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. Pre-empted - New Year's Day 1622
Keith asks Gina about her affair with Ethan Asher.  Robert starts pushing himself on Kelly.  Cruz and Eden find a way that Flame was able to get out of her cell.  Keith tells Gina he bought a home for them.  Flame cries on Keith's shoulder.  Cruz and Eden tell Robert they believe Flame did the shooting. Cruz then calls Robert, Quinn.
Julia tells Augusta that Dash has a great lawyer that has gotten rapists off before.  Keith does not want Mason to testify.  Laken twists her ankle while out riding with Richie and Amado sees Richie massaging Laken's ankle.  Amado and Laken make love.  Mason testifies on Julia's behalf.  Mason reveals that he and Julia are not legally divorced.  Julia slaps Mason and a photographer catches the slap on film.
Eden and Cruz ask Robert to pose as Quinn's ghost to trick Flame.  Kelly and Craig enjoy their holiday in Cabo.  Stephen witnesses Cassandra and Mason passionately kissing.  Dash's lawyer, Belinda tells him he needs to be honest with her about everything.  Robert decides to go along with Cruz' plan to trap Flame.  Julia takes the stand.  The judge decides that Dash has to go on trial.
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January 7 January 8 January 9 January 10 January 11
Robert visits Flame and while there Flame receives a call from Quinn, set up by Cruz.  Cassandra asks Stephen how he will prove his allegations against her.  Amado and Richie compete for Laken's affections.  Robert poses as Quinn and visits Flame.  Flame tells Quinn that she killed him as Keith looks on.
Amado wakes up with many car stereos in his apartment. He understands that Richie framed him. Mason tells Julia he made them officially divorced. Julia thinks about selling her house. Cassandra learns that Mason is now divorced and kisses him.
Keith tells Cruz and Eden that he cannot use what they have on Flame due to entrapment.  Flame is hauled into custody and admits to shooting Quinn to save Eden's life.  Julia decides to sell her home.  Mason and Cassandra decide to take things slow.  Dash tells Belinda not to dig dirt up on Julia.  Cassandra calls Belinda and tells her that Julia slept with Michael when he was a priest.  Flame attempts to seduce Keith.
Kelly arrives back from Cabo.  CC and Sophia tell Kelly that Robert cleared Eden and Flame is in jail.  Richie sets Amado up for stealing stereos when he was drunk.  Amado gives his resignation to Minx and she refuses.  Kelly tells Robert she is having Quinn's baby.  Cassandra overhears Michael telling Minx that he has a file on Cassandra.  Laken confronts Richie about the stolen car stereos.  Amado goes to Cruz for help.  Cassandra goes to Michael's office to find the file, then overhears Michael telling Minx she has to tell Cassandra she is her daughter.  Cruz asks Amado to move in with them.
Cuz asks Amado to keep an eye on Eden and the kids while he is out of town.  Julia asks Eden if she would interview her and then do a series on rapes.  Julia has a change of heart about moving.  Cruz and Eden walk out to the car en-route to the airport and a man hovers outside their door.
January 14 January 15 January 16 January 17 January 18
Pre-empted - Soap Opera Digest Awards (NBC) 1630
A French man named Andre calls Eden at her office.  Belinda legally prevents Eden from airing any show about Julia's rape.  Keith tells Julia that Michael has been called as a witness.  Kelly decides to no longer work with Robert.  Julia's trial begins.  Cassandra gives Stephen a stern warning not to dig too deep on her past or he will regret it.  The mysterious man that called Eden watches her broadcast.
Eden broadcasts from the courthouse.  Belinda brings up Julia and Michael sleeping together while he was still a priest.  The jury finds Dash not guilty and Julia freaks out.  Minx asks Cassandra to be her liaison with the Capridge water.  Cassandra turns down Minx' offer.  Eden consoles Julia.  A man breaks in Cruz and Eden's home when Eden goes to bed.
Eden denies to Julia and Michael that she saw the guy who broke in, when she really did see him.  Jeremy tells Dash that he thinks Mason has something to do with the Blues not wanting Dash back.  Cassandra finds out that Lionel is researching her past.  Eden receives a letter from a man named Andre.  Dash begins being harassed in public.
Last appearance of John O'Hurley (Stephen Slade)
Pre-empted - Gulf War news coverage
January 21 January 22 January 23 January 24 January 25
Cassandra comes to give information to Minx about Capridge Water. They try to discuss, but they are both suspicious the one of the other. Mason obtains Dash's firing from the new Blue Sky Brigade leader. Eden receives a letter from Andre. He tells her that he knows her since their early years in Paris.
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Minx wants Cassandra to betray CC and offers her money. Cassandra refuses, and Minx thinks she lost her daughter forever. CC learns that Kelly is pregnant with Quinn, and tells it to Eden. Kelly breaks up with Robert, telling she only loves Quinn. Flame sees Robert playing with Quinn's gold coin. Eden dreams of Andre, now with her and many precious jewels.
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Julia and Cassandra squabble over Mason.  Craig tells Flame that she should leave town.  Flame has a gold coin left from Quinn. Julia asks Gina to appear on an acquaintance rape panel.  Gina tells Keith about the panel and he asks her to put a good word about him on the show.  Kelly decides to have an abortion.
Dash and Michael are concerned that Stephen has gone missing.  Eden airs her date rape show.  Stephen's landlord Mrs. Henderson tells Michael that she hear Stephen and a woman arguing the night before.  Mrs. Henderson describes Cassandra to Michael as the lady with Stephen.  Cassandra flat out denies to Michael that she is the woman Mrs. Henderson described.  Dash's former employees give him a piece of their mind.  Andre reads about an upcoming masquerade ball at Capwell Oasis and plans to attend.  Mason and Dash almost come to blows, but Belinda and Gina prevent it.  Dash tells Belinda he is suing Julia for "defamation of character".  Andre sends Eden a gold necklace.
Gina's jealousy of Flame and Keith escalates.  Flame realizes that it is Robert and not Quinn in the morgue.  Kelly is unsure of going through with an abortion.  Andre meets Eden and calls her Lisa.
January 28 January 29 January 30 January 31 February 1
Dash sues Julia for defamation of character. Flame sees the scar on Robert's back and realizes that Robert is really Quinn.   CC visits Cassie to try and talk some sense about Cassie and Mason being together.  Kelly tells Robert that she has accepted that Quinn is the father of her baby as Flame listens, shocked.  Eden dreams about being involved in a jewelry heist.
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Eden meets Robert and asks if he remembers an Andre Wolfe.  Andre tells Eden he wants the diamonds back.  Craig tries to talk some sense in Cassandra.  Minx calls Cassandra to meet her for some urgent news.  Quinn tells Flame he never loved her.  Flame remembers times with Quinn and Quinn remembers times with Kelly.
Minx tells Cassandra that she is her daughter and Cassandra could care less.  Cruz and Eden's home gets broken into. Mason and Augusta agree that Julia is acting strange.  Sophia and Eden dine out and Eden tells Sophia that there is something familiar about Andre.  Richie has Amado's wallet stolen.  Andre has the Castillo home broken into.  Eden comes clean about the necklace that was sent to her and Cruz is furious for Eden not telling him.  Augusta finds out that Julia has bought some rope.  The Castillo's realize they were broken into again.
Augusta asks Julia why she bought a rope.  Julia tells her realtor that she is looking for a secluded place.  CC warns Gina that if she marries Keith he will take away Brandon.  Cassandra is not handling being Minx's daughter well.
Andre is all set for the Masquerade ball.  Julia is setting up Dash.  After Brandon is caught bribing another student to get his vote, which he learned from Keith, Gina lashes out at Keith.  The Capwells prepare for a masquerade party. Cruz is ready to meet Andre at the party.  Belinda warns Dash that he should not go to the party.  Dash fantasizes of Julia falling for him.  Julia buys a gun to bring to the party.
February 4 February 5 February 6 February 7 February 8
Julia puts the gun in her purse and heads to the party.  An explosion goes off outside the Castillo's home.  The masquerade ball begins.  Michael tells Augusta that Stephen has been missing causing Augusta to worry since nobody has heard from Lionel.  Julia asks Dash to dance.  Andre tries to refresh Eden/Lisa's memory.  Cassandra says she will never forgive Minx.
Cruz and Eden head home when they find out about the explosion.  Julia abducts Dash.  Craig asks Kelly to marry him and Kelly declines.  Laken tells Richie to hit the road.  Mason finds out that Julia will be in Vermont for a week.  Eden finds a strange suitcase that triggers memories.
Julia welcomes Dash to his worst nightmare.  Cassandra tells Minx she will be her daughter in secret.  Augusta hears from Julia.  Brandon tells Mason he feels it is because of him that Keith and Gina are not getting married.  CC explains to Brandon why he does not like Keith and Brandon says CC is wrong.  Brandon goes to Keith for the truth.
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Keith is unsuccessful at explaining his motives to Brandon and decides to go talk with CC.  Craig tells Robert not to stand in his way with Kelly.  Brandon tells Gina that he wants all the feuding to end.  Keith threatens CC.  CC decides to get the goods on Keith and run him out of town.  Quinn resists Flame.  Eden meets with Andre.  Andre tells Eden she has lost the edge that Lisa had.  Eden gives Andre a necklace, but it is a fake.  Andre threatens to go to Cruz.
Minx decides to keep Cassandra being her daughter a secret.  Michael and Mason start to believe that Julia has Dash.  Amado asks Minx for his job back.  Minx and Amado decide to let Richie get busted all by himself.  Minx sets Richie up and he falls for the bait.
February 11 February 12 February 13 February 14 February 15
Cassandra reads the notes that Minx had about giving her away.  Cruz shows Eden a picture of Andre and Eden says it is not the same man she saw.  Sophia tells Cassandra she will always be there for her.  Mason and Augusta are convinced Julia has Dash.  Eden and Sophia meet for lunch and Eden berates Sophia for abandoning her children years ago.  Dash lets himself loose from the chair.
Cruz tells Sophia and CC that Andre for some reason is after Eden and the Capwells.  Dash ties Julia up.  Craig and Kelly enjoy a day out.  Everyone notices that Eden is acting strange.  Kelly tells Robert (Quinn) that it is over between them and she is having the baby and needs space.  Eden in full cat suit attire meets with Andre.  Dash unties Julia and she pushes him and he hits his head and is knocked out.  Julia goes to get help.  Sophia and CC asks Kelly to move home while having the baby.  Julia runs and falls underground.  Andre shakes Eden/Lisa's hands and Eden says, "seem's like old times".
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Keith tells Brandon he has nothing to worry about.  Augusta meets with Robert and threatens to expose him, but as Quinn he has no idea what she has on him.  Quinn goes to Flame to find out what Augusta had on Robert.  Dash rescues Julia.  Keith and Gina celebrate Valentine's day.
Cruz hires Eden a bodyguard.  Kelly decides to move out of the mansion and be on her own.  Eden/Lisa calls Andre and they make plans to get together.  Keith assures Gina that CC's plans to destroy him won't unfold.  Keith tells Flame she has to make it look like CC has seduced her or else.  Sophia tells CC that Eden has been giving her a hard time lately.  Andre and Eden/Lisa remember Lisa stealing Sophia's diamond in Monte Carlo.  Eden is a no show at Sophia which alarms Cruz.  Eden/Lisa arrives home with the diamond and hides it in a book.  The bodyguard realizes Eden gave him the slip.
Dash tells Julia he is rescuing her, so that she can clear his name.  Cruz asks Eden why she gave the bodyguard the slip and apologizes to Sophia for being late.  Eden and Cruz have a romantic Valentine's night.  Cruz catches Eden calling Andre.  CC helps Kelly move in her new home.  Craig brings Kelly a housewarming gift and tells Kelly he will stay away and get his life together without her.  Cruz wakes up and Eden is gone.  Eden/Lisa shows up at Andre's.  Dash brings Julia to Mason.
