is having nightmares.
After spending the night together, Jodie and Reese discuss their marriage. He explains how he always considered Cruz a rival. A friend named Frank visits them. The Capwells are organizing a charity. Minx is shocked when Lionel brings Gina and her child to live with them.
B.J. arranges a special dinner to thank Warren for his support, but the dinner is ruined when Jodie and Reese decide to throw her a surprise party. Frank appears at the party and it becomes obvious that he molested B.J. when she was a child. Angela doesn't succeed in attracting Warren. Aurora's grandmother knocks down Sawyer in order to protect her granddaughter.
Julia lies in a coma after getting affected by the Sholen Syndrome. Dr. Gordon gives no hope for recovery. C.C. and Aurora demand that Mason goes to Micah and gets the serum that he used on Samantha, but Mason refuses, claiming that Micah might have infected Julia with the virus. Sawyer is imprisoned in Aurora's bedroom. Warren selects Lily paper to be published in the newspapers.
Micah is arrested for trying to murder Julia after the tests show that his serum contains poison strychnine. Sawyer is still locked in with Aurora. Micah claims that Abby is actually Aurora, and Aurora doesn't know what to believe. B.J. worries about Sawyer's safety. A desperate Mason fears that Julia might die.
June 22 June 23 June 24 June 25 June 26
Cruz realizes that Micah could not have been the one who injected poison in Julia, and he explains how the clues lead to someone else. Micah tells Sawyer and Aurora about Mariah and Abby's accident. Micah opens Abby's coffin and realizes that it's empty. Cruz finds a cape in Abigail's trunk. Julia disappears.
Micah turns out the be the person who kidnapped Julia. He decides to cure her using his serum. Frank continues molesting B.J. Lily and Lisa fight for Rafe's affection. Angela wants to break off her relationship with Warren, but he manages to talk her out of it.
Lisa tells Rafe that she's pregnant and he, although he obviously loves Lily, decides to stand by Lisa. Lily feels betrayed when Rafe starts concentrating on Lisa. Micah cures Julia. Angela makes love with Ted while Katrina waits for him at home.
Warren and B.J. continue searching for Aurora and Sawyer. They are surprised by a storm and have to find a shelter. They kiss. Sawyer and Aurora rent a room in a motel. Abigail Beckwith appears at the police station and claims that her granddaughter was kidnapped. Cruz finds Micah's location.
Ted and Angela are shocked to wake up next to each other, and they both think of ways to cover it in front of their loved ones. Rafe, Lisa and Elaine apply for a job at Capwell Enterprises during the holidays. C.C. thinks it's a good idea and decides to give them their jobs. Rafe convinces Lisa to take a pregnancy test to find out if she actually is pregnant or not. Minx believes that Lionel and Gina's marriage will be a catastrophe.
June 29 June 30 July 1 July 2 July 3
Lionel talks to C.C. about his intention to adopt Channing once he marries Gina, and C.C. doesn't take the news as a good thing. Rafe continues thinking about Lisa's pregnancy. He is against abortion, but he suggests Lisa should try taking the pregnancy test.
Chip isn't happy to learn about Cruz and Kelly's intention to get married, as he still hopes his mother might return home one day. Reese continues investigating the Geisha case and all tracks lead to Gina. He arrests Gina on the day of her marriage. Cruz questions Aurora about Micah, and she claims he's a good father.
Gina escapes before Reese can arrest her for being the Geisha. Angela wants to know if Warren wants to marry her, and Ted questions Katrina about the same thing. Both Warren and Katrina don't respond well to the proposal. At the Oasis, Mason arranges a stage play to entertain Julia. Gina manages to find a way back to the Oasis, where a real priest finally marries her to Lionel.

Last appearance of John Beck (David Raymond)
Pre-empted - Wimbledon coverage Pre-empted - Wimbledon coverage
July 6 July 7 July 8 July 9 July 10
Chip continues rejecting Kelly as his mother's replacement. At the hospital, Lionel fears that he might die, and he asks Warren to help Gina out of prison. He wants to finally marry her. Reese and Jodie throw another party for B.J., this time for her success as a writer. Cruz notices that Warren and B.J. are very close.
Julia is keen on helping Micah get his freedom, so she pays his bail and offers to be his lawyer in court. Aurora tells Sawyer about the sum of money that she'll receive once she turns 18. Abigail claims that Sawyer only wants Aurora's money, and that Micah might kill Aurora before her birthday. Jodie takes care of an ill Chip.
Warren invites Ted and Katrina to the Oasis. The Walker continue celebrating B.J.'s article success, and Frank continues taunting B.J. She claims that he intentionally deleted her article on child abuse and then she runs away. Warren tries to find her.
Lily wants to sleep with Rafe although she knows that Lisa is pregnant, but Rafe refuses to do it. Lisa makes it very clear to Rafe that she knows about his feelings for Lily. Ken tells Kelly and Sophia the story of his life. Reese tells Kelly that Cruz might be B.J.'s father. Gina and Minx have a fight over Lionel.
It's the night before Aurora's 18th birthday. Aurora is shocked to see her grandmother Abigail moving her legs, and Abigail claims that she faked her paralysis only to get more time with her granddaughter. She then mysteriously disappears. Aurora leaves her party to visit her mother's tomb, and both Micah and Sawyer accompany her there. Abigail surprises them at the graveyard and threatens them with an axe. Suzanne identifies Abigail as her attacker.
