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      January 1 January 2
.     Pre-empted - New Year's Day 618
New Year's Eve - CC has a cold, Julia goes to see Mason but he's with Tori at the hospital, party at Purgatory
January 5 January 6 January 7 January 8 January 9
Ted starts work at the stables & meets Jake, Gus temps at the Orient Express but gets upset when Eden won't hire him, Eden is robbed at the Orient Express, Julia & Mason make love in his office, Gus is arrested

First appearance of Rick Edwards (Jake Morton)
Gus is charged after Eden identifies his voice as that of the robber, Julia takes Gus's defense & Mason is the prosecutor
Jeffrey hired as the Capwell chauffeur, Keith summons Gina to the presidential suite, CC supposed to go to New York for a stockholder's meeting
First appearance of Scott Jenkins (Warren Lockridge) and last appearance of Kyle Secor (Brian Bradford)
Cruz convinces Eden she's not sure Gus was the robber, Zach plants evidence at Gus's apartment, Mason & Tori watch movies together
Pearl upset to find Mason with Tori, Pearl & Sophia talk to Kelly in Switzerland, Eden tells Mason she doesn't think Gus was the robber
January 12 January 13 January 14 January 15 January 16
Party for the opening of Johnny's, Cruz chases Zach out of Johnny's, Keith trying to get pictures of he & Gina in bed
Jane learns Caroline is Alice's mother (replays), Cruz wounds Zach, party at Johnny's continues
Last appearance of Stoney Jackson (Paul Whitney)
Keith sets up bugging equipment in the Capwell wine cellar, Mason calls Kelly because tomorrow is her birthday, Jane visits Gus in jail
Gus's pre-trial hearing, Cruz & Eden find Zach's ski mask, the judge denies a continuance & Gus's trial is to start tomorrow
Gus's trial starts, Eden testifies, Gina & Keith make a phony call to Sophia to try to get her to call Kelly
January 19 January 20 January 21 January 22 January 23
Gus's trial-day 2, Cruz testifies, Gus found guilty, Gus ecapes custody, the real robber, Zach, goes to Alice's and Eden & Cruz follow, Pearl & Jeffrey switch places on the way to the airport
Zach holds Eden & Cruz & Alice hostage, Zach leaves with Alice, Eden & Cruz get free, Zach holds Alice, Lionel & Caroline hostage
Jeffrey on a plane to Zurich, Zach holding Lionel, Caroline & Alice hostage, Kelly & Jeffrey meet and escape out the window, Lionel shot
Zach shoots Lionel (replays) & he's presumed dead, Gus sneaks into the Lockridge house & fights with Zach, Gus shot, Lionel alive
Kelly and Jeffery hide out in a church and a candy store, Keith & Gina hear Mason on the phone about Kelly, Mason resigns as district attorney
January 26 January 27 January 28 January 29 January 30
Eden & Pearl plan to go to Switzerland, Kelly tries to lose Jeffrey, Jeffrey learns Kelly is wanted for murder
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Eden, Cruz, & Pearl in Zurich,  Kelly & Jeffrey flew overnight in boxes and arrive in New York, Keith back as district attorney, Kelly & Jeffrey hide in sarcophagi-end up on a moving van
Kelly & Jeffrey in the moving van, Tori picks up a drunk Mason from Johnny's, Brick gives Gus a job
Eden & Cruz & Pearl on the Orient Express, Eden & Cruz get a couple back together & the power goes out, Eden & Cruz remember when they met on the Orient Express, Gina & Keith hack into CC's bank account
Eden & Cruz with Pearl on the Orient Express, Pearl pretends to be sick so Eden & Cruz can be alone, Kelly & Jeffrey in the van set up separate "rooms"
February 2 February 3 February 4 February 5 February 6
Kelly & Jeffrey make it to Santa Barbara and hide at the museum, CC has Tori's house searched, Eden & Cruz make love & then get a telegram that Kelly is back in Santa Barbara, Kelly is recognized at the museum, Pearl "marries" Eden & Cruz on the Orient Express, Mason & Tori kiss
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Kelly & Jeffrey at the musem, Hayley sprains her ankle while riding with Jake, Mason & Tori have breakfast, CC tells Ted that Tori is pregnant
Eden & Cruz & Pearl return from Santa Barbara, Cruz learns Keith is DA again, Sophia plans to draw Kelly out at the masquerade party, Mason & Tori have dinner, Eden moves back to the beach house, Pearl thinks Julia is pregnant
Eden & Cruz & CC & Sophia get the guest list for the party to figure out what Kelly & Jeffrey will wear, masquerade party begins, John Tesh cameo, CC suggests Mason should marry Tori
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Masquerade party continues, Julia about to tell Mason she's pregnant but he thinks she's breaking off their affair, Mason proposes to Tori
February 9 February 10 February 11 February 12 February 13
Mason tries to convince Tori to marry him, Kelly & Jeffrey try to make it to the Capwell house, then hitch a ride to the stables
Mason & Julia both apply for the same job, Tori babysits Johnny
Kelly finds Jeffrey's ring, Eden & Cruz lure Keith and Gina to the oil rig, Kelly visits the graveyard
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Eden & Cruz visit Kelly & Jeffrey at the stables, Keith & Gina get off the rig, CC fakes a heart attack, Tori tells Mason she'll marry him but then they argue
CC "dies", CC's funeral, CC alive at the end of the episode after Keith pricks him with a pin, Kelly & Jeffrey in the wine cellar
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February 16 February 17 February 18 February 19 February 20
Kelly & Jeffrey run and drive a tour bus, then make it to the college, Keith arrests Cruz
Lionel confronts Caroline, Gina setting up Keith for the embezzlement but Keith erases the bank records, Tori accepts Mason's proposal, Julia gets a new job
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Mason tells CC & Sophia he's marrying Tori, Keith releases Cruz from jail, Kelly & Jeffrey attend music auditions & class at the college, CC baits Gina with a phony stock
Julia tells Eden about Mason & Tori, Eden and Tori call a truce, Kelly & Jeffrey hide in the research lab
Mason sets up a quickie wedding but Tori calls it off, Kelly & Jeffrey dream of each other in the sensory deprivation tanks, Ted buys Hayley a horse
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February 23 February 24 February 25 February 26 February 27
Kelly & Jeffrey kiss (replays), Eden & Cruz find Kelly & Jeffrey and swap places in the deprivation tanks, Sophia visits Tori, a doctor at the college helps Kelly & Jeffrey
Hayley plans to sell her horse to Jake, Mason & Tori decide to get married tomorrow, Cruz comes up with the fake wedding idea to see Kelly, Ted gets promoted over Jake, the fake wedding starts
Mason & Tori's fake wedding at the chapel continues, the family sees Kelly, Julia learns Mason really is getting married
Mason & Tori's real wedding, Amy's birthday, Brick fights with Hayley, Kelly & Jeffrey surrounded, Kelly surrenders, Jeffrey is shot
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Kelly arrested, Jeffrey taken to the hospital, CC has Gina arrested, Hayley attacked
March 2 March 3 March 4 March 5 March 6
Hayley's rape, Julia finds Hayley on the beach & takes her to a clinic
Kelly gets a letter from Jeffrey, Gina in jail, learns of Hayley's rape & pretends to overdose
Gina in the hospital after pretending to overdose, Gina sneaks out to see Hayley
Jeffrey in the hospital, then in jail, Gina finally hands over the tape
Cruz gets his badge back, Ted goes after Jake, Hayley visits Cruz to give her statement, Kelly released & posts bail for Jeffrey
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March 9 March 10 March 11 March 12 March 13
Jake breaks into Hayley's room, Gina moves in with Keith, Jake arrested, Kelly & Jeffrey have a candlelit dinner
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Jake's arraignment, Cruz asks Julia to represent Jake, Jeffrey moves into a sleazy motel, Jake passes a polygraph
Julia tells Hayley she's representing Jake, Ted accuses Hayley of knowing Jake was the rapist, Eden & Cruz learn Julia is pregnant
Kelly confronts Jeffrey about Pamela & he tells her he is Mason's half-brother, Cruz gets sent to Montana on assignment
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Jake released on bail, Jeffrey tells Kelly Pamela is dead, Mason brings Julia windchimes for her new house
March 16 March 17 March 18 March 19 March 20
Mason takes the job as partner in the law firm, Keith pesters Julia at Johnny's to make Jake take a plea
Eden and Ted set a surprise wedding for CC and Sophia, wedding begins, Gina gets sprayed by her skunk

