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January 2 January 3 January 4 January 5 January 6
Pre-empted - Football / parade 1116
Eden gives birth to Adriana in the cave, Diane goes to the hospital, Eden & Cruz return to Santa Barbara, the Capwells visit Eden & Cruz & Adriana in the hospital, CC & Sophia spend the night together
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CC & Sophia spend the day together, Michael helps Celeste get a job at the clinic, Diane gives Cruz her statement, the new paternity test confirms Cruz is the father
Heather agrees to marry Scott, Sophia breaks with CC, Jeffrey signs the divorce papers with Kelly and leaves for Zurich
Last appearance of Ross Kettle (Jeffrey Conrad)
Mason/Sonny visits with Julia and Samantha, Scott tells Heather he dated Celeste in high school, Boswell questions Zack, Ted & Wanda make a movie about Adriana
January 9 January 10 January 11 January 12 January 13
Kelly tells Mason Jeffrey left town, TJ stil alive, Zack kidnaps Adriana, Gina returns from looking for Keith, Zack delivers Adriana to a nanny, Eden learns Adriana is gone
Zack leaves Adriana with the nanny, Celeste visits Scott at the house he wants to buy, Ted & Sophia comfort Eden
Bunny calls his uncle for romantic advice, Cruz gets a call from the rapist, Diane suspects Zack and tells Cruz, Bunny & Gina go on a date
Cruz has Zack under surveillance, the nurse gives Eden photos of Adriana, Cruz talks to Heather about the rapist being impotent & Michael talks to Celeste
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Julia returns with evidence against CC, a hooker Celeste knows visits the clinic, Augusta hires TJ to spy on Mason & Gina, CC & Sophia record a public plea for Adriana's return
January 16 January 17 January 18 January 19 January 20
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Augusta & TJ find Gina stealing the
memos at Julia's, Cruz breaks in Zack's apartment, Cruz notices a foot near Adriana in Ted's video
Gina in jail, Augusta stops Sonny's search for the files with a gun, Cruz & Michael learn Zack has no alibi for Adriana's kidnapping
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Julia's birthday, Augusta invites Michael, Bunny kisses Gina, Celeste visits her mother's grave
Some pre-emption possible - George Bush's inauguration
January 23 January 24 January 25 January 26 January 27

Eden leaves the hospital, Celeste proposes she acts as a decoy to trap Zack at the hospital, Phillip & Victoria leave Santa Barbara
Last appearance of Kristen Meadows (Victoria Lane) and Warren Burton (Phillip Hamilton)

Celeste invites Zack to her room and sees he has a scar like the rapist, Augusta tells CC Mason & Gina are working against him
Celeste acts as a decoy to trap the rapist, Mason tells Julia he knows about her and Michael and wants the memos or he'll go to Lydia with the story
Cruz unmasks Zack but he escapes, Cruz tells Eden the rapist is Zack, Julia tells Mason how to steal the memos
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Cruz chases Zack across town, Michael asks Julia to visit Zack's sister with him, Cruz finds Zack in a motel, Mason steals the memos
January 30 January 31 February 1 February 2 February 3
Mason blackmails CC $10,000,000 for the memos, Julia & Michael meet Zack's sister, Cruz fights with Zack at a motel
Gina & Mason hide the memos in the Capwell cellar & sell them to CC, Sophia finds CC burning them, Eden worries about where Cruz is
Mason buys a country bar to Gina, at the motel Zack tells Cruz about his incestuous relationship with his sister, Brandon meets Anisa, Zack causes a car accident and prepares to shoot Cruz
Julia thinks Mason is sick & asks CC for help, the car accident replays & Cruz is saved by two bikers before the car explodes, Heather & Scott fight, Cruz chases Zack to a house & finds Adriana's clothes
CC sues Gina for custody of Brandon, Mason proposes to Gina as a way for her to keep Brandon, Zack falls from a cliff and before dying tells Cruz that Adriana is dead, Bunny visits Julia
Last appearance of Leigh J. McCloskey as Dr. Zack Kelton
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February 6 February 7 February 8 February 9 February 10
Bunny continues telling Julia about Mason's split personality, Gina thinks about marrying Sonny, Cruz tells Eden Adriana is dead
Scott comforts Celeste, Eden doesn't want to see her family, Eden & Cruz mourn, Michael prepares for Adriana's service
Adriana's funereal ceremony, Gina dreams of being on a talk show with Dr. Joyce Brothers, Gina tells Sonny she'll marry him, Chip comes home, the nanny gives Adriana to her new mother
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Lyle tries to kill Mason, CC suggests Eden go to Paris to rest, Cruz has visions in the cave where Adriana is born
Cruz finds a stone with Adriana's birthmark on it in the cave, Julia is questioned about the missing evidence, Lyle tries to kill Mason again, Eden & Kelly leave for Paris
Last appearance of Kimberly McArthur (Kelly Capwell)
February 13 February 14 February 15 February 16 February 17
Sandra arrives, Gina wants Michael to marry her and Mason, Dr. Morrissey studies Cruz's dreams, Mason escapes from Lyle's shots again
First appearance of Miranda Wilson (Sandra Mills)
Julia asks Heather about schizophrenia, Bunny kidnaps Mason, Heather stays in Celeste's shadow at Scott's school reunion, Cruz wants to join Eden in Paris
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Sandra tells Cruz she had visions of Adriana alive, Gina saves Mason and asks Bunny to leave the house, Scott tells Celeste about a letter where he had asked her to marry him
Wanda dances at Mason's bachelor party & Mason is again drunk, Sandra has visions of Adriana and the nanny
Julia plans to get Mason back before the wedding, Sandra feels the baby who is dead is not Adriana, Gina marries Sonny but Lyle shoots at him and Mason falls unconscious
February 20 February 21 February 22 February 23 February 24
Sonny is shot (replays), Cruz & Sandra go to the nanny's house in the desert, Mason is at the hopital in the coma
Michael tells the bishop he slept with a woman, Mason meets God in Heaven and is sent to Mary's cloud, Celeste visits her dad
Moon eclipse - Brandon runs away, Celeste finds Scott's letter at her father's home, Mary tells Mason she is his guardian angel and pushes him to go back to Julia, Mason wakes up from his coma
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Cruz & Sandra back from the desert, Mason tells Gina Sonny is dead, Mason tells Cruz he doesn't think Adriana is dead, Brandon returns home
CC offers money to the families of the victims of cancer, Gina kidnaps Mason at the hospital, TJ follows Catherine and finds her dead at the cemetery
February 27 February 28 March 1 March 2 March 3
Catherine is murdered, Gina tries to get Sonny back, Celeste buys a new dress for the Lair party
Lisa & Emily arrive in Santa Barbara, party at the Lair, Brandon tells Julia where Mason is, CC admits he was wrong about the oil rig sickness and makes a settlement to the families
First appearance of Tawny Kitaen (Lisa DiNapoli) and Julie Condra (Emily DiNapoli)
Julia frees Mason from Gina, Sandra thinks TJ is Catherine's murderer
Julia & Mason spend the evening together, CC tells Ted he's going to retire and goes out with him and Wanda, Cruz questions TJ about Catherine's death
