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    January 1 January 2 January 3
    Pre-empted - New Year's Day 364
Mason wakes up hungover, Brick ponders his new family tree, Sophia tells Lionel that Gina has taken Brandon, Augusta holds an estate sale and upsets Lionel, Brick tells his parents about the switched babies, Mary gets upset after seeing Mason's New Year's Eve tape, Mark finds Wendy (Janice) after seeing her magazine cover
Cruz and Santana find Gina in Las Vegas but Gina has left Brandon with a friend, Eden upset after sleeping with Krik the night before, the "blackmailer" shreds Eden's lingerie, Mark & Janice sign the divorce papers, Gina & Santana catfight
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January 6 January 7 January 8 January 9 January 10
Janice is surprised by the man whose wife died after surgery from Mark, Santana signs a paper saying she won't seek custody of Brandon in exchange for Gina returning to Santa Barbara, Kirk fakes a fight with the "blackmailer"
Cruz & Santana back at her aprartment and then they go out for cheeseburgers, Kirk at the clinic after being hit by the "blackmailer", at a bar Mason meets with the guy who harassed Janice
CC getting better, Mason plans to post a guard outside CC's room after they find a pillow on the floor near CC's bed, Santana and Julia have lunch, at the museum Lionel unveils an old painting of Sophia he kept, Gina steals a syringe and some drugs from Mark's bag

First appearance of Jed Allan (C.C. Capwell)
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Brick tells Lionel he is his son, Lionel tells Sophia, Kelly wants to tell Nick the truth so Dylan decides to leave town, CC gets up
Kelly asks Nick to go to Hawaii, Nick finds that Dylan didn't leave town last night, Mason fell asleep at CC's door & finds CC's IV out, Cruz plans a date with Santana, Kirk & Eden go to Tahoe, Gina poisons Mason and goes to CC's room with a syringe 
January 13 January 14 January 15 January 16 January 17
Cruz & Santana on the beach, Mason poisoned - Mary saves him, CC stops Gina from injecting him and warns her to keep quiet, Eden & Kirk return from Tahoe, Kirk tells Gina he knows she took the syringe from Mark's bag
At breakfast Mason accuses Gina of poisoning him, Kelly plans the wedding, Mason tells Ted about his plans for the company, CC has Gina bring the family in so he can listen to them talking freely, Kirk tells Gina he knows she tried to kill CC so Gina tells Kirk she knows Eden almost tried to kill CC and that's why she married Kirk
Mason's dinner party is planned for the next day, CC & Kirk both use Gina to find out what Mason is up to, Lionel tells Augusta about Brick, Eden asks Cruz about he & Santana
Mason prepares his dinner party, Kelly tells Sophia that she slept with Dylan, Cruz questions Gina about the "Alta Vista Sedan" ad but Kirk covers for her, Kelly tells Nick she's going to New York
CC upstairs in his tux, Mason's dinner party, Nick & Dylan fight, CC reveals himself at end of episode
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January 20 January 21 January 22 January 23 January 24
CC surprises Mason, reveals himself to the family, Cruz and Santana make love, CC sees Ted, Kirk, and Kelly
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CC tells Cruz he doesn't know who pulled the plug, CC meets with Mason and Sophia and kicks them both out
Kirk looks for Eden, she spent the night on Cruz's couch, Pearl sets a meeting for Nick & Dylan, CC tells Eden he knows she pulled the plug
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Dylan & Nick argue on the rig & Nick plans to swim to shore, Eden tells Cruz CC saw her pull the plug, Eden & Kirk fight because she hid her letters
Pearl & Kelly look for Nick & Dylan after they swam off the rig, CC calls a meeting & kicks Gina out of the house and tells her she can take Brandon, Gina strips
January 27 January 28 January 29 January 30 January 31
Kirk picks up Gina and takes her to a motel, Brick comes to the house after CC tells everyone Brick is Sophia's son
Pre-empted - Challenger explosion 382
CC tells Mason to get out & asks Mary to move into the guest house, CC meets with Minx, Sophia & Lionel kiss on the yacht, CC lets Dylan continue with the casino  (some pre-emption for continued coverage of Challenger explosion)
CC holds a press conference, Mary dines with CC, a man is following Brandon, CC gives Kirk money for Brandon
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Kelly tells Eden she slept with Dylan, Eden buys Kirk a car, Sophia returns from her trip with Lionel, Gina blackmails Kirk for some money & he wants her to leave town, Cruz & Pearl spy on Kirk
February 3 February 4 February 5 February 6 February 7
Nick is drunk, detectives investigating the plug pulling, Kirk tells Gina he wants repayment, Cruz shows Pearl the pink dress, the casino is about to open, Kelly starts to tell Nick about Dylan
Kelly doesn't go thru with telling Nick, the casino opens, CC & Lionel start a card game, Dylan tells Nick he slept with Kelly
Lionel and CC continue the card game until Gina arrives and wrecks the game, Kelly falls overboard and Nick rescues her, Eden tells Cruz she's happy for him and Santana, Eden gives Kirk a ring, CC serves Gina with papers
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Kelly is brought to the hospital, CC forces Gina to annul their marriage and give up custody of Brandon or he'll tell the police she tried to kill him with a needle when he was coming out of the coma, Mason wakes up at Janice's, everyone at the hospital finds out Kelly will be ok, Augusta tells Lionel she wants his art collection in the divorce settlement , Dylan arrives at the hospital to wait with Nick, Gina is contemplating suicide when Hayley arrives at her door

First appearance of Stacy Edwards (Hayley Benson)
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Hayley arrives at Gina's door, Dylan & Nick fight at the hospital, Kirk tells Eden he wants children, CC tells Santana she can have Brandon if she marries, Cruz shows Eden the pink dress
February 10 February 11 February 12 February 13 February 14
Hayley & Ted go jogging, Mary's birthday, Mason brings her a horse, Mason agrees to represent Augusta in the divorce, Kirk finds Eden's letters to Cruz
Kelly denies sleeping with Dylan; Pearl, Mason, and Augusta break into Lionel's basement; Nick & Dylan fight at the casino
Kelly moves in with Nick, Kirk tries to find Eden who went to LA on business, Hayley applies for a job at the Capwell's, Cruz & Julia discuss Angel's case, Cruz catches Kirk following him
Cruz tells Angel he can protect him & calls Pearl, Hayley meets CC & gets the job, Kirk goes to the motel where Cruz has Angel
Cruz pretends Angel was shot & killed at the motel, Mason & Mary have dinner at the Orient Express, Kirk has a gun...