February 18 February 19 February 20 February 21 February 22
Pre-empted 1653
Andre and Lisa/Eden plan a heist.  Dash tells Michael and Mason that Julia fell into a mine shaft and has cracked ribs and needs medical help, fast.  Eden lies to Cruz and says she was walking on the beach.  Quinn tells CC that Flame wants to apologize to CC for everything she did.  Flame tells CC that Keith is planning on setting Flame up with CC.  Julia regains consciousness and admits she abducted Dash to Michael and Mason.  Andre and Eden/Lisa go on a heist.
Eden and Andre run away before the police arrive. Andre accuses Eden of having wanted to trap him. Quinn and Flame install a video camera at her house, and Flame invites Keith to join her. She records him while she kisses him almost naked. But Keith figures out he's being trapped and takes the videotape with him. Cruz gets a bracelet found at the house which
was burgled. He recognizes it belongs to Eden.
Augusta arrives at the hospital to see Julia and finds out Dash saved her life.  Lisa calls Andre to tell him that Eden left her bracelet at the scene of the crime and Cruz found it.  Mason asks Michael not to reveal all of what Julia told him about abducting Dash.  Eden visits Kelly to steal the identical bracelet Kelly has.  Cruz finds a long blonde hair where jewel theft was.  Augusta and Laken disagree over Julia abducting Dash.  Julia and Laken think Augusta is lying about Julia being raped.  Eden catches Cruz going through her jewelry.
Eden shows Cruz the necklace he is looking for.  Kelly has pains in her stomach.  Cruz tells Eden the hair that was found will be analyzed.  Gina tells Keith that there are new studies and procedures that may make it possible for Gina to have a baby.  Mason proposes to CC and Robert that Julia be appointed DA and get rid of Keith.  Rosa tells Mason that he has a phone call which disturbs both Mason and Rosa.  Eden visits Kelly and returns the necklace.  Keith tells Flame to leave town.
First reappearance of Margarita Cordova (Rosa Andrade)
Bridget and Jerome Dobson are back as writers and "creative production executives"
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February 25 February 26 February 27 February 28 March 1
Mason has a nightmare about Pamela coming back to town.  Cruz and Michael argue about Julia's case.  Pamela arrives in Santa Barbara.  Dash does not press charges against Julia.  Mason asks Rosa if she has told anyone about Pamela calling and she says no.  Pamela shows up at Mason's office.  Cruz and Michael discuss Keith giving Flame immunity.  Pamela tells Mason that she was released and is better.  Cassandra tells Craig that she and Mason are a thing of the past.  Mason talks with Eden and Sophia about Pamela's illness and Eden snaps at Sophia.

First reappearance of Marj Dusay (Pamela Conrad)
Mason tells Sophia that the house is haunted after Eden storms out.  Tension continues to mount between Sophia and Eden.  Augusta plans on getting Dash out of town.  Mason asks Pamela why she is really in town.  Dash rips Augusta's check up to leave town.  Sophia asks Mason what he meant by the house being haunted as Pamela listens.  Dash has a hard time finding employment.  Sophia realizes that Mason never really forgave her for taking Pamela's place.  Augusta has a sexy dream about Dash.  Sophia recalls killing Channing.  Pamela tells Mason that Cassandra is Minx's illegitimate daughter.
Pamela explains to Mason that she met Cassandra's father and that he is the one who told her the truth about her. Mason asks confirmation to Minx. Minx thinks that Augusta or Lionel talked to Mason. She decides to talk to Laken about Cassandra, and says to her daughter that Mason is now aware of who she really is. Kelly is upset to learn that Pamela has been released from her asylum.
Mason tells Pamela that she is invited to the Capwells for dinner.  Cruz tells Eden that he will not be at the dinner, due to the jewel heist.  Cruz answers the phone when Andre calls.  Andre decides that Minx should be the next target.  Cassandra is furious with Minx that Mason found out about being Minx's daughter.  Mason calls CC to say he is bringing a guest to the dinner.  Laken tells Amado that Cassandra is her aunt.  Mason returns a wedding picture of CC and Sophia back to CC that he borrowed.  Laken is fed up with the secrets her family keeps.  Mason shows up at the dinner party with Pamela.
Mason decides to hold a trial at the dinner party pitting Sophia against Pamela which infuriates the entire family.  Pamela discusses how she dated Grant Capwell and then CC.  Andre calls Eden at the dinner party.  Pamela explains how Sophia came to be with CC.  Dash delivers a final grace not to Augusta to give to Julia.  Sophia reveals the reason she never gave Mason the letters from Pamela is because Pamela was talking about killing Sophia.  Eden starts getting disturbed at what Sophia is saying.  Eden freaks out at the dinner table.  Sophia breaks down and forgives Pamela and apologizes to Pamela.  Cassandra breaks down in tears.  Rosa tells the family they are ungrateful for what they have.  Michael questions Dash on a rape that occurred at the beach.  Mason's glass of wine is passed around and is revealed to being apple juice.
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March 4 March 5 March 6 March 7 March 8
Michael and Dash get into a big fight at the Lair.  Pamela exposes Cassandra as a Lockridge at the dinner party.  Pamela tries to strangle Kelly.  The doctor's come to get Pamela.  CC tells Mason that Pamela was never released.  Eden lays into CC for allowing an unstable Pamela go on.  Cassandra realizes the Capwells will not accept her since she was born a Lockridge.

Last appearance of Marj Dusay (Pamela Conrad)
Cassandra wants to know who her birth father is.  Sophia feels guilty of how she treated Pamela.  Mason is depressed about Pamela's mental health.  Quinn goes to Julia for legal advice on his situation.  CC apologizes to Rosa about the dinner party and asks he about her personal life.  Rosa tells CC that Ruben had left her and Santana is sick.  Cassa
ndra tells Minx she is going back to the Capwells.  CC tells Cassandra he cannot trust her.  Kelly tells Mason that he destroyed Pamela.  Quinn tells Julia he is Quinn.  Julia tells Quinn the ramifications if he comes out as Quinn.  Kelly starts having stomach pains.
Michael rushes Kelly to the hospital.  Andre shows up at Eden's while Eden is playing with Chip.  Flame calls Sophia to tell her about Kelly.  Gina and Keith visit a doctor about getting Gina pregnant.  Quinn warns Flame that Kelly had better be fine or else.
Quinn is convinced Kelly will be better if he tells her who he really is.  Andre calls Eden at the hospital.  Cruz questions a note Eden had typed about him.  Cassandra is convinced the Capwells will forgive her.  Craig decides to dig up dirt on Keith so that Julia can become the new DA.  Mason gives Samantha the tricycle Pamela had given him.  Kelly loses the baby.
Sophia tells CC that Kelly lost the baby.  Andre and Eden/Lisa invade Minx' suite while Minx is out of town.  Lionel finally calls Augusta to say he is back and is stopping at Minx prior to seeing Augusta.  Michael tells Flame that Kelly miscarried.  Augusta shows up at Minx while Andre and Eden/Lisa are there.  Flame goes to Julia for help and when Julia doesn't offer any, Flame tells Julia that Augusta offered Dash money to leave town.  Augusta and Lionel find Minx vault open.  Andre notices that Eden/Lisa has a picture of Lionel and Sophia.  CC tells Eden that Minx jewelry was taken.
March 11 March 12 March 13 March 14 March 15
Quinn shows up at the Lair with a gun and Julia stops him and tells him Robert has the permit not Quinn.  Flame goes to Michael for help and he declines.  Eden heads home and has no recollection of robbing Minx'.  Flame threatens to blackmail Keith with a tape of Flame and Keith talking about setting CC up, if he does not help her.  Andre tells Eden that referring herself in the third person means she has mental illness.  Augusta tries to talk Laken out of her new hobby, race car driving.  Eden denies to Cruz that Minx had talked with her about her jewelry.
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Lisa begins taking over Eden. Opera singer, Richard Sedgewick, a friend of the Capwells visits Kelly in the hospital.  Mason continues to prevent CC from forgiving Cassandra.  Cruz assures Eden he is there for her at any time.  Quinn decides not to kill Flame.  In front of Cruz, Lisa warns Sophia to leave them alone.
Flame moves in Dash's tent on the beach. Craig gives to C.C. files about Keith. C.C. tells Keith he now has proofs that he became district attorney again by an illegally way. Keith shows C.C. a proof that he is not the legal owner of the water used for Capridge Water. C.C. understands that Mason was aware of that fact.
Quinn tells Julia that he went after Flame, but let her go.  Kelly arrives at CC's and says she has been released.  Richard tells CC that he is singing at the White house and asks Kelly to accompany him.  Keith tells Gina that CC has things on Keith on becoming the new DA illegally and will charge him.  CC says he will drop everything if he does not marry Gina.  Flame asks Dash to take off with her and leave Santa Barbara.  Julia tells Mason that CC wants Julia as the new DA.
Sophia finds out that she has inherited the Armonti tiara, which has a curse on it.  CC gives Keith 24 hours to vacate.  The Lockridge's congratulate Julia as the new DA.  Gina pleads with CC not to have Keith dismissed for Brandon's sake.  Keith plans on blackmailing Augusta.  Brandon gets into trouble at school because of some advice Keith had given him.
March 18 March 19 March 20 March 21 March 22
Cruz wants to set up Andre at the museum with Sophia's tiara once it arrives, but to not include Eden. 
Keith questions Augusta about the links between Anthony Tonell and the Capwells, but she has nothing to say. Keith has nothing else to do than to give his resignation to CC. He begs him to let him stay in touch with Brandon. Laken tells her father about Augusta being victim of extortion. Lionel asks Augusta about it.
Cruz tells Sophia and CC that Eden changed ever since Andre Wolfe came to town.  Julia moves into Keith's office.  Lionel finds the letter that states Augusta had a hand in Anthony's murder.  Kelly asks Mason to stop destroying Capridge water.  Lionel walks out on Augusta thinking she was involved in Anthony's murder.  The tiara arrives.
Flame tells Dash that she is planning a party with all the people that stomped on her when she was down.  Eden shows up at the museum and see's the tiara and asks Sophia and Cruz about it, which pleases Lisa.  Dash tells Flame and Mason that he has been offered a job in Los Angeles.  Mason tells Flame that Keith was booted out as DA.  Gina tells Keith that after Brandon saw Keith bully Flame, Brandon followed suit.  Julia tells Flame that she is watching her every move.  Gina decides to call it quits with Keith and tells Brandon that Keith has to leave town.  Keith tells Brandon that he and Gina are postponing the wedding.  Keith says good bye to Brandon and Gina and leaves Santa Barbara.  Eden quizzes Sophia about the history of the tiara.  Michael is furious with Cruz for giving Keith leniency.  Lisa tells Andre about the tiara.  Andre tells Lisa that her hatred for Sophia is making her sloppy, so Andre says no to taking the tiara.  Lisa decides she will take the tiara herself.  Gina finds Keith at the Lair and tells him Brandon is missing.  Keith tells Mason he almost brought down the house of Capwell.  Robert turns CC down in helping with Eden's past.  Cruz catches Eden at the museum and Eden asks about the security system.  Andre goes to the museum and tells Lisa that he has decided he wants in on the caper.
Augusta tells Laken that Lionel has walked out on her.  Andre and Lisa put their plan in motion.  Dash tells Augusta that he did not take the Los Angeles offer.  Augusta daydreams about Dash.  Augusta tells Mason, if Lionel does not come back she does not know what she will do. Eden and Cruz make love in the spa.
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Gina tells Keith he does not live in the real world and has to find Brandon.  Sophia and CC make love.  Brandon hides out in Julia's office.  Flame talks with Brandon and cheers him up.  Augusta blames Julia for Lionel leaving her.  Flame calls Gina to let her know where Brandon is.  Quinn remembers his happy times with Kelly.  CC comforts Eden on her recent issues.
March 25 March 26 March 27 March 28 March 29
Eden and Sophia both have nightmares about the tiara. Gina gets Brandon back.  Richard and Kelly get to know each other better.  Flame and Gina get into a fight over Keith.  CC again pleads with Robert to help him with Eden.  Cruz asks Eden if she knows Andre Wolfe and Eden denies it.  Eden tells Cruz she is going to see Robert about her past.