Bunny & Gina on an island, party for CC's retirement, Ted gives CC the idea to write his memoirs, Bunny is told he has to marry Lyle's granddaughter
March 6 March 7 March 8 March 9 March 10
Mason wants to cancel his marriage with Gina and asks Heather for help, Sandra has a vision of someone burried alive and lets Cruz believe it is Adriana
Mason wants Julia to be his partner in a law firm, Celeste has a job interview, Sandra tells Cruz she thinks Adriana is alive
Gina wants Brandon back in exchange for the annulment, Bunny's uncle threatens him, Julia moves out of the DA's office after being fired, Ethan is the new DA, Scott & Heather fight

First appearance of Leigh J. McCloskey as Ethan Asher
Bunny & Vanessa escape from her brothers, Laura arrives and slaps Michael at the church, Sandra dreams of making love with Cruz again

First appearance of Christopher Norris (Laura Asher)
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Someone breaks into Cruz's house to attack Sandra, Julia & Mason move into their new office, Celeste quits from the clinic, Lisa applies for a job at Julia & Mason's office
March 13 March 14 March 15 March 16 March 17
Julia & Augusta leaves to Phoenix to visit their sick father, Wanda & Ted make love, Sandra sees a new threat coming about Cruz
Bunny introduces Vanessa as Vance to Gina, Mason in charge of the case of Brandon's custody
Megan arrives and proposes to write CC's biography, party at the Country club to celebrate CC's birthday
First appearance of Meg Bennett (Megan Richardson)
Michael & Laura talk about her deceased son, Celeste decided to be a hooker again, Sophia and Kelly hide in a closet while Ramon come to kill them
Ramon escapes, he goes at the chapel and takes Michael, Heather & Laura as hostages, Cruz comes to save them
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March 20 March 21 March 22 March 23 March 24
Cruz questions Ramon at Kelly's home, he denies having killed Catherine
Ramon tells Cruz about a man with a wooden leg who payed him to kidnap Adriana, Heather thinks Scott is with Celeste, Sandra kisses Cruz
Micheal leaves the priesthood, Cruz repels Sandra who doesn't want to help him anymore
Brandon's custody hearing, Brandon hears Gina say she's not really his mother
Eden & Kelly in Paris, Mason explains to Brandon who his parents were, Ethan lifts Cruz's suspension, Sandra being held captive, Eden visits Cruz's brother's house
First appearance of Carrington Garland (Kelly Capwell)
March 27 March 28 March 29 March 30 March 31
Kirk is holding Sandra captive, Eden sees Ric's baby Charisse, Mason & CC fight about Brandon, Celeste in the hospital, Mason pulled over for drunk driving, Cruz finds Sandra
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Mason in jail after being arrested for driving under influence, Cruz asks Sandra about the man who held her captive, Kirk goes to the Lair for a drink, Bunny & Vanessa make love, Cruz & Sandra fight
Eden and Kelly arrive back in Santa Barbara, Cruz tells Eden he thinks Adriana is alive, Megan calls Greg, Heather & Scott break up
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Julia returns from Phoenix, Scott & Heather break up (replays), Sandra sees Eden & Cruz making love & attempts suicide, Vanessa hits Bunny after seeing him with Gina
Eden & Cruz's anniversary, Eden convinces Sandra to stay in town, Lisa covers for Mason's drinking, Scott springs Celeste from the hospital, Cruz goes to see Kirk in prison but the prisoner isn't Kirk
April 3 April 4 April 5 April 6 April 7
Scott brings Celeste home from the hospital, Cruz learns Kirk escaped from prison six months ago and sends Eden out of town, Mason gives Julia glass slippers, Sandra pulls a gun on Kirk
Gina finds Bunny with Vanessa, Kirk gets away & escapes wounded to Gina's, Scott & Celeste have a picnic, Gina finds Kirk in the basement
Heather sleeps with Jed, Brandon chooses to leave with his mother, Kirk forces Gina to go fetch Sandra while he has Brandon
Eden returns home, Gina tells Eden & Cruz where Kirk is, Eden & Cruz hear Kirk talking to the woman who has Adriana, Julia & Mason fantasize about their wedding
Heather takes a pregnancy test and it's positive, Eden & Cruz & Sandra arrive at the ski lodge in Canada where Kirk is, Julia & Mason work on wedding invitations, masquerade party at the ski lodge
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April 10 April 11 April 12 April 13 April 14
Cruz grabs Kirk but the woman he was meeting gets away, Lisa takes a drunk Mason to an AA meeting, Kirk tells Cruz about Adriana's kidnapping plot, Michael & Laura get stuck in a file room, Kirk is arrested, the French woman has Adriana
Michael & Laura still in the file room, Sandra walks in on Eden & Cruz in bed, Julia & Mason visit a church they want to be married in, the French woman is gone
CC sees something isn't right with Megan's novel, Megan phones her son Greg in New Hampshire, Ethan frees Michael & Laura

First appearance of Paul Johansson (Greg Hughes)
Heat wave, Eden & Cruz return to Santa Barbara, a hooker who knows Celeste comes into the clinic, CC & Megan have a romantic dinner
Julia & Mason on opposite sides in Wanda's case against TJ, Michael tries to talk Heather out of having an abortion, Cruz brings Sandra back after she ran off, Celeste waits at the hospital while the hooker is in surgery
April 17 April 18 April 19 April 20 April 21
Heat wave in Santa Barbara, Mason goes to an AA meeting but walks out, Scott learns Heather is pregnant & plans to have an abortion, Eden and Sandra argue
Heather didn't go through with the abortion but keeps it a secret, Emily tries to tutor two punks but they pull a knife & Ethan & Michael disarm them, Kelly & Sophia search Megan's stuff and find a New Hampshire address
Celeste tells Scott she had an abortion once, Sophia asks TJ to help her find info on Megan, Sandra tells Cruz about a fake vision, Sophia meets with Megan
Mason tries to get TJ to settle with Wanda, Michael and Laura go jogging, Heather tells Michael she didn't have the abortion, Sophia plans to go to New Hampshire, Celeste learns she may not be able to have children
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Sophia arrives in New Hampshire and visits Greg, Bunny buys the Lair from TJ and hires Wanda, Eden tells Cruz about Sandra "being" with them when they make love and Cruz throws Sandra out, CC brings Megan to Paris, TJ leaves town

Last appearance of Chip Mayer (T.J. Daniels)
April 24 April 25 April 26 April 27 April 28
Bunny calls off the wedding with Vanessa, Sandra overdoses again, Eden has visions, CC & Megan make love
Mason asks Ted to be his best man, Megan tells CC last night was a mistake, preparations at the Lair for Julia & Mason's engagement party
Eden has more visions & Cruz tests her for psychic ability, Julia & Mason's engagement party starts, Eden visits Sandra at Heather's, Mason leaves the party & gets drunk
Mason drunk on the beach while Julia waits at the engagement party, Eden realizes her dreams are of Paris, Megan tells CC about Greg, Eden tells Cruz Adriana is at Ric's house
Anniversary of Laura's son's death, Mason tells CC he's an alcoholic & CC says his own father was an alcoholic also, Eden asks Carmen & Cruz about Ric, Laura is attacked at school