February 17 February 18 February 19 February 20 February 21
Pearl wakes up in the morgue, enlists Julia's help to write notes to Eden & Cruz, Eden & Cruz leave for the cabin, Mark sends Mason a box of rats
Eden and Cruz arrive at the cabin, Mark asks Mary to go to the cabin with him and they drive there, Warren tells Augusta he's broke, Cruz realizes Pearl set them up and tells Eden, she runs off but he chases her and they kiss
Santana finds Kirk at Cruz's, Eden & Cruz at the cabin on horseback, Mark and Mary arrive at the cabin, Mary gets upset & runs off, Lionel & Augusta try to stop Warren betting everything he has
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Julia & Pearl go on a date, Brandon depressed without Gina, Mary & Eden talk, Kirk arrives at the cabin, sees Eden & Cruz together
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Kirk turns on the propane, Julia & Pearl continue their date, Dylan & Sam argue, the cabin explodes
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February 24 February 25 February 26 February 27 February 28
Cabin explosion, ambulance takes Eden & Cruz, Mary & Mason to Santa Barbara hospital, Kelly asks CC to replace her at the casino
Eden in the hospital, gets released & Cruz takes her home, Mason consoles Mary at the hospital while Mark is taken to surgery, Janice warns Mason about Mark
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Mason & Mary spent the night at the hospital, Kirk steals Eden's engagement ring & empties Cruz's bus locker, Kelly goes to see Dylan for the money he owes Nick, Janice visits Mark at the hospital
Kirk takes photos of the ripped pink dress & shows Gina the scrap of material, Pearl and Julia having their date tonight, Mason helps Mary set up the wedding, beginning of Mary and Mark's wedding
Mary and Mark get married in the hospital, Kirk tells Gina Eden knows she pulled the plug, Mark goes into surgery, Eden leaves for Hawaii
March 3 March 4 March 5 March 6 March 7
Santana asks Mason to marry her, Augusta returns from Haiti with the divorce papers, CC learns that Eden is pregnant & tells Cruz, Mason & Santana tell Cruz & CC they're getting married
A letter from Laken arrives, Cruz is depressed, Santana tells Rosa & Danny she's marrying Mason, on the ferry CC tells Sophia Eden's pregnant, Gina searches Eden's room for the evidence Kirk says she has
CC & Sophia get rescued off the ferry, Cruz flies to Hawaii, Gina calls Hawaii to talk to Eden but Cruz answers
In Hawaii Cruz tells Eden it's over, Eden chases after Cruz at the airport, Gina tells Brandon he's going to live with Santana & Mason
Dylan rigs the roulette wheel so Warren loses, Cruz plans to leave Santa Barbara, Mason visits Mary at the hospital
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March 10 March 11 March 12 March 13 March 14
Mason gets drunk at the rehearsal dinner for he & Santana's wedding, Gina & Kirk rehearse killing Eden at the boathouse
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Ted finds Mason at the Orient Express passed out after the rehearsal dinner fiasco, Mason calls off a sale of Lionel's paintings to an art dealer, Julia tells Pearl she purposely lost a case in Phoenix because the mob threatened her, at the boathouse Kirk threatens to shoot Gina if she doesn't kill Eden, Cruz asks Santana to marry him instead of Mason
Madeline and Courtney arrive, Mason wakes up hungover on the roof, Kelly learns Nick took money from Dylan for the book
First appearance of Julia Campbell (Courtney Capwell) and Terry Davis (Madeline Laurent)
Mason waits at the altar while Cruz tries to persuade Santana to call off the wedding, Eden returns from Hawaii, Santana tells Mason she's marrying Cruz
Mason's wedding guests have a scavenger hunt after the aborted wedding, Cruz tells Eden she is pregnant, Santana tells Cruz she's decided to marry him
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March 17 March 18 March 19 March 20 March 21
Cruz & Santana go to Mexico, Kirk & Gina practice for the boathouse, Eden gets "Cruz's" note to meet at the boathouse, Courtney apologizes to Pearl
Mark can't perform when he and Mary try to have sex, Cruz and Santana get married, Gina and Eden struggle in the boathouse, Eden crashes her car & is taken to the hospital
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Eden in the hospital, Kirk finds out she was pregnant, Kirk plants the typewriter at Gina's, Dylan fires Pearl and gets Buzz to fire him too
Angel finds Gina on the beach, Sophia calls Cruz and he & Santana arrive at the hospital
Kirk tells Eden she lost the baby, Kirk tries to convince Eden not to tell anyone about Gina, Mary fantasizes about Mason, Dylan figures out Kelly bought all of Nick's books, Cruz asks Eden about the accident
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March 24 March 25 March 26 March 27 March 28
Cruz tells Eden he married Santana, Eden tells Cruz and CC about Gina trying to kill her after Kirk tried to get her to keep quietquiet, Mark and Mary fight
Last regular appearance of Kathy Shower (Janice Harrison)
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Ted gets a call from Laken, Brandon moves in with Santana, Hayley learns Gina may be dead, Cruz gets a report on some of the evidence and Pearl thinks it looks like Eden tried to kill Gina
Cruz searches Gina's apartment, Eden comes home from the hospital, Gina sends Angel to get her checkbook, Gina presumed dead, Eden goes to the boathouse & finds Kirk's wiring
CC hires Pearl as a chauffeur, Gina's funeral starts, Gina sneaks in and then goes to the Capwell house, Dylan lures Kelly to the rig
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Gina's funeral continued, Gina pops up out of the bathtub and gives Kirk a heart attack, Mason learns Lionel's paintings are forgeries, Pearl drives Madeline to the bungalow
March 31 April 1 April 2 April 3 April 4
Kirk at the hospital, Hayley retrieves the tape recorder from Kirk's hospital room, Kelly and Dylan fight because he stole Nick's books
Eden asks Nick to investigate the wire she found at the boathouse, Kelly tells Eden about Kirk and Eden goes to the hospital, the doctor tells Eden there is a chance Kirk could have a transplant
Kirk calls Eden, CC, Hayley & Cruz to his room to confess on his deathbed but the doctor arrives and says a heart transplant is possible, Kirk is airlifted to Stanford, CC tells Brandon Gina is dead, Brandon runs away from Santana's
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Dylan torments Kelly before her wedding day tomorrow, Brandon runs away but Cruz finds him, Mark picks up Bobbie, a hooker, but hits her when he can't perform, Bobbie goes to Mason for help
Kelly runs off on her wedding day to Nick but comes back to tell Nick the truth, Pearl drives Madeline to the bungalow & later finds her after she was attacked, Lionel learns CC bought his art collection
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April 7 April 8 April 9 April 10 April 11
Kelly tells Nick she slept with Dylan and the wedding is canceled, Pearl is brought in for suspicion of attacking Madeline, Madeline is alive but brain-dead, Courtney pays Pearl's bail
Last regular appearance of Terry Davis (Madeline Laurent)
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At the bungalow, Cruz re-enacts when Pearl found Madeline's body but David arrives, Cruz asks Courtney about Madeline's enemies, David signs the papers for Madeline's heart to be transplanted into Kirk

First appearance of Brian Matthews (David Laurent)
