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Pre-empted - New Year's Day 1367
Julia lashes out at Augusta for knowing about Mason and Sasha.  Mason hijacks Julia's plane and it has to do a crash landing.  Cruz works it so that Nikki can live in the United States.  Rafael asks Nikki to be his assistant.
Laura creates another phony blackmail letter.  Mason and Julia freezing, hope to be found very soon.  Ethan tells Bunny that he and Laura have been receiving threatening letters since the election.  Mason asks Julia for forgiveness for his affair with Sasha.  Laura witnesses Ethan proclaiming his love to Gina.
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Eden comes home and CC and Sophia tell her that Mason and Julia's plane went down.  Robert and Kelly check out the Tonell stables.  Barr "hires" Kelly to work at the stables with Travis.  Eden tells Cruz that she needs to be alone and figure out why she cannot control her own life.  Julia imagines herself on trial with Sasha as the judge saying her marriage to Mason is null and void.  Cruz has a happy reunion with Chip and Adriana.  Julia and Mason are saved and Julia asks Mason to pack his bags.  Augusta comforts Julia.  Robert is furious with Eden not yet choosing between him and Cruz.
Eden tells Sophia that she is going to try and get her job back at the TV station.  Raphael shows Cruz the Christmas photos of Chip and Adriana.  Mason calls a family meeting at the Lair.  Julia talks to Michael about her troubles.  Kelly apologizes to Eden for her actions toward her.  Sasha sings As Time Goes By at the Lair.  Cruz drills Nikki for more info on her past.  Eden tells Cruz she is going to try and get her job back at the TV station.   Cruz dines out with Nikki.  Mason ends up drunk and making a fool of himself.   Cruz and Nikki get romantic.
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January 8 January 9 January 10 January 11 January 12
Nikki and Cruz are kissing when Eden pops up on the TV screen reclaiming her old job back.  Laura tries to convince Ethan to move back to Boston because of the threats.  Nikki is caught at the stables.  Brandon catches Laura on film.  People are thinking Laura is acting strange.
Augusta tells Julia she is broke due to Tonell's money being in probate... forever.  Laura tells Mack she feels the walls are closing in on her.  Ethan lashes out at Laura for trying to get Mack to think Gina is blackmailing them.  Mack questions Gina and Gina tells Mack that Laura is using him.  Ethan finds the earring Laura planted at the Orient Express and tells Gina that Laura is trying to set Gina up.  Mason goes home and Julia says she does not want to talk with him.  Kelly admits to Cruz that she was working undercover at the stables for Robert.  Travis holds Nikki at gunpoint at the police station after being arrested for drugging the horses.  A drunken Mason sets up shop at the orient express.  Ethan tells Laura he is going to divorce her.
Laura tries to convince Ethan and Michael that Gina is behind the blackmailing.  Robert and Kelly start seeing eye to eye.  Gina is thrilled when Ethan tells her that the divorce is going through, but not happy when Laura stops by with words of advice.  Cruz recalls when he and Eden were happy in Paris.
Augusta and Julia remember their childhood and that Julia will not put Samantha through Mason's drinking.  Greg talks with Sophia and CC about Mason's drinking.  Gina tries talking some sense into Mason about his drinking.  The Capwells stage an intervention for Mason.  CC and Sophia are surprised when Sophia is offered a script from Hollywood.  Mason tells Julia he is going to stop drinking.

Last appearance of Julie Condra (Emily DiNapoli)
Mason tells Cruz he is starting his campaign to win Julia back.  Cruz tells Mason what he and Eden had is gone.  Augusta tells Julia she wants all the Lockridge's back in Santa Barbara.  Kelly is knocked out at the stable.  Laura tells Mack that she is pregnant, but not for long.  Ethan prevents Laura from having an abortion.