May 1 May 2 May 3 May 4 May 5
CC goes to New Hampshire to find Megan and meets Greg, Laura in the hospital, Scott & Celeste make love, Michael tries to figure out who hit Laura, Sandra tells Eden to follow her visions to Paris
Michael asks Julia to be his lawyer after being arrested by Ethan, Lisa tells Celeste she's an alcoholic, Ted throws Mason a bachelor party, Gina spends the night alone fantasizing
Julia discovers Mason & Lisa lied about their whereabouts and later finds them at a rehab clinic, Heather faints, Cruz meets with the gang that hit Laura, Eden lies to Cruz and goes to Paris
Cruz in San Francisco impersonating Kirk & finds the babysitter, Cruz & Sandra get cornered by Mr. Han, Julia & Mason at the clinic in Palm Springs, CC tells Sophia he loves Megan
Cruz is drugged & later learns Mr. Han doesn't know where Adriana is, Ethan and Laura fight about her work at school, Heather gets in a car accident, Eden and Kelly arrive in Paris and Eden is hired to work at Ric's
First appearance of Peter Love (Ric Castillo)
May 8 May 9 May 10 May 11 May 12
Heather sees Scott at the hospital & convinces Ethan to help her escape, Vanessa and Gina both want to sing at the Lair, Celeste learns Heather is pregnant, Cruz learns Eden is in Paris
Greg arrives in Santa Barbara, Celeste helps Heather hide her pregnancy, Julia & Mason's last day at the clinic, CC invites Greg to spend the summer at his house
Michael thinks Missy never learned to read,
Julia & Mason make love in the elevator on their way to the rehearsal dinner, Cruz arrives in Paris and searches for Eden
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Cruz looks for Eden, Julia & Mason arrive at the rehearsal dinner, Gina starts pretending to sing at the Lair, Kelly overhears Ric making a deal, Cruz arrives at Ric's, CC has a heart attack
Second departure of Louise Sorel (Augusta Lockridge)
Julia & Mason
's wedding is postponed because of CC's heart attack, Celeste wants to tell Scott Heather's still pregnant, Eden tells Cruz she thinks Charisse is Adriana, Eden sneaks out to spend time with Cruz
May 15 May 16 May 17 May 18 May 19
Scott learns Heather didn't have the abortion, Eden & Cruz spend the evening together and dance at the Eiffel Tower, CC awake, Megan & Sophia argue at the hospital
Kelly follows Ric & sees him picking up some diamonds, Michael teaches Missy to read, Cruz searches Ric's but Ric comes home early
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Hollis wants Ric to inform her about his investments, Ric and Hollis invite Cruz to dinner, Cruz tells Eden he wants to check Ric's papers, Vanessa informs Bunny that Gina is pretending to sing
CC comes home from the hospital, Hollis catches Ric kissing Kelly, Cruz finds the doctor that removed Adriana's birthmark
Ric tells Kelly he knows she is spying on him; Megan travels to New Hampshire and tells Greg CC is his father; Cruz, Eden and Kelly confront Ric with the proof about Adriana
May 22 May 23 May 24 May 25 May 26
Hollis and Adriana are kidnapped, Greg decides to return to Santa Barbara, Ethan supports Heather in her custody case against Scott, while Julia defends Scott
Cruz discovers Hollis made up the kidnapping; Cruz, Eden, Kelly and Ric find Hollis when she's just planning to escape to London; Laura and Ethan are make plans for a cruise
Ted and Wanda invite Julia & Mason for a picnic, Sophia finds out that CC is Greg's father, Hollis gives Eden & Cruz Adriana after admitting she bought her after her real baby died, Hollis falls in the river and drowns
Eden & Cruz have Adriana baptized in Paris, the Capwells have a ceremony for Adriana in Santa Barbara
The Capwells see Adriana, Ric is forced to leave France & decides to go to Santa Barbara, Benoit tells Ric that Hollis left him nothing, Megan tells Greg that Sophia knows CC is his father
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May 29 May 30 May 31 June 1 June 2
Michael learns Leo Mitchell is coming to Santa Barbara to find him, Ethan gives Cruz a promotion but Cruz wants to spend more time with the kids, Celeste decides to tell Scott about her past

First appearance of Brandon Farmer (Chip Castillo)
Michael tells Laura about Leo coming to town, Scott tells Celeste his mother was a prostitute and Celeste tells Lisa that she was a hooker, Julia & Mason plan the wedding
Sandra has visions about coming danger, party at Eden & Cruz's for Julia & Mason's wedding, Ric arrives in Santa Barbara, Kelly is upset CC is going with Megan to the wedding
Ric meets a fence named Johnny Navarro, Julia & Mason prepare for their wedding day, Mason thinks of he and Julia when they're old, Ric & Sandra meet and end up in bed and Cruz finds them together
Michael tries to protect Laura from Leo & they kiss, Julia & Mason's wedding
(Some pre-emption -
Tiienanman Square)
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June 5 June 6 June 7 June 8 June 9
Julia & Mason's reception, Eden & Cruz plan to go to Acapulco, Megan catches the bouquet, Emily & Greg argue, Carmen tells Eden where Rafael may be, Julia & Mason parachute for their honeymoon
Navarro gets arrested & Ric is questioned, Carmen & Eden talk about Rafael, Michael tells Cruz and Laura he's leaving town, Julia & Mason honeymoon on an island but Julia gets sick
A mysterious woman makes Julia better, Mason realizes it was Mary who is watching over him, Kelly finds Ric with Sandra, Michael discovers that Leo is on his way to Santa Barbara
Eden & Cruz arrive in Acapulco, an agent is interested in Gina's singing, Leo is looking for Michael and Laura tries to warn him, Cruz's cousin babysits, Eden sees Rafael disguised as a magician

First appearance of Henry Darrow (Rafael Castillo)
Kelly tells Mason somebody wants to take over Capwell Enterprises so Mason leaves for Tokyo, Michael & Laura get Leo to a prison in Mexico, Eden convinces Rafael to meet Cruz, but he is kidnapped
June 12 June 13 June 14 June 15 June 16
Ric discovers that Eden & Cruz are looking for Rafael, Lisa turns out to be spying for the person who wants to have a hostile takeover of Capwell Enterprises, Leo escapes from prison
Ric arrives in Acapulco, Sophia's birthday party at the Lair, Eden & Cruz & Ric search for Rafael, Cruz finds him and gets trapped
Heather and Celeste try to find Michael before Mitchell does; Leo, Heather, Celeste, Michael, Ethan and Laura are wandering in the fog; then a gun shot is heard
Leo Mitchell has been killed, Greg decides to leave town, Heather has stomach pains, Boswell and Julia are thinking that Mitchell is still alive as Mitchell's body is gone, Greg tells CC he is his son
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CC realizes Greg really is his son, Eden and Ric look for Cruz and Rafael but get stuck at Mephisto's, Mason calls from Tokyo with bad news about the takeover, Robert and Renfield arrive in Santa Barbara

First appearance of Roscoe Born (Robert Barr) and Sue Bugden (Renfield)
June 19 June 20 June 21 June 22 June 23
Sophia & Ted, and Kelly are upset about Greg, Eden bribes a corrupt police officer who wants to get Ric deported, Mason realizes someone has been looking through his desk, Kelly goes to Mexico
Capwell Zone episode : Greg wakes up on the beach and sees all the Capwells as aliens