Kirk is being prepared for the heart transplant surgery, Eden asks Nick to trace who bought the wire she found in the boathouse, Cruz learns Madeline spoke to Eden right before the attack and heads up to Palo Alto to see Eden, Eden is disturbed that Kirk might pull through but she won't tell Cruz why she's upset, Kirk's operation is a success
Madeline's funeral is scheduled for tonight, Santana is upset that Cruz came home late from Palo Alto, Cruz and Santana tell Brandon they got married, Kelly moves out of Nick's, Kelly asks Cruz to keep an eye on Nick, Cruz and Santana spend the evening with Brandon
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Day Halley's comet comes closest to Earth - Lionel on the beach with telescope, Dylan proposes to Kelly, Courtney tells Cruz she thinks David killed Madeline, Mary confronts Mark about him seeing another woman, Mary and Mason kiss, Eden & Cruz remember the proposal, Cruz confronts David
April 14 April 15 April 16 April 17 April 18
Cruz questions David, Eden finds out Kirk bought the speaker wire she found in the boathouse, Kelly has flashbacks of Peter and leaves the house, Eden learns Kirk's body is rejecting the new heart and leaves to return to Stanford
At Stanford, Kirk's body is rejecting the heart, Courtney tells Pearl about the cigarette she saw and that she saw someone that looked like David outside the bungalow, CC & Sophia arrive in Palo Alto, Cruz worries about Eden, Eden tells Sophia she's never loved Kirk, Kirk is stabilized, Cruz arrives in Palo Alto, Eden tells Cruz she believes Kirk tried to kill her
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Cruz gets a report of blood on David's cufflinks, David tells Cruz he thought Madeline was having an affair and he went to the bungalow and found her after she had been attacked, David's bloody shirt is found

Last regular appearance of Joseph Bottoms (Kirk Cranston)
Warren robs the casino ferry, Cruz and Eden re-enact the night at the boathouse, David arrested
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Warren holds a gun on Sophia at the boathouse after she figured out he's the robber, Julia agrees to represent David
First appearance of Larry Poindexter (Dr. Justin Moore)
April 21 April 22 April 23 April 24 April 25
Dylan wants to spend a last night with Kelly, Sophia asks Warren to give the money back but Warren gives the stolen notes to CC, Warren faints at the boathouse
Kirk comes home from the hospital & back to the Capwell house, CC discovers that Warren is the robber

First appearance of Robert Newman (Kirk Cranston)
CC tells Lionel he knows Warren is the robber & wants Lionel's house, Kirk thanks David for Madeline's heart, Pearl tells Courtney his real name under hypnosis, Eden & Cruz learn Kirk borrowed a rifle
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Lionel begs CC for a truce but CC wants to take the house tonight, Augusta asks Mason for help, Nick visits Kelly but Dylan shows up, Lionel packs up the house, Warren tries to stop Lionel
Lionel tells Minx about that they lost the house to CC, Eden tries to talk CC out of taking the Lockridge house, Nick meets Justin at Buzz's, Eden tells Cruz that they should pretend to have an affair to get Kirk, Minx refuses to leave the house and shoots at CC
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April 28 April 29 April 30 May 1 May 2
Minx shoots CC in the butt with a BB gun when he tries to evict the Lockridges, Eden realizes Kirk has been spying on her from his room, Lionel & Augusta spend the night together
Some pre-emption possible this week for continued coverage of Chernobyl accident (April 26)
Warren leaving town to go into a clinic for compulsive gambling, Kirk tries to get the tape of his confession from Gina, Eden & Cruz plan to trap Kirk at the cabana, Sophia finds a lump in her breast
Last appearance of John Allen Nelson (Warren Lockridge)
Kirk collapses at the Capwell house and goes back to the hospital, Sophia tells Mary she found a lump in her breast, Sophia's birthday, Mary talks to Mother Isabel about an anullment
Cruz sets up an Eden-lookalike to lure Kirk to the cabana, Kirk gives Eden an expensive necklace, Mason & Mary talk at the stables, Julia meets with a woman with whom David may have had an affair
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Mason & Mary kiss at the stables, Eden and Cruz at the cabana while Kirk watches from outside, Ted & Hayley go on a date, Dylan breaks into Kelly's apartment, Mary goes to  the convent
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May 5 May 6 May 7 May 8 May 9
Mary calls Mark and tells him she's at the convent, Mason interrupts Kirk entering the cabana with a gun, Kelly remembers Peter and stabs Dylan
Mason searches for Mary, Mark visits Mary at the convent, Eden avoids having sex with Kirk, Sophia asks Mason to draw up her will, Cruz questions the jeweler, Mason learns Mary is at the convent
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Pearl's ferry explodes after Kirk planted a bomb, trying to kill Gina and the jeweler who provided the fake alibi, Lionel remembers his meetings with Madeline, Gina leaves for Mexico
Gina turns up in Mexico claiming amnesia, Cruz brings her back to Santa Barbara, Mason dresses up as a priest at the convent
Cruz sets Gina up in the presidential suite, Kirk brings Santana to the cabana to see Eden & Cruz are having an affair, Sophia learns she has cancer
May 12 May 13 May 14 May 15 May 16
Julia meets a private investigator who took photos of David and another woman,
Mary confesses to Mason in the confessional at the convent, Eden brings Gina to the boathouse to make her remember their fight
Sophia tells Brick she has cancer, Cruz explains to Santana that the cabana was an act to set up Kirk,  Mark calls Mary at the convent, Mary agrees to come home in a few days, Kirk gets angry with Eden and she runs off
Mason takes Mary out of the convent to the tent, they make love, Kelly tells Dylan she and Nick are back together
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Dylan finds Kelly's notes to Nick, Mason and Mary spend the day at the tent, Sophia has surgery to remove her breast lump
Last appearance of Ty Henderson (Sam Williams)
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Mason walks Mary back to the convent, Mason goes back to the Capwell house where Mark hits him, Eden tells Cruz about the blackmailer, Eden tells Gina she thinks she's faking amnesia because she's afraid of Kirk, Gina goes to the Capwell house looking for Brandon after being threatened by Kirk
May 19 May 20 May 21 May 22 May 23
Mason and Mary back in Santa Barbara, Mary tells Mark she wants an annulment, Nick trying to find Kelly and Dylan, Dylan gets pushed out the window
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Dylan gets pushed out the window (replays), dies, Kirk follows Gina out of the hotel to find Eden, Mark starts to force himself on Mary
Last appearance of Page Moseley (Dylan Hartley)
Mark rapes Mary, CC kicks Kirk out, Gina finds Eden at the cliff house and plays the tape for her of Kirk's confession, Cruz arrests Kelly
Gina drives off in Eden's car, drives off a cliff, Kirk comes in with a gun but Eden knocks him out and runs out, Cruz makes it to the cliffhouse but Eden is gone, Eden makes it to Aqualand
Kirk chases Eden around Aqualand, Mason and CC see Kelly at the sanitarium, Kirk about to throw Eden to the sharks
May 26 May 27 May 28 May 29 May 30
Rawlings medicates Kelly, Eden gets away but Kirk catches her, Kirk throws Eden to the sharks, Cruz jumps in after her