Cruz lets CC have it for going behind his back and asking Robert for help with Eden.  Eden tells Robert (Quinn) that she feels like she is leading a parallel life.  Eden talks to Robert about their days of Ondine.  Robert is of no help to Eden.  Michael tells Julia he thinks Flame may be behind the jewelry heists.  Lisa not Eden interviews Sophia on the tiara and is brutal.  Mason gives Flame a ticket to the show.  Andre and Lisa prepare for their heist.  Julia asks Kelly if she could have Quinn back, would she want him back.  Michael and Cruz are prepared to set Andre up.
Sophia tells CC that Eden ran off after the interview.  Mason prevents Gina who is drunk from taking on CC at the benefit.  Richard performs and dedicates his singing to the Capwells.  Sophia asks Cruz if he thinks that Andre is the cause of Eden's recent behavior and not her.  Sophia tries to prevent Gina from seeing the tiara and sets off the alarm and Eden/Lisa drops something of hers.  Lisa/Eden tells Andre she will not leave without the tiara.
Mason requests Richard sing a song dedicated to Julia and Julia is furious.  Cruz gives Gina the thing that Eden/Lisa dropped and Gina says it is not hers.  Michael and Cruz find that the tiara is gone.  Cruz catches Andre, but Lisa/Eden escapes with the tiara and decides to re-join the party.  Gina gives Quinn advice about CC.  Eden shows up and Sophia questions where she was.  Eden says she was editing the film at the station.  Eden verifies Andre to Cruz.  The picture of Lionel and CC is found in the empty tiara case.  Richard sings a final song just for Kelly.  Andre calls Eden and tells her to find a way for him to be released from jail or else Andre will tell Cruz everything.
Kelly tells Quinn that she is going to Washington to see Richard perform.  Julia tells Augusta that she could not handle Mason kissing her.  Augusta makes some snide comments and Julia tells her to pack her bags and move out.  Mason tries to egg on a fight between Eden and Sophia.  Keith decides to represent Andre.  Eden is upset that Lisa wore Sophia's perfume and left the picture of Lionel and Sophia at the scene.  Mason and Augusta form an unholy alliance.  Eden goes to the scene of Channing's murder.
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April 1 April 2 April 3 April 4 April 5
Flame learns that Quinn is leaving Santa Barbara and wants to go with him. Sophia finds CC's study upside down and smells her perfume everywhere in the room. Sophia and CC think they have been burglared, but only CC's gun is missing. Eden proposes to interview Andre at the police station. She takes CC's gun with her and hides it under the table. When Cruz leaves the room, Andre catches the gun.
Julia goes to see a therapist, Denise Foxworthy and tells Laken.  Andre holds Eden at gun point.  Kelly asks Richard about his wife and Richard says they lead separate lives.  Quinn tells Flame that he plans on leaving Santa Barbara and start over as Quinn.  Mason tells Julia he will be leaving her alone.  Gina begs Mason for a job.  Quinn tells both Gina and Kelly he is leaving.  Gina freaks when she hears that Andre took Keith and that Brandon was also at the jail when this occurred.
Cruz finds Eden and Andre at the warehouse. He shoots Andre and kills him. Sarita finds Sophia's brooch in Channing's study. Sophia is surprised because she lost it months ago. She shows it to Eden. Quinn says goodbye to Kelly before leaving for Spain. But he finally prefers to join her in Washington.
Augusta has another fantasy about Dash.  Richard's wife calls him while in Washington with Kelly, which bothers Kelly.  Gina tells Keith that if he does not leave Santa Barbara, she and Brandon will.  Mason is please that Julia is seeking therapy.  Flame tells Dash that Robert left town.  Augusta and Dash are living on boats beside each other.  Mason tells Augusta that Keith was behind the blackmailing letters and that Dash is her neighbor.  Kelly finds out that Richard is on medication and Kelly questions Richard about it and he says it is nothing.  Augusta lets it slip to Dash that Julia is seeking therapy.

Last appearance of John Novak (Keith Timmons)
Flame is thrilled to see that Quinn has not left.  Quinn tells Flame that he is stopping in Washington on his way to Spain to see Kelly.  Dash follows Julia to Denise's office.  Amado tells Cassandra that Minx is very ill.
April 8 April 9 April 10 April 11 April 12
Flame hides her police file on Dash's boat. But Michael finds it. Mason hires Gina at the Oasis as a secretary. She has to work with Cassandra. Kelly attends Richard's concert in Washington. Flame tells Craig that Kelly is in Washington with Quinn. Craig goes there and asks Quinn to sign papers for Barr Industries. "Robert" signs one of them as "Quinn Armitage".
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Augusta tells Julia that Dash is her boat neighbour. Dash meets with Dr. Denise Foxworthy at the bar again. Flame arrives in Washington and is relieved that Quinn didn't say anything to Kelly yet. Eden and Sophia talk about the day she almost drowned. She finds in CC's study the gun with which she killed Channing Junior.
Gina wants to send Brandon in a boarding school. CC is opposed to that idea. Sophia tells Eden they met years ago, when Eden was still believing her mother was dead. She explains that Marcello hypnotized her to make her forget this meeting. Eden is very upset by this and has terrible headaches.
Eden recalls running into Sophia in Monte Carlo with Marcello when Sophia was supposed to be dead and Marcello hypnotizing Eden into thinking Sophia was dead.  Dash accuses Augusta of moving next door to keep an eye on him.  Eden tells Sophia she remembers seeing her in Monte Carlo.  Richard and Kelly both think about each other in their beds after his performance that night in Washington.  Julia tells Denise about running into Dash at Augusta's and how it bothered her.  Denise goes to a bar and says hello to Dash, who goes by the name of Nick.  Eden is having a hard time with memories of Sophia.  Richard goes to Kelly's room and they kiss.
Dash and Denise and get to know each other and finds out what Denise' profession is.  Julia walks in and Dash flees.  Richard has an attack and asks for his pills and to not tell anyone about them being together.  Richard won't let Kelly go so she can reach his pills.  Kelly gets to Richard's pills, but it is too late.  Julia and Denise share a drink and Denise she has met a man.  Eden remembers seeing Lionel and Sophia kissing when she was a little girl.  Kelly calls Robert to come over and Robert confirms Richard is dead.  Amado goes to Augusta about Laken's car accident and acting spoiled.  Eden and Cruz ask to use Augusta's yacht to see if Eden can regain some childhood memories. Quinn/Robert decides to make sure that it appears Kelly was not with Richard when he died.
April 15 April 16 April 17 April 18 April 19
Cruz consults a therapist on his own about Eden.  Robert has Kelly call security to look in on Richard.  Flame calls Kelly to tell her that Quinn is alive and Quinn intercepts the phone.  Sophia tells Cruz that as a child Eden may have overheard her and Lionel talking.   Flame surprises Quinn in Washington.
The Capwells are notified of Richard's death.  Kelly and Quinn head back to Santa Barbara.  Flame is furious to find Quinn not going to Spain.  Cruz and Eden tell Sophia they are going to recreate the night on the yacht with Lionel and Sophia.  Kelly tells Sophia and CC what happened to Richard via Quinn and Kelly's version.
Mason tells Rosa that she and Ruben own the land that Capridge needs for their water to be legal.  Sophia tells Lionel what Cruz and Eden are up to on the yacht.  Rosa tries to reason with Mason.  Eden is destroyed at what she remembers.
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CC learns that it is Cassandra who warmed Mason about the lands he took to Rosa and Ruben. Dash talks with Dr. Denise Foxworthy at the bar again. Richard's wife Renata arrives in Santa Barbara. She accuses Kelly of having had an affair with her husband before he died.
Eden remembers that the next day Sophia left her family.  Sophia regrets that Eden and Channing witnessed her and Lionel.  Gina tries to make peace with Cassandra.  Eden and Sophia are at the breaking point.  Kelly explains to Renata her version of how Richard died.  Kelly asks Robert/Quinn to stay in town.  CC tells Cassandra he wants to sever all ties with her.
April 22 April 23 April 24 April 25 April 26
Gina takes the blame for Cassandra, but then Cassandra admits to CC she is the one.  CC tells Cassandra to be out before Kelly's party that night.  Gina tells Cassandra she knows what it is like being on the outside looking in with the Capwells.  Julia begins to warn Kelly about Robert, but Kelly stops her.  Kelly tells CC and Craig that Robert has asked him to marry her.  Gina tells Julia she is having a baby on her own.
Gina tells Lionel that she is having a baby on her own.  Sophia asks Cassandra why she is moving out.  The truth of CC stealing land years ago from Rosa and Ruben comes out.  Cruz finds out that CC did nothing illegal and bought the land fair and square.  Sophia is furious with the way CC treated Cassie and goes to grab her purse and the gun that killed Channing fell out of her purse.  Eden remembers when she and Channing were little, them overhearing Sophia telling Lionel that Channing is his son.  Lionel and Augusta reach out to Cassandra.  Rosa tells CC is pushing Sophia away.
Sophia and Cruz show up at the boat and find Eden's sweater.  Eden shows up at CC's wet and distraught.  Craig tells Cassandra he has lost Kelly to Robert once again.  Eden tells CC that Sophia betrayed all of them.  Denise and Dash make plans for a date.  Flame sees Denise and Dash sharing a drink.  Flame tells Craig that Robert died and Quinn is alive.  Eden tells Cruz the date Sophia was to tell CC everything is the date Sophia went missing.
Kelly agrees to marry Robert. They announce the great news to CC. Craig realizes that Flame told him the truth about Robert and Quinn. He learns that Julia is also aware of this secret and questions her about it. Quinn and Craig starts to fight at The Oasis. Craig advises Kelly to wait before marrying Robert.
Dash and Denise have their date and Dash can't help thinking about Julia.  Kelly admits to Craig that she does indeed love Robert.  Cruz wants Sophia to relive that night again for Eden.  Julia prevents Craig from telling Kelly about Quinn.  Sophia tells Cruz how she and Lionel argued on the boat and she fell off.
April 29 April 30 May 1 May 2 May 3
Gina wants to go to a sperm bank to conceive a child on her own. Flame tells Mason that Dash has a girlfriend. Kelly announces her engagement to her father. CC refuses to attend the ceremony. Cruz tells Sophia that the gun found in her purse was bought by a woman who told to be named "Sophia Armonti".
Augusta tells Dash she has started a petition against him.  Dash remembers the night he raped Julia.  Augusta and Julia patch up their differences.  Denise and Dash have another date.  Eden thanks Mason for all he has done for her.  Mason tells Julia that Eden has finally cracked that night.
Craig shows Julia a picture of Robert with a scar that will prove Quinn is not Robert.  Dash and Denise enjoy a romantic evening.  Cassandra agrees to see Minx.  Cassandra agrees to consult for Minx.  Dash decides to take it slow with Denise.
Lionel asks Augusta for rent money.  Sophia and CC don't know how to deal with Eden.  Gina decides to go to a sperm bank.  CC receives a letter from Katrina telling him she will be arriving in Santa Barbara soon.  Cassandra decides to prove to CC that she will be a force to reckon with in the business world.  Eden calls Lionel over and asks if she can borrow his yacht.  Cassandra says she wants to be part of the Lockridge family.
Laken rebelling is frustrating Lionel and Augusta.  Eden starts recalling what Lisa has done with Andre.  Augusta informs Laken that she is in charge of her trust fund until Laken is 25.  Mason asks Julia to help Eden and Julia declines.
May 6 May 7 May 8 May 9 May 10
CC tells Robert he will need to sign a pre-nup.  Rosa asks Mason to drop the business with the land.  Dash gets a little pushy with Denise while kissing her.
Eden realizes that she stole the diamond from Sophia.  Sophia talks with CC and feels tremendous guilt for what Eden is going through.  Dash tells Denise he has already found the right woman and Denise thinks it is her.
Kelly prepares for her wedding day to Robert/Quinn.  Sophia tells CC if he does not go to Kelly's wedding he will regret it.  Eden finds Lisa bag of stolen jewelry.  CC shows Michael evidence against Eden.  Cruz tells Sophia that Eden is the prime suspect and shows her proof.
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Julia tells Quinn to tell Kelly who he really is or she will file papers on him.  Sophia tells CC that Eden was Andre's accomplice.  CC refuses to believe Sophia.  Quinn tells Kelly they should elope.  CC shows up at Kelly's and tells her he will support her wedding.