First appearance of Michael Durrell (Dr. Alex Nikolas)
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CC & Sophia's wedding part 2, reception, Dr. Nikolas shows up & remembers Pamela, Kelly & Jeffrey get stuck in the elevator
Julia & Mason move into their new office at the law firm, Kelly visits Jeffrey at the lab but gets stuck in the storm, Mason goes to Julia's house
Ted tries to keep Dottie from alibi-ing Jake, Mason & Julia stuck in a storm at her house, Tori attacked by the rapist
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March 23 March 24 March 25 March 26 March 27
Tori gives her statement to Keith, Jake re-arrested, Jeffrey gets Kelly drunk as part of Nikolas' experiment
Kelly hung-over, Alex working on the serum and asks Jeffrey to keep it secret
Last appearance of Scott Jenkins (Warren Lockridge)
Cruz & Julia go to their first Lamaze class but Julia & Mason miss each other, Julia tells Mason the boot print from Tori's attack wasn't Jake's
Mason gets a death threat, Alex shares some of his research with Kelly, Julia hires a private investigator to keep an eye on Mason
Brick arrested for the rapes, Gina tells Hayley she was raped, Cruz, Eden & Julia bump into Mason & Tori at Lamaze
Last regular appearance of Gina Gallego (Santana Andrade)
March 30 March 31 April 1 April 2 April 3
Lamaze class confrontation replays, Julia defends Brick, Eden & Cruz plan to get pregnant, Julia tells Mason he's not the father of her baby
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Sophia visits Brick in jail, Eden visits Hayley at Gina's, Ted goes to the rape counselor & then Brick, Kelly & Jeffrey in the lab with guinea pigs
Julia tells Mason that Pearl is her baby's father, Ken the bartender & Lionel brawl, Tori tells Cruz her baby is Mason's, Julia finally admits to Mason he is the father
Mason learns Jeffrey is Pamela's son by Michael Conrad, Jeffrey tells Mason Pamela killed herself, someone about to shoot Mason
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Mason about to be shot but Tori shows up, Nikolas has a reception, Jeffrey saves Mason from getting shot, Tori and Eden get hit by a car
April 6 April 7 April 8 April 9 April 10
Eden & Tori brought to the hospital, CC posts bail for Brick, the nurse informs Cruz & Mason thet Eden miscarried
Cruz tells Eden he wants to get married in Utah, Brick's hearing-he gets held over for trial, Eden finds out she can still have kids
Gina & Alex have lunch, Gus & Alice leave for Chicago, CC visits the rape counselor, Gina gets her toe stuck in the tub faucet