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January 15 January 16 January 17 January 18 January 19
Pre-empted - Soap Opera Awards (aired on NBC) 1376
Mack gets arrested after paying Bunny with one of the 20 dollar bills that were marked that Laura put in Gina's purse.  Laura tells Gina that she will not get Ethan since she is pregnant.  Kelly shows up on Robert's boat.  Robert gets knocked out.  Gina tells Ethan to stay married to Laura.  Craig tells Robert that he has been let out of jail on bail and is responsible for the drugging at the stables.
Eden arrives home from Paris and finds Nikki sitting on Cruz' lap.  Sophia meets with Stephen Slade for a part in his film.  Mason creates a circus for Samantha to get back into Julia's good graces.  Augusta tells Julia she needs to start enjoying life.  Eden tells Robert she interviewed his old friend Derek Griffin while in Paris.  CC tells Eden he worries if Sophia starts acting again he may lose her.

First appearance of Richard Hatch (Stephen Slade)
Ethan releases Mack after he receives another blackmail note, while Mack was in jail.  Cruz takes Nikki's glass before she goes on stage with Rafael, so that Cruz can investigate Nikki's past.  Rafael finds it odd when Nikki asks to be paid in cash instead of check.  Gina tells Ethan she believes Laura is behind the blackmail.  Cruz lets Nikki in on the fact that he knows who she really is.
Nikki explains to Cruz why she changed her name and her past record.  Ethan, Gina and Mack set Laura up and she falls into their trap.  Laura begs Ethan for forgiveness and then has stomach pains.  Kelly overhears Eden telling Robert why she loves Cruz.  Robert tells Eden to stay out of his life.
January 22 January 23 January 24 January 25 January 26
Gina asks Ethan if he is sure Laura is really pregnant.  Robert apologizes to Kelly on the way he has treated her in the past.  Gina advices Ethan to have Laura tested while in the hospital and see if she is really pregnant.  CC takes Julia out to lunch where Julia tells CC she cannot be controlled by him.  Ric starts working for Craig.  Sophia decides to do Stephen's film.  Ethan has the hospital do a pregnancy test on Laura.
Augusta plans a big party with Bunny's help as Augusta's re-emergence in Santa Barbara's society.  Laura fixes the blood work to show she is pregnant.  Kelly and Robert make love.  Julia goes to see Derek Griffin to help him with immigration paperwork.  Augusta is interviewed for television and ends up scathing Augusta and edited to make Augusta look bad.  Kelly and Robert have their first official date.  Julia helps Derek bring the children across the border.

First appearance of James Healy (Derek Griffin)
Stephen shows up in Santa Barbara and tells Sophia that he may do the filming there.  Derek and Julia re allowed through the border.  Stephen tells Sophia that he wrote the script with her in mind and Sophia accepts.  Cruz continues to harass Nikki on her past.  CC is the only one that shows up at Augusta's party after the disastrous interview.  CC makes it clear that he is only there to buy her horse, Dark Victor.
Augusta offers to donate her horse to an auction that Derek and Eden plan on running for the children's home.  Nikki tells Cruz that she is a cop and working undercover to nail Travis.  Julia surprise Robert with a visit with Derrick.  CC decides to have Stephen investigated.  Augusta tells CC that she has donated Dark Victor for the auction.  Cruz finds out that Nikki really is a cop.  Eden acts cool towards Kelly, when Kelly says she and Robert are having a relationship.
Sophia tells Eden she is acting like a brat where Cruz is concerned.  Kelly tells Robert she is not happy that Robert wants to keep their relationship a secret.  Kelly gets information from Ric about Craig setting up illegal casino operations.  Sophia goes to talk with Cruz.  Eden apologizes to Sophia.  CC offers Kelly position of Chief operating officer of Capwell.  Kelly infuriates CC by turning down his offer and then moving out of the mansion.  Ric gets Robert into Craig's office.
January 29 January 30 January 31 February 1 February 2
Julia and Derrick get thrown in jail due to Mason thinking he can get back in Julia's good graces.  Cruz decides to work with Nikki to set up Travis.