First appearance of Ben Piazza (Dr. A.L. Rawlings)
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Gina knocks out Kirk who has a gun on Eden & Cruz, Eden & Cruz flee, Cruz shot, Nick turns over Justin's tapes of Kelly's sessions, Sheila in town
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Cruz almost drowns Kirk but lets him live, Kirk arrested, Gina confesses to pulling the plug, Pearl meets with Sheila
Eden begs CC to let Gina off and he agrees, Mason offers Julia a plea for David but she turns it down, Courtney finds Pearl's secret room, David asks Julia to spend the night with him
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Julia and David wake up together, Kelly's hearing - she is found unfit to stand trial and is taken back to the sanitarium, Kirk pleads guilty, Keith is the new DA, Justin sneaks into the sanitarium, Gina watches the tape and realizes its value
First appearance of Justin Deas (Keith Timmons) and last appearance of Robert Newman (Kirk Cranston)
June 2 June 3 June 4 June 5 June 6
Mason & Julia spar during pre-trial/jury selection, David brings Sheila her lipstick that was left in his hotel room, Sophia urges Mary to tell Mason what's upsetting her, Lionel tells CC about Sophia's cancer

First appearance of Marie-Alise Recasner (Alice Jackson)
Mary tells Sophia that Mark raped her, Ted auditions for KUSB and meets Jane, CC tells Eden about Sophia's cancer, Mary threatens to tell the church Mark raped her if he protests the anulment, Cruz & Santana argue and Cruz follows Eden home, Mason proposes to Mary at the Orient Express
First appearance of Jane Sibbett (Jane Wilson)
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David's trial starts, Mason and Julia's opening statements, Courtney goes to see Sheila, Cruz testifies, Ted's first day on air at KUSB, Gina visits Kelly at the sanitarium, Courtney tells Mason about a letter she saw at Sheila's
Mason gets a search warrant for Sheila's hotel room and Cruz searches it, Keith & Santana get locked in the courtroom together, Eden fills the house with daisies for CC & Sophia, Mason & Mary make love, Mason serves Sheila with a subpoena & then figures out Julia & David are sleeping together
The private investigator & Courtney testify, Sheila takes the stand & testifies she & David had an affair, Julia subpoenas Lionel, Mason tells Julia he knows about her and David
June 9 June 10 June 11 June 12 June 13
Julia planning to resign from David's case but then decides not to, Sheila's testimony continued, Cruz suspicious of Keith, Pearl plots to enter the sanitarium, Lionel & Augusta break into the empty Lockridge house
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CC almost arrests Lionel for being at the Lockridge house, CC awards final custody of Brandon to Santana, Eden visits Kelly, Gina follows Keith and Santana to the beach house
Gina steals Rosa's cookie recipe and makes cookies, Pearl and Lionel testify, Brick meets with Grant, Pearl and Eden break into Rawlings' office
Gina asks Sophia for money for her cookie business, Mary finds out she's pregnant, Mark tells Mary he's leaving town, CC and Sophia visit Kelly, Hayley agrees to lend Gina money, David testifies against Julia's advice
David punches Mason in the courtroom, Danny arrested for DUI, Santana threatens Gina that she'll tell Brandon she's his real mother but leaves her allergy pills behind, Gina calls Angel for some drugs, Julia re-calls Sheila to the stand and gets her to admit she lied about the affair with David, Nick sees Kelly, it's revealed David and Sheila are in on the fake story together, Mary tells Mason she's pregnant
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June 16 June 17 June 18 June 19 June 20
Mary tells Mason she's pregnant (replays), Mary & Mason have dinner at the Orient Express & Mason taunts Julia
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Santana and Cruz fight, Pearl tells Courtney he's going into the sanitarium, Keith's office loses evidence proving Sheila was in town the day Madeline was attacked, Julia & Mason practice closing statements
The verdict comes in - David acquitted, Santana confronts Eden at the Orient Express, Julia heads up to the cabin
Julia finds the bloody dumb bell in David's  bag at the cabin, Mason drunk after the verdict
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Keith and Cruz spar at KUSB, Gina switches Santana's pills, Julia hides the dumb bell in the fireplace, Pearl enters the sanitarium
Last appearance of Larry Poindexter (Dr. Justin Moore)
June 23 June 24 June 25 June 26 June 27
Julia locks herself in the bathroom at the cabin, Cruz finds Santana on the roof of the hotel taking off her clothes
David breaks into the bathroom with an axe, Julia excapes out the window - goes to the ranger station, Keith and Santana have sex on the beach, Ted and Hayley sleep on the beach
Sheila and David accuse each other of Madeline's murder at the ranger station, Mary tells Mason to forget the annullment because the church will have to talk to Mark, David and Sheila are arrested but then let go
Last appearance of Brian Matthews (David Laurent)
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Mark back in town, CC and Grant spar, Ted and Hayley planning to move in together, Mary slips and tells Mark she's pregnant
Mason meets with Grant & Lionel on Lionel's boat, CC & Sophia have dinner on the beach, Gina suggests to Cruz that Santana is having an affair
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June 30 July 1 July 2 July 3 July 4
Mark tells Mason he and Mary slept together, Mason gets drunk and goes to see CC but then decides not to help Grant, Mary tells Mason Mark raped her, CC & Sophia make love
Mason wants Mary to press charges against Mark, Mason hits Mark, CC & Sophia visit Kelly, Courtney visits Pearl
4th of July, party at Capwell house, Pearl and Kelly have "fireworks" in the sanitarium
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Pre-empted - Wimbledon coverage Pre-empted - Wimbledon coverage
July 7 July 8 July 9 July 10 July 11
4th of July - day 2, Mary goes to the Orient Express to talk to Mark, Mary decides to divorce Mark

First appearance of Stoney Jackson (Paul Whitney)
Pearl in trouble because of the party, Mark arrested for rape, Julia hears Mary's side and decides to throw the case
Gina films her commercial on the hotel roof, Kelly stalls Rawlings so Pearl can break into his office
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Pearl tells Courtney he found Brian's letters, Mark's trial about to start, Mark & Mary practice testimony, Ted visits Kelly
Eden assures CC that there is nothing romantic going on between her and Keith. Julia tells Mark that she will no longer represent him and believes he raped Mary. Mason asks Mary to go public about the rape. Julia asks Mary to meet her at the Orient Express. Mary arrives at the Orient Express and CC says he will help her if she needs help obtaining an annulment. Mark shows up at the Orient Express and asks to speak with Mary. Mary suggests she and Mark go on the roof. Mason receives a note from Mary saying she is meeting Julia at the Orient Express. Mason goes to the Orient Express. Mark realizes that Mason pushed Mary into going on trial. Mary asks Mark to sign away an interest in the baby and to tell Mason that Mark did rape her. Mark says he won't admit to rape. Mason and Julia arrive up on the roof where a fight begins about how Mary should handle Mark as the winds get heavier. Keith and Eden kiss. The neon letter C falls down on Mary.