Last appearance of Marie-Alise Recasner (Alice Jackson) and David Wolos-Fonteno (Gus Jackson)
Hayley visits Brick in jail, Hayley's horse gets sick, CC buying Delta Pharmaceuticals which is where Jeffrey's new job is
Jeffrey & Kelly both start work at Delta, Julia & Mason work all day & he stands Tori up for dinner, Eden plans to go to Utah alone ahead of Cruz, Cruz has a nightmare, Elena makes a shadowy appearance
April 13 April 14 April 15 April 16 April 17
Eden packing for Utah, Cruz has to go to Cabo for work, Mason deposits $5,000 for Julia's baby, the rapist tries to attack Caroline
Eden tells CC & Sophia her and Cruz are having a private ceremony, it's announced CC is the new Chief Operating Officer of Delta
Jeffrey has the flu, Julia gives Mason back the money for the college fund, Elena follows Eden to Utah, Pearl flies to Cabo to bring Cruz back

First appearance of Sherilyn Wolter (Elena Nikolas)
Eden told she has to pilot the charter plane, Eden picks up Elena hitchhiking, Elena pushes Eden off the cliff
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Elena pushes Eden off the cliff (replays), Eden wanders in the snow and falls down another cliff, Ken attacks Jane, Elena blows up Eden's plane
First appearance of Scott Jaeck (Cain Garver)
April 20 April 21 April 22 April 23 April 24
Cain takes Eden through the snow, Jane tells Cruz and Pearl Ken is the rapist, Kelly tells Cruz about Eden; Cruz, Kelly & CC go to Utah
Kelly, Cruz & CC in Utah, Eden wakes up at Cain's, Cruz takes a helicopter to the crash site and puts a rose in the snow
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Ken breaks into Brick's house, Brick released from jail, Cain takes Eden to a hospital, Ken attacks Jane at Brick's house, the doctor tells Cain Eden is paralyzed
Cain takes Eden out of the hospital and back to the cabin, Cruz arrests Ken
Eden's memorial service, Cain tries to get Eden to move her feet, Eden tries to write Cruz's name
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April 27 April 28 April 29 April 30 May 1
Eden talks to Cain, Elena in Santa Barbara, Cruz brings Eden's clothes to the Capwell house, Brick bought a motorcycle, Jane & Brick have a picnic, Cruz gets drunk, Julia & Mason argue at Johnny's
CC asks Kelly to join Capwell Enterprises, Jeffrey tells Alex he doesn't want to conspire against the Capwells, Mason tells Alex he wants to invest in the vaccine, Pearl tries to get Brick & Jane together, Jeffrey tells Kelly Mason ignored Pamela's letters
Hayley moves into the guest house, Lucy tells Hayley she's done with therapy,  Jeffrey goes back to Mason's & tells him about the letters, Caroline interviews Alex, Tori learns she's having a boy and about the will, Lionel tells Caroline he loves her
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CC tells Cruz he wants to make a trust in Eden's name, a little girl stops at Cruz's, Cain sets a fire, CC denies getting Pamela's letters but later burns them, Cruz finds the champagne Eden left
Cruz finds the champagne (replays), Cain washes Eden's hair, Cruz arrested for molesting a little girl, Lucy tries to kill herself on the roof of the hotel & Cruz goes there, Cain tells Eden she is believed dead
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May 4 May 5 May 6 May 7 May 8
Cruz almost falls off the roof, Cain burns the newspaper after telling Eden Santa Barbara thinks she is dead, CC learns Eden left a will, Mason & Cruz drunk on the beach, Elena watches Cruz on the beach
Pre-empted - First day of Iran Contra hearings 705
Cruz & Mason recover from their drunken night, Cruz tells Julia he's going to leave town, Mason tells Jeffrey that CC burned Pamela's letters, Lucy sees her stalker and asks Cruz for help
Eden's will reading, Lucy tells Cruz about her stalker, Elena breaks into Cruz's, Cruz tells the Capwells he is leaving town, Cain gives Eden a bath
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Kelly & Jeffrey kiss & have Chinese food, Lucy's stalker poisons Cruz's tequila
May 11 May 12 May 13 May 14 May 15
Cain leaves Eden alone during the day, Gina visits Alex at the laboratory, Tori convinces Cruz to pull out of his depression, Cruz drinks the poisoned tequila
CC & Sophia have dinner with Alex, Tori has stomach pains, Eden tells Cain she's decided to let Santa Barbara think she is dead, Cruz drinks the tequila (replays), Elena saves Cruz and he is in the hospital, Brick visits Amy's grave, Cain builds Eden a wheelchair
Elena delivers Cruz back home and tells him about the incident with his IV, Cruz sets a trap for Addison but he takes Elena as a hostage
Cruz tries to rescue Elena, Cruz shoots Addison, Cain puts Eden in the wheelchair
Lionel asks Alex to help Caroline, Julia & Mason leave for Eureka, Kelly & Jeffrey take a boat out, Laken returns, Julia & Mason get stuck in Eureka, Tori goes to Julia's looking for Mason & goes into labor