Cruz watches Kelly ask Eden for a lipstick out of her pursue and Eden is shaken.  Kelly tells Eden she is more in love with Quinn than Robert the man she thinks she is marrying.  Tensions flair at Kelly's wedding.  Cruz meets Denise at the wedding.  Sophia gives Kelly away.
May 13 May 14 May 15 May 16 May 17
Since Michael was not invited to Kelly's wedding he decides to get drunk.  Kelly faints at the altar.  CC finds out Robert took Kelly away.  Sophia tells CC that Cruz and Eden are meeting with a therapist.
Quinn tells Kelly that Robert is the one who got killed.  Kelly is furious with Quinn deceiving her.  Eden, Mason, CC and Cruz go to see Denise.  Michael and Flame try to comfort each other.  Eden tells Denise that Andre called her Lisa.  Denise says that Lisa acted out the hostility about Sophia so Eden would not have to.
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Eden is afraid how she will react to the anniversary of Sophia's "death".  Denise and Julia dine out.  Flame and Michael begin fighting that turns to passion.  Mason spends some time with Eden and Lisa comes out when Mason leaves the room.  Kelly taunts Quinn for keeping everything from her.  Julia tells Eden the charges have been dropped and she will not have to face trial.
Augusta sees Denise and Dash together on Dash's boat. She tries to warn Denise about Dash, but he stops her. Michael wakes up with a lipstick message on his back from Flame. He discovers that Quinn is alive. Eden hides the tiara in CC's  desk, and Sophia finds it. Cruz understands he now faces Lisa and not Eden. They go to the Capwells, and Lisa promises Sophia she's going to avenge Eden for what she has done to her.
Lisa confronts Sophia in front of Denise, Cruz and CC.  Lisa is convinced they want to get rid of her.  Flame attempts to kill herself getting run over and Michael saves her.  Kelly is furious that Julia and Craig new Quinn was Quinn.  Lisa tells Sophia that Eden never really forgave her, but wanted to kill her.  Julia tells Augusta to stop bothering Dash and warning woman that he is with about the rape.  Lisa pulls out the cursed tiara and decides to put it on.
May 20 May 21 May 22 May 23 May 24
Mason shows up at Eden's intervention.  Dash begins taunting Augusta.  Michael is furious at Julia and Craig for not telling Kelly about Quinn.  Eden supposedly comes out of Lisa, but Cruz says Lisa is pretending to be Eden.  Lisa makes a run for it.  Dash flirts with Laken which infuriates Augusta.  Lisa tries to prevent Eden from writing a good bye note.  CC and Sophia head on their yacht to look for Eden.  Eden heads to the cliffs.
Amado tells Cassandra about Warren and that he is in the Far East.  Laken asks Julia for help to sue Augusta to get her trust fund.  Cruz heads to the cliffs to find Eden.  CC and Sophia spot Eden at the cliffs.  Mason finds Denise talking with Julia and shows them both of the notes.  Eden waves to Sophia and CC.  CC arrives at the cliffs.  Kelly tells Quinn she will turn him in if he does not.
Gina goes to a sperm bank and gets an explanation of how it all works. Kelly says she missed her plane and comes back to Quinn. She finally admits she has loved him. Cruz approaches Eden on the cliffs, and asks Lisa to let him talk to his wife. Suddenly, Eden slips on a rock.
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Cruz reaches Eden and she falls over the cliff.  Flame and Michael have another passionate night together.  Minx talks to Cassandra about Warren.  Gina asks Mason for a good reference for her job at a sperm bank.  Julia tells Craig that he and Kelly were never meant to be.  Eden lets go of Cruz's hand and falls into the sea.
Julia asks Augusta what Dash was doing in her bedroom when Laken was over.  Cruz dives into the sea to find Eden.  Gina has the interview at the sperm bank and is hired.  Quinn asks Kelly to give him one more chance.  Cruz has no luck finding Eden.  CC jumps in the water to rescue and unconscious Cruz.  Eden's body turns up against some rocks.
May 27 May 28 May 29 May 30 May 31
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Mason rushes to the coast guard after receiving a phone call.  CC tells Mason that it appears Eden did not survive the fall.  Mason tells Cassandra, Julia and Denise that the coast guard is looking for Eden's body.  Cruz feels he is to blame for Eden falling.  Sophia blames the curse of the tiara on Eden's fate.  Cruz goes back to the cliff and finds Eden's engagement ring.  Katrina Ruyker, a German woman who's grandparents were friends with CC, shows up at CC's
First appearance of Maria Ellingsen (Katrina Ruyker)
Sophia and CC welcome Katrina into their home.  CC pushes Sophia a way.  Julia goes to Denise and tells her how mad she is over Eden's death.  Amado and Michael try to comfort Cruz.  Dash comes clean with Denise on who he really is and Denise is mortified.  Gina comforts Mason.  Sophia tells Cruz that CC is pushing her away.  Kelly and Quinn make love.  Cruz gives Sophia a letter Eden left for her.  Cruz refuses to attend a memorial service.
Cruz explains to Julia why he won't attend Eden's service.  The family is unable to reach Ted or Kelly.  Friends and family attend Eden's memorial service.  CC comforts Sophia.  Denise calls Julia and Augusta to her office and says she will no longer be seeing Julia as a patient, as Dash walks in.
Julia is livid to find out that Dash and Denise were dating and that Augusta saw Dash and Denise together.  Dash tries to convince Augusta and Denise that he did not rape Julia.  Denise tells Dash they are through after he deceived her.
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June 3 June 4 June 5 June 6 June 7
Sophia feels that CC blames her for Eden's breakdown and death.  Flame assures Michael that she is over Quinn.  Augusta tells Mason about Dash and Denise and says she is not sure if Dash actually raped Julia, but believes Julia thinks he did.  Quinn makes reservations for him and Kelly to Madrid and Michael gets wind of it.  Kelly says she can't run away from her family and that Quinn should go by himself so he does not get arrested for impersonating Robert.
At the airport Quinn sees the newspaper headline about Eden.  Julia gives Cruz a new case top work on.  Mason shows up at the airport to take Kelly home.  Quinn and Kelly say their good byes.  A cannon on Dash's boat hits Augusta's yacht by accident.  Kelly freaks out when she is told about Eden.  Dash repairs Lionel's yacht and there is some flirting between Dash and Augusta.  Cruz tells Chip and Adriana that Eden has gone away.  Quinn surprises Kelly and CC overhears Kelly calling Robert, Quinn.
Mason lets it be known to Sophia that Katrina is not welcome.  Cruz and Kelly console each other.  Julia asks Michael to serve a warrant to Quinn.  Julia tells Michael that CC already knows that Quinn is posing as Robert and that Flame will be the next one arrested.
Kelly admits to being with Richard the night he died as Michael arrests and tells everyone Robert is really Quinn.  Michael calls Dash to tell him that Flame will be arrested and Dash lets Flame know.  Michael arrests Flame.

Last episode for
John Conboy as executive producer
Cruz is given a new case to work on.  Julia refuses to let Michael bail Flame out.  Denise goes to Julia to continue to seek counseling.  Amado asks Katrina to tutor him in German.  Quinn is released on bail.  Kelly tells Quinn that since he is out on jail he needs to flee the country.

First episode for
Paul Rauch as executive producer, Bridget and Jerome Dobson are also executive producers again
June 10 June 11 June 12 June 13 June 14
Michael tries to convince Julia to have Flame work with Cruz on his next case.  Cruz and Flame decide to work together. Gina meets Deter and does not realize who he is.
Michael and Cruz succeed in finding Helmut's contracts Mendez and Gutierrez at the airport. Cruz sees Kelly and Quinn at the airport, but Kelly manages to persuade Cruz to let Quinn fly outside the country to be safe.

Last appearance of Roscoe Born (Robert Barr / Quinn Armitage)
Cruz and Michael are able to learn about the code that could connect them to Dieter with Mendez's help. Mendez warns Cruz about Dieter and his colleague Hans. Kelly tells CC that she has helped Quinn jump bail.  Dieter lets Cassie know he is aware of her background in the Orient.  Katrina proves herself invaluable to CC where Dieter is concerned.  Julia is furious that Quinn jumped bail.  Craig suggests Katrina as a nanny for Julia.
Flame and Cruz disguise themselves as Mendez and Gutierrez in an attempt to negotiate with Dieter, but Katrina interrupts their perfect plan with papers for Dieter. Cruz tries to handle the situation in the most appropriate way.  Dash tries to score points with Augusta.  Mason tells Augusta she is playing with fire where Dash is concerned.
Laken enters a heated discussion with her mother about the control over the money. Katrina tries to be as discreet as possible in front of Dieter. The negotiations with Dieter continue. Kelly asks CC to move back home.
June 17 June 18 June 19 June 20 June 21
Cassandra has it out with CC on how he has treated her since finding out she is a Lockridge. Laken goes to Julia to apologize for her mother's recent actions toward Dash.  Cruz encounters a female painter on the beach that resembles Eden.  Cruz searches for help of Dr. Foxworthy because he feels responsible for Eden's death. CC tries to pull Cassandra on his side, but she doesn't want to get involved. Minx talks to Cassandra about Augusta's and Lionel's son Warren, and Cassie realizes she knew him as a child.
Gina asks Mason for an advancement on her salary for ten thousand dollars to get her sperm from the sperm bank.  Michael tells Cassandra that his dealings with Dieter have nothing to do with the sale of the Oasis.  Flame decides to meet Dieter at the hotel, but she insists on not letting Cruz go with her. Cruz still tries to handle the situation his own way. Mason takes Katrina for a tour around town and becomes impressed with the girl.
Augusta tells Dash that she no longer wants him to finish work on the yacht.  Craig surprises Samantha with a gift. Flame runs away from Dieter before he injures her, but he continues following her. Augusta overhears Flame shouting and calls the police. Dash is accidentally arrested, and he blames Augusta. Katrina meets a painter who calls herself Suzanne Collier, who is really Eden.
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Dash is released from prison after Flame explains what really happened on the boat. Dieter becomes more suspicious. Cassandra and Mason try to find out more about Dieter. Dieter meets Cruz and Flame again, unaware that they are disguised.
After learning that the incident on the houseboat wasn't Dash's fault, Augusta offers him a job on the yacht. Kelly tries to bring the family back together again. Cassandra endangers the investigation against Dieter. Mason promises to take care of Katrina.
June 24 June 25 June 26 June 27 June 28
Cruz and Michael find a delivery at the warehouse. Cruz asks Katrina to translate the papers they found, and asks for her discretion. Suzanne Collier confuses the Capwells.
Hans guards Cruz at the warehouse, while Flame has no idea that Cruz is near her. Craig realizes that Julia is worried about Cruz and he goes to the warehouse to investigate.
Dieter knows that Cruz and Flame tried to set him up. Flame falls into Dieter's clever trap. CC apologizes to Sophia for his behavior, and the couple is reunited.
Dieter's plan is finally foiled as he dies in the Jacuzzi. Flame is saved in the nick of time, with the bomb defused. Michael tells Flame that he's proud of her. Mason disapproves of Julia's friendship with Craig, but she warns him to stay out of her life.
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Flame is summoned to court. Julia and Cruz stand by Flame's side by explaining how she contributed in the hunt against Dieter. Gina is determined to steal a sample of sperm from the bank. Cruz sees Suzanne Collier painting on the beach and admires her pictures.
July 1 July 2 July 3 July 4 July 5
Cruz finds out that Warren Lockridge was sentenced to death in Bangkok. he decides to fly directly to help him. Dash wants to talk to Julia. Michael is furious at Flame. Cassandra gets a present from an anonymous person.
First appearance of Jack Wagner (Warren Lockridge)
Dash finally admits to Julia that he violated her. The picture that Cruz bought from Suzanne has something to do with the place of Eden's disappearance. Gina plans to get fertilized with the sperm she stole. Warren is in big trouble in Bangkok. Cassandra continues to get gifts with no card.