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July 14 July 15 July 16 July 17 July 18
Eden shows up at Cruz' office where Santana is waiting and a fight ensues. Hayley and Ted continue with another romantic evening. CC makes his way up to the roof to find Mary dying in Mason's arms. Cruz and Santana get into an argument over Eden. Mason refuses to believe Mary is gone. Santana goes to Keith and makes him promise not to tell Eden anything about what went on between them and wants her marriage to work with Cruz. Keith gives Santana the key to his apartment and she accepts. Hayley and Ted make love. Cruz tells Eden that Mary has died. Santana warns Keith that Eden is using him.
Mason dreams that Mary is still alive. Mark has nightmares about Mary's death. Courtney in disguise goes to visit Pearl and Kelly and tells Pearl he needs to leave the hospital. Ted goes to see Mason and get some of Mary's things for the memorial service. CC tells Julia he fears what Mason may do to Mark. Cc tells Julia to make sure Mark leaves town. Pearl tells Kelly not to be afraid of hypnosis. Courtney finds a way for Pearl to escape. Mark tells Mason that they both have the same blood type. Therefore they never would have known who the father of Mary's baby was. Kelly tells Dr. Rawlings that she killed Dylan while she is under hypnosis. Pearl tells an upset Kelly that he is leaving the hospital. CC talks at Mary's memorial service. Pearl tells Courtney that he has decided to stay in the hospital. Mason tells CC, Mark and Julia will pay for Mary's death.
Mason working on his revenge, invites Mark to the Orient Express, Eden at Keith's, locked in the smuggling van, Mason about to shoot Mark, Pearl takes the gang to Buzz's for dinner
Pre-empted - Daytime Emmy Awards (aired on NBC) 501
Mason "shoots" Mark, threatens Julia at the courthouse, visits CC with the gun, Kelly visits CC, begs him not to send her back to the hospital but Rawlings shows up
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July 21 July 22 July 23 July 24 July 25
Mason tells Cruz he killed Mark, then reveals he got Mark to confess to raping Mary and locked him in a closet on the roof
Last regular appearance of Harley Jane Kozak (Mary DuVall)
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Mason wakes up at the Capwell Hotel, Gina brought him there after he was drunk at the bar, end, a woman in white drags a drunk Mason out of the church
Keith and Santana spend the night in the presidential suite, Pearl brought back to the sanitarium, Ted finds out Gina is Hayley's aunt
Keith and Santana wake up at the hotel, Cruz pissed Santana stayed out all night, Kelly calls Eden because she's worried about what Rawlings might do to Pearl
Keith and Santana take a drive, hit Eden with the car in the fog
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July 28 July 29 July 30 July 31 August 1
Eden's accident replays, she is taken to the hospital, Santana realizes she hit Eden
Eden tells Cruz about the accident, Gina tells Eden Keith and Santana broke up, Ted has a date with Roxanne, Hayley DJ's at KUSB, Cruz has Eden leave town
Julia arrested for drunk driving, Mark taunts Julia, Keith fixes Santana's head light before she can confess to Cruz, Rawlings about to perform shock treatment on Pearl
Last regular appearance of Jon Lindstrom (Dr. Mark McCormick)
Kelly rescues Pearl from Rawlings & they escape with Owen, Julia represents Gina in trouble because of the poisoned cookies, CC & Sophia plan their wedding
Ted spies on Roxanne. Roxanne takes off her mask and it turns out to be Jane. Gina visits Dr. Rawlings to see Kelly, and she's surprised when Alice tells her that Kelly and Pearl escaped. She informs Sophia, C.C. and Courtney about it over breakfast. Julia undergoes hypnosis, Cruz interviews a witness to the hit and run, Cruz figures out Santana hit Eden
August 4 August 5 August 6 August 7 August 8
Pearl, Kelly and Owen hide out in Pearl's secret room. Courtney finds them, and then later goes out to find out who is MacIntosh and how he is connected to Rawlings. Pearl decides to bring C.C. and Sophia to Kelly. Cruz questions Keith about the accident, Keith issues a warrant for Santana's arrest
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Santana is arrested, Keith convinces Santana to sign a confession
Santana's hearing begins, Ted and Jane go to lunch at the Orient Express, Santana testifies but the judge denies the motion to lessen the charges, Santana announces she'll tell the truth
Santana testifies that Keith was with her during the accident but he denies it, Santana admits she had an affair with Keith
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Eden arrives at the hearing, Gina testifies she was with Keith at the time of the accident, the judge recommends Santana be held for psychiatric evaluation and indicted, Owen tells Rawlings they're in Mexico
August 11 August 12 August 13 August 14 August 15
Pearl & Kelly on the boat get questioned by Mexican police, Kelly remembers Dylan had a gun, Owen stalls Rawlings so Pearl & Kelly can esccape, Santana breaks a window at the police station & cuts herself, Eden goes to Cruz's
Eden & Cruz kiss but Cruz feels responsible for Santana, Santana tells Cruz she wants a divorce, Pearl & Kelly in Mexico looking for MacIntosh, Eden plans to leave town, Pearl & Kelly get locked in Rawlings' ex-wife's file room
Pearl & Kelly wake up in Rawlings' ex-wife's file room, Eden & Cruz meet at the beach and make love, Augusta kidnapped, Santana signs custody of Brandon over to CC
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Eden & Cruz spend day at the beach, Keith finds Santana's pills in her jewelry box, Santana sneaks out of the hospital
Ted hosts an all-night charity radio show at the snack bar, Kelly asks Gina about the gun but she denies seeing it, CC convinces Kelly to leave the country rather than be arrested, Santana goes to the snack bar with the gun
August 18 August 19 August 20 August 21 August 22
Kelly packs and leaves, Santana has a gun at the beach snack bar, Gina is shot, Santana holds Eden at gunpoint, CC & Sophia go to the hotel, Pearl takes Alice from the hospital to the Lockridge house
Mason arrives & convinces Santana to give herself up, Santana tells Cruz goodbye, Keith realizes Gina has the tape of Dylan's death
  Watch the promo of this episode
Mason holds a press conference, Mason tells Ted about finding Lily, Lionel meets with Augusta's kidnapper, Mason convinces CC and Sophia to come to Lily's tent meeting, Hayley sees Jane as Roxanne