First appearance of Susan Marie Snyder (Laken Lockridge)
May 18 May 19 May 20 May 21 May 22
In Eureka Julia tells Mason she fell in love with him, Kelly & Jeffrey make love on the island, Cruz delivers Tori's baby, Cain is attacked by a bear, Eden tries to get into Cain's trunk, Julia & Mason arrive at Cruz's to find Tori gave birth
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Pearl finds Julia & Mason at Cruz's, Kelly & Jeffrey get "rescued", Tori at the hospital, Eden asks Cain to take her to the city, Mason alters Chip's records, Sophia tells Kelly about Jeffrey' scheme with Alex
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Tori learns Mason named the baby Channing Creighton Capwell III, Mason wakes up hungover at Johnny's, Caroline asks Jane to be her maid of honor, Kelly tells Cruz she found out Jeffrey lied to her
Mason moves out of the apartment, Cruz tells Tori he checked her baby's records & learned he's not the father, Hayley &Ted try to make love but she's not ready, Caroline collapses, Cruz decides he's going to Utah
Jeffrey dresses up in a suit of armor to win Kelly back
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May 25 May 26 May 27 May 28 May 29
Cruz and Kelly re-trace Eden's last steps in Utah, Chip & Tori come home from the hospital, Mason gets a call saying Eden is alive
Cruz at Cain's cabin, Cain holds a gun on Cruz, Cruz and Eden miss seeing each other, Caroline & Lionel marry
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Mason gets another call saying Eden's alive and sends Tori to stay with her mother, Tori calls home & Julia answers
Carmen comes to Santa Barbara, Lionel steals the serum, Jeffrey tells CC he's leaving town to avoid CC telling Kelly about Elizabeth's death
First appearance of Marisol Rodriguez (Carmen Castillo)
Cruz opens the detective agency, CC turns down Elena's offer to buy the Orient Express, Elena applies for a job at Cruz's agency, Caroline injects herself with the serum
June 1 June 2 June 3 June 4 June 5
Laken throws a beach party where Elena "saves" Carmen from thugs she hired, Cain tells Eden about his name, Mason gets a phone call saying Eden isn't dead
Cruz checks Eleanor's references, Elena finds Jeffrey, Mason tells Kelly about the phone calls
Jeffrey tells Kelly about Elizabeth, Ted & Laken deliver a foal, Keith & Gina break into Nikolas' lab
Cain gives Eden crutches, Pearl and Elena have sex, Cain gets angry and locks Eden in the cabin, Tori confronts Julia about her baby's father being Mason
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Mason tapes one of the phone calls and plays it for Kelly, Gina steals the serum from Lionel, Kelly learns she looks like Elizabeth
June 8 June 9 June 10 June 11 June 12
Julia finds Mason slept in his office drunk last night & asks Cruz to talk to him, Eden uses the crutches, Cain tells Eden about Soo-Li, Mason gets more calls about Eden being alive, Tori and Julia argue
Cain doesn't remember what he told Eden last night, Cruz sends Pearl & Eleanor off together, Alex gets an anonymous note from Gina, Alex has Cruz call off the search for the serum, Jeffrey asks Kelly to elope, Cain shows Eden the whirlpool he built her, Marsha from Toddlers Inc. visits Keith, Cruz upsets Pearl & he gets drunk
Minx gives Lionel & Caroline her blessing, Pearl hung-over & Elena goes to visit him, Kelly has to go to New York, Tori & Mason sleep together
Last appearance of Dame Judith Anderson (Minx Lockridge)
Keith tells CC he has Alex's stolen serum, Johnny is kidnapped, Julia falls after a fight with Tori, CC spends some time with Chip

Last appearance of Brandon Call (Brandon DeMott)
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Hayley and Ted argue, Cruz meets the girl who got Eden's scholarship, Carmen gets offered pot on the beach, Hayley tells Jake they shouldn't see each other anymore, Brick goes to The Last Resort for help finding Johnny
June 15 June 16 June 17 June 18 June 19
Eden's birthday, Cain makes a cake but gets drunk, Elena follows a lead on Johnny and gets trapped, Cruz saves her, Julia answers Mason's phone
Elena spent the night at Cruz's, Julia asks Mason about the phone calls, Cain tells Eden she has to stay with him and she wouldn't be happy if she left, the kidnappers take Johnny to Chicago
Eden practices with the crutches, Alex falsifies his data so Keith steals the wrong info, Cruz & Elena find a bomb in a van used by the kidnappers
Paul Marshall eyes Chip, Kelly arrives back from Scotland, Jeffrey has a party, Julia gives birth to Samantha
Kelly reads Elizabeth's diary, Mason visits Julia in the hospital and then leaves town to meet the Indian
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June 22 June 23 June 24 June 25 June 26
Mason arrives in the desert and gets jumped by the Indian, Elena has some thugs beat her up, Cain tells Eden he loves her, Eden shoots at Cain, Mason tries to run
Mason gets knifed when he tries to escape, Eden shoots wide & Cain grabs the gun, Kelly & Jeffrey leave to find Mason, Elena breaks into Kelly & Jeffrey's house, Cain leaves for Santa Barbara
Mason being tortured by Indian, Indian calls Julia, Kelly & Jeffrey find a snake in the van & the van breaks down, Brick goes on TV appealing for Johnny's return, Paul visits Tori
Cruz & Elena meet a baby broker, Cain in Santa Barbara meets an old buddy from Vietnam, CC brings Gina the money for the serum, Cain trashes Cruz's house
Eden alone in the cabin, she spills the water Cain left for her, Cruz & Elena meet another broker, Hayley tells Ted she wants a divorce, Cain ready to shoot Cruz on the beach
June 29 June 30 July 1 July 2 July 3
Cain starts to shoot at Cruz but stops when he has Vietnam flashbacks, Eden passes out, Cruz and Eleanor pose as potential parents at Toddlers Inc, the Indian tampers with Kelly's hair dryer, Gina gets hired by the kidnappers, Brick goes to the morgue to ID a boy but it's not Johnny, Cain returns to the cabin, Paul attempts to steal Chip
Tori stops Paul before he can steal Chip, Kelly is burned by the defective hair dryer, Caroline dying, Cain tells Eden she's never leaving, Keith & Gina try to figure out what to do about Toddlers Inc, Tori finds Paul's baby list, Cain locks Eden in the closet
Daytime Emmy Awards (ABC)
Ted moves out of the guest house, The Indian drugs Jeffrey in a bar and turns on the propane in the van while Kelly sleeps, Mason continues to refuse to sign the paper, Caroline dies