Laura tries to talk Ethan into counseling.  To impress Julia, Mason writes out a check for Derek's children's group.  Nikki and Cruz finally break Travis down.  Laura cries to Michael about her life.  Nikki and Cruz arrive at the cabin that Travis tips them off to where the boss is and an avalanche hits.  Julia is impressed when Mason volunteers at the children's center.
CC, Greg and Eden go looking for Cruz.  While stranded Cruz see's another side of Nikki.  Craig informs Sasha that she now owns his business.  Robert tells Ric he is no longer needed.  Julia is about to cave in with Mason, Sasha shows up to tell Mason about Craig.  Eden looks into the window and sees Cruz hugging Nikki.
Derek takes Julia to the auction.  Cruz feels that Eden was at the cabin, but finds no one.  Eden tells CC that Cruz is fine.  Craig calls Mason and Sasha for a meeting on his boat about the casino.  CC outbids Robert on Dark Victor which infuriates Kelly.  Eden and Cruz are reunited at the ball.
Kelly chews out Mason for being in business with Sasha.  Ethan assures Gina that she will only have to wait a few months before they can be together.  Laura begs Michael to dance with her to make Ethan jealous, but Michael declines.  Laura lies to Michael and says Ethan refuses to divorce her.  Craig plants explosives on the boat.  Robert realizes what Craig is doing and they fight, Craig's henchman knocks Robert out.  Eden goes to Cruz boat and finds a naked Nikki in Cruz bed.
February 5 February 6 February 7 February 8 February 9
Craig's casino blows up with only Sasha hurt from the explosion.  Nikki makes Eden think there is more to her relationship with Cruz.  Eden decides to take a news story in New York.  Laura throws herself at Michael and he rejects her.  Michael brings Laura back to the part where they find Ethan and Gina kissing.  Laura admits to Ethan that she threw herself at Michael and he rejected her.  Gina tells a startled Michael that Laura is pregnant.  Mason visits Sasha in the hospital and Julia asks Mason why he is always scheming.
Robert asks Kelly to move in with him.  Craig visits Sasha in the hospital.  Mason gives Sasha a one way ticket to Paris.  Sasha realizes that she has been duped by the Capwells again and tells Mason she is staying in Santa Barbara for a long time.
Phyllis surprise Mack by telling him she is moving in.  Mack surprises Phyllis by telling her he has been fired from the health club.  Eden runs into Sophia in New York where she is covering a story.  Sophia and Rafael both try to talk sense into Eden and Cruz.  Cruz asks Nikki to move out.  Ethan tells Laura he will go to counseling.  Cruz and Nikki share a kiss.  Phyllis gives Mack a tip on a job at the polo club.  Laura sets up an appointment to get pregnant.
Phyllis and Mack walk in on an unhappy Ethan and Gina.  Gina tells Mack that things are not going to work in her favor with Ethan.  Rafael and Cruz physically fight about Eden.  Cruz remembers the happy times with Eden.  Eden is drawn to a place called Destinies Galleries and is pursued by a stranger.  Mack finds out that Laura is faking her pregnancy. 
Sophia and Eden fly back to Santa Barbara together.  Mason is not pleased that Julia spent the night with Derek… talking.  Cruz and Eden both head to Pebble Creek with bad weather looming.  Sophia tells CC how important it is to do the film and that he should have no worries about Stephen.  After Mason turns her down, Sasha decides to collaborate with Craig. (airdate confirmed)
February 12 February 13 February 14 February 15 February 16
Julia explains to Derek she's not ready for a new relationship. Robert asks Augusta the list and threatens her with a gun. Eden & Cruz are close to have a car accident with each other. They finally meet each other at Pebble Creek. (airdate confirmed)
Sasha blackmails Mason so that he buys her The Lair. In Pebble Creek, Eden and Cruz meet Amelia and live their wedding again. Robert gives the list to the police and leaves Santa Barbara without Kelly.