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After admitting what he did to her, Dash asks for Julia's forgiveness. Cassandra receives another gift from an unknown person - a trip to Singapore. Amado is surprised to see how similar Suzanne and Eden are. Sophia is livid when Katrina shows her the painting Suzanne left for Cruz since it depicted where Eden fell to her death.  Augusta receives a letter from Warren to meet him in Singapore to meet the woman he is going to marry.
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July 8 July 9 July 10 July 11 July 12
Cruz plans to release Warren from the jail disguised as a priest. He approaches Warren with his plan. Cassandra is convinced that her secret admirer is Mason, but it's actually someone else - Warren.  Augusta tells Laken she received a letter from Warren asking her to come to Singapore to meet the woman of his dreams.  Dash holds a press conference and announces he did indeed rape Julia.  David Raymond, a friend of Julia's, arrives in Santa Barbara.  Cassandra boards a flight to Singapore as does Augusta.

First appearance of John Beck (David Raymond)
While Augusta and Mason are still in the airplane, Cassandra already arrives in Singapore. She is convinced that her admirer is Mason and that he is going to propose. Cruz succeeds to help Warren escape from the jail. Dash tells Julia that he still loves her and wants to correct his mistakes.  Cassandra recalls her time in Singapore with Warren.  Cassandra fantasizes of Mason asking her to marry him.
Katrina, Michael and Amado meet at Suzanne's workplace, and they're all stunned at Suzanne's resemblance to Eden. Warren is on his way to meet Augusta, Mason and Cassandra in Singapore.
Cassandra learns that Warren was the person that invited her to Singapore. Augusta and Mason follow them. Sophia is stunned when she meets Suzanne and realizes that she resembles Eden. She confides in Cruz that Suzanne might actually be Eden, but Cruz is convinced that it can't be her because he saw Eden disappearing in the sea himself.
Cassandra tries to explain to Warren that they are related, but Augusta knows that they actually aren't. Mason prevents Augusta from confessing the truth that Warren's father isn't actually Lionel, but a lover she was with while Lionel was having an affair with Sophia years ago. Rosa is shocked when Suzanne shows up at the Capwells.  Suzanne and Cruz become closer.
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July 15 July 16 July 17 July 18 July 19
Cassandra continues trying to seduce Mason. Cruz invites Suzanne to his house. CC is annoyed by Suzanne's presence, and he explains that Sophia is out of herself after seeing Suzanne's painting. Dash is determined to go through with his punishment.
Cruz talks to Suzanne about Eden, and she makes it clear that she can't be Eden's substitute. Laken feels left out because of all the time Amado is spending with Katrina.  Warren promises to Augusta that he'll come back to Santa Barbara. Cassandra decides to be with Mason. Warren is unaware that he still might be in danger.
Augusta and Mason argue about revealing Warren's true heritage.  Cassandra cannot make love to Mason.  Cassandra tells Warren that they have to forget the past to move on.  Suzanne goes back to Cruz, where she left her sketchpad and sees a teddy bear that looks familiar.  Augusta tells Cassandra that she has come to admire her.
Mason and Cassandra are interrupted at their apartment. CC is angry at Gina for making a wrong decision. Gina is worried that her plan might be foiled.  Gina is in trouble for taking CC sperm from the sperm bank.  Warren has plans for a new newspaper, The Santa Barbara Conscience.  Cassandra realizes that Mason had her and Warren on surveillance.  Laken, who has been drinking asks CC where Katrina and Amado are.  Gina tells Laken she is pregnant.  Mason, Cassandra, Warren and Augusta share a flight to Santa Barbara.
Warren worries about the future of Santa Barbara Conscience, and he asks his sister to be his business partner.  Mason tells Julia that Warren is back in town.  David makes it clear to Mason that the Capwells will not push him around. Flame tells Dash to hang on and he will move forward with his life.   Rosa visits Santana at the hospital. Cruz asks Warren to do a background check on Suzanne Collier.  Dr. Jameson tells Rosa that Santana is not responding to her medicine and is unable to see Santana.  Mason meets Suzanne and tells Cruz it was very upsetting.  Warren goes to see Santana since he received a letter from her and is refused by Dr. Jameson.

First appearance of Wanda DeJesus (Santana Andrade) and last appearance of Shell Danielson (Laken Lockridge) and Roberta Bizeau Weiss (Flame Beaufort)
July 22 July 23 July 24 July 25 July 26
Sophia thinks that Suzanne left the country, while Suzanne realizes that she does not belong in Santa Barbara, as she begins packing her stuff. David tries to win over Julia, but she tells him that she still loves Mason. Warren talks to Minx about Cassandra.
Dr. Jameson is keen on hiding and stopping Santana before she can reveal to anyone what has been going on at the hospital. Eden dreams of Channing. Sophia has a nightmare. Warren tells Rosa that he had received a letter from Santana.  Sophia goes to visit Suzanne at her studio and asks her to stay away from her family.  Suzanne tells Sophia she is planning on leaving town.  David's wife Angela arrives.  Sophia sees more odd pictures that Suzanne has painted and realizes Suzanne is Eden and Suzanne confirms it.  Santana plots an escape and knocks out the nurse.

First appearance of Nina Arvesen (Angela Raymond)
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Sophia realizes that Suzanne is actually Eden, while Eden starts turning into Channing, the son who Sophia had accidentally murdered years ago. C.C. and Mason fight.  Julia gets a chilly introduction from Angela.  Rosa receives a call telling her that Santana has escaped from the hospital with information on what is going on.  Dr. Jameson runs over Santana and takes the paperwork.  Gina and Mason inform CC that Gina is pregnant.
Santana ends up in the same hospital where Dash is working, and she confides in him. Eden angrily confronts Sophia, who desperately tries all psychological tricks to save herself, but at the end, a shot is heard. CC warns Gina that if she is carrying his child she will regret it.  CC panics about Sophia's whereabouts.  CC calls home and Eden fakes Rosa voice and says everything is fine.  Sophia has been shot.
Eden argues with Channing in the mirror.  Sophia tells Eden to forgive herself. Eden calls for an ambulance.  Eden steals Sophia's engagement ring.  Stephen J. Cannel drives Eden off in a limo.   Kelly and Craig find Sophia nearly shot to death, and take her to the hospital, where Kelly thinks Santana might have had something to do with the shooting. Mason and C.C. continue fighting about Gina. Jameson operates on Sophia. Warren pretends to be a doctor and talks with a patient named Louise that knows Santana.
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July 29 July 30 July 31 August 1 August 2
Michael learns that Santana was driven away in Dr. Jameson's car. Santana tells Warren all she knows about the doctor. Sophia falls into a coma, but she's still able to hear what others are talking about around her. C.C. spends the entire time at the hospital. Michael accuses Angela of being jealous of Julia.  Santana tells Warren that Dr. Jameson must get a kickback, because he does not want any of the patients to get better.
Lionel arrives back in Santa Barbara to visit Sophia in the hospital.  Santana tells Warren and Dash about Dr. Jameson and suggests they shouldn't say anything to Cruz. Then Santana and Warren go searching for clues about him. Cruz searches for Suzanne, who seems to have disappeared without a trace. Katrina gives Mason advice about C.C., and then Mason and C.C. face off.  Warren and Lionel have an uncomfortable reunion.  Warren tells Santana that Louise is missing.
Warren tells Cruz and Julia that Santana believes patients are being held against their will.  Cruz finds out that Suzanne Collier has taken off for parts unknown.  Gina tells Sophia (who is in a coma) where the father of her child is. Cruz, Julia and Warren investigate Santana's fall. Cruz wants to locate Suzanne Collier. Warren gives Flame a newspaper job.
First appearance of Marguerite Hickey (Flame Beaufort)
Sophia has a heart attack, so Mason rushes to save her life. Minx is pleased at the redecorating of the Lockridge mansion that Cassie undertook. C.C. blames Mason for Sophia's condition. Kelly tries to get C.C. and Mason to make up. Cassandra tells Mason that she loves him. A drunk Augusta ends up sharing the room with a comatose Sophia.
Santana fears that the man in the hospital might kill her, so she begs Warren for help. Julia gives Warren limited time to find and prove that Santana's life is in danger. Santana hides in Flame's house. Julia is furious at Warren for letting Santana out of the hospital, and she causes a fight with Mason and David.
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August 5 August 6 August 7 August 8 August 9
Michael finds an eyewitness that can help him identify Dr. Jameson. Santana is still having nightmares. Cruz and Michael are searching for Suzanne. Santana receives news of the lab analysis and announces the results at Cruz's. Mason warns Julia that the investigation against Jameson might damage her professional career.
The process against Dr. Jameson continues as Julia prepares to charge the man for his crimes, and Mason works on the opposite side, preparing the defense. Mason warns Julia about the trial, and then visits the judge. Cruz is still searching for Suzanne. Katrina and Dash take a walk together, as Katrina realizes she loves him.
C.C. trusts that Dr. Jameson will do his best to cure Sophia, but he decides to take her home and have her rest there, although she is still in a coma. Augusta continues hiding the fact that Lionel isn't Warren's father. Julia and Cruz decides that it's probably time to stop searching for Suzanne, and finally let Eden rest in peace. Dash doesn't like the fact that Katrina lives at the Capwell mansion. Cruz visits Sophia.
C.C. asks Santana for her help, but she refuses his plea. Cruz flies to North Carolina to continue his search after Suzanne, and has no idea that Eden is watching him. Sophia dreams of seeing Eden and Channing's coffins. Santana runs into Dr. Jameson. Katrina tries to present herself as the good soul of the Capwell mansion. Mason and C.C. have yet another fight.
Cruz finally meets the real Suzanne Collier, and the woman is shocked to learn about everything that happened to Eden. Eden watches Cruz and Suzanne. Cruz finds out that Suzanne is Eden's old friend, and then later comes to a realization that Eden must still be alive. Cassandra tells Craig that she is getting married to Mason. He tells her that he thinks Mason isn't the right guy for her.
Last appearance of Marcy Walker (Eden Capwell) and first appearance of Terri Garber (Suzanne Collier)
August 12 August 13 August 14 August 15 August 16
Suzanne helps Cruz find Eden. Augusta writes Warren a letter containing the mysterious secret. Mason hopes that Warren won't receive the letter. Flame wants Dash to release her from her business and she leaves town. Katrina and Dash spend time together. After leaving Suzanne in North Carolina, Cruz returns to Santa Barbara, and visits Sophia with news about Eden.
Last appearance of Marguerite Hickey (Flame Beaufort)
Julia wants Mason to stop concentrating on the Jameson case, and David asks them both to leave their personal problems away from business. Warren tells Cassandra that he misses her. Cruz informs Mason about finding Suzanne, about the fact that Eden is alive and that Eden probably shot Sophia. Mason informs C.C. about it, but it causes yet another fight between them.
Cruz informs the entire family that Eden is still alive, and then shocks them by claiming that she was the one who shot Sophia. Julia prepares Santana to testify in court. Mason informs the family that Gina is carrying his or C.C.'s baby. At Sophia's bed, Mason informs her that Eden's secret was revealed. Sophia feels like she's only trouble for her family.
The trial officially begins. Mason announces live on television that Eden is still alive. Cassandra is worried because C.C. never informed her about the huge news, and she fears that C.C. might shut her out of his life. Both Angela and Cassie feel neglected by their men. Mason wants to bring Gina to the witness stand. Katrina and Dash spend time together in the forest.
The trial against Dr. Jameson continues. Warren prepares Santana for testifying by provoking her. Mason uses his weird techniques in court. Both Julia and Mason seem to be taking the case to a level higher than their profession. Warren wants to find the letter that Augusta wrote to him, but he has no idea who has it.
August 19 August 20 August 21 August 22 August 23
In court, Santana is forced to relive her affair with Channing. An important witness testifies for Santana, as Julia pulls away. A drunk August makes a sloppy entrance in the courtroom, and is soon taken away by force. Julia uses her tricky questions and skills to improve the process. C.C. also has to take a stand, and he's stuck between testifying for Santana or his old friend Jameson.
Warren is forced to retrieve a drunk Augusta from a total mind loss, and she still refuses to reveal what is her big secret concerning him. Cassie is having problems with Mason. Cruz continues searching for Eden. Mason throws a party for Julia so they could get closer again. C.C. defends Santana's decision concerning Brandon. Santana celebrates her victory in court.