Last appearance of Lenore Kasdorf (Caroline Wilson)
Pre-empted - Wimbledon coverage Pre-empted - Wimbledon coverage
July 6 July 7 July 8 July 9 July 10
The serum is recalled, CC asks Keith for his money back, Jane tells Brick she's going to Georgia for Caroline's funeral and plans to stay there, Carmen goes undercover at Toddlers, Inc., Julia agrees to have Sami photographed, Elena has a dream the Capwells are dead & then gets drunk at Cruz's
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Pre-empted - Oliver North testimony Pre-empted - Oliver North testimony Pre-empted - Oliver North testimony Pre-empted - Oliver North testimony
July 13 July 14 July 15 July 16 July 17
Pre-empted - Oliver North testimony Pre-empted - Last day of Oliver North testimony, Robert McFarlane testifies Pre-empted - Poindexter testimony starts 747
Cain has Eden tied up, she tries to steal his knife, Kelly crashes the van, Elena kills a private investigator looking for the real Eleanor, Tori shoots Paul
Tori hysterical after shooting Paul, Kelly in the hospital after the crash, Eden tries to convince Cain she wants to stay with him, Paul in surgery
July 20 July 21 July 22 July 23 July 24
Ted and Hayley each lament the end of their marriage, Paul briefly wakes up in the hospital, Julia and Tori wait for Paul to wake up again, Hayley moves in with Gina, Carmen arranges to take Cruz & Elena to an island and then strands them there
Pre-empted - Iran Contra hearings 750
Kelly still in the hospital, Cruz & Elena stuck on the island but then get rescued, Alex has a press conference, we learn Alex is Elena's father, Eden walks on two half-crutches, Kelly sneaks away from the hospital
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Hayley tells Ted she filed for divorce, Jane returns from Georgia, The Indian follows Kelly to a cave, Paul tells Keith Tori tried to kill him, Jane gives Keith a photo from Paul's camera that implicates Keith in the baby ring, Marsha gives Keith old racy photos of Tori and Paul, Jeffrey shoots at the Indian in the cave
Eden walks with one half-crutch, Jeffrey shoots at the Indian (replays) and causes a cave in, Keith arrests Tori, Kelly rescues Jeffrey from being trapped in the cave in but still thinks he is the one trying to kill her, Cruz babysits Chip, Eden knocks Cain out & locks him in the closet and escapes
July 27 July 28 July 29 July 30 July 31
Cain wakes up in the closet, Eden travels across the woods, Tori's arrest makes the paper,  at Tori's hearing the judge orders her to undergo psychiatric evaluation, Mason calls Julia
Pre-empted - Iran Contra hearings 754
Cruz tells Carmen he's thinking of Eden, Eden takes a bus to Santa Barbara, Elena takes Cruz on a picnic, Eden visits the beach house & the detective agency, Elena tries to seduce Cruz
Pre-empted - Iran Contra hearings Pre-empted - Iran Contra hearings
August 3 August 4 August 5 August 6 August 7
Eden sees Cruz and Elena together, goes to the Orient Express, Kelly & Jeffrey escape after pushing the Indian down a well, Cain drags Eden out of the Orient Express with a gun
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Cain drags Eden out of the Capwell hotel and takes her to the stables, CC tells Sophia Eden is alive, K&J questioned by the police, Hayley tells Ted she doesn't want alimony and gives him her rings back, Cain meets Elena on the beach
At the beach Elena fakes a knife wound from Cain, Alex tells Gina he knows she sold the serum to CC, Eden rescued, Cain is shot, Eden taken to the hospital, the doctor tells Eden she probably won't walk again, Elena goes to Cain's hospital room
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Elena tries to kill Cain at the hospital but is interrupted, Eden tries to get Cruz to leave her alone, Tori returns home from the psych hospital, Jane goes to see Keith for info on Johnny
The Indian shows Mason the newspaper saying Eden is alive, 
Kelly & Jeffrey on their way to New Mexico, Jeffrey leaves Kelly a tracking device and goes to find the Indian, at a gas station the Indian holds Jeffrey
August 10 August 11 August 12 August 13 August 14
At the hospital more specialists say Eden will never walk again, Kelly looks for Jeffery who is being held by the Indian at the gas station, Elena learns Cain has amnesia and Eden is paralyzed, Eden returns to the Capwell house, Elena visits Eden at the house
At the Capwell house Eden tells Cruz to leave her alone, Cruz fires Elena, Eden visits Cain, Eden & Elena spar at the hospital, Cruz brings Eden a check for the inheritance she'd left him
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Julia & Eden ask CC to give Tori Chip back, Eden falls out of her chair while alone with Chip  and he starts to choke
Jane threatens Keith about Johnny's kidnapping & he gives her a lead which she gives to Elena, Kelly & Jeffrey break down a wall but Mason is gone, Cruz saves Chip from choking & takes him to Tori
Elena found Johnny and has him brought back to Brick, Eden & Elena have words & Eden slaps her, Cruz tells Elena to stay away from him but re-hires her after he learns she found Johnny
August 17 August 18 August 19 August 20 August 21
Elena admits to Alex she knows she is CC's daughter, Kelly & Jeffrey return from the desert, Kelly & Eden fight about Eden pushing Cruz away, the letter from Mason arrives, Tori goes to Paul's with a prop gun
Cain moves into the Capwell house, Tori tries to get Paul to sign a confession but he knows the gun is a prop, Elena tells Alex about the letter she got from Pamela
Jeffrey proposes to Kelly, the Indian tortures Mason, Hayley visits Eden, Eden tells Cain about the cabin, Capwells have a party for Eden
Elena stalks Cain at the gazebo, Cain gets drunk on the beach and has Vietnam flashbacks, Kelly and CC argue about her engagement to Jeffrey, Jake's father dies
Funeral for Jake's father, Gina kicks Keith out, Keith arrests Gina
August 24 August 25 August 26 August 27 August 28
Carmen overhears Elena asking about Cain's medication, Cruz makes the beach house wheelchair accessible, Keith & Gina work at the soup kitchen, Cruz picks up Eden for a date
Cain collapses after taking the pills Elena switched, Eden & Cruz's date at the beach house ends, Cruz asks Rosa about Cain's pills but Elena has already switched them back
First departure of Margarita Cordova (Rosa Andrade)
Mason calls Tori while being held, Kelly & CC fight about CC not liking Jeffrey, Tori's trial for shooting Paul, she asks Julia to represent her, Brandon ran away from camp to see Gina