First departure of Roscoe Born (Robert Barr)
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Laura finally admits to Mack that she is not pregnant.  Craig abducts Kelly.  It is not a happy Valentine's Day for the residents of Santa Barbara.  Laura tells Ethan she is not pregnant and Ethan says he is done with her.  Sasha informs Julia that she and Mason have gone into business together.  On top of the Capwell hotel Nikki gets shot.

Last appearance of Paul Johansson (Greg Hughes)
Mack finds Laura who has overdosed.  Stephen tells CC that the financing of the film has stalled.  Cruz and Eden decide to go home together.  Ethan tells Mack not to get caught up in Laura's world.
Ric tells Nikki that Cruz came back to Santa Barbara with Eden.  Gina calls it quits with Ethan.  Robert leaves a letter with Eden and Cruz proclaiming his love for Kelly, but left for Kelly's safety.  Kelly and Eden run into each other at the hospital to visit Nikki and there still is tension.  Kelly shows up and the party at Cruz and Eden's for their homecoming.  Phyllis tells Gina that there are rumors that the press is getting wind that Laura did not have a miscarriage but a suicide attempt.
February 19 February 20 February 21 February 22 February 23
CC tells Sophia that the script is superb.  Stephen reluctantly takes CC's offer to finance the film without Sophia's knowledge.  Ethan accuses Gina of leaking Laura's suicide attempt to the press.  Mason does not like that Sasha is calling all the shots in his life and her stalking Julia.  Sasha wants Mason to record a petition to divorce.  Brandon confides to Gina that Ethan was no Keith.
Mason tells CC that Sasha has trumped up evidence that Julia blew up Craig's boat.  Eden is not impressed with Kelly's childish ways after getting sited by the police.  Michael helps Nikki out of the hospital.  Cruz and Eden have conflicting ideas for a vacation.  Julia is thrown off guard when served with divorce papers. Greta's last appearance.
Eden and Cruz go camping.  Kelly has a date with the officer that arrested her.  Mason clues Julia what Sasha is up to.  Ric warns Kelly to stop being reckless.  Sasha interrupts Julia conversing with Ethan.
Phyllis took Gina's money and reinvested it.  Mason dreams of poisoning and killing Sasha.  Derek gets money so that he can be admitted to the polo club.  Phyllis overhears Mack and Gina arguing about neither wanting Phyllis to live with them.  Derek leads Theodora, a rich woman from the polo club on.  Phyllis makes up a story about helping a friend out of town.  Mason slips something in Sasha's drink and she heads to the bathroom.
Gina investigates and finds out Phyllis was lying on where she was going.  A bear has fun at Cruz and Eden's expense.  CC and Derek play polo and run into Stephen and Sophia.  Stephen and Derek appear to know each other.  Derek offers to give Mack pointers on Polo.  Phyllis calls and talks to Brandon and lets him know where she is.  Gina comes to get Phyllis.
February 26 February 27 February 28 March 1 March 2
A boy named Buck shows up at Cruz and Eden's cabin and says his sister is stuck in a well.  Eden and Cruz take the children back to the orphanage.
Mack receives an invitation to the polo club from Derek.  Gina and Phyllis move more of her stuff in Gina's and Brandon is overjoyed. Derek fixes it so that he and Kelly are seated at the same table.   Augusta and Gina trade barbs at the polo club.  Julia and Mason act like they are getting a divorce in front of Sasha.  Eden tries to boost Kelly's confidence and jealousy over Eden.  Nikki shows up at the polo club feeling very out of place.
Derek and Kelly meet.  Sasha tells Mason she wants to be an actress as well as a singer.  Mack reassures an insecure Laura that Ethan and Gina are no longer seeing each other.  Gina and Laura tangle at the polo club.  Michael tries to assure Nikki that she will pass her Police academy exam.

First episode for John Conboy as senior executive producer
Kelly and Derek play polo. Mason, Julia and Cruz are not happy that Craig is back in Santa Barbara.  Sasha is upset when Craig calls her and says he has been released from jail and needs evidence against Julia.  Michael helps Nikki study for her police exam.  Derek attempts to romance Nikki.  Mason overhears Craig telling Sasha that she has enough evidence for the crime Craig committed.  Derek gets some files he has been looking for.