July 13 July 14 July 15 July 16 July 17
Abigail threatens to kill Aurora with the axe. Julia hears Mariah's voice telling her that Abigail was the one who messed with the breaks on her car and caused the accident. Kelly tells Jodie that Reese thinks B.J. might be Cruz's daughter. Cruz feels weird to learn about it. B.J. is mad at Frank for causing so much pain in her life.
C.C. tries to regain Sophia's trust, but she makes it clear that no gifts will ever bring them back together and that she loves Ken. B.J. leaves her home, fearing that Frank might do something to her, and she asks Angela and Warren to sleep on their couch. Jodie assures Cruz that he isn't B.J.'s father.
Lily informs Lionel and Gina that Lisa is pregnant. Lionel advises her to stay with Rafe if she really loves him. Lily interrupts Rafe and Rafael's conversation and tells Rafe that she will stay with him no matter what happens. Micah arranges a trip to Rome for Aurora and himself. Sawyer wants Aurora to stay home. Rafe tells Lisa that he will take care of her, but that he loves Lily. Lisa threatens to have an abortion.

First appearance of Castulo Guerra (Rafael Castillo)
Lisa threatens Rafe with an abortion, so he accepts to marry her. Lisa's father is shocked to hear about this, because he doesn't want his daughter to get married to Rafe. Reese realizes that Gina is innocent, but he continues questioning about Taksan's death. Warren is impressed to hear B.J.'s story about child abuse and he offers her a permanent job.
Last appearance of Terri Garber (Suzanne Collier)
Although Lionel warned her not to, Gina meets with the Taksan brothers, trying to make them go against each other, but her plan fails. The brothers are about to poison Gina when Lionel arrives. Lily asks the stars above to help her get Rafe. Lisa breaks off any connection to her father and Rafe agrees to marry her the next day. Reese and Jodie have a huge fight that ends up with Reese throwing Jodie out of the house.
July 20 July 21 July 22 July 23 July 24
Cruz finds Jodie sleeping at the police station and he brings her home. Reese takes this as a new sing of her unfaithfulness. Warren reads B.J.'s manuscript about child abuse and is absolutely thrilled about it. He tries to track down the girl that B.J. is writing about, but he can't find her. Cruz finds the name of the girl tattooed on Frank's shoulder.
It's Rafe and Lisa's wedding day. Richard hires a fake priest to marry them and doesn't tell anyone about it. A sad Lily watches the ceremony. Sawyer learns that Micah intends to stay in Santa Barbara with Aurora. B.J. has a serious talk with Frank. Cruz feels like Frank is somehow guilty for the troubles in Reese and Jodie's marriage.
Kelly thinks that C.C. is trying to get rid of Cruz by giving him an amazing job opportunity out of Santa Barbara. The first part of B.J.'s abuse story comes out and Cruz comes to a conclusion about it. C.C. and Gina makes plans to get a job for Ken that might force him to leave town.

Last appearance of Brandon Farmer (Chip Castillo) and Chase Sanders (Adriana Castillo)
Lily helps Gina put her plan to promote Gina Jeans in motion. Tyrone comforts a sad Lily and then later reveals that he's a famous designer. Cruz manages to convince B.J. to admit that she was abused as a child and he learns that Frank was the person who abused her. Cruz tries to get a hold of himself while talking to Frank. Mason persuades Julia to have one more child.
Angela creates a doubt in Warren's mind by talking about B.J.'s child abuse story. Warren confronts B.J. about the real identity of Rachel Ann. B.J. tells Sawyer that she's in love with Warren. Gina offers Ken to become a partner of her company. Frank confesses to Cruz that he abused B.J. as a child, and he even offers to tell the truth to the Walker. However, he later sets a trap for Cruz and Jodie.
July 27 July 28 July 29 July 30 July 31
Angela realizes that she has no future with Warren because he only thinks and spends time with B.J. Cruz and Jodie disappear without a trace, and Reese takes this as a sign of their affair. Kelly finds Reese's speculation absurd. At the same time, Cruz and Jodie are being kept hostage at an old warehouse.
Katrina confesses her story about Dash to Angela, who then tells Ted that Katrina is still seeing Dash. Ted turns to Angela for comfort. B.J. asks Reese to find Cruz and Jodie, who are still missing.
Gina is shocked to learn that her marriage to Lionel is no longer just a business strategy, as she realizes that she loves him. Lionel takes her behavior as a good sign and decides to make her jealous. Sawyer and Aurora continue bonding. Cruz and Jodie are still being held hostage. Kelly questions B.J.
Kelly realizes that Frank might have something to do with Cruz and Jodie's disappearance and talks to Reese about it, but he finds the idea absurd. Tyrone and Gina introduce Rafe to Lily. Warren lets Angela go.
Although he doesn't believe what Kelly said, Reese promises to help her find Cruz and Jodie, and both Sawyer and Warren join their search. Cruz and Jodie are trying to free themselves before the die. Jodie finally tells Cruz that B.J. is his daughter. Meanwhile, B.J. fools Frank into thinking that she loves him and wants to go away with him.
August 3 August 4 August 5 August 6 August 7
Lionel tries to apologize to Gina, but she won't listen to him. Jodie and Cruz are still trying to free themselves. B.J. convinces Frank that she loves him and that she will go away with him, but only in one condition-to see Cruz and her mother. Frank, reluctantly, agrees.