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Robert asks Lisa to make Mason drunk, Ric steals the plans of Mephisto's castle, Cruz is prisoner of Mephisto
Eden & Ric get the upper hand on Mephisto & find Cruz in the dungeons, Julia & Mason & Scott & Heather meet with a judge, Laura tells Michael she's still in love with him
Lisa turns to know Robert for long, Gina meets him in his suite, Eden & Cruz & Ric frees Rafael, Mephisto is shot by Ric
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June 26 June 27 June 28 June 29 June 30
Robert proposes to Gina to be his associate, Mason finds Lisa's bottle in his office, Cruz decides to stay with Rafael in Acapulco
CC asks Megan to marry him during a family dinner, Kelly & Ric searching for Rafael's mysterious envelope in Mexico
Eden & Mason go to see Robert who is with Gina, Ric kisses Kelly trying to steal some papers from her, Eden visits CC to see what he knows about Robert, Laura and Michael kiss
Pre-empted - Daytime Emmy Awards - Santa Barbara wins! 1241
Ric uses Sandra to meet Robert, Celeste finally accepts to move in with Scott in the house, Ethan finds Leo Mitchell's watch in Michael's apartment
July 3 July 4 July 5 July 6 July 7
Julia is Michael's lawyer, she asks Laura to tell the truth to Ethan about Michael, Bunny leaves Gina's home, CC has a new attack
Ted thinks Megan is the spy, CC confronts Robert about the takeover, Michael out of jail, Kelly hires Ric to find out info on Robert, 4th of July fireworks
Megan leaves town for a few days, Laura tells Ethan the truth about Michael, Leo & Jamie, Ethan follows Laura at Michael's apartment
Pre-empted - Wimbledon coverage Pre-empted - Wimbledon coverage
July 10 July 11 July 12 July 13 July 14
Mason & Eden agree to work together to save Capwell Enterprises, Ethan follows Laura to Michael's apartment, Bunny sends Robert a hobby horse's head, Ethan urges Boswell to get evidence against Michael
Megan returns, Greg gets the blood test results that confirm he is CC's son, Ethan arrests Michael after Leo's body is found in the ocean
Megan tells CC & Greg she's dying, Julia gets Michael released from jail, Ric gives Kelly the idea to scare Robert with Donald Trask, Michael thinks Laura stole his gun
Mason follows Lisa, Robert & Gina have dinner, Lisa tells off Robert, Emily comforts Greg, Sandra tells Ric Lisa is the spy & Ric tells Kelly who tells Julia & Mason
Laura & Ethan plan to go back to Boston, Mason organizes Donald Trask's false arrival, Laura & Michael make love
July 17 July 18 July 19 July 20 July 21
The Capwells plant a false rumor that Donald Trask is helping them fend off Robert's takeover, Celeste gets hypnotized to remember the night Leo was killed, Ethan gets the gun that killed Leo, Megan tells Sophia she's leaving town
CC tries to stop Megan from leaving, but she says goodbye and leaves, Cruz back from Acapulco with Rafael, Ethan asks Laura if she's sleeping w
ith Michael

Last appearance of Meg Bennett (Megan Richardson)
Robert proposes to Mason & Eden to work for him, Cruz meets a witness of Leo's murder, Robert blackmails Ric with informations he has on Cruz
Ric tells Robert that Donald Trask isn't coming, Eden & Cruz investigates in the vineyards and find gloves covered of blood
Ethan arrests Michael again, CC fires Mason, Lisa agrees to help Mason by giving him secret informations about Robert, Julia finds a good-bye note from Mason
Last appearance of Lane Davies (Mason Capwell) and Tawny Kitaen (Lisa DiNapoli)
July 24 July 25 July 26 July 27 July 28
Julia looking for Mason, Sophia proposes to merge Capwell Enterprises and Armonti Industries, Robert & Gina celebrate their victory
Michael thinks Laura has killed Leo, but Laura thinks the same of Michael, Laura follows Sandra to a well in the wood
Heather hypnotizes Celeste, she avows she was a hooker, Cruz & Julia & Ethan find Leo's body in the well
Last appearance of Miranda Wilson (Sandra Mills)
Gina gives Robert money to buy Capwell Enterprises, Michael's gun wasn't the killer's one, Celeste tells Scott about her past
CC & Sophia celebrate the merger of Capwell-Armonti and have a party, Ted leaves to find Mason, Michael breaks into Ethan's house
Last appearance of Todd McKee (Ted Capwell)
July 31 August 1 August 2 August 3 August 4
CC tries to keep his shareholders on his side, Cruz doesn't find any trace of Robert's past, Eden has visions while seeing Ondine
Ric is looking for RJ Bentson, Kelly is hidden in his car, Ethan's gun has disappeared
Ric & Kelly & Eden find Robert at RJ Bentson's, Eden & Robert follow Bentson in his mine when a cavein occurs
Celeste & Scott separate, CC working to mobilize his shareholders, Robert talks to Eden about the story of Ondine
Laura knows the gun is in Ethan's boat, CC & Sophia give an interview to the press, Robert still able to buy Capwell Enterprises
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August 7 August 8 August 9 August 10 August 11
Robert listens to Eden and let the Capwell Enterprises escaping to him, he proposes a merge between Barr & Capwell, CC understands Ric is a traitor
Robert becomes Eden & Cruz's new neighbor, Ric admits to Kelly he betrayed the Capwells, Julia & Michael see a woman near Leo's grave
Eden & Robert visit a Capwell oil rig, Robert prevents Eden from falling, Cruz finds a gun in Craig Hunt's suitcase, Eden meets Craig at Robert's
First appearance of John Callahan (Craig Hunt)
Cruz disguised as a cab driver and get arrested with Craig in a bar, Eden thinks the woman she sees drowning in her visions is herself
Michael thinks his former police partner killed Leo, Craig finds Cruz nosing around in Robert's house and Eden knocks him out with Ondine
August 14 August 15 August 16 August 17 August 18
Kelly follows Craig in his Las Vegas hotel room, Jeff Nugent says Michael killed Leo, Michael finds Laura on her boat with the gun, she falls on the floor unconscious
Laura is in the coma, Michael & Ethan fight, Julia & Cruz believe Laura is the killer, Eden joins Kelly in Las Vegas, Robert sees his boss and launches a takeover bid on Capwell Enterprises
Capwell Enterprises now belong to Robert, Arthur Donnelly comes to see Michael in jail, Eden refuses to work for Robert
First reappearance of Jon Cypher (Dr. Arthur Donnelly)
Laura under surgery, Michael's trial begins, CC realizes he lost everything
Jeff Nugent and the gun have disappeared, Michael's case is dismissed, Laura wakes up, Eden has a vision of herself being saved on the beach by Robert
August 21 August 22 August 23 August 24 August 25
Laura recognizes to Ethan that she killed Leo to protect Michael, she tells him she slept with Michael recently, Robert says to Eden that her visions are memories from the past
Cruz threatens Robert about Eden, Sophia back at Armonti Industries, Cruz asks Craig about his boss in Las Vegas
Gina proposes to Ric to work for her against Sophia, Eden goes to a psychiatrist about her visions, she remembers fighting with her dad about a boyfriend when she was 18
Gina tries to ruin Sophia & Kelly's photo session for Armonti, Ric steals the photos, Robert tells Eden about some stolen gold coins, Eden agrees to work with Robert again
Michael wants to move back to Boston, Cruz installs micros on Robert's yacht, Robert confirms to Eden that they were in love in the past, Eden fears Cruz heard it
August 28 August 29 August 30 August 31 September 1