First appearance of Justin Gocke (Brandon DeMott)
Elena sees a psychiatrist & tells him about her real father, Eden takes Cain to the Orient Express & he recognizes Alex from a hospital after the war
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CC learns Grant gave Ted the winery, Laken cozies up to Jake at the Beast photo shoot, Kelly & Jeffrey try to elope but CC stops them, Tori learns Paul is impotent & Julia confronts him
August 31 September 1 September 2 September 3 September 4
Keith drops the charges against Tori & tells Paul to leave town, Eden & Cruz fight after she has feeling in her foot, Cain remembers the cabin, CC picks up Brandon from Gina's
Cruz sets up the gazebo for a romantic evening, Casablanca fantasy, CC tells Gina he's going to keep her away from Brandon, Cain remembers that he was in love with Eden
The Indian tells Elena Mason won't sign the paper, Cruz proposes to Eden in the gazebo, Jake signs the Beast contract
  Watch the promo of this episode
Tori & Julia plan to take the babies to Summerfest, Paul is still in town, CC serves Gina with a restraining order, Keith tells Gina they should get married but Gina says no, CC gets a call from Mason
Eden & Cruz go to Summerfest, Tori & Julia enter the babies in a photo contest, Jake does another Beast photo shoot
September 7 September 8 September 9 September 10 September 11
Summerfest - Paul kidnaps Chip & Samantha, Eden gets upset and leaves party, Cruz gets knocked out by Paul, Elena prepares to kill Cain at beach
Elena shoots at Cain at the beach, Eden saves Cruz from the garage, Keith saves Chip from Paul
Cruz in the hospital, Eden dreams Cruz dies, Alex asks Elena if she was involved in the shooting at the beach, Cain at the winery
Eden arranges the hospital room, Eden & Cruz romantic evening in the hospital room, Tori & Julia get drunk after having dinner with Keith & Gina
  Watch the promo of this episode
Eden & Cruz wake up in the hospital room, then go back to the beach house, Elena shoots at Cain at the winery, Gina & Keith at the soup kitchen
September 14 September 15 September 16 September 17 September 18
Cain isn't hurt - he left the winery before Elena got there, Ted brings Cain to a cabin, some thugs jump Jake at Johnny's, Cain & Eden try to remember if Elena was the woman who hurt them
Some pre-emption possible - Pope in US or Bork hearings 786
Ted works on his wine coolers, Keith tells Gina Pamela killed herself in New York but her body was never found, Kelly tells Jeffrey she doesn't want to elope, Madame Arcana approaches Tori
Elena gets rid of the gun she used to shoot at Cain, Mme Arcana holds a sťance with Kelly & Jeffrey, Tori & Julia; Cruz feeds Elena a false lead
Cruz gets he & Elena stuck in a meat locker, Cain remembers he was in a psychiatric ward & the mystery woman had sex with him, Arcana tells Tori Mason is dead
September 21 September 22 September 23 September 24 September 25
Pearl lets Cruz & Elena out of the meat locker before Elena can confess, Tori gets hit by a car after seeing Mme Arcana "channel" Mason, Kelly & Jeffrey find the tape with Mason's voice
Cain remembers Eleanor's name was Elena Nikolas, Gina thinks Pamela is still alive, Alex tells Elena to leave town or he'll go to the police, Kelly & Jeffrey look for Arcana with Julia, Cruz threatens Elena