Frank and B.J. arrive at the warehouse where Frank is holding Jodie and Cruz hostage. Carefully, B.J. lets Jodie and Cruz know about her plan to make Frank think she loves him. Unfortunately, Frank overhears their conversation.
Lionel challenges C.C. to a duel dressed like a knight, and C.C. makes fun of his childish attitude. Although Lionel made the whole funny scene, C.C. lets him know that he will give him the permission to adopt the baby. Reese finds out about where Jodie and Cruz are being held from a homeless man, and then the rescue search begins. Reese manages to save Jodie and returns to pick up an injured Cruz. Kelly and Jodie are convinced that it's all okay now, but soon the warehouse explodes.
After the explosion, Reese manages to get himself and an injured Cruz out of the warehouse, and they are taken to a hospital, where Cruz admits to Kelly that he is B.J.'s father. Meanwhile, B.J. is being held hostage at a motel by Frank. Sawyer and Warren find Frank in a diner, and they make a waitress get him drunk.
Cruz's health is getting worse by the minute. He is, however, determined to help his daughter. Rafael, C.C. and Kelly are having hard time trying to keep Cruz in the hospital. Sawyer, Reese and Jodie finally hunt down Frank, and they find B.J. in the motel room. Sawyer confronts Frank in the desert.
August 10 August 11 August 12 August 13 August 14
Angela thinks she might be the one to blame for the explosion of the warehouse, so she asks C.C. for help. Sawyer and Frank are fighting in the desert. Later, Reese, Warren and Jodie find a dead Frank lying in the desert.
With Gina's help, C.C. makes Ken go away to Hong Kong, so he'd be able to seduce Sophia without getting disturbed. Connor McCabe investigates the death of Frank Goodman, and the prime suspects are Sawyer, Reese, Jodie, Cruz and Warren.
First appearance of Charles Grant (Connor McCabe)
Jodie and Reese are in disbelief that Sawyer might have murdered Frank. Kelly tells Cruz that she loves him, and that she'll stand by his side no matter what happens. B.J. has a nightmare of Warren, Reese, Jodie and Sawyer killing Frank together.
Julia is in charge as the D.A. of the Frank Goodman murder case. She asks Mason to take Sawyer's side in the case. The time goes by, and it's clear that Sawyer is the only suspect. Aurora is helping her friend.
Ted visits Angela to inform her that he is going to marry Katrina. Warren surprises them when he storms out of the closet, and then tells Angela that the police got a hint on the warehouse, and Angela realizes this might be Ted's work. B.J. visits Cruz at the hospital and tries to find out what Jodie told him, but Cruz doesn't say anything about B.J. being his daughter.

Last appearance of Russell Curry (Vic Boswell)
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August 17 August 18 August 19 August 20 August 21
The family arranges a welcome party for Cruz, who just got out of the hospital. Rafe wonders why Lisa shows no sings of pregnancy. Jodie and Reese are desperately trying to make B.J. get help from someone. Also, Jodie has to deal with the fact that Reese isn't B.J.'s father. Katrina wonders where has Ted disappeared.
Angela handcuffs Ted to the bed and leaves. Ted manages to dial Lily's number with his feet, and she comes to his rescue. Reese continues trying to find Frank's real murderer, and he even starts suspecting Warren might have something to do with it. The first hearing starts, and Sawyer can be released by bail. However, McCabe arrives at just in time to let the judge know that Sawyer's family planned to flee with Sawyer, so the court decides to not let Sawyer out.
Aurora makes her father offer help to the Walkers. Gina makes a scene in the public when she suspects C.C. and Sophia might be having an affair.
Ted has managed to handcuff Angela to the bed. She demands that he releases her but her pleas don't mean much to him. He is determined to put her through the same agony he went through. Mason and Julia are discussing Sawyer's case when Aurora comes over asking to see Sawyer. C.C. and Sophia are passionately kissing in the bedroom when she suddenly pulls away from the feelings of guilt she has in betraying Ken. B.J. tells Warren that she loves him and tries to get him to admit it too.
First appearance of Krista Tesreau (Andi Klein)
Ted tries to convince Katrina to elope with him. She is baffled by his sudden haste, but he insists that he loves her and cannot bear to lose her. She finally gives in and they head out to a small chapel in Nevada. Meanwhile, Connor is irate to find Sawyer gone. Cruz says that B.J has no part of it and that he has no clue as to how Sawyer escaped. Connor doubts Cruz's word and believes that Cruz is the mastermind behind the escape.
August 24 August 25 August 26 August 27 August 28
Ted demands to know why Warren and Angela are at their wedding. Angela informs him that they are getting married too. A drunk Warren cannot concentrate on the impending nuptials while a determined Angela tries to keep him focused. Julia and Mason are pressuring Micah to accept the job as Chief of Surgery when they are interrupted by Lily bearing the news of Sawyer's escape with Aurora. This greatly upsets Micah. Jodie goes to check up on B.J. who is acting particularly cold towards her.
Ken is lounging in bed with Andi, his mistress. They talk about the scam he is pulling down in California and how much it is going to pay off. He then hands her a piece of jewelry that C.C gave to Sophia a while ago. Unannounced, C.C shows up at Sophia's to find her packing. She tells him that she's flying to Hong Kong to surprise Ken. She tells C.C that she is very upset with him for trying to seduce her. She says that she is madly in love with Ken and that she may even consider marrying him.