Eden erases Cruz's recording tapes, Robert's boss comes on the yacht, Cruz asks Eden to tell him the truth about Robert
First appearance of Mitchell Ryan (Anthony Tonell)
Robert tells Eden she stole Ondine for him, Arthur asks Sophia to go to Jerry's party on Friday, Cruz breaks into Robert's office and steals Ondine
Cruz learns Ondine was stolen from a museum on Las Sirenas, Michael convinces Jerry to fund his renovation of the old church as a community center, Eden & Cruz fight and Cruz breaks Ondine
Eden & Cruz fight over the broken statue, Cruz goes to Las Sirenas, Emily visits Celeste at the bar, Michael & Laura talk at the Country club, Cruz & Rafael get caught at the abandoned casino
Charity fundraiser party at the Country club, Cruz & Rafael in jail, Scott tells Heather he'll drop the custody suit, Eden remembers helping Robert cheat at poker, Cruz goes to Eden's old house on Las Sirenas, Laura & Gina realize they went to high school together
September 4 September 5 September 6 September 7 September 8
Gina & Ethan take a drunk Laura home, Cruz discovers that Las Sirenas belongs to Barr Industries, Eden slaps Robert after he kissed her, Cruz asks Eden if she's in love with Robert
Eden spent the night alone on the Capwell yacht, Robert tells Eden how they slipt up, Cruz asks CC about Eden's boyfriend in Las Sirenas, Eden admits to Cruz she has been in love with Robert
Brandon finds his uncle Mack in his living room, Scott renounces to sue Heather for the baby's custody, Julia is afraid of missing Samantha's best years because of her work, Eden has a strange feeling while remembering a man named Raul

First appearance of Steve Bond (Mack Blake)
Mack meets Julia at the beach bar, Greg says to Emily he loves her, Michael refuses any financial help from Laura for his community center project
Greg takes Emily on a special night on the town.  The older rich woman that gave Mack the red porsche now says she has never met him before.  Eden and Cruz arrive on the island and Eden is recognized.  With Ethan's help Gina gets Mack's charges dropped.  Eden has more memories returning that have to do with Robert and Anthony Tonell.  Greg and Emily make love.
September 11 September 12 September 13 September 14 September 15
Mack decides to leave which makes Brandon go off on Gina for running everyone off.  Laura tells Ethan that they have to work to make their marriage work.  Cruz and Eden find out that Robert was in prison while Eden was away in school.  Gina interrupts Ethan and Laura's lovemaking upset about Brandon running away.  Once Brandon is found Gina talks Mack into staying.  Eden remembers telling Robert she loved him and would marry him.
Robert tells Eden that they never were married.  Celeste figures out that Emily made love with Greg and that she is in love with Greg.  Cruz talks the warden into letting him be a prisoner again to gain information about Robert from an inmate.  CC finds stowaways Greg and Emily after making love on the yacht.  Cruz gets in a bad fight in San Sebastion prison for three hours.  Cruz is told he is wanted for murder and will be staying in the prison.  Craig calls Tonell and they decide to keep Robert on the island.
Gina and Laura volunteer at the community center.  Eden remembers the stormy night on CC's yacht where they argued about Robert.  Mack makes a splash with the ladies of Santa Barbara.  Ethan and Laura make love.  Eden charters a boat in a rainstorm to get back to the island.  Eden's boat capsizes.
Mack gets a job at a health club.  Robert rescues Eden from the typhoon and are washed up on a small island.  Mack gets accused of stealing at the spa.  Eden starts hallucinating that Robert is Cruz.
Eden wakes up thinking she is the Eden at age 18 in love with Robert.  Mack asks Julia for legal help when he finds jewels in his locker at the health club and believes he has been set up.  Celeste fixes Michael up on a date with an ex nun, Greta.  Kelly grills Craig about Robert.  Ilsa admits to setting Mack up.
September 18 September 19 September 20 September 21 September 22
Scott tells Heather he will be her Lamaze partner.  Eden's fever breaks and she remembers who she is and asks Robert if they made love.  Rafael and CC are in pursuit to find Eden.  Heather goes into labor.  Julia and Sophia pose as hookers with Bunny in Las Vegas to get information on Mason from Anthony Tonell.  Tonell tells Craig that Robert is out because of his obsession with Eden.  CC and Rafael rescue Eden.  Heather gives birth to a baby boy and names him Michael.  Eden remembers making love to Robert when they were stranded.
Last appearance of Jon Cypher (Dr. Arthur Donnelly)
Craig nabs Julia while she is snooping. Cruz wakes up in the San Sebastion prison hospital. Kelly and Rick watch Chip and Adriana. Eden tires to deal with what may or may not happened with Robert and presses CC for info on what happened 10 years ago with Robert before she lost her memory. Sophia distracts Tonell while Julia steals the computer disc. CC plans to leave Sirenas to find Sophia and Julia while Eden and Rafael plan to rescue Cruz. Cruz learns Raul's name from another prisoner. Bunny decides to stay in Vegas while Sophia & Julia head for SB. Back home, Julia tries to decode the disc. Cruz gets the doctor to help him escape.
Back from Las Vegas Julia gives CC the name, Tonell.  Bunny is shot.  Julia stole the disc and one of CC's people plans on decoding it.  Craig tells Tonell that Cruz has escaped from the island prison.  Cruz is rescued.  Mack saves Julia from a burglar looking for Tonell's stolen disc.  Cruz is not thrilled that Robert saved Eden's life yet again.  Cruz and Eden make love.  Tonell orders Craig to kill Cruz.
Robert tells Craig not to lay a finger on Cruz.  Laura volunteers Ethan for Brandon's father & son social.  Robert tells Eden that he wants to help Cruz.  Eden tells Robert that Crus knows about Raul.  Julia and Sophia find Julia's office trashed.
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News of Bunny's possible death makes it to Santa Barbara.  Laura shows her jealousy when Michael is out on a date with Greta.  Gina is touched at how Ethan is taking to Brandon.  Tonell sets Julia up for bunny's "murder".
Last appearance of Kelly Ann Cohn (Wanda Berkowski)
September 25 September 26 September 27 September 28 September 29
Laura catches Ethan consoling Gina over Bunny and gets the wrong idea.  Craig lies to Tonell and says Cruz has been killed.  Craig and Rafael get in a fight and Craig accidentally shoots Rafael.  Mack tries to cheer up Brandon over Bunny.  Julia tells Ethan that Tonell is framing her for Bunny's murder.  Laura apologizes for her behavior to Gina and Gina accepts.  Julia and Samantha hide out in Mack's trailer.  Robert wisks Cruz away to safety.
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Kelly tells Ric that Rafael was shot.  Eden finds Julia and Julia tells Eden that Tonell set her up.  Robert tells Tonell that Cruz is dead.  Eden goes to see Tonell and says that Robert is holding Cruz prisoner.  Robert lets Eden speak with Cruz.
Brandon asks Julia to turn herself in so that the police will start looking for Bunny.  Eden tells Sophia if she cannot remember her past, then she will make one up as she goes along.  Mack accuses Gina of calling the cops on Julia.  Julia is arrested.