Santana warns Gina that she won't be able to take Brandon away from her. Suzanne appears at Cruz's place and asks for his help. Craig tries to make Mason look bad in Cassandra's mind. Mason tries to get back with Julia, but they are interrupted by Augusta, who wants to talk about the letter she wrote for Warren.
Craig isn't delighted when Ted visits C.C. Mason and Julia keep on getting interrupted, and it seems like they can't catch a break in love. Mason promises to take her to Paris. C.C. wants to help Augusta beat her alcohol addiction.
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Cruz has to drive Suzanne back home. Katrina is concerned over C.C.'s past and she fears to seeing a different side of him. On the other hand, Kelly is pleased to see her father in a new light. Augusta wants to prevent Julia and Mason from leaving to Paris. Santana persuades her mother to return to the Capwell mansion.
August 26 August 27 August 28 August 29 August 30
Mason results to drinking when Julia decides not to go to Paris with him on their romantic rendezvous. Warren begs Augusta to help him do his job and to avoid fighting in the future, Augusta decides to take his plea.
Mason wants Cassie to go to Paris with him. They both decide make a new start, renew their life. Cruz learns about the hotel that Eden has been staying in, so he goes ahead to research it with Michael's assistance. They don't find anything useful, but still, Cruz feels like Eden is somewhere near.
Mason proposes to Cassie on their way to Paris. She gladly accepts. Augusta hears about their engagement and tells about it to Warren, who then threatens to prevent them from getting married.
C.C. meets David, Angela and Julia, who are ready to help him boost his career. It seems that C.C. has a Senator position waiting for him in Washington, and Julia wants to give C.C. advice about it.  C.C. asks Santana to assist Rosa and she surprisingly agrees.  Cruz is still searching for Eden, trying to make her reconsider. Suzanne is still by his side.
Santa Barbara is rocked by the news of Mason and Cassie's engagement. David, Julia, Kelly and C.C. each have their own reaction to the news. Minx believes that Cassie is hiding something. Craig is convinced that Mason is doing it only to anger C.C..
September 2 September 3 September 4 September 5 September 6
David realizes that the tension is rising between Mason and Warren. Augusta gives her own opinion about the sudden engagement. Mason visits Sophia and talks to her about the continuation of the feud between the Capwells and the Lockridges. David talks to Julia about Mason and Warren.
Julia and Cruz talk about their loved ones. She tells him about her true feelings towards the sudden engagement between Mason and Cassie, and he tells her more about his search for Eden, and then confides about Suzanne, who seems to want to have something more than just a friendship with him. CC visits with Sophia and as he is leaving she calls out his name.  Cruz asks Julia what is going on with David and Julia.  Craig tells Gina that CC will not be a good father to the child he is carrying.  Dash and Katrina become romantic.  Gina is shocked when she goes to talk to Sophia and Sophia wakes up.
Sophia finally wakes up from her coma. Rafael comes back to Santa Barbara and happily surprises Cruz. Sophia then tells C.C. the whole story about Eden. Cruz arrives to tell Sophia more about the search for Eden. Julia refuses to listen to David's point of view on love. Suzanne decides to act the way Eden used to act so Cruz would fall in love with her.   Gina calls Julia to let her know Sophia is awake.  A guy who attacked Dash previously interrupts Dash and Katrina's day, bringing friends to beat on Dash.  Gina tells CC that she is carrying his child.

First reappearance of Henry Darrow (Rafael Castillo)
David apologizes to Julia for causing a fight and then he confides in her about never actually loving his wife Angela. Sophia tells the family the detailed story of what happened to her. She then refuses to detain them for long because she believes that she's only a burden for them.
Warren wants to find out more info on David. Sophia decides to go through with the divorce. Julia isn't happy to see an article on Sophia in the newspaper. Julia wonders why Mason and Warren fighting.  Sophia requests that CC stay away from Gina.
September 9 September 10 September 11 September 12 September 13
Katrina is worried about Dash, who seems to have disappeared. Warren flirts with Angela to make Cassandra jealous. Mason wants a favor from Warren. Julia is worried about Mason's drinking problem.
Augusta continues looking for comfort in alcohol, as she tries to gain energy to finally tell Warren the truth about his father. She asks for Julia's help. Augusta talks to Lionel, and learns that Lionel knew all along that Warren wasn't his son. Mason tells Sophia that Pamela will be released from the hospital in a few months and will head back to CC's if she knows Sophia has moved out.  Lionel tells Warren that Augusta is going into rehab.  Mason tells Warren he knows all about Cassandra being a Lockridge.
The henchman that Mason hired to beat Warren, go too far.  Katrina releases a searching team after Dash, who is still missing. A drunk Augusta provokes David. David tells Julia that his marriage with Angela was nothing but a disaster from the beginning. He wants Julia to give him another chance. Dash gets a job as the Raymond's stable boy.  Warren asks Suzanne out on a date.  Warren tells Cassandra that he loves her and that the only reason Mason is marrying her is so he can get a hold of the Lockridge money.  Warren and Angela make love.
Katrina learns that Warren didn't publish the search article on Dash. Cruz is convinced that Katrina has contacted Dash. Angela begins an affair with Warren.  Michael warns Cassandra about Mason.  Cassandra tells Michael she is worrying about Warren doing something to prevent the wedding.  CC asks Santana to redecorate the home.  Nobody wants to tell Katrina that Dash is a convicted rapist.
Amado tells Katrina that Dash is a rapist.  David plans to separate from Angela and stop his intention to become a senator. C.C. wants to know where he stands with Sophia. Julia looks for info on Dash from Katrina. Angela learns about David's plans.  Mason asks Craig if he has any leads on the search for Ted and Craig says no.
September 16 September 17 September 18 September 19 September 20
Cruz brings Suzanne to meet Sophia and Sophia is not ready to meet Suzanne.  Sophia confesses to Warren that Eden was the person who shot her. Mason questions Angela about the connection between her sister's accident and David, but she doesn't say anything.  Gina fakes being sick to worm her way into the Capwell mansion. Brandon and Santana spend the day together catching up.
Cruz tries to prevent Warren from publishing the article about Eden and Sophia. An anonymous person gives 12 hours to Warren to print the article.
Julia tells Dash that Katrina knows about Dash and the rape.  Warren agrees not to publish the article on Sophia's shooting.  Cassandra tells Mason that she wants to call off the party and get married right away.  Lionel agrees to give Warren the money he needs to pay off his debt.
Warren and Augusta argue about her drinking and Augusta throws a bottle of bourbon.  A bomb explodes at Warren's workplace. Warren and Augusta manage to run to safety. Warren believes that Mason planted the bomb. Julia questions Michael about the apparent accident of Marilyn Cassidy. Craig tells Gina that she is still scheming.  Nobody realizes that Craig was behind the bombing.
Last appearance of Louise Sorel (Augusta Lockridge)
Warren is convinced that Mason planted the bomb at his workplace. Mason wants to marry Cassandra in Las Vegas.CC tells Katrina that he is not trying to control her life.  Craig talks CC into letting Gina and Brandon to move into the cottage.  Katrina thinks about leaving and she goes hiking and is stranded in a bush fire.  Dash arrives to find Katrina.
Cassie and Mason plan to wed in Las Vegas. CC receives the divorce papers from Sophia.  CC tells Gina that living in the gatehouse does not mean she can come and go in the mansion.  Dash and Katrina are able to escape the fires. Everyone in Santa Barbara prepare for Cassandra and Mason's pre wedding party. Mason questions Angela about Marilyn.  After making love to Angela, Warren goes outside on the deck and points a gun below at Mason.
September 23 September 24 September 25 September 26 September 27
Dash tells Katrina that he loves her. Mason is sorry Kelly is out of town and will miss the party.  Craig escorts Gina and Cruz escorts Suzanne to the party. They decide to go to Mason's party. Warren provokes a fight. Sophia and C.C. continue their divorce proceedings. An anonymous person watches Mason from afar. Sophia is livid to see Suzanne wearing Eden's dress.
Mason ends up heavily injured after the murder attempt, and the bullet goes through Mason and hits Amado and Amado dies instantly. Mason is taken to the operating room. Craig thinks that Warren is the murderer. Angela finds Mason's keys in Cassandra's bag.
Last appearance of Rawley Valverde (Amado Gonzalez)
Warren retrieves the gun in his apartment, and he asks Angela for a favor. Mason's operation is successful. Dash and Katrina promise never to be separated again. Michael finds a cigarette butt of Warren's in the vacant apartment that the shot came from.
Kelly comforts Sophia at the hospital.  Cruz realizes that Warren wasn't the person who killed Amado and attacked Mason. C.C. tries to show empathy for what happened to Mason so he could win back Sophia. Suzanne wants to leave town.  Kelly tries to convince Sophia to move back home.
Cruz gives Warren the ballistic report that doesn't help him at all. Lionel and Sophia discuss about their children.

Last appearance of Carrington Garland (Kelly Capwell)
September 30 October 1 October 2 October 3 October 4
Cassandra spends time by Mason's side in the hospital, and she thinks of the potential murder suspects. Angela gives Dash a gardening job. Angela and Warren discuss his alibi. David tells Angela that she hired a rapist.  Gina snoops for the Marilyn Cassidy file.  Gina tries to convince Katrina that Dash has not changed.  Angela goes to Cruz about the attempt made on Mason's life.
C.C. is angry because nobody informed him that Mason had been moved away. Julia tells Cruz that Warren was caught going to Mason's room.  Angela decides not to talk with Cruz.  Craig enjoys being CC's right hand man.  Cassandra is livid that she has not been told where Mason was moved.  Craig does not believe that Cassie does not know where Mason is and tries to pressure her.  Angela gives Warren the alibi, claiming that he spent the time with her when the attack happened. Cruz thinks that Warren wasn't the one who attacked Mason. Warren continues working on his alibi.
Cruz and Michael search for Warren. Angela gives Warren the alibi, claiming that he spent the time with her when the attack happened. Cassandra finds a photo in Warren's jacket and immediately thinks that he was the one who attacked Mason.
Warren thanks Angela for her help. Dash surprises them. Gina doesn't hide her disgust over Santana and Rosa. Santana makes a few changes at the Capwell mansion, and Rosa is confused by it. Dash catches Angela and Warren together.  Santana and Rosa argue about Santana wanting to move into the Capwell mansion.  Angela warns Dash to keep his mouth shut about what he has witnessed.  Santana manipulates CC into asking her to stay in the guest suite.  Angela asks David to take the senate seat and leave Santa Barbara.
CC calls Katrina, Eden.  The new district attorney blames Warren for the attack, and he decides to have him arrested. Warren asks for Julia's help. Katrina moves out of the Capwell mansion. C.C., Gina and Rosa try to convince her to stay. Katrina and Suzanne decide to become roommates.  Gina tells CC that Santana is the one who told Katrina she should move out.  Michael arrests Warren for the murder of Amado Gonzales.
October 7 October 8 October 9 October 10 October 11
Michael arrests Warren. Lionel wants to hire a lawyer, but Warren rejects his help. Lionel asks for Cassie's help, but she doesn't take his offer, so Angela ends up paying for Warren.  Craig tells CC that Katrina was roughed up because of Dash.  Cassie and Lionel are confused at who paid Warren's bail.  CC tells Katrina he only wishes the best for her.
David tells Julia that he loves her, but she says that she still isn't over Mason. Mason exits the hospital and acquires a gun from Craig. He visits Angela and Warren and causes a hug terror when he takes out the gun.  Julia continues to beg off David's advances.  Cassie tells Cruz that Mason has a gun. Mason points his gun at Warren and Angela and tells them it isn't loaded and fires the gun, which is really loaded.
Mason is shocked when he shoots Warren.  Angela goes to find Dash to treat Warren.  Warren hides at Suzanne's place while Cruz looks for him. Craig wants Dash to leave the town and forget about Katrina. Mason blackmails Angela. Angela doesn't believe Warren.  Dash tells Angela if she speaks well of him to Katrina, Dash will forget about Angela and Warren.