Julia tells Mason that Craig was released from jail on a technicality.  Ric and Craig get into a fist fight.  Mason overhears Sasha and Craig plotting against Julia. Laura lies to both Ethan and Mack about her trips to the doctor.  Laura's doctor tells Ethan that Laura needs to be institutionalized.  Stephen tells Sophia that he has made the script better.  Sasha warns Mason that he better gets her a part in Stephen's picture or her memory comes back.   Phyllis takes money out of Gina's bank account and gives it to Sy.   Sophia complains to CC about the script, unaware that CC is the backer behind the film.  Sasha sees her tombstone.
March 5 March 6 March 7 March 8 March 9
Ethan and Laura's doctor talk and realize that Laura has been lying and needs psychiatric help.  Phyllis tries to help Gina with her finances.  Mason tells Sasha he wants to go off with her.  Sophia starts questioning Stephen about the film.  Mason and Julia write a note for Sasha to meet them at Forest Hills cemetery and it is a rainy night.  Phyllis gives her buddy Sy Gina's money to invest.  Sasha sees her gravestone at the cemetery.
Sasha confronts Julia about the gravestone.  Mason and Julia plan on having Sasha hand over her evidence of Julia to Ethan, but intercept it.  Derek and Kelly find romance until Derek rings up Eden.  Kelly goes to the bar and sees Ric and asks him to dine with her and he turns her down.
Eden wants to adopt Buck and Hallie and Cruz does not.  Laura says now way to Ethan because she thinks he will leave her locked up.  Laura's doctor convinces her to be admitted and Laura thinks that 72 hours are the perfect alibi.  Julia makes Sasha think she wants to kill her.  Laura checks out the sanitarium and meets Annie.  Sister Allegra put Eden in her place about not letting Hallie get adopted without Buck.  Laura tells Ethan she will go to the sanitarium.
First appearance of Sharonlee McLean (Annie DeGeralamo)
Ethan takes Laura to be admitted and Laura has murder on her mind.  Laura's friend Candace (Kimberlin Brown) tries to get Mack to fix a polo match.  Laura is not sure about her roommate Annie.  Gina tells Ethan she is sorry to hear about Laura.  Derek recalls 3 friends of his from the orphanage.  Julia surprises Sasha and points a gun at Sasha.
Mason arrives at Sasha's and wrestles with Julia for the gun and Mason gets shot.  Derek remembers his youth and 3 friends playing a game at a table.  Brandon meets Buck at Cruz and Eden's.  Julia forces Sasha to dig up her evidence at gunpoint.  Buck shows Cruz a box he has kept about four orphan boys.  Kelly tells Eden that she would adopt Hallie and Buck and does not like Eden's response.  Craig surprises Sasha and they realize Julia and Mason duped them.
March 12 March 13 March 14 March 15 March 16
Brandon asks Gina to adopt Buck.  Annie catches Laura not taking her medicine.  Gina brings Mack with her to help persuade Augusta to go into business with her.  While visiting with Ethan, Laura gets a hold of the head nurse keys.  Augusta says she will think about Gina's proposition.  Brandon hits his head on the diving board and Phyllis takes him to the ER.  Laura arrives at Gina's and sets the place on fire.
Marcos hits Michael over the head.  Augusta is beside herself seeing her home burning down.  Buck is passed out inside the home.  Nikki rescues Michael from Marcos.  Derek rescues Buck.  CC comforts a distraught Augusta.  Cruz asks Michael if he may know anyone if his parish that might adopt Buck and Hallie.
Cruz tells Augusta and Julia it looks like arson.  Phyllis forgot to make a home insurance payment for Gina.  Hank the fireman and his wife adopt Buck and Hallie.  A tearful Augusta calls Lionel to tell him that the house burned down and that nothing was salvageable.  Augusta tells Gina there will be no partnership.  Julia gives Gina the bad news about the insurance policy lapsed and she is responsible for everything.  Laura figures a way that she can stay longer in the sanitarium.  Eden and Cruz find Derek in the cave with the box from his childhood.