Jane is unmasked as Roxanne, Eden & Cruz set off the fire sprinklers at the Orient Express, Mason brings everyone to the revival tent, Lily Light appears
First appearance of Lynn Clark (Lily "Light" Blake)
Lily Light appears at the tent meeting (replays), Santana gives Cruz Eden's ring, Augusta leaves, Lily moves into the guest house
First departure of Louise Sorel (Augusta Lockridge)
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August 25 August 26 August 27 August 28 August 29
Cruz gives Eden her ring back, Eden asks Mason about the stewardess pin, Brick starts work at the casino, Lily protests at the casino
Lily is arrested at the casino, Ted & Jane have dinner, Alice tells Pearl that Rawlings killed Brian in a church, Lily pretends to faint at another casino protest
Lily's followers throw a rock through Brick's window, Lily & Nick both visit Santana at the hospital, Eden & Cruz have a crab dinner, Lily convinces Keith to drop the charges against Santana for the snack bar ordeal, Pearl starts to break down the brick wall but Rawlings arrives with a gun
  Watch the promo of this episode
Rawlings arrives with a gun (replays), Brick goes on KUSB accusing Lily of harassing him, Paul & Cruz go to the sanitarium, Keith visits his dying grandmother and we learn about Katie's death, Rawlings is arrested & Pearl learns Brian escaped
Last appearance of Ben Piazza (Dr. A.L. Rawlings)
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Eden moves in with Cruz, Pearl returns to the sanitarium to report Rawlings' arrest, Keith pretends Gina is his fiance for his grandmother, Keith's grandmother dies, Brick & Lily debate about the casino on KUSB, Gina brings her marriage portrait to CC & Sophia, Cruz offers his sympathy to Keith
September 1 September 2 September 3 September 4 September 5
Keith rejects Cruz's sympathy (replays) and he tells Cruz he's going to get revenge for Katie's death, Hayley and Lily spend time together, Mason persuades Lily to stay in the guest house, Tori calls Cruz and he meets her at the Orient Express, Lily and Gina argue
First appearance of Kristen Meadows (Victoria Lane)
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CC meets with Julia and Lionel about his money, Hayley protests at Buzz's with Lily's followers, Eden finds the earring in Cruz's drawer and has it appraised, Cruz takes Tori around town to look for a place for her to live, Cruz finally tells Eden about Tori, Lionel agrees to be Alice's guardian and she arrives at the Lockridge house
CC kicks Lionel, Pearl, Alice, Jane & Julia out of the Lockridge house, Tori visits the beach house and meets Eden, Lionel comes up with idea to have Pearl buy the Lockridge house, Santana has a hearing and the charges for shooting Gina are dismissed
Lily & Gina catfight, Pearl buys the Lockridge house
Lily and Gina both sport black eyes from their fight yesterday, Cruz & Tori each remember the past, Lionel tells Minx he bought the house back, Mason tells Eden Cruz crashed his motorcycle chasing Tori when she left town, Keith plans to bug Cruz's phone, Eden asks Tori about Cruz's accident but she didn't know it had happened
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September 8 September 9 September 10 September 11 September 12
Opening night of Tori's play, Eden has a second earring made, Keith bugs Cruz's phone, Courtney depressed about Pearl, party at the Orient Express after the play begins, Eden puts the earrings on
Party at the Orient Express continues - Eden wears the earrings, Lily's followers harass Amy at Buzz's, Cruz learns Gina's name was found in Angel's contact book, Amy asks CC to fire Brick from the casino
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Cruz questions Gina about switching Santana's pills, Tori crashes her car at the airport and Cruz finds her there, Lily's followers throw bricks at Brick & Amy's house, Jane and Ted try to talk Hayley into leaving Lily's following, Keith makes a deal with Angel
  Watch the promo of this episode
Brick quits the casino, Amy and Buzz at Buzz's when protestors show up, Hayley throws the can - explosion
Hayley throws cans at Buzz's and there's an explosion (replays), Eden calls Kelly from Cruz's phone, Buzz is rescued, Amy is found dead after the fire, Eden slips and tells Cruz where Kelly is, Cruz and Eden tell Brick that Amy died, Ted tells Hayley that Amy died

Last appearance of Kerry Sherman (Amy Perkins)
September 15 September 16 September 17 September 18 September 19
Keith questions Cruz about Kelly, the police question Lily about Amy's death, Mason accuses Lily of using everyone for her own purposes, Mason and Lily kiss
Brick goes to the church for Amy's memorial service, Pearl asks Cruz about Tori, Keith serves Cruz with a subpoena for his phone records, Cruz warns CC to move Kelly, Hayley plans to confess, Pearl takes Tori for a drive, Hayley starts to tell Brick it was an accident
Hayley starts to tell Brick it was an accident (replays) but Lily & Mason arrive at the church, Cruz tells Eden Keith bugged their phone, Hayley is brought in for questioning but Gina convinces her not to say anything and Hayley is booked
Ted plans to give his statement against Hayley but changes his mind, Gina seduces Angel after he says he's going to tell Santana the truth, power outage, Lily starts to seduce Mason
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The power comes back on, Lily & Mason sleep together, Mason gets drunk, Gina asks Angel for more drugs then pretends to get drunk at the Orient Express, Angel tells Santana Keith bought the drugs from him and not Gina, Gina goes to Keith's
September 22 September 23 September 24 September 25 September 26
Gina plants the pills at Keith's, Tori tries to talk to Keith, Cruz & Tori tell Eden part of the Katie story, Gina pretends to be drunk still, Cruz remembers Katie
Gina tips off Cruz to search Keith's for the drugs, Julia tries to convince Brick not to hurt Lily, Ted is subpoenaed to testify against Hayley, Cruz finds the pills at Keith's, Lily goes to Brick's
Brick almost strangles Lily, Cruz has the pills he found at Keith's analyzed, Nick takes photos of Alice, Tori gives Eden old letters to read, Lionel & Jane dig for fossils
Cruz gets the results on the pills he found at Keith's, Ted refuses to testify against Hayley and is held in contempt, CC enlists Courtney to bring Kelly to Santa Barbara for the wedding, Gina arranges for Angel to tell Cruz Keith bought the pills