Gina and Lionel awake from their night of passion. She jumps out in horror at what had transpired between them. She pushes Lionel away saying that sex was not part of their deal. She tells him that it can never happen again. Gina explains that sex had ruined all of her relationships in the past and she does not want to ruin the good thing she has going with Lionel. Jodie tries her best to explain to B.J. her reasons for telling Warren to stay away from her, but B.J turns a deaf ear. She informs her parents that she intends to move out.
Gina wants to take Lily as a model to a fashion show and Lily gladly accepts it, but Lisa makes Webster take her instead. Aurora and Sawyer escape to Philadelphia. Sophia flies to Hong Kong to surprise Ken, who is spending time with his mistress.
Cruz thinks B.J. might have murdered Frank. McCabe makes Micah realize that Aurora is now an accomplice in crime after she escaped with Sawyer, and Micah immediately decides to find Frank's real murderer. Mason and Julia realize that Julia isn't pregnant, so Julia suggests Mason should visit Dr. Zieman to find out what is wrong.
August 31 September 1 September 2 September 3 September 4
Katrina and Ted end up in a hospital after the accident, and Ted immediately tries to escape from the hospital disguised as a doctor, and find Angela. Meanwhile, Angela ends up at Dolly's with amnesia. Dolly decides to give her a job as a waitress. McCabe wants to put B.J. on a lie detector test.
Warren asks an old friend named Skyler to make a therapy session with B.J., and the man agrees. B.J. agrees to the idea, but only if Warren will be with her. At the session, the doctor asks them to stay at his place overnight. Ted and C.C. find Angela at the Desert Inn and bring her back to the hospital. Then C.C. brings Angela home, where Katrina and Ted are trying to help her remember. Sawyer and Aurora manage to escape from the police. Micah is worried about Angela.
First appearance of Stephen Nichols (Dr. Skyler Gates)
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C.C. is upset when Sophia and Ken attend a another trip together. Sophia is impressed by a young woman on the plane and decides to hire her, but she has no idea it's Ken's mistress Andi. Cruz is working hard on the Goodman case. Ted is taking care of Angela.
Gina suspects Lionel is having dinner with Sophia, so she immediately cancels her plans, and starts worrying. B.J. undergoes therapy with Skyler. Cruz finds traces of gunpowder on B.J.'s dress.
Mason and Julia learn that Mason is sterile, and that's why they can't have children. Cruz, Warren, B.J. and the rest of the Walkers attend a therapy session at Skyler's. After having a discussion with Skyler, Cruz decides to destroy the evidence against his daughter, and is ready to go to jail instead of her.
September 7 September 8 September 9 September 10 September 11
Warren is struggling with his feelings for B.J. Although Kelly doesn't want this to happen, Cruz is ready to go to prison instead of his daughter. Ted finally tells Katrina about the affair with Angela.
Lionel is still trying to make Gina jealous. Ken calms down a jealous Andi. C.C. informs Sophia about an unknown woman that was visiting Ken's hotel room in Hong Kong, but Sophia doesn't believe him. Ty is ill, so Rafe decides to take over his job for awhile in Cleveland.
Rafe pretends to be Ty Mitchell to get the deal with Stapleton, and although it seems like he won't succeed, he impresses the people and they even send a dinner to his hotel room. Andi hates the idea of Ken marrying Sophia to get her money.
C.C. wants to send Angela and Ted to Texas to a doctor that could help Angela regain his memory, but Ted isn't as happy about it, as he obviously doesn't want Angela to remember the past. Cruz and Kelly are planning to run away together, but first Cruz wants to write a letter of confession to murdering Frank Goodman.
Mason, Julia, Reese, Jodie, B.J. and Warren are saying goodbye to Cruz and Kelly, who are about to leave Santa Barbara. Reese and Jodie find the letter of confession Cruz wrote. On the airport, Cruz refuses to take Kelly with him and then leaves Santa Barbara alone.
Last appearance of A Martinez (Cruz Castillo)
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September 14 September 15 September 16 September 17 September 18
McCabe brings a distraught Kelly back home, and asks her if Cruz is really Frank's murderer. Kelly avoids the topic and talks about something else, and McCabe realizes what the truth actually is. Jodie doesn't believe that Cruz murdered Frank, but Reese has his suspicions.
Ken proposes to Sophia. C.C. interrupts them and takes Sophia to comfort Kelly. Angela is starting to regain her memory. Katrina witnesses a close moment between Angela and Ted. Sophia tells C.C. that she intends to marry Ken. Warren wants B.J. to continue her therapy. B.J. learns about Cruz's confession.
Sophia has definitely decided to marry Ken. Aurora and Sawyer find work and an apartment in Boston. Gina surprises Lily and Rafe in bed, and then blames Lily for not taking care of Gina Jeans.
Ted confesses his affair with Angela to Katrina, and she breaks off their engagement immediately. Rafe confesses to Lisa about the affair he was having with Lily, and then Lisa pretends to having a miscarriage. McCabe believes Cruz isn't the real murderer, and then later he watches Kelly sipping ashes (which contain the remains of B.J.'s dress Cruz destroyed) on the beach.