Katrina, now living at Suzanne's, receives a request from Warren to find his friend in Russia. David wants to divorce Angela as soon as possible. He continues pressing Julia about his feeling, but she doesn't respond well to his requests. An anonymous person makes prank call to Mason.
October 14 October 15 October 16 October 17 October 18
Sophia tells Lionel that her departure might be the best thing for their kids. Michael gives Katrina a message which she is supposed to give to Warren, who is in hiding. Katrina calls Warren, who then decides to go on a mission to Russia. Angela and David fight over his decision to get a divorce. Angela tells Cassandra that Mason shot Warren. Mason tells Julia that he's ready to stop his wedding if she decides to be with him, and David overhears the conversation.

Last appearance of Frank Runyeon (Michael Donnelly)
Pre-empted 1819
Cruz gets a lead that Eden has been spotted in Mexico but he is not sure if he should check it. Suzanne puts him back to form by persuading him he should leave immediately and give it a try. Cruz thanks her and tells her that he is proud of her that she's made a new beginning in her life. Cassandra confronts Mason about his shooting Warren but they soon get back together. David and Angela have a terrible fight as David doubts Warren's innocence. The subject soon comes to their divorce and Angela tells him that she is determined to use every dirty trick she can come up with to hold him back from destroying all their dreams over his lust for Julia. Mason tries to make love to Cassandra but she starts to cry and tells him she can't go through with it. He comforts her by holding her in his arms. Meanwhile, Julia, deeply hurt from the latest bust up with the love of her life, breaks out in tears.
Angela talks to David and begs him not to go through with the divorce. She has decided to stop blackmailing him with giving the file of Marilyn's death to the police but David claims that his guilt over that and their mutual political aspirations were the only things that they had to keep being married. Angela doesn't give him a satisfying excuse for bailing out Warren so he decides to ask Cruz and Julia. Meanwhile Cassandra is dreaming of Warren and whispers his name to Mason's amusement.
Gina has planned a surprise for C.C but Santana comes and he prefers to talk with her. Craig sees the whole scene and tells Gina that he will help her. Angela tries to find where Warren is again but Suzanne and Lionel refuse to tell her. Santana talks to Cruz as she has found new feelings towards C.C but Suzanne comes and Santana leaves.
October 21 October 22 October 23 October 24 October 25
David leaves for his daily run on the beach and Angela decides to run too to ease her nerves, after calling Suzanne to check if Warren has called. C.C. thanks Gina for last night and tells her that he finds her almost bearable. Gina is flattered and hopeful. Meanwhile, Santana asks Rosa for some room in the kitchen because she wants to cook dinner for C.C. Rosa tells her that she should keep her distance, as C.C. is still in love with Sophia but Santana tells her that she just wants to thank him for helping her launch her new business. Rosa goes on a date with Cruz' father Rafael.   Katrina and Dash are at Julia's house where Katrina is baby-sitting for Samantha as Julia is out of town. Dash feels guilty that Katrina is not close to the Capwells anymore and decides to talk to C.C. Cruz drops some papers to Julia's house and David arrives.
Rosa is in the kitchen thinking about the wonderful time she had with Rafael last night despite her embarrassment and guilt. Santana drops by and they talk about it. Santana is thrilled that her mother did something different than slaving at the kitchen for the Capwells but Rosa still feels that she not able to date and have a good time anymore. Rafael visits Cruz in the beach house where he is having breakfast with Suzanne. After a brief talk about his date with Rosa they talk about Eden. Rafael is convinced that Cruz must continue his life and stop feeling sorry for himself, if not for himself at least for his children's sake but Cruz is not ready for such a drastic move.  CC tells Craig he believes that Gina and Santana are competing for his attention.  Minx goes to meet Katrina, since Amado was so find of her.  Craig and Santana butt heads about the way Santana is spending CC's money for redecorating.
Santana talks to Rosa and persuades her to go out with Rafael one more time. Later, she watches Warren's broadcast on TV and feels very proud of her old friend. Craig throws to her some very bad remarks about him but Santana gives her full support. Gina and C.C watch too and while C.C is busy Gina gets a note that Mason has sent to Cassandra asking her to marry him while Warren is gone. Gina throws it away. Katrina watches the show with Dash and feels very emotional as the people in the streets of Moscow remind her of herself when she was in East Germany.
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Sophia is livid when she finds CC and Santana finally getting rid of Channing's things.  Julia returns to Santa Barbara after her trip. She meets with David and they talk about what's been going on between them. David tells her that he doesn't blame her or anyone else for his problems with Angela and apologizes about his bad behavior. Cassandra is watching Warren on the T.V and feels very touched. She realizes that she had forgotten what a gentle and caring man he really is and feels guilty she ever thought he tried to kill Mason. Mason arrives and they start to talk. Mason asks her to rearrange their wedding date and after Mason tells her that he's made plans to have the perfect wedding she accepts.
Last appearance of Caitlin Moore (Samantha Capwell) 
Everybody is watching Warren in Moscow. Katrina is touched by a girl's story while Mason and Gina talk about Warren. He tells her that he rearranged a wedding date and Gina suspects that there is a connection between Warren's absence and Mason's wedding plans. Cassandra visits Minx at her suite and they have a talk with Lionel. Cassandra tells them that she will marry Mason and that she feels tremendous guilt that she didn't believe in Warren from the beginning. Angela is writing a letter to Warren begging him to come home.
October 28 October 29 October 30 October 31 November 1
David tells Julia that Angela has been blackmailing him into staying married.  Gina asks CC to go with her to Lamaze classes, butt CC says no.  Craig comforts Gina and they kiss.  Julia does some investigating on Angela's sister Marilyn's death.  Gina and Cassie fight so Gina blabs to the society page about Cassie and Mason being married in San Francisco. Ted is being followed in Chinatown.
First appearance of Michael Brainard (Ted Capwell)
Ted is walking in Chinatown and a blonde woman is following him without showing her face. Cassandra tells everyone about her wedding and both C.C. and Lionel do a last effort to change her mind. Katrina and Suzanne plan a surprise party for Cruz's birthday while Sophia gives him a present. Cruz finds a note with a riddle that leads him to the Oasis. Cruz remembers that this is the exact way that Eden planned their engagement and runs as he is convinced it's a note from her. C.C. and Gina's plan works and Rosa goes out with Rafael again. Cruz gets at the Oasis and he receives a portrait of Adriana. He is now completely sure that Eden's behind it.
Katrina talks to Suzanne who is totally freaked out. Suzanne feels guilty because of her feelings for Cruz. She never had a love story as grand as Eden and Cruz's and she was in love with him for years just from reading the letters. She feels she has betrayed Eden. Chip is upset because he thinks that the misunderstanding with Suzanne was his fault and Cruz tells him it's not. Rafael tries again to show him he should move on with his life as his children need a new mother and he is obviously very lonely. Mason and Cassie prepare to marry in San Francisco.  CC tells Santana that he is ready to move on without Sophia.  Mason and Cassie spot a painting of Ted.
Cassandra and Mason are still in the park and Mason can't understand how in the world a portrait of Ted could be there. Julia calls David and tells him her feelings as the wedding comes closer and Angela walks in. She is being sarcastic about David's affair with Julia. Warren calls Lionel from Alaska and tells him that he'll be back today. He asks Lionel to get Cassie to the newspaper office tonight as he wants to talk to her. Lionel tells him that Cassie is in San Francisco because she is marrying Mason.  Cassie confronts Mason on his real reasons for marrying her. Cassandra and Mason show Julia the painting of Ted.
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Warren and Angela are half-naked in the office and they talk about their no commitment deal. Cassandra and Mason call Suzanne and ask her if by any chance she has painted a portrait of Ted. After she tells them she hasn't, Mason is sure that Eden is the one who's painted it. Warren talks with his lawyer, who is determined to clear him, about the case and they both realize that it's very difficult to prove his innocence. Mason postpones the wedding once more in order to find Ted.
November 4 November 5 November 6 November 7 November 8
Mason, Cassandra and Julia return to the hotel but Mason leaves to show the seller of the portrait a photo of Eden. Angela and David talk and she wonders why he continues to support her even though he knows the truth. David suggests that she admits the truth in public. Santana tells Rosa that CC needs to move on.  Mason calls CC to tell him that Ted is in Chinatown.  Warren's attorney tells her to start talking because she will have to be prepared to face Mason in court. He stages a trial rehearsal to show her how rough it will be.
Mason and Cassandra wake up together and start to make love. Mason can't do it so Cassandra tells him it's because of Julia's being in the next room. Ted packs his things as he feels he is in danger and tells his friends that he can't keep on risking their daughter's life. David comes to San Francisco and asks Julia if her trip to Boston had anything to do with the investigation of Marilyn. Sophia talks to Lionel about her feelings. C.C comes and tells her that Mason is on the way to find Eden and Ted. Santana tells Rosa that Sophia has gone back to Lionel after seeing them together.
Mason questions Julia about David's sudden departure. He confesses to her that jealousy wells up in him every time he sees her with another man. Mason hypothesizes that their apparent feelings towards each other is the real reason David decided not to stay in San Francisco. Mason then asks Julia to at least admit that they still love each other. Santana notices C.C observing her and continues her game of seduction. She turns around and acts surprised to see him standing in the doorway. Craig visits Katrina to update her on the search for Ted and Eden. C.C goes to see Katrina at the newspaper office. She inquires about Eden and Ted. She hopes that C.C's whole family will come back to him.
Mason has spotted the building in the portrait and has rushed inside with Julia and Cassie following closely behind. At the Oasis, Lionel meets up with Jim Sanford, Warren's attorney, to discuss his progress on the case. Lionel notices Angela and tries to reinforce his theory that makes Angela the prime suspect who shot Mason. Craig delivers a letter to C.C. It is an invitation from Gina for him to come see her new nursery she made for the baby. C.C, tired of Gina's advances, asks Craig to keep her occupied for the evening so that there will not be any interruptions. In the shop house, Mason is pounding on the door to an apartment, but there is no one answering.
Sophia and Kelly go over to show concern for Gina. When Kelly suggests the hospital, Gina panics and says that the pains have subsided. Kelly lectures Gina on how she should not take anything too lightly. Gina stands up and says that it was probably something she ate. She asks Craig to call C.C to come pick her up, but Craig insists that he'd be the one to take her home. Katrina is introduced to Ted. They make small talk about the portrait. He is anxious to meet her in person. C.C toys with the idea of Ted and Katrina getting together. C.C invites her to their celebration tomorrow night. Craig calls Warren's office and leaves a message that Mason and Cassie are still not married yet. He walks away, happy with his actions.  Gina spoils Santana's plans for a romantic night with CC.

First appearance of Eileen Davidson (Kelly Capwell)
November 11 November 12 November 13 November 14 November 15
Cassie wakes up and tells Mason that she has an uneasy feeling that something terrible will happen to ruin their wedding. Mason calms her down and talks about their plans for the wedding. Warren tells Angela that he is in a perfect relationship with her, no strings attached. Angela embraces him, but her face shows signs of disappointment. C.C. and Santana exchange good morning kisses. Kelly enters and says that they should contact Ted to find out when he will be returning. Ted tells them that he will be home by the afternoon. He expresses some concern that he may not live up to their expectations. Santana promises to catch up with Ted. Kelly tells Ted that C.C. is very vulnerable. Mason asks Ted to be the best man at the wedding.
Angela finds Lionel at the Oasis and blames him that Warren's lawyer is following her. Lionel admits it is him that follows her because he believes she shot Mason and killed Amado. Julia is looking at herself at the mirror fantasizing she is the one getting married to Mason. Rosa is thrilled to welcome Ted home.  Mason rushes into her room looking for Cassandra. He tries to make her admit she is still in love with him and give him another chance while there is still time but Cassandra comes and spoils everything. Warren gets the message in the machine and rushes to leave to stop the wedding.  Warren abducts Cassandra as she is heading down the aisle.