Derek tells Eden and Cruz about his life in the orphanage.  Phyllis admits she took the check out of the envelope and mailed the policy without the check.  Phyllis tells Gina that she invested 150 thousand of Gina's money with Sy.  Annie finds Laura with a nurse's uniform.  Laura tells Annie to give her back the nurses uniform and that Annie does not want to make Laura angry.  Kelly tells Eden to stay out of her personal life.  Phyllis hears from Sy that all the money is gone.  Craig finds a familiar wrist band.
Marcos forces Nikki to tell people they are still engaged.  Laura fantasizes killing Ethan.  Mason and Julia go out on a date.  Craig asks Bunny if the wrist band he found is Sasha's.  Michael startles Laura with a visit.  Laura goes to Ethan's office and shoots her gun.
March 19 March 20 March 21 March 22 March 23
Laura realizes she shot Sasha, who was waiting for Ethan.  Julia and Mason are interrupted at their dinner by a drunk Kelly and two cohorts.  A drunk Kelly gets in a car accident.  Laura with Sasha by her side is stopped by the police for an illegal right turn.  The police call Cruz about Kelly.  Cruz and Eden show up for Kelly and Laura is also there.  Laura dumps Sasha's body at Julia's.  Julia finds Sasha's dead body.
Mason rushes back to Julia's after hearing her screams.  Augusta visits Gina at Mack's trailer to collect her money.  Derek, CC and Kelly asks Mack to play on their polo team.  Mason and Julia dispose of Sasha in Julia's freezer.
Brandon comes home from school beat up because he is homeless.  Cruz tells Gina that they found a woman's footprint near the patio door.  Julia drills Augusta on who Sasha was enemies were/are.  Phyllis gets she  and Gina jobs at a diner.

Last appearance of Richard Hatch (Stephen Slade)
Derek throws Eden off his track.  Nikki readies for her police exam.  Laura tells her doctor she wants a private room.  Annie shows Laura the gun she found under Laura's bed.  A friend of Cruz's on the police force is dead due to meth.  Mason finds out that the night Sasha was shot, Sasha was meeting Ethan at his office.  Eden finds out that Derek's three friends are dead and Cruz does not believe that to be fact.  Ethan visits Laura and tells her that he is making a new life for himself and Laura should do the same.  Michael decides to take the police exam along with Nikki.  Ethan catches Julia and Mason in his office.
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There's a change of judge at Kelly's audience. Despite Mason's defense, Kelly is condemned for DUI. Julia asks Augusta to leave the house. Dante discovers that Sasha has been killed by Craig's gun.
March 26 March 27 March 28 March 29 March 30
Sophia starts to shoot her movie with Stephen. Cruz tells Nikki and Michael that they succeeded the police exam. Cruz is moved by the death of his former friend and police partner Tom Fellows.

First appearance of John O'Hurley (Stephen Slade)
Cruz and Michael arrest a young dealer at the bar. Annie says to Laura she knows she's trying to kill her husband. Laura decides not to shoot Ethan. Eden speaks about the orphanage on television.
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Laura reads Annie's diary where she wrote about her husband's mysterious death. She goes to Ethan's car when Ethan suddenly arrives. Sophia and Stephen play several times a scene where they kiss each other. Kelly and Craig go into an elevator when
it turns out of order.
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There's a black out in Santa Barbara.  Mason and Julia are stuck at the Orient Express.  Kelly and Craig are trapped in an elevator.  Laura tampers with Ethan's brake fluid in his car.  Sasha begins to defrost due to know power.  Eden's camera women Linda overdoses on the crystal meth.  Ethan goes off the road.