C.C. throws a party in Micah's honor. McCabe arrives at the party uninvited, and then presents new proof in the Frank Goodman case. Lisa pretends to be having a miscarriage and blames Rafe for everything. Jodie is having a nervous breakdown. C.C. tries to convince Ken not to marry Sophia.

Last appearance of Castulo Guerra (Rafael Castillo)
September 21 September 22 September 23 September 24 September 25
On Micah's honor party, Reese tries to find out from Kelly why Cruz left town. C.C. gives Ken money to get away from Sophia. Micah is treating Jodie's migraine. Warren catches McCabe spying near Kelly's desk, and then later realizes that B.J. must have been the person that murdered Frank. B.J. is hurt by seeing Warren and Angela together.
Minx is having a dinner party with Gina, Lionel, Judge Shorter and Camilla. Lionel and Gina can't stop fighting. Minx and Judge Shorter attend C.C.'s party, where the Judge suddenly dies. Sophia tells C.C. that Ken is keen on marrying her instantly. Warren saves B.J. from drowning.
Without much success, C.C. tries to prevent Sophia getting married to Ken. While C.C. and Angela comfort each other due to their bad love life, Sophia finally marries Ken. B.J. stabs Warren in the shoulder. Sawyer is determined to earn money by boxing. Aurora is frightened by his crazy idea.
McCabe suspects B.J. as Frank's murderer, and then connects the fact that she is Cruz's daughter to the fact that Cruz claimed to be the murderer only to protect his daughter. Warren, who has seen a videotape of B.J.'s therapy session, is also convinced that she killed Frank. B.J. has no memory of what happened. Warren, therefore, decides to hide B.J. Julia is determined to get Judge Shorter's spot.
Angela and C.C. are getting closer, and it's arousing Ted's jealousy. B.J. is shocked about what she did to Warren, who then invites her to go to San Francisco with him. Kelly tells Jodie that Cruz burned B.J.'s dress to protect her from being convicted. Reese has decided to prove that B.J. isn't Cruz's daughter by making a DNA test.
September 28 September 29 September 30 October 1 October 2
A Democrat Julia and a Republican Mason compete as candidates for the judge spot. Reese is crushed when Jodie confesses that B.J. is actually Cruz's daughter. He ends up drunk at a bar, where he meets Andi.
Reese leaves Jodie. Mason and Julia inform the press about their candidature. Lionel and Gina continue fighting, as Gina threatens to go away to Monte Carlo, and Lionel threatens to go away with Camilla.
Lisa makes Lily swear that she'll leave Rafe alone. Meanwhile, Rafe is trying to come to a conclusion concerning Lisa's miscarriage. Ken and Sophia return from their honeymoon, and find their place trashed. Ken leaves for another adventure with his mistress. Sophia wants Julia to change her will and leave everything to Ken.
B.J. and Warren travel to San Francisco to remove B.J. from the crime investigation. Aurora and Sawyer are in a financing crisis, and things get worse when Sawyer's coach realizes Sawyer is hiding from something.
Ted and C.C. try to convince Katrina to stay in Santa Barbara, but she has had enough of Ted, and is ready to leave. She flies to Germany with a break in St. Louis for a farewell from Dash. Kelly persuades Doctor Skyler to help her get through her love problems. B.J. is put under arrest.

Last appearance of Maria Ellingsen (Katrina Ruyker)
October 5 October 6 October 7 October 8 October 9
Ted makes wrong assumptions while seeing Angela and C.C. in an embrace, and confronts his father about it. B.J. is arrested under suspicion of murdering Frank Goodman. Lily is desperate to see her mother ruining her love for Lionel. C.C. tells Angela he is interested in her.
Ted decides to leave Santa Barbara for awhile, and tries to persuade Lily to accompany him. C.C. tries to seduce Angela, but she says she's already taken. B.J. is having hard time in prison.
B.J. is being brought to the prosecutor earlier than expected, and Warren does not know anything about. He persuades Angela to convince C.C. to help B.J., but Angela suggests they should look at Mason's for help. Lily decides to leave with Ted. Sophia informs Ken that she included him in her will. Kelly talks about her tragic love stories to Skyler.
Skyler goes out to dinner with Minx. B.J. and Warren arrive there too. Skyler and B.J. enter a discussion about B.J.'s therapy, and how she feels betrayed by him. Warren and Skyler work on helping out B.J. McCabe asks Kelly out. Angela and C.C. are flirting. Lily and Ted end up together on a lonely island.
Skyler and Warren visit a motel B.J. was in before Frank's murder, to try to find out more info. B.J. surprises them there. Micah and Jodie go together to Boston to find their children and bring them back home.
October 12 October 13 October 14 October 15 October 16
Andi flirts with Reese. Lily and Ted realize that they are not alone on their island. Ken surprises Sophia by decorating her apartment, and she is happy about it until she sees a scorpion in the room and ends up taking a tranquilizer from Ken, which is actually a sleeping pill. Ken goes away to meet Andi.
At their skiing place, Lionel and Gina continue making each other jealous by using Camilla and Stapleton, but they don't go too far, because they really love each other. B.J. undergoes hypnosis to remember more stuff about the night of Frank's murder. Ken continues his affair. McCabe and Kelly help a hurt Sophia.