Sophia visits Julia in jail.  Laura asks Emily to model for her.  Eden starts to remember more about her past with Robert.  The Capwell jet carrying Mason has gone down.   Mack breaks the bad news to Julia.
First appearance of Michelle NiCastro (Sasha Schmidt)
Greg is distraught about Mason's plane since he has just accepted Megan being gone.  Sophia goes to Tonell to see if he was behind the plane missing.  The Capwells find out that Mack is Gina's brother.  Emily is offered some more modeling jobs.  Julia is charged with first degree for the murder of Bunny.  Mason shows up at Julia's hearing.
First appearance of Terry Lester (Mason Capwell)
October 2 October 3 October 4 October 5 October 6
Mason defends a surprised Julia and presents a very much alive Bunny.  Mason tells Eden that Barr's company is a front for Tonell's plans.   Eden meets Jerry Calhoun.  Gina has nice reunion with Mason and Bunny.
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Julia and Mason make up for lost time.  While being held by Robert, Cruz plays cards with Craig to get him drunk and receive some answers.  Cruz knocks out a drunk Craig with a bottle over his head.  Mason tells Julia that he never saw Ted.  Craig calls Robert and lets him know that Cruz got away.
Pre-empted - Baseball playoffs on NBC (AL, game 2) 1307
Mack and Gina receive a box of old mementos from their mother, Phyllis.  Heather has an out of town interview.  Gina gives Ethan some inspiration to run for DA.  Mason and Sasha have an awkward reunion.
Robert and Eden are on a yacht trying to revive her memory.  Sasha gets to know Julia.  Scott shows up in Chicago and tours the town with Heather.  Eden remembers pushing Raul and killing him.
October 9 October 10 October 11 October 12 October 13
Pre-empted - Baseball playoffs on NBC (NL, game 5) 1309
Eden remembers she accidently killed Raul and Robert covered up for her.  Ethan decides to run for office.  Eden tells Cruz the truth about Raul.
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Mason asks Sasha what she wants with Julia.  Mason tells Eden she cannot admit to killing Raul.  Anthony tells Craig he has to choose either him or Robert and Craig chooses Tonell.
Cruz reenacts the night that Raul was killed on the yacht Sophia.  Mack gives Julia a personal workout session.  Kelly recalls CC and Raul arguing.
Kelly witnessed the killer, but cannot remember who it was.  The lights go off and Kelly is missing.  Cruz finds Eden as a stowaway.  Kelly and Jerry Calhoun reappear after claiming they were yanked into a hallway.  Eden recalls the killer's hands.  Someone cuts cables and the engines stop and all are trapped at sea.
October 16 October 17 October 18 October 19 October 20
Eden realizes Jerry Calhoun murdered Raul and Jerry holds Eden captive.  Jerry says he killed Raul to protect his future.  Tomas (Rawley Valverde) a former student of Laura's helps Michael at the community center.  Cruz breaks up a fight between Robert and Jerry.  Jerry jumps overboard.  Greta and Michael grow closer when Greta asks Michael to go away for the weekend with her and he accepts.  Robert says goodbye to Eden.   CC gets a phone call saying Jerry's body washed up on shore.
Heather does not get the job in Chicago.  Scott tells Heather he wants to be with her.  Mason goes to see Sasha, but Anthony is with her when he arrives.  Robert decides to move to Las Vegas.
Last appearance of Jane A. Rogers (Dr. Heather Donnelly)
Ethan is asked to run for mayor.  Robert arrives in Las Vegas.  The community center has its grand opening.  Anthony reads some files on Mason.  Julia is surprised that Mason is not upset with Tonell checking up on him.  Laura enlists Gina's help to pressure Ethan to run for mayor.  Tonell shows up at the Community center opening.  Eden tells Cruz that she feels guilty that Robert went to prison for her.  Sasha and Mason get locked in a sauna together.  Laura explains her past with Michael to Gina.  Robert meets a beautiful woman (Colleen Dion) and beds her and then decides to go back to Santa Barbara.
Tonell tells CC that Mason is working against CC.  Mack gives Julia a ride back home from the opening.  Mack and Julia rescue Sasha without seeing Mason.  Back in Santa Barbara, Robert tells Craig that he has changed his mind about moving the company to Las Vegas.
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Greta asks Julia for advice with her weekend getaway with Michael. Ethan asks Cruz to work for him. Tonell is furious with Robert not moving the operation to Vegas.  Mason decides to run for DA with Tonell's help.  Cruz is fired and goes to Ethan and realizes Tonell set him up.
Last appearance of Vincent Irizarry (Dr. Scott Clark)
October 23 October 24 October 25 October 26 October 27
There is no power in the cabin when Michael and Greta arrive.  Gina tells Ethan she would love to be his campaign manager.  Ethan asks Laura if she is jealous of Gina.  Mason announces to the family that he is running for DA.  Laura spills the beans about Cruz being fired to Eden.  Mason asks Julia about having another child and Julia declines.
Cruz goes out job hunting.  Kelly tells Mason she disagrees with him running for DA.  Robert starts admiring Kelly's hard work.  Greta and Michael's trip is turning into a disaster.  Robert decides to hand over the company to Kelly.  Gina and Laura have a girls night out.  Cruz tells Robert to stay away from his friend jack Dante.  Dante gives Mason information pertaining to Craig Hunt having bigger aspirations than being Robert Barr's right hand man.  Mason asks Tonell if there is an opening in his organization.
Emily tells Greg that Rosa saw her leaving the home in the morning and is embarrassed.  CC tells Sophia he wants her back all or nothing.  Ric asks Eden if Cruz is wanting to get back into the private eye business again.  While on the oil rig, CC and Sophia strike oil.  Kelly feels that Eden and Ric are talking down to her where Robert is concerned.  Kelly realizes Robert duped her to get extra funds out of the company.  Greg proposes to Emily.  Sophia and CC spend a romantic night together.  Robert got duped.
Greg tries to persuade Emily into marrying him.  Kelly goes to CC about Robert wanting to take money in Kelly's name.  Robert gives Craig a word of warning for double crossing him.  Robert tells Kelly she did the right thing going to CC.  Emily says yes to Greg's marriage proposal.  Cruz finally tells Eden he lost his job.
Mason screws up CC's plan to buy back the company from Robert.  Julia tells Sasha she knows about her affair with Tonell.  Kelly is furious when she realizes Robert was using her as the middleman between him and Tonell.  Mason joins Sasha and Julia for dinner and warns Sasha to keep her mouth zipped about their affair.
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October 30 October 31 November 1 November 2 November 3
Kelly is not happy that Craig brought up Robert.  Laura tries to play matchmaker with Mack and Greta.  Michael tells Julia the weekend with Greta had no sparks.  Laura's insecurity with Ethan and Gina begins to show.  Ethan and Mason have a TV debate.  Mack and Greta get romantic.  Ethan and Gina share a kiss.
Mack and Greta get hot and heavy.  Cruz, Eden and Chip celebrate Halloween.  Gina interrupts Greta and Mack.  Eden dreams of Robert showing up with flowers and a bullet wound.  Ethan and Laura make love.  Cruz watches Ric at the bar and thinks Ric is up to no good again.