Lionel finds fossils, at the beach Tori remembers Katie, Courtney smuggles Kelly into Santa Barbara, Gina throws bachelor parties for CC & Sophia
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September 29 September 30 October 1 October 2 October 3
Gina & Sophia catfight (replays) and Sophia ruins Gina's wedding dress, Tori sees Keith with the earring and thinks back to the day on the beach, Eden & Cruz have a private ceremony in a church, Brick is upset that CC plans to close the casino, Tori leaves a note for Cruz but Eden intercepts it, Keith accuses Gina of setting him up with the pills, Eden wears the earrings and meets Tori at the airport to tell her to stay away from Cruz
Pearl visits Courtney in jail but she gets upset when he asks where Kelly is, CC plans to bring Pearl to see Kelly until he learns about Pearl's help in getting Lionel back his house, Cruz tricks Keith into signing a confession and insists that Keith resign or Cruz will use the confession against him
Keith resigns as DA & Mason plans to be DA, Tori comes looking for Eden & Cruz takes Cruz to Anacapa Island for a "honeymoon", Courtney confronts Keith about his affair with Madeline, Tori finds Cruz
Tori tells Cruz Keith has the earring (replays), Lionel & Jane ask CC for permission to dig on his property, Keith tells Gina about Katie's death, Eden & Cruz return to Santa Barbara, Keith takes Tori to the beach
A minor earthquake, Mason is the temporary DA & asks Lily to move out, CC & Sophia rehearse for the wedding, Brick hits CC & later goes to see Lily, CC finds Gina in the bathtub
October 6 October 7 October 8 October 9 October 10
Caroline calls Jane - coming to Santa Barbara, Brick almost strangles Lily but Mason stops him, Gina shows CC the tape but then sets it on fire
First appearance of Lenore Kasdorf (Caroline Wilson)
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Gina tells CC she has the original tape and will give it up if he marries her, Mason draws up a marriage contract, CC agrees to sign the contract but then changes his mind
Cruz tells Eden the truth about Katie's death, CC planning to go ahead with the wedding, Mason tries to seduce the tape out of Gina for CC, CC & Sophia's wedding starts as Gina sits on the balcony
CC & Sophia's wedding continues but then Sophia calls it off, Mason & Keith draw up the marriage contract and CC & Gina sign it
Tori & Cruz planning to tell Keith the truth about Katie's death, Sophia leaves the house, Lily tells Gina she is her daughter
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October 13 October 14 October 15 October 16 October 17
Tori tells Keith a lie about Katie's death, Eden & Cruz argue at the airport, Lily tells Gina her birth date
Eden crashes her car at the airport, Gina tells Lily her baby died, Lily shows Gina the sweater she was wearing when she was bought, Gina realizes Lily is her daughter
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Gina tells Lily she wanted her baby and refused to have an abortion, Eden leaves for Monte Carlo, Mason believes Gina's story and brings her to see Lily
Lily tells Mason she'll help him get the tape from Gina if he helps her get her following back, Mason sets up a phony hearing on Amy's death to try to get the tape from Gina, Tori kisses Cruz but he thinks she should leave town and he leaves for Monte Carlo
Mason's phony trial continues but Gina refuses to give up the tape, Eden is in Monte Carlo and meets Martin Ellis, Cruz flies & arrives in Monte Carlo, Brick tries to get Hayley to confess

Last appearance of David Haskell (Nick Hartley) and first appearance of John Wesley Shipp (Martin Ellis)
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October 20 October 21 October 22 October 23 October 24
Mason suggests Hayley & Ted get married to avoid forcing Ted to testify, Eden & Cruz
in Monte Carlo & then arrive at the chateau, Lily moves in with Gina, Hayley & Ted decide to get married
Brick tries to stop the wedding but Lily performs the ceremony as Ted & Hayley get married at the police station, Martin arrives in Santa Barbara
The morning after Ted & Hayley's wedding night at the Capwell Hotel, Lionel & Jane digging in the Capwell atrium, Eden & Cruz at the chateau, Martin in Santa Barbara & thinks Pearl is Tori's boyfriend, Alice remembers the cop who shot her father, Martin hits Tori
Eden & Cruz at the chateau - then plan to return to Santa Barbara, Courtney summons Keith to the bungalow, Julia tells Lionel she's planning to have a baby, Keith drugs Gina and tapes her confessions
Eden & Cruz return from France, Martin tells Tori he's taking her back to Los Angeles, Keith blackmails Gina with her confession about Santana's pills, Cruz rescues Tori from Martin
  Watch the promo of this episode
October 27 October 28 October 29 October 30 October 31
Keith plays Gina's confession & tries to blackmail the Capwells, Tori decides not to press charges against Martin, Eden plans to tell Cruz the truth but Martin comes looking for Eden
Lily "heals" Gina at her bridal shower, Ted & Hayley return from their honeymoon, Tori figures out Eden met Martin in Monte Carlo, Martin tells Cruz it was Eden who called him
Cruz & Martin fight & Martin is hurt, Brick confronts Lily after Gina's "healing", Keith goes to Julia for legal help with his affair with Madeline
Minx's birthday, Cruz confronts Eden about Martin, Brick hires an actor to be "healed" by Lily, Julia tells Mason she wants to have a baby, Eden & Tori fight & Eden runs into the ocean
  Watch the 2 promos of this episode
Tori rescues Eden from the ocean, Keith tries to get the tape from Gina at the dentist's, Lily "heals" another actor, Sophia kidnaps Gina on CC's plane, Julia asks Brick to father her baby but he says no

Last appearance of John Wesley Shipp (Martin Ellis)
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November 3 November 4 November 5 November 6 November 7
Sophia plans to fly Gina to a deserted island but they get caught in a storm and Sophia crash lands the plane, Cruz & Eden argue and she packs her things and leaves, Caroline visits Lionel, Santana shows Brick her divorce papers, CC asks Cruz to help find Sophia
Cruz takes the boat out in the storm to search for Sophia's plane, Tori stows away on the boat, Sophia & Gina spar in the downed plane
  Watch the promo of this episode
CC rescues Sophia & Gina from the downed plane, Cruz & Tori fight the storm on the boat, Keith hears Courtney talking in her sleep about Madeline's death, Cruz's boat is swamped