First appearance of Chip Mayer (T.J. Daniels)
Cruz tells the Capwells he has a plan to trap Elena, Elena begins to prepare for the end, Pearl loses her at the airport, Cain finds her at the beach
Gina thinks she's pregnant, Brick saves Keith from choking, Elena at Alex's bungalow prepares for the end, knocks Cain out and leaves
Elena lures Cruz to the Laser Palace, is shot, dies in CC's arms, Kelly & Jeffrey and Julia find Mason
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September 28 September 29 September 30 October 1 October 2
Elena dies in CC's arms (replays), Mason rescued and taken to the hospital, Keith implies Cruz killed Elena, Gina thinks she's pregnant
Mason goes looking for the Indian and kills him, Keith asks CC about Elena's last words, Alex tells CC Elena was his daughter
Keith finds Cruz's shirt at Elena's and receipts for the cufflinks she supposedly gave him, Keith questions Cain & Carmen, Cruz thinks he's being framed
Mason returns home to Tori, Keith proposes to Gina, Julia admits to Lionel she's in love with Mason, Kelly & Jeffrey show Keith the paper Elena forced Mason to sign, Brick's first day at the police academy
Elena's funeral, Gina learns she's not pregnant, Cruz is arrested, Cruz asks Julia & Eden asks Mason to defend Cruz

Last regular appearance of Sherilyn Wolter (Elena Nikolas)
October 5 October 6 October 7 October 8 October 9
Cruz arrested (replays), Cruz booked, Hayley goes to the hospital with appendicitis, Angel taunts Cruz in jail
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Cruz's hearing, the judge orders a trial and denies bail, Hayley wakes up, Cruz refuses to say he killed Elena in self-defense
Pre-empted - Baseball playoffs 801
Carmen & Pearl visit the Laser Palace, Kelly tries on her wedding dress, the beach house is vandalized & Eden decides to move to the Capwell house
Alex tells Mason Elena was his sister, Mason visits Elena's grave as does a woman in black, Cruz gets beaten up in the prison yard, Cruz's cellmate is stabbed and dies
October 12 October 13 October 14 October 15 October 16
Pre-empted - Baseball playoffs 803
Brick arranges for Eden to see Cruz, Jake brings Hayley home, Gina finds Pamela in Santa Barbara, Cruz stabbed, CC makes a blackmail payment

First appearance of Shirley Anne Field (Pamela Conrad)
Gina finds Pamela (replays), Cruz in the hospital, Cain brings a gun to the hospital, wants to break Cruz out, Keith bugs Cruz's room

Last episode for Bridget and Jerome Dobson as executive producers
Tori meets with Mel, Cruz stops Cain before he can say anything about breaking him out, Eden chains herself to courthouse
Mason & Eden still at the courthouse in the morning, Tori walks in on Julia & Mason while Julia is changing, Keith agrees to sequester Cruz but he won't have visitors, Mel offers Tori cocaine
October 19 October 20 October 21 October 22 October 23
Jane & Brick arrange for Eden to see Cruz, Eden & Cruz make love in the laundry closet, Pamela visits the same spa as Sophia
Sophia goes to Pamela's hotel room but finds Gina, Eden & Cruz get caught, Cruz's continuance hearing
(Some pre-emption - News bulletin)
Pamela staying at a new expensive hotel, Brick gets tossed out of the police academy, Julia & Mason learn of the veiled woman who was seen at the Laser Palace, Julia & Mason kiss
Cruz's trial starts, Tori subpoenaed, trial opening statements, coroner and Eden testify
Carmen trying to find the veiled woman, Pearl Carmen, Alex, CC testify, Julia goes to meet Pamela
October 26 October 27 October 28 October 29 October 30
Pamela reveals her name to Julia (replays), Tori, Kelly, Eden testify, Julia slaps Keith in court, Jane & Brick leave town, Mason goes to see Pamela, Cruz attacks Keith in court

Last appearance of Richard Eden (Brick Wallace) and Jane Sibbett (Jane Wilson)
Pamela & Mason talk,  Mason doesn't want Pamela to testify, Tori goes to Mel's for more coke, Kelly's bridal shower
Mason brings Jeffrey to see Pamela, Julia begs Pamela to testify, Alex finds out CC is keeping watch over Elena's grave
An officer, Tori, Cain testify, Mason has Pearl move Pamela to a new hotel
Keith finds Mason at the hotel & tells Tori, a guard beats up Cruz, Julia convinces Pamela to testify, Eden gets to see Cruz in jail
November 2 November 3 November 4 November 5 November 6
Pamela bribes Gina to keep quiet about her testifying, Sophia, Mr. Jenkins testify, Pamela enters the courtroom
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Pamela testifies, collapses on the stand, continues her testimony, Alex visits Pamela, Mason gets drunk, Pearl babysits Chip
(voted best episode of the year by Soap Opera Digest)
Tori is convinced that Mason is sleeping with Julia after he slept on her couch, Keith & Gina try to find out where Pamela's money came from, Pamela tells Alex that she was supposed to meet Elena at the laser palace the night she was killed
Keith calls Gina, CC, Pamela to the stand, Keith's and Mason's closing arguments
Everyone waiting for the verdict which finally comes in, Cruz found guilty, CC pushes Gina
November 9 November 10 November 11 November 12 November 13
CC pushes Gina (replays), Alex tells Pamela he followed Cruz to the Laser Palace & then ran after he saw Elena shot, Gina wakes up blind