Mason goes to see Gina for help on his campaign, but she refuses to help. Emily tells Celeste she and Greg are engaged. Cruz figures Ric is fencing something and it is somehow connected to the warehouse robberies. Robert tries to get information out of Helena about the mines. Helena takes "Chance" down to the mine and they talk about the new owner, Robert Barr. The guy with the scar, Eli, harasses Celeste and later confronts Cruz with a gun.
Gina plants a photo of her and Mason kissing in the newspaper.  Ethan tells Gina he wants to run a clean campaign.  Kelly and Eden start feeling a rift where Robert is concerned.  Cruz tells Eden that Ric is involved with diamonds again.  Kelly books a trip to El Diablo to find Robert.
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CC tells Eden that he thinks Kelly left to find Robert.  Mason tells CC that since Greg is going to pick up the Capwell name, Mason will denounce his.  CC tells Mason he does not want Mason to give up his name.  Cruz loses Ric.  Cruz, Eden and Ric realize that Tonell is involved with the diamonds.
November 6 November 7 November 8 November 9 November 10
Robert goes to the train to pick up supplies not knowing that Kelly will be on that train.  Election Day and Laura proposes to Ethan that they start a family.  Greta and Mack dine out at the Orient Express where Michael and Julia watch them and Michael is a little jealous.  Kelly meets up with Robert.  Gina plans Ethan's victory party.  Gina presents Laura with one of her original dresses for the victory party.
Sophia is disappointed that CC voted for Ethan.  Ethan picks up Gina in a limo for the party and to meet his father.  Laura catches Ethan and Gina in the limo.  Emily and Greg have their blood tests completed and let Sophia know.  Ethan beats Mason by a landslide.  Mason and Julia try and decide what to do with Tonell after Julia knocks him out with a law book.  Kelly poses as Robert's wife.  Laura gets in a car accident after leaving the party in tears.
CC goes off on Greg for wanting to marry Emily.  Julia and Mason left Tonell in the psychiatric clinic.  Craig feels if he can deliver Barr to Tonell then he will be back in Tonell's good graces.  Sophia talks CC into giving in to Greg and Emily.  Mason and Julia realize that they will need Sasha's help in helping Mason running Tonell's business while he is in the psychiatric hospital.  Craig is furious that Mason is in charge.  Emily and Greg get married with Celeste, Sophia and CC as witnesses.
Last appearance of Signy Coleman (Celeste DiNapoli) 
Cruz goes to see Tonell and is surprised to hear that Mason is in charge.  Cruz then goes to see Craig unaware that Craig is holding Eden captive to gain more information on Robert.  Sasha starts pressuring Mason on Tonell's whereabouts.  Sasha will not give Mason the files until he proves he can be her friend and lover.
Sasha realizes that Mason duped her. Cruz poses as Craig and meets Helena and realizes Robert is posing as Chance.  Ric rescues Eden.  Sasha lasses out at Mason for using her and decides to tell Julia about Palm Springs.
November 13 November 14 November 15 November 16 November 17
Sasha decided not to punish Julia and Samantha for Mason's mistakes.  Sasha pressures Mason to tell her where Tonell is.  Sasha and Tonell show at Mason and Julia's.
The train conductor leaves the train with all the gold and lets Robert and Kelly handle it.  Mack gives Julia another work out session.  Mack accidentally knocks out Tonell at Julia's.  Mack helps Mason with a disguise to get into Tonell's meeting.
Mason manages to fool Brandon with his disguise.  Brandon fools Gina into telling him about his surprise party.  Mack begins training Sasha.  Gina fantasizes about Ethan being Brandon's father and her husband.  Kelly tells Robert about her first love Joe Perkins.
First reappearance of Gina Gallego (Santana Andrade)
Santana shows up at Brandon's door and is shocked that he knows that she is his real mother.  Santana praises the way Gina raised Brandon.  Santana asks Brandon to meet her after his birthday party and he agrees.  Michael has to contend with an abandoned infant.  Brandon does not have a good time at his party with all adults and no children his own age.  Laura apologizes for her behavior towards Gina.  Tonell admits to using the Capwell company to get what he wanted.  Gina is upset to find a letter from Brandon saying he would be back soon.  Brandon meets with Santana and Santana lies and says Gina is aware that Brandon is with her.
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Gina finds out from her neighbor that Brandon got into Santana's car.  Ethan finds out that Santana was not released from the mental hospital.  Santana calls Gina to tell her Brandon is fine.  Robert takes Kelly from the train as a hostage.  The train blows up with Cruz and Eden allegedly still on it.
November 20 November 21 November 22 November 23 November 24
Sasha overhears Mason and Julia plotting against Tonell.  Mason tells Sasha he will tell Tonell he received all the information from Sasha.  Eden and Cruz jump off the train before it explodes.  Gina gets a collect call from Brandon and figures he is in Lake Arrowhead.  Gina and Ethan head to Lake Arrowhead.  Cruz and Eden make love.
Gina and Ethan continue their hunt for Brandon.  Brandon realizes that Santana never told Gina that she was taking him.
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Santana surrenders Brandon.  Craig and Tonell still hold Kelly hostage.  Cruz and Eden show up at the train station very much alive.  Julia screws things up at the trade and knocks down a box of gold bars that reveal that they are fake.  Craig shoots Robert by accident.
Last appearance of Gina Gallego (Santana Andrade)
Pre-empted - Thanksgiving 1341
Eden is devastated that Robert has been shot.  Craig and Tonell run off with Kelly as captive.  The Capwells realize that Robert was helping them all along.  Tonell realizes that Sasha was working with Mason and that they had an affair.  Craig and Tonell hold Sasha and Kelly as hostages.  Cruz tells Eden at the hospital that he is insanely jealous of Robert.  Mason goes to Sasha's rescue and becomes a hostage himself.  Kelly is released.
November 27 November 28 November 29 November 30 December 1
Eden witnesses Robert flatlining in the hospital.  Julia and CC rescue Mason and Sasha.  Cruz heads to the beach after Tonell.  Cruz shoots at Tonell and is killed, but actually it was an unknown sniper who hit Tonell.  Robert is saved at the hospital.  Michael thinks he has found the mother of the abandoned infant he is caring for.  The hitman calls Tonell's wife to let her know Tonell is dead.  Robert is expected a full recovery.
The rift between Cruz and Eden over Robert widens.  Ethan reinstates Cruz and to work on the Tonell murder.  CC reprimands Eden for being at Robert's side.  Cruz questions Mason and Sasha about Tonell.  Ric calls Eden to tell her to come to the bar where Cruz is getting drunk.
Craig shows up back in Santa Barbara.  The reading of Tonell's will begins.  CC meets Mrs. Tonell.  At Tonell's funeral, Mrs. Tonell slaps Sasha across the face.  Mrs. Tonell gets a sneak peak of Tonell's video of the division of assets and she is not pleased.  Gina gives Mack a hard time about spending time with Julia.  Michael and Greta grow closer while caring for the infant.  Mrs. Tonell suggests that since Robert is still in the hospital, the reading of the will should be postponed for two weeks.  Gina and Mack's mother Phyllis arrives.
Last appearance of Mitchell Ryan (Anthony Tonell) and first appearance of Stella Stevens (Phyllis Blake)
CC asks Sasha to a Capwell dinner.  Phyllis starts teaching Brandon some bad habits.  Kelly gives Sasha an icy reception at the Capwell Thanksgiving dinner, knowing that Sasha had an affair with Mason.  Mason asks Robert if maybe it was Tonell's widow and not Tonell that wanted to take over Capwell Enterprises.  Cruz mentions to Eden about ending their marriage.  Eden leaves the dinner in tears.