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The electricity is back on in Santa Barbara.  Laura is informed that Ethan has been in a serious car accident. Linda tells Eden that the gal at the country club pushing the meth is named Jane. Linda sets up a meeting between Eden and Jane. Laura realizes that Annie is getting the upper hand. Stephen and Sophia continue to argue the direction her character is to go. Laura visits Ethan in the hospital. Gina walks in on Laura as she is about to inject Ethan. Eden meets Jane (Crystal Chappell). Ethan is visited at the hospital by three men.
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April 2 April 3 April 4 April 5 April 6
Craig, Derek, Stephen and Ethan are linked to the past.  Jane and Eden make a run for it when they believe they are being followed.  Michael meets Jane.  Eden and Cruz have a romantic evening.  Craig tells Derek that Sasha is still missing and that Craig thinks Mason and Julia are behind it.  Mason and Julia transfer Sasha from the freezer to a hospital cylinder, as Laura watches.  Julia and Mason deduce that Sasha's murderer is a woman.
Laura is furious when visiting Ethan at the hospital that there is a guard not allowing visitors.  Michael tells Laura that Ethan's breaks were tampered with.  Marcos tells Nikki if she does not cooperate, Amado will suffer.  Brandon gets suspended from school.  Laura alludes to Michael that Gina may have tampered with Ethan's breaks.  Eden catches up with Jane and how she became a pusher.  Laura talks to Ethan and says that only death can separate them.
Julia and Mason put the hospital cylinder with Sasha inside the Capwell crypt. Craig discovers that Sasha never arrived in San Francisco. Laura is looking after her raincoat button at Ethan's office. Derek, Craig and Stephen remember a cave-in which occured at the orphanage when they were kids.
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Mason catches Laura at Ethan's office and asks Laura if she has been released.  Cruz finds out that Eden is working with Jane.  Jane begins doubting Eden's sincerity.  Mason shows Julia a button he found in Ethan's office.  Mason and Julia realize that Ethan may have been the target and not Sasha.  Laura is told that Ethan will make a full recovery.  Annie realizes Laura removed the buttons off her raincoat.  Cruz snoops through Eden's office and finds a little bag of meth.  Eden explains to Cruz what she is doing.
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Marcos puts a damper on Nikki's birthday celebration.  Cruz tells Eden that Jane is missing.  Julia begins suspecting that maybe Laura has something to do with Sasha's shooting.  Annie tells Laura that Mason is going to be visiting her.  Jane buys some meth from Marcos.  Marcos asks Nikki what she knows about Eden.  Mason and Julia go to get Sasha's body and it is gone.  At the stake-out Jane's body is found.
First appearance of Rawley Valverde (Amado Gonzalez)
April 9 April 10 April 11 April 12 April 13
Julia and Mason hear about a body being found thinks is Sasha from the crypt.  Sophia tells CC she is having second thoughts about the film.  Eden asks CC if she can have her old job back.  Julia goes to confess to Cruz and Mason walks in and says that Jane was a friend of the family, so Julia doesn't confess.  Gina begins working for Rafael as his assistant.  Brandon goes to CC for a job.  Augusta offers to buy Gina's designs and Gina declines.  Eden works late and the news station and Marcos shows up and injects Eden with meth.
Eden is able to call Cruz, who arrives at the studio.  Brandon asks Stephen for a job on the film.  Gina tells Mack that Augusta's offer was an insult. Stephen tells CC the film will be a closed set.  Sophia and Stephen argue about the film.  Augusta and Gina make a deal.  Sophia and CC are notified about Eden in the hospital.  Marcos enjoys using Nikki as his puppet.  Eden flatlines.
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Ethan arrives home from the hospital and is greeted by Stephen and Derek, who question him about Sasha.  Dante tells Mason and Julia that he does not think Sasha is really dead.  Eden wakes up.
Cruz tells Nikki that Eden is doing fine.  Cruz plans on taking Eden out of town without people knowing as if Eden is still in a coma.  Nikki finally gets to Amado.
Craig tells Ethan that he is sure that Julia and Mason have not linked the four of them together, even though Sasha almost did.  Laura gets out of the hospital and visits her home and sees Ethan with his nurse.  Annie begins to worry Laura.  Marcos threatens Nikki.