Lily and Ted are on the island of Boratunga. Micah and Jodie are still searching for Sawyer and Aurora. A private detective is following them by Carla's orders. Angela and C.C. go searching for Ted.
Mason and Julia fight for the position of the judge on a TV show. B.J. fires her lawyer and decides to hire a woman instead. Warren suggests taking Julia, and Julia gladly accepts the offer because she knows Mason will be the judge. Gina and Lionel are getting closer. Micah kisses Jodie, and then later explains that he did it to fool a detective that has been following them around. They later find Aurora and Sawyer.
B.J. despises Reese for believing that she killed Frank. Reese admits to Warren that he isn't B.J.'s father and the reveals that it's actually Cruz. Julia accepts to defend B.J. in court. Kelly realizes Ken is having an affair with Andi, so she asks McCabe to investigate Ken.
October 19 October 20 October 21 October 22 October 23
Angela and C.C. leave to Boratunga. Angela is jealous when Ted and Lily pretend to be in love. Julia explains her plans to defend B.J. on trial. Ken gives Sophia a sleeping pill so he could visit Andi.
Gina and Lionel return home happy. Micah and Jodie bring their kids back home. Sawyer refuses to admit to Jodie that he witnessed what happened to Frank on the night he was killed, and he claims he hadn't seen B.J. there. Micah realizes he's lying.
Kelly and B.J. are surprised when they visit a meeting of abused children. McCabe visits Rosa to obtain more details about the party. He finds the scissors that B.J. nearly used to stab Warren. Sawyer is quite sure he saw B.J. on the night Frank was killed.
McCabe decides to drop the charges against Sawyer, but only if he admits what he had seen on the night Frank was murdered. B.J. is shocked when Sawyer admits he witnessed the night of the murder, but later she remembers seeing him. She persuades Sawyer to testify in court. Carla shows Micah the picture of him kissing Jodie and asks for an explanation.
Jodie and Reese are fighting, and Reese is keen on ending their marriage after seeing the pictures of Jodie and Micah kissing. Warren prepares B.J. to testify in court. Rafe upsets Lily by arriving in Boratunga. He then realizes she's there with Ted.
October 26 October 27 October 28 October 29 October 30
Sawyer is feeling troubled after testifying against B.J. in court, but others are convincing him that he did the right thing. Jodie wants Micah to explain to Reese that the picture of them kissing was harmless. B.J. freezes when Warren questions her about the details of the night Frank was murdered, so the judge is forced to expand the trial.
On Boratunga, the natives are celebrating some kind of an event, and this means a lot of fun for the tourists from Santa Barbara. C.C. realizes Angela is hurt because of Warren, so he expresses his love for her. Moments later, Ted wants to have sex with Angela, but she rejects him. Rafe sneaks in Lily's hotel room and wants to spend time with her.
Frank's murder trial continues with problems when Frank's girlfriend slaps B.J. in court. Reese and Jodie take it upon themselves to dig into Frank's past and find details that could help B.J. Kelly is shocked when news comes of Cruz' capture, and she wants to testify instead of him.
Angela and C.C. realize that they are mutually attracted to each other. Lily and Ted make a pact to pretend having a relationship, only to prove something to their true loves, Angela and Rafe. In court, Kelly confirms that Cruz burned B.J.'s dress to protect her.
Warren and B.J. decide to get married, but only because they need this for the court, but also because they seem to love each other. Ted persuades Angela to forget about C.C. Ken beats up Andi. Sophia becomes addicted to Ken's sleeping pills.
November 2 November 3 November 4 November 5 November 6
B.J. refuses to marry Warren in the nick of time, due to moral principles. Warren wakes up the morning after with a terrible hangover, and he is due to testify in court. This causes Warren to drive to Oasis and get drunk. Reese finds Andi unconscious.
Sophia and Ken visit Andi in hospital, but Sophia still has no idea that Andi is Ken's mistress, or that he is making an addict out of her with the pills. Warren is being interrogate in court by Ben Arnold, and Ben doesn't seem to spare Warren. Skyler believes the trial is a positive thing for B.J. because it will help her regain her memory of the day Frank was murdered.
Andi decides not to press charges against Ken. Reese warns her about the possibility that Ken might attack her again, but she refuses to believe so. Julia is upset to learn that preliminary results are showing Mason as the winner for the position of judge. C.C. tries to seduce Angela, but her current goal is to mess with Ted.
Mason gloats believing that he will win the position of the judge, while Julia is angry not only because she wanted the position, but also because she thinks Mason is a bad judge. However, at the very end, Julia wins the position! Ted suggests marrying Lily to have the perfect revenge on Rafe and Angela.
Arnold decides to take drastic measures to prove that B.J. murdered Frank. Mason and Julia are having hard time reuniting after the election obviously put a separation between them
November 9 November 10 November 11 November 12 November 13
Dolly Foster is being questioned as the witness of the night Frank was murdered. She testifies against B.J., claiming that she saw B.J. throw away a pistol on the same night. Julia, shocked by this, wants to have B.J. plead guilty so she'd get a more merciful verdict. However, Arnold refuses to take the offer. Ted announces his engagement to Lily.
Jodie is desperate after Dolly Foster's speech, and she visits Skyler looking for a possible way to help B.J. Warren and B.J. come to a realization that B.J. was taking a shower with the pistol on the same night Frank was murdered, and B.J. then realizes that she's guilty.