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Kelly goes to see Robert at the hospital where Tonell's widow's hitman is waiting to off Robert.  Cruz and Eden begin repairing their broken marriage.  Michael and Greta get held up at the community center.  Phyllis donates a bunch of gifts to the community center.  Mason tries to persuade Sasha to stay on at their home.  Cruz retrieves a letter from Kelly that Eden wrote to Robert.  Mason brings Sasha back and tells Julia that he wants Sasha with them until Tonell's will is read.  Cruz tells Eden he is moving out.
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December 4 December 5 December 6 December 7 December 8
Kelly brings Robert home to protect him from the hitman at the hospital.  Phyllis tries to talk Ethan into a winery scheme.  Eden tells Rafael that Cruz has left home.  Eden goes to see Kelly and ask her why she gave Cruz the letter and ends up slapping Kelly.  Ethan and Laura have a huge argument at the Orient Express.  Gina lashes out at Phyllis for keeping Lily away from her and then throws Phyllis out.  Cruz gets in a bar fight and gets arrested.
Eden files a missing person report for Robert.  Michael and Greta make love and decide to pursue a relationship.  Kelly gets Greta to come to the guesthouse to tend to Robert.  Cruz questions Kelly about her being the last to see Robert at the hospital.  Kelly and Robert kiss.  Mason thinks Mrs. Tonell may be his mother Pamela.
Julia asks for Mack's help in keeping tabs on Sasha since Sasha moved out.  Mason tells CC he thinks Pamela is Mrs. Tonell.  Robert tells Kelly that he needs to leave town until things blow over.  Mason and Julia go to Mrs. Tonell's suite to search it and run into Mrs. Tonell, Augusta.  CC threatens to call the police on Robert.  Robert leaves Santa Barbara.
Second reappearance of Louise Sorel (Augusta Lockridge)
Laura is not thrilled with Phyllis filling in as Ethan's secretary.  Julia blows up at Augusta for marrying Tonell.  Rafael tells Cruz he saw Eden drive off with Robert.  Augusta is furious her hitman let Robert escape Santa Barbara and possibly come back for the reading of the will.  Laura visits Gina and tells her to stay away from Ethan and ends up slapping Gina across the face.
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Gina and Laura both have black eyes due to their catfight.  Robert tells Eden she can leave him.  Cruz tries to help a man ready to jump off a ledge over a woman named Nikki.  Ethan talks divorce with Laura.  Laura runs into Ted Nugent outside Ethan's office.  Cruz meets Nikki Alvarez.  Nikki tries to talk Travis off the ledge and Travis ends up grabbing Nikki.  Robert and Eden share a kiss.

First appearance of Constance Marie (Nikki Alvarez)
December 11 December 12 December 13 December 14 December 15
Cruz and Nikki save Travis from jumping off the ledge. A dream sequence of Eden and Robert doing, "Phantom of the Opera".  Augusta tells Julia she is trying to get the name Lockridge to mean something in Santa Barbara.
Phyllis brings home the Leo Mitchell folder to Gina showing a connection between Laura, Mitchell and Nugent.  The hitman shows up at the theatre that Eden and Robert are at.  The mother of the abandoned baby shows up to find Ric caring for her.  Ethan and Gina get romantic when Ethan helps put together a bike for Brandon.
A drunken Laura pressures Ethan to fire Phyllis.  Mason offers Augusta a contract to buy back Capwell Enterprises and Augusta declines.  Nikki tries to comfort Cruz.  A drunken Laura makes a fool of herself at Gina and Phyllis'.
Greta and Michael have to give up the baby to the birth mother.  Robert and Eden stumble upon a psychic and have a reading done.  Cruz finds Augusta's hitman and they fight and the hitman goes over a ledge.  Kelly witnesses Robert and Eden kissing.
The hitman died from falling over the ledge.  Phyllis begins gaslighting Laura on the Leo Mitchell murder being unsolved.  Augusta tells Gina that she will be evicted once the inheritance comes through from Tonell's estate.  Cruz tells Robert the hitman is dead.  Mason tries to buys Sasha out of town.  Ethan gives Gina a Christmas present.  Robert shows up at the reading of tonell's will.  Cruz takes off his wedding band and tells Eden it is over.
December 18 December 19 December 20 December 21 December 22
Augusta is livid that Anthony left most everything to Robert.  Only if Robert was dead would Augusta inherit it.  Even though Anthony left Sasha the Palm Springs home, she has no immediate plans to leave Santa Barbara.  Kelly once again catches Eden and Robert kissing at Eden's home.  Mason and CC go to Eden's to try and help her and CC forbids her to see Robert.  Eden and Robert end up leaving together.
Laura shows Ethan the note she received and says she thinks that Gina and Phyllis are behind it.  Phyllis admits to Gina she sent the letter to Laura.  Michael asks Cruz to play Santa.  Robert and Eden have a romantic dinner and Robert discusses his plans with all that he has inherited.  Nikki and Cruz share a dance.  Eden tells Robert she would take Cruz back if he would let her.
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Julia starts investigating the connection between Mason and Sasha.  Mason tells Kelly that it would hurt Julia more to know about his affair with Sasha, since it meant nothing.  Robert and Eden decide not to pursue a relationship.
Mason asks Julia to renew their wedding vows.  Ethan tells Gina that they need to call it quits.  Cruz prays for help and guidance.  Ethan and Gina get locked up in a cellar.
Cruz rescues a man named Paddy who shows Cruz what life would have been without him.  It's a wonderful Life for Cruz.  Cruz goes make to Eden.
December 25 December 26 December 27 December 28 December 29
Ethan and Gina wake up on Christmas Day still locked up in the cellar.  Ethan tells Gina he loves her and is leaving Laura.  Mack goes to see Laura and finds out that Ethan never came home and asks Phyllis what is Gina up to.  Mack rescues Ethan and Gina.  Eden and Cruz spend the day with the Castillos.  Kelly and Eden decide to bury the hatchet.
Kelly asks Robert for her old job back.  Laura starts sending letters blackmailing herself to gain Ethan's sympathy.  Eden tells Robert she is going away for a while with the children.  Robert tells Kelly he does not love her.
Sasha sings at Bunny's and Bunny offers her a job.  Robert offers Capwell Enterprises back to CC.  Laura accuses Gina of stealing the ransom money that Ethan left at the Lair.  Augusta offers to buy Capwell Enterprises from Robert.  Laura sets Mack up.
Julia knows that Augusta and Mason are up to something and wants to know what it is.  Nikki tries to get Cruz to start over.  Emily tells Greg she thinks she is pregnant.  Kelly makes the boat her and Robert on get them trapped on an "island".  Emily and Greg show up on the "island" that is 2 miles from the Capwell home.  Nikki tells Cruz she is an illegal alien.  
Julia tells Augusta that she knows Mason and Sasha had an affair.  Laura tells Ethan that they have received another note, which makes Ethan to decide to resign.  Kelly decides to throw a New Years Eve party.  Gina fantasizes about a romantic New Years Eve with Ethan.  Before Ethan's press conference, Laura says she did indeed murder Leo Mitchell.  Robert and Cruz face off at the party.
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