Warren waits hidden for the wedding to start. When it starts, he runs to the altar and kidnaps Cassandra! At the Capwell mansion, C.C and Santana finally see Ted. Everybody is happy except Craig. C.C asks Craig to help him make Ted stay in Santa Barbara for good by matching him up with Katrina. Ted gives presents to everyone. C.C introduces him to Katrina and they immediately get along. Gina sees Ted and he is surprised to see her pregnant.
First appearance of Paula Irvine (Lily "Light" Blake)
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Sophia sees Ted for the first time and she frowns as she misses Eden and Mason. Kelly comes and tells everybody about Warren trying again to stop the wedding. C.C is angry with Katrina for not saying anything and questions her loyalty in the family. Warren and Cassandra get in a cell in Alcatraz and a furious Cassandra climbs at the top to scream for help. C.C calls Julia and finds out about the kidnapping. Katrina leaves and Ted is angry with his father for being unfair to her. Later he admits to Kelly she reminds him of someone special he knew.
Angela is persuaded that the woman in Warren's life is Santana and she tells Lionel. Gina calls Lily and invites her to Santa Barbara. Lily while gambling in a casino tells her that she'll be too busy. Santana makes C.C go to the hospital to have his wounds examined. Ted tells Katrina he doesn't like Dash and Katrina tells him that he can't judge as he doesn't know him and that he should have seen Dash yesterday when he rescued her and C.C..
November 18 November 19 November 20 November 21 November 22
Everyone in the house blames Dash for C.C.'s attack. Santana wakes C.C. up and they start to make out. She accidentally drops her hair-bow in his bed. Katrina and Kelly fight as Kelly blames Dash and Ted watches the whole scene. Kelly talks to Mason on the phone and goes on to blame Warren too. Katrina stands up for Warren too. Ted backs up Katrina saying that it's obvious someone is trying to frame Warren as nobody still knows who left the message that Mason and Cassandra hadn't married.
Dash visits C.C. to examine him and Craig throws him out. C.C. tells Craig he should have been more gentle. Still, he is worried about Katrina and is angry with Dash about the attack. Angela goes to the paper's office and bumps into Lionel. They have another fight. Mason locks Warren inside the cell and takes Cassie with him. Angela and David meet for dinner and have a considerably friendly talk although Angela still tries to make him stop the divorce.
Cassandra returns to the hotel room and tells everyone what has happened. Craig finds Dash and tells him that Katrina's visa expires in a few days and if he wants her to stay in the U.S he must break up with her immediately and leave town. Dash understands he has to do it and he throws Craig out. Kelly, Julia and Cassandra worry of what might happen in Alcatraz. C.C. doesn't believe Angela and she tries to persuade him.
Julia and David leave with a helicopter for Alcatraz. Warren calls Mason who is in a balcony. Mason trips, falls and loses his gun. Angela calls Gina and blames her for making her believe that Warren has an affair with Santana. Santana returns and finds out that C.C. has called off all her redecoration plans. She understands that Gina is behind this. Warren hunts Mason with the gun.
Cruz returns and is informed about the wedding fiasco. He tells everyone that he couldn't find Eden again. Suzanne shows him a portrait she's made of him with Chip and Adriana. Santana refuses to explain anything to C.C about her trip and decides to move out of the house. Julia scolds Warren and Mason who are still locked in the cells and she leaves, letting them locked.
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November 25 November 26 November 27 November 28 November 29
Warren returns to San Francisco and after settling things straight with Kelly, who is frightened of him at first, he starts to talk with Cassie. Cruz tries to find Warren and informs Minx about the recent developments. Warren tries to make Cassandra change her mind about the wedding by saying that Mason hunted him out of revenge and not out of love and concern for her.
C.C. confronts Gina about the gossip she is spreading about Santana and Warren. Gina finally gives in and admits that Santana was with Brandon in San Francisco. She adds that she was left with no choice because she will not let C.C and Santana take Brandon away from her. C.C realizes just how insecure Gina is. Julia puts herself on trial as she desperately tries to sort out her feelings for Mason.
Lily meets Ted for the first time since her return. They catch up on old times. Ted and Kelly worry that Mason is a ticking bomb ready to go off at Warren. Katrina has planned a romantic brunch for Dash. Craig ruins it by reminding Dash about his ultimatum to break up with Katrina. Warren and Angela try to decipher the real assailant through the photos of the party. They cannot find any real evidence to pin the murder on Craig.
Pre-empted - Thanksgiving 1850
Warren dictates an editorial about the whole Capwell-Lockridge feud and how the torch has been passed down from father to son. Cassie is upset with Mason for not consulting her before pressing kidnapping charges against Warren. They have a huge argument and Cassie tells him not to dismiss her feelings. Lionel visits Warren in jail and tells him not to trust Angela because he still suspects her of shooting Mason.  Cassie gives Mason back the engagement ring.
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December 2 December 3 December 4 December 5 December 6
David tells Angela that the kidnapping charges against Warren have been dropped. He warns her not to get to involved because Warren might implicate her to save himself. He adds that it is to her advantage if they kept their divorce on hold until after the trial. Santana visits Warren and offers to testify as a character witness. She confides in Warren about the trouble Gina caused between her and C.C..
Santana moves back into the Capwell House. David tells Julia that Angela will be filing for divorce sooner than expected. He also tells her that he will be resigning from the bench because of the scandal that will come out. Angela and Warren exchange insulting remarks when they pass each other in the Courthouse. Mason is intrigued by their apparent argument.
The trial is recessed as the audience tries to absorb the shock of the prosecution's request. Cruz worries that he may actually hurt Warren's defense. Craig talks to Katrina and tells her that he will help her out if she has any problems with her visa. Warren worries for his life as he feels the noose around his neck tightening. Cassie is upset with Mason for seeking the death penalty.
Katrina sets up an interview with Ted. Angela finds Julia and David talking in the courtroom and interrupts them. She gives David a hard time over his decision to resign his judgeship. Gina tries her best to get back into C.C.'s good graces, but he will not give her the time of day. She proposes that she and Craig pair up to serve their own best interests. C.C. tries to get Ted involved in the family business.
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C.C. and Santana begin to rekindle their relationship. He gives her a beautiful pearl necklace and suggests that they take a romantic stroll on the beach. Ted stops by the newspaper and offers to help edit Katrina's article. Angela is rummaging through Craig's stuff unaware that she is being observed by Dash. Craig decides to bring Angela home.
December 9 December 10 December 11 December 12 December 13
Gina goes over to Craig's to thank him for his help with C.C. She finds Angela there and gets jealous. Katrina wants to confront Craig about his actions, but Dash warns her not to get involved with such a dangerous person. Ted brings Katrina to inspect some land for C.C. as part of her article about his work. Lily does some checking up on Craig's past.
Santana informs C.C. that it is her birthday. He insists that they go out to celebrate after the trial. Julia and Mason have an ugly confrontation outside the courtroom where he accuses David of defending Warren just so he can get closer to Julia. The trial begins and Cruz is called to the stand. Marley questions him about the bombing of the newspaper office.
Ted and Katrina grow closer, but Dash is weary of their close friendship. Lily tries to tell Gina not to get involved with Craig. Gina convinces herself that Craig and Angela are more than friends. Craig is called to testify. He says that he overheard Warren threaten Mason, but Jim Sanford does a good job discrediting him by bringing up his past. Mason and Cassie exchange angry words outside the courtroom. Katrina tells Dash that she had confronted Craig.
Angela breaks into Craig's drawer. Inside she finds detailed files on everyone close to him, including herself. She also finds a gun and a box of bullets. Gina phones and says that she will drop by soon. Angela panics and drops the bullets. She manages to retrieve them all but places one in her purse as she heads out the door. Gina and Sophia exchange insults again.
Lily and Ted bond as she helps him decorate the Capwell Christmas tree. Katrina sees Mason drowning his sorrows in alcohol and goes over to talk to him. He shares all his sorrows with her. She then hands him a letter from Warren. C.C and Santana tell each other how much they missed one another. Craig tells Angela that the shooting was well executed.
December 16 December 17 December 18 December 19 December 20
C.C. is very pleased with the redecoration of his bedroom. He is helping Santana get undressed when Rosa and Kelly enter. C.C. and Santana manage to disentangle themselves, but have already warranted disapproving stares from Rosa and Kelly. Craig goes through the drawer to see what is missing. They then play a cat and mouse game in trying to determine who is the culprit. Angela removes the bullet from her purse and places it in her brassiere.
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C.C. and Santana wake up in each other's arms. They talk about their inner child and how it must be set free once in a while. Angela is writing letters to Warren. She crumples them to make them look old and stick it behind his drawer. She disguises her voice and phones Marley, telling him that they have missed some evidence. News of David and Angela's divorce hits the papers.
Suzanne is terrified of testifying. Cruz helps her to calm down. They talk about the possibility of having a future together. Suzanne says that he will never love her the way he loves Eden and that she will fall in love only once in her life. Cruz manages to expand her outlook and persuades her to take a chance on a relationship. C.C is worried about Santana's testimony. She assures him that she will be able to handle herself and Marley.
Craig is at the Oasis looking for Gina. Lily lies and says that she is at a doctor's appointment. Craig tries to be friendly and talks to Lily about Vegas. She implies that he has picked up some nasty habits there himself. Craig asks her to try and be civil since he is getting closer to Gina. The trial resumes and Mason is sworn in. Warren asks to speak to Julia in private. David calls for a recess, which annoys the judge.
Angela is called to the stand but David manages to ask for a recess. Warren remains adamant that Angela should not testify. C.C stops by Craig's house and finds Gina there. C.C demands that Craig break off his relationship with Gina. Craig asks C.C for another chance to prove himself. Angela is on the stand. Marley asks her about the night of the shooting. At first, she says that she was with Warren.
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Angela is certain that Craig is the killer. She tries to get away from him by making up all sorts of excuses, but he sticks to her like glue. He says that he needs to have a little talk with her. Angela manages to retreat to the courthouse where she scribbles "Craig has the bullets" on a piece of Kleenex. She slips the note into Cruz's pocket just before Craig drags her out the courthouse. Cruz tells Kelly that Eden will not be coming home and has accepted this.
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Warren calls everyone down to witness his last editorial before the verdict. He informs them that Angela's testimony was an act and that she was on their side all the time. Gina and Lily are driving home when she hears that the verdict will be out soon. She forces Lily to drive to Angela's house so that she can gloat. Craig has Angela at gunpoint. She pleads for her life and hears the radio announcement. She convinces Craig to hold off until after the verdict. Gina goes into labor with Brandon and Lily, so they go to a vets office. Lionel shows up when the baby is born.
Pre-empted - Christmas Day 1868
The morning newspapers highlight the arrest of Craig Hunt for the shooting. Brandon tries to prevent Gina from seeing it. He tries to persuade his mother to call C.C., but Gina remains adamant about keeping the birth a secret. Santana thanks C.C. for giving her the best Christmas she has had in years. Ted comes in and interrupts them. He tells his father that he found out that it was C.C. who engineered the idea of stranding Ted and Katrina in the cabin on Christmas Eve.
Lily brings Ted to the vet's office but finds that Gina is not there. Lily is worried about her mother's erratic behavior lately. C.C. receives the final divorce papers from Sophia's lawyer. Gina, with baby in tow, barges into Lionel's office claiming to be his new secretary. Minx is baffled as she watches Gina redecorate Lionel's office. C.C. lays into Cruz over his relationship with Suzanne.
December 30 December 31      
A reporter is interviewing Julia on her victory. Mason sees her and barges in. He has a long conversation with Julia over the trial and how it has changed him for the better. He says that he is happy that C.C.'s bad judge of character is finally out in the open. He asks Julia to start a new beginning with him. Gina runs out of the vet's office with the baby when she hears Lily, Ted, Brandon, Santana, Minx and Lionel enter. Gina barges in with the baby as C.C. and Santana prepare to make love.
It's New Year's Eve, Kelly visits Sophia. She tells Kelly that it is becoming easier for her to get through the lonely nights without her family. David drops by to hand her the first settlement payment. Suzanne is nervous about her date with Cruz because she knows that it will mark the beginning of a whole new relationship between them. Rafael has a date with Rosa and promises Cruz to keep the children away so that he can enjoy his romantic date with Suzanne.  Ted and Lily share a kiss at midnight.
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