Santana plans to kidnap Brandon, Tori takes Cruz from the wreckage to the lighthouse, Pearl gets info on Cybill - the writer who may know where Brian is, Lily has a press conference, Gina tells Lily where the tape is
Lily takes the tape from Gina's hiding spot in the boar's head, everyone goes to the beach bar in the fog - Gina shot?, Cruz and Tori have sex in the lighthouse
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November 10 November 11 November 12 November 13 November 14
Gina missing - apparently shot at the bar, Mason has Brandon sleuth to find out who had an alibi then re-enacts the events, Gina revealed to be alive
  Watch the promo of this episode
y stole the tape the night in the fog, Cruz wakes up but doesn't remember what happened, Tori gives Cruz more drugs
First appearance of Kyle Secor (Brian Bradford)
Gina wakes up to Air Supply in the barn, Hayley walks in on Cruz and Tori in the lighthouse
Santana ties up Gina in the pig sty, Cruz & Tori rescued, CC waits at the church for Gina
Gina hitchhikes back to Santa Barbara, CC & Sophia prepare to marry, Cruz confronts Tori about what happened in the lighthouse, Lily agrees to give Brick the tape
  Watch the promo of this episode
November 17 November 18 November 19 November 20 November 21
Gina back, Brick gets the tape and holds CC at gunpoint, Eden gets Cruz to admit he slept with Tori
Brick gives Santana the tape so she can have Brandon, Keith helps Gina get the tape back
Eden and Curz argue at the lighthouse, CC and Gina's wedding
  Watch the promo of this episode
CC & Sophia try to meet at the guesthouse, Courtney finds Brian, Lionel digging for fossils
Gina visits Keith for sex, Jane upset because Lionel & Caroline spent the night together, Tori admits to Cruz she knew he was thinking of Eden
November 24 November 25 November 26 November 27 November 28
Eden tells Keith about Tori's part in Katie's death, Mason picks up Eden's stuff at Cruz's, Mason & Julia agree to the baby contract terms, Keith follows Tori to the beach
Mason & Julia sign the baby contract, on the beach Keith gets Tori to confess what happened the day Katie died
Gina and Lily have Thanksgiving dinner alone, the Capwells have dinner with Sophia in the guest house
Pre-empted - Thanksgiving 595
Keith decides not to press charges against Tori for Katie's death, Mason & Julia make love at the cabin, Tori goes to the hotel roof
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December 1 December 2 December 3 December 4 December 5
Danny has until midnight to get Angel his coke money, Pearl chases Brian, Brian crashes his car, Mason and Tori meet
Cruz shoots Danny, Pearl & Brian get trapped in a cave in, Gina tips off Cruz that Angel is at the Orient Express, Angel gets away
Angel hits up Gina for money, Ted and Hayley visit Danny in the hospital, Mason takes Tori to the convent, Cruz chases Angel to the powerhouse
Alice's birthday, Caroline visits Gus in jail, Cruz arrests Angel at the powerhouse & takes a leave of absence, Mason remembers Mary

First appearance of David Wolos-Fonteno (Gus Jackson)
  Watch the promo of this episode
Julia looks at baby names, Kelly sends Eden & Cruz flowers & both have flashbacks of when they met in Paris, Brian & Pearl back in Santa Barbara, Mason visits Tori at the convent
December 8 December 9 December 10 December 11 December 12
Pre-empted - Iran Contra committee hearings special report 601
Mason picks Tori up from the convent, Eden gives Cruz her ring back but he returns it to her, more Eden & Cruz Paris flashbacks, Julia learns she's not pregnant & Tori learns she is, Brian decides to stay
Hayley & Ted move back to the Capwell house, Tori tells Pearl she's pregnant, Caroline tells Lionel Gus is Alice's father, Mason plans Kelly's kidnapping
Brick plans to buy Buzz's, CC tells Sophia about the kidnapping plan, Brian plans to figure out who killed Madeline, Jeffrey arrives and saves Sophia from the collapsing roof at Buzz's

First appearance of Ross Kettle (Jeffrey Conrad)
Tori plans to leave town, Alice has nightmares about Gus shooting the cop, Mason tries to convince Cruz to come back to work, Lionel visits Gus in jail
December 15 December 16 December 17 December 18 December 19
Caroline tells Lionel Alice is her daughter, Tori leaves & goes to Los Angeles, Julia & Mason rendez-vous at the hotel, Cruz gets a Christmas tree
Courtney asks Pearl to stop Brian's book about Madeline's murder, Gus's parole hearing today, Mason visits Tori in Los Angeles & is late meeting Julia back at the hotel
Jeffrey staying at the Capwell house, Caroline learns Gus has been paroled, Brian and Pearl set Courtney up to get her to confess to killing Madeline, Courtney admits to killing Madeline
Courtney is revealed to be Madeline's murderer (replays) but it was self-defense, Gus released on parole, Julia tells Lionel Mason is the father-to-be, Mason goes to see Tori again in Los Angeles

Last appearance of Julia Campbell (Courtney Capwell)
Mason tells Tori she does remind him of Mary, Eden & Ted & Hayley help Brick rebuilding Buzz's, Sophia enlists her driver (Kevin Sorbo) to help her convince Gina she & CC are going to Antigua together
December 22 December 23 December 24 December 25 December 26
Gina goes to the airport trying to catch CC & Sophia, Cruz visits Eden to tell her he loves her, CC & Sophia spend a romantic evening at the guest house
  Watch the promo of this episode
Hayley gets upset that Ted didn't tell her about the fake Antigua trip, Gina finds Mason at the guest house in bed with a teddy bear, Alice gets freaked out by Paul's badge
Tori learns her manager left with all her money, Julia's doctor thinks she should have some tests done, CC meets with Kelly's "kidnapper"
Christmas Eve episode - beginning of Gina's It's a Wonderful Life dream, Julia in the hospital having tests

Last appearance of Lynn Clark (Lily "Light" Blake)
Christmas Day episode: Gina's dream continues, Capwells & Lockridges serve dinner at Buzz's, Kelly calls from Europe
  Watch the special ending credits
December 29 December 30 December 31    
Tori comes back to Santa Barbara to see Mason after her agent stole all her money, Eden tells Cruz she knows they're too different, Tori collapses at the beach bar
Mason takes Tori to the hospital & learns she is pregnant, Alice moves in with Gus, Jane tells Brian about Roxanne
Gina planning a New Year's Eve party, CC and Ted going fishing, Santana visits Brick & Cruz at the construction of Johnny's