A drunk Jodie seduces Skyler, but he rejects her, and she feels ashamed the day after. Warren and B.J. take some time to imagine what their future could be like if Frank never bothered B.J. After learning about Ted and Lily's engagement, C.C. threatens to disinherit Ted. Sophia tries to calm C.C.
C.C. fears Sophia might have a pill addiction, and he asks Micah for advice. Kelly suspects Ken caused the addiction. B.J. isn't sure if she should plead guilty or not. Jodie and Reese give her advice to plead guilty because she could try to prove that she acted in self defense, and therefore she could get a smaller punishment. Warren refuses to accept that idea.
Reese and Jodie testify in court. Julia wants B.J. to take a stand to prove her credibility. Mason and Julia talk about their relationship that got ruined only because of the judge position. They start flirting again. Kelly visits Sophia and uses the opportunity to steal one of her pills and have it examined in a lab. Micah operates on an unknown man, and then later learns that it's his son Giovanni.
November 16 November 17 November 18 November 19 November 20
Gina comments on Ted and Lily's engagement at the salon, and Angela overhears the conversation. She then tells Gina that the wedding could turn into a double wedding because C.C. asked her to marry him. Lily suspects Lisa was only faking her pregnancy to marry Rafe. In court, Arnold questions B.J., who is feeling pressured by the new memories that arrive in her head. When she says she might have killed Frank, Warren jumps in disbelief and is then brought out of the court.
Angela and Ted fall into a pit, and Angela has to use her scout skills to get out. Meanwhile, Lily and C.C. are searching for them. Micah isn't happy after learning that he operated on his own son.
Gina arranges Lily's wedding day, but the groom doesn't seem to appear. Julia explains her plans about having B.J. claim self defense in court and get B.J. free on probation. Arnold continue ripping into B.J. at court by claiming B.J. is a hysterical and confused person. She starts shouting at him, and he claims B.J. has a bad temper, quickly losing her control.
Last appearance of Stephen Nichols (Dr. Skyler Gates)
Micah, Aurora and Sawyer are able to persuade Giovanni to stay in Santa Barbara, but they are then later surprised to find out what kind of profession Giovanni has. Arnold gets even more closer to proving his statement when Eugene takes a stand and confirms that he abused Frank as a child.
Angela and Ted are still missing. Gina senses Ted is in danger. Along with Lily, she informs C.C. about it. He then refuses to inform the police, although there's a possibility they could have been kidnapped. B.J. and Warren's night out in Oasis is interrupted by the press. A girl from the next table shows sympathy for B.J.'s problems.
November 23 November 24 November 25 November 26 November 27
Julia wants Mason to allow her to interrogate and addition witness in court. A woman named Sally comes as a witness who was sexually abused by Frank in her childhood. Arnold is not at all happy about her testifying.
The trial reaches it's peak when B.J. suddenly remembers a clue moment of the night Frank was murdered. She remembered Frank committing suicide by shooting himself. The jury retreats to make a conference and decide about B.J.'s future.
Sophia breaks down when Ken gives her yet another pill. Reese begs Andi to distance herself from the dangerous Ken. C.C. reluctantly joins Gina, Lily, Rafe and Lionel in search for Ted and Angela. They finally find them.
Pre-empted - Thanksgiving
McCabe tries to get closer to Kelly, but she distances herself because she still has feelings for the departed Cruz. Ken continues giving pills to Sophia, so she has to entirely rely on him to do her business. Gina, Rafe, C.C. and Lily help Angela and Ted get out of the pit they fell in.
November 30 December 1 December 2 December 3 December 4
McCabe finds new evidence against Ken. Sophia told him that Ken was married only once, but he was actually married twice. The Walker family and friends are nervous because the jury is still discussing Frank's murder case. Warren tries to uplift B.J.'s spirit. Mason worries his marriage to Julia may fail if she takes the position of federal judge.
The Walker family and friends, along with B.J., are celebrating B.J.'s innocence in court. Mason and Julia admit that the trial has separated them more than they'd want to admit. Aurora tries to make Micah and Giovanni talk again, but it's not exactly an easy task.
Lily and Ted discuss ending their engagement, and he later announces that they are getting married soon. Jodie invites Micah to dinner, but something goes wrong, so they end up on a picnic. He teaches her how to dance tango and it all leads to a passionate kiss. Andi and Reese spend some quality time together.
Ted dreams of marrying Angela. Kelly advises him to find out what he really wants, who he wants to be with. C.C. asks Angela to marry him, and reluctantly, she accepts. Ted is shocked by the proposal, and he admits to C.C. that he was having an affair with Angela. McCabe becomes Reese's new partner.
Kelly sympathizes with McCabe, who has just lost his job. He then takes her to dinner. They end up in his apartment kissing, but Kelly realizes it's too soon for her. B.J. gets an offer from Hollywood to buy off television rights to her trial story. C.C. and Angela fight after she confirms her affair with Ted.
December 7 December 8 December 9 December 10 December 11
Micah and Jodie's night out is delayed when Micah enters a discussion with Giovanni about his future profession as a priest. Andi and Reese are having dinner in the Oasis. Gina wants Lisa to take Rafe somewhere out of town so Lily would have a perfect wedding. Giovanni gives advice to Lisa about her life. Rafe tells Lily that he isn't ready to leave Lisa only to be with her, and she explains that she likes Ted more. Ted and Lily have a romantic night together. Both Reese and Jodie are jealous about their dates.