First appearance of Vincent Irizarry (Dr. Scott Clark)
Scott tells Gina the blindness is probably temporary, Cain agrees to help Eden try to walk, Mason drunk, Mel offers Julia cocaine
Julia & Mason ask for bail for Cruz because they're trying to find the man Pamela saw, Mason walks in on Tori doing the nude scene, CC visits Gina
Cruz's sentencing: Cruz sentenced to life in prison, Eden asks Cain for help to break Cruz out of jail, Tori buys coke from Mel
Julia asks Tori if she's using coke, Mason buys Pamela a house, Cruz asks Eden to put his affairs in order, Tori asks Pamela for money to cover what she took for the coke, Cain scopes out the garden
November 16 November 17 November 18 November 19 November 20
Eden tells CC & Sophia about the plan, Kelly asks Keith to let Cruz come to the wedding, CC agrees to Gina's settlement terms
Gina moves into the guest house, Pamela has a dinner party, Cruz saves Keith's life & he agrees to let Cruz go to the wedding
Jeffrey sets up a romantic dinner for Kelly in a moving van, TJ gets the lease for the Lair
Eden tells Julia & Mason about the escape plan, Tori gets upset when Mason won't confide in her and takes Chip away, Cain sets up the garden
Pre-wedding, Kelly arrives in the carriage, Kelly and Jeffrey's wedding starts
November 23 November 24 November 25 November 26 November 27
Kelly & Jeffrey's wedding continues, Cruz escapes on horseback
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Mason and Julia make love in the cave after Keith kicks them out of the car during the hunt for Cruz
Julia & Mason wake up in the cave, Cruz pursued by a bounty hunter
Pre-empted - Thanksgiving 835
Cruz is OK, escapes from the bounty hunter and makes it to the grotto, Eden joins Cruz at the grotto
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November 30 December 1 December 2 December 3 December 4
Kelly & Jeffrey leave for their honeymoon, Eden & Cruz at the grotto, Keith finds Gina with Scott, Alex burns Elena's address book
Kelly & Jeffrey honeymoon in Maine and deliver puppies, CC meets Pamela in the boathouse and she faints, Julia tells Mason she's going to Boston
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Julia upset Mason stopped her transfer, Mason visits Pamela in the hospital, Tori leaves Chip alone, Keith finds the tunnel & blows it up
Keith tells Pearl Eden died in the tunnel explosion and lures Cruz back, Tori ends up in the hospital from some bad coke but runs off
Kelly & Jeffrey move in with Pamela, Keith bugs Gina's, Cain & Cruz find the Japanese symbol at Elena's, Eden & Cruz break into Dr. Schotz's office
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December 7 December 8 December 9 December 10 December 11
Julia takes Rita's case, Eden & Cruz learn CC was Elena's father, flashbacks of Elena, Tori asks Scott for help, Eden & Cruz find Dr. Schotz shot, he dies
Eden & Cruz wanted for Schotz's murder, Eden & Cruz wear Annie Hall disguises & go to the university archives, Sophia leaves town
Julia quits & sets up her office at Johnny's, Eden & Cruz learn the samurai cult was a suicide cult, Pamela tells Cruz Alex was at the Laser Palace, Kirk makes a shadowy appearance
Kirk sets a trap at Alex's apartment to taunt Eden & Cruz, Alex goes to Elena's grave with a gun, Pamela and Alex struggle for the gun and it goes off
Alex shot, Mason takes the case against Rita & Julia, Julia rescues Tori from Mel's party, Eden & Cruz visit Alex & he confesses to killing Elena
December 14 December 15 December 16 December 17 December 18
Alex says Elena's death was an accident, Tori gets a DUI, Alex gives Keith a statement, Kirk takes Eden, Cruz finds Eden with Kirk
Kirk ties up Eden & Cruz & reveals Elena killed herself, one of CC's rigs has a fire, Tori leaves for rehab
Kirk douses Eden & Cruz with gasoline, Mason tells Pamela she owns one of CC's rigs, Cruz breaks free and duels with Kirk
Cain brings Keith to find Eden & Cruz, Kirk exonerates Cruz, Keith tells Cruz he's free, Eden & Cruz go to the grotto to celebrate
Mason gets drunk at the Lair opening and Ted hits him, Tori leaves Chip with Julia and enters rehab
December 21 December 22 December 23 December 24 December 25
Keith brings Gina a tree, Kathleen's first episode, Eden & Cruz in Hawaii, Gina starts to get her sight back
Tori leaves the rehab clinic & goes to Julia's, Julia & Mason interview Kris Kringle, Pearl gets mugged
Sophia & Pamela spar at the charity auction, Keith gives Gina the 12 days of Christmas, Kris Kringle arrested, Cruz is asked to rejoin the INID
Christmas Eve, Julia & Mason go to look for Kris at his cabin, Keith arrests Scott
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Christmas, Julia & Mason wake up at Kris Kringle's cabin, Kris gives everyone special dreams
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December 28 December 29 December 30 December 31  
Scott's father shows up, Pamela wants Jeffrey to work for her on the oil rig, Cain & Kathleen go out, a thug tries to extort money from the Lair

Last appearance of Shirley Anne Field (Pamela Conrad)
cott's birthday, Ben Clark asks Pamela about his brother Hal, Julia hears Tori say she's thinking of ending her marriage, Mason looks into divorcing Tori
First appearance of Marj Dusay (Pamela Conrad)
First episode for Jill Farren Phelps as executive producer
Julia tries to hide a sick Chip from Mason, Scott & Gina babysit Chip, Julia & Mason plan to go to the Lair party together, Eden & Cruz sightsee in Hawaii
New Year's Eve, party at the Lair, Eden & Cruz in a car accident in Hawaii, Cruz taken to the hospital but released, Julia & Mason go to the Capwell hotel & make love, Cruz passes out