Warren finds B.J. reading one of his old scripts and she has an idea to have it published. Mason and Julia depart to a weekend getaway. Angela tells Ted she'd like to become his wife.
Julia is upset to learn that Mason has given up hope that they'll ever have a child together. Jodie helps abused people in the hospital. Giovanni works at the same hospital. Gina engages to prepare the perfect wedding for Lily and Ted. C.C. breaks off his engagement to Angela, not being able to forgive her the affair with Ted.
On their weekend getaway, Julia tries to persuade Mason to adopt a child. They start fighting and ruining their perfect vacation. C.C. and Kelly are worrying about Sophia. Gina decides to take the matter in her own hands after learning that C.C. and Angela aren't engaged anymore, fearing that this might ruin Lily and Ted's wedding.
Girls arrive to Lily's bachelor party. B.J. is in negotiations to have Warren's script published. Warren and Minx discuss about the perfect engagement ring for B.J. Warren then learns about B.J.'s publishing plans, so he yells at her and ruins his surprise. B.J. rejects the proposal, but after a discussion and bit of yelling, she accepts. Angela swears to C.C. that her affair with Ted was only about sex and nothing else. A frustrated Ted confirms her story to C.C. Clearly upset, Ted realizes that he wants to be with Lily. C.C. and Angela reunite. Kelly tries to talk to Sophia, but she collapses.
December 14 December 15 December 16 December 17 December 18
After collapsing during a talk with Kelly, Sophia is being brought to the hospital. C.C. and Angela reunite. Julia and Mason pick up a pregnant hitchhiker. McCabe tries to find more information about Ken.
Kelly wants to find out more information about Ken. Meanwhile, it seems like Ken has already taken over half of Armonti Industries, and with Sophia in the hospital, he is now in full control. Meanwhile, Andi is having doubts about her affair with Ken because it seems like she has fallen in love with Reese.
Both C.C. and Kelly are keen on helping Sophia overcome her pill addiction. Warren and B.J. are keen on getting married, but Gina wants them to marry later because she's occupied taking care of Lily and Ted's wedding arrangements. Jodie talks to B.J. about her separation from Reese for the first time.
Sawyer and Reese are having fun making fun of Warren, who will soon become a new member of their family. Ken tricks Sophia into signing papers that hand all power of Armonti Industries to him. Gracie tells her tragic story to Julia and Mason. McCabe acquires new info on Ken.
Julia wants to have a serious conversation with Gracie, and she is keen on punishing the father of the child that left Gracie. Meanwhile, Mason thinks Gracie is a crook. Jodie plans to be with Micah for Christmas. Warren receives a phone call from a person that could publish his script.
December 21 December 22 December 23 December 24 December 25
McCabe and Kelly search for evidence that Ken killed his first two wives. Connor avoids Kelly's question about his own family. Kelly talks to Mrs. McCabe and soon learns that she doesn't know who Connor is. C.C. gives Ted and Lily a part of land as a Christmas present. Lisa informs the family about Rafe's accident. Warren thinks B.J. is too naive.
Ted and Lily rush to the hospital after learning about Rafe's accident. Ted then shows his jealousy when Lily shows compassion for Rafe. Sophia is being released from the hospital. She's worried because Ken never visited her. C.C. knows about this, but he doesn't say anything to her.
Gracie disappears without a trace and takes a few stuff with herself. Warren and B.J. fight after learning that the publisher didn't have clear intentions with Warren's book. B.J. then asks Jodie to pick up her stuff from Warren's place and take it home. Jodie visits Warren, but not to take the stuff, but to talk to Warren to rethink the fight they had. Warren visits B.J. and they make up. Reese is bothered by the fact that Micah came along with Jodie to visit him. Kelly learns of Connor's secret mission in which his sister was murdered.
C.C. has a strange dream during Christmas Eve about Mason, Lionel and Sophia giving him advice and talking about life. When he wakes up, everyone is surprised by his new attitude.
Pre-empted - Christmas Day
December 28 December 29 December 30 December 31  
Sophia is upset when Andi confirms having an affair with Ken. Gracie notices that the invitation cards for the marriage have not yet been posted. McCabe and Kelly are trying to do an autopsy of McCabe's dead wife to learn if Ken had a hand in her death.
Warren and B.J. are being troubled by Donna Kent, a movie producer, who is interested in publishing B.J.'s trial story. Rafe has a dream in which he realizes Lisa faked her pregnancy to force him to marry her. Gina is troubled when she realizes the wedding preparations aren't going as well as she thought.
Lily and Ted's wedding is filled with problems. Gina finds Samantha unintentionally ruining Lily's wedding dress. At the bachelor party, C.C. gives Ted 15% of the share on Capwell Enterprises. Samantha then apologizes to Lily by giving her a gift. Accidentally, the gift turns out to be the invitation cards that haven't been posted. Also, the cook and the band cancel the appointment. This all causes a huge chaos.
Sophia's health is taking a turn for worse, but she is keen on going to Ted and Lily's wedding. McCabe finally proves that Ken poisoned both of his ex-w
ifes, and this puts Sophia in dangerous position. Rafe arrives at the wedding in the nick of time to tell Lily that he's ready to leave Lisa for her.