April 16 April 17 April 18 April 19 April 20
Mack and Augusta share a romantic candlelight dinner.  Cruz talks with Eden via the phone.  Cruz lets Ric know what's going on.  Nikki helps Amado escape.  Marcos gets a hold of Amado again.  Stephen continues writing about his past.  Derek and Craig warn Stephen that they have a pact and are sticking to it.
Stephen tells CC it is only a matter of time before Sophia realizes CC is bankrolling the film.  CC and Kelly have a polo match with one of CC's chief competitors, Harland Richards.  Gina gets rave reviews for a jacket she has created.  Gina begins taking orders for the jacket she designed.  Augusta gets jealous when she sees Mack having lunch with Kelly.  Ric asks Kelly who a woman is that walks into the club and Kelly says it is the belle of the country club, Tawny Richards.
First appearance of Julie St. Claire (Tawny Richards)
Cruz tells Ric he thinks Nikki is working as a double agent.  Julia tells Mason she believes Sasha is still alive and hearing her voice.  A nurse tells Laura that Annie's husband is alive.  Ric plays racquetball with Tawny.
Mason and Julia discover a portrait of a woman resembling Sasha while on vacation.  Mason and Julia's car catches on fire.  Michael starts having his doubts about Nikki.  Ric searches Tawny's apartment.
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Nikki gets a hold of Marcos and he says he is leaving town.  Nikki and Michael share a kiss.  Gina decides to set up a stand at the diner to sell her jackets.
April 23 April 24 April 25 April 26 April 27
Augusta and Mack go into partnership in the owning a polo business.  Kelly decides to pursue Craig to get the Capwells' attention.  Sophia catches CC and Stephen meeting behind her back.  Kelly questions Craig about his connection with Derek Griffin.  Cruz tells CC to tell Eden he is going out of town on a drug case.  Ric goes on a date with a girl named Tawny Richards to find out if she is in on the drug scheme and they run into Craig and Kelly which proves to be awkward.  Gina asks Augusta about any enemies she may have.
Sasha's sister Sydney (Eileen Barnett) arrives in Santa Barbara.  Nikki's brother Amado tries to warn her about the drug king.  Sydney questions Mason about Sasha.  Marcos holds Amado captive.  Nikki finds a trunk of of fun close and plays dress up and gets romantic with Michael.  The drug king tells Marcos to bring Michael and Nikki to him.  Kirk Cranston is the drug King.
Amado tells Cruz that Nikki and Michael are at the ghost town.  Laura dresses Annie up as a nurse to send Annie to Ethan's and electrocute Ethan placing a plugged in radio into Ethan's bath.  Annie's plans to electrocute Ethan in the bath are thwarted when Ethan's physical therapist is massaging Ethan while in the bath.  Mason and Julia have a séance.  Annie tells Laura that Ethan was not alone.
Phyllis tells Gina to cozy up to Craig Hunt to get some dirt on Augusta.  Marcos gets shot and dies while holding Michael and Nikki in their car.  Nikki and Michael are held hostage on a boat, by Kirk's orders.  Gina overhears Augusta and Craig talking about a guy named Blackie Simpson that stresses Augusta.  Julia comes clean about Sasha with Augusta.  Craig tells Derek to back off about their childhood.  Nikki and Michael arrive on Kirk's island and meet crazy Kirk.
Cruz figures out that Marcos boss is Kirk Cranston.  Gina asks Bunny for his assistance in locating Blackie Simpson.  Tawny and Kelly trade barbs at the polo club.  Cruz does some research on the island of Kahana.  CC asks Derek what happened between he and Kelly.  Kirk goes crazy on Michael and Nikki.  Augusta contacts Blackie Simpson as Gina witnesses the call.  Ric tells Cruz that Tawny mentioned missing her brother who's partner is KC.  Cruz tells CC that Kirk has escaped from jail.  Kirk is thrilled that Cruz is on the way to the island.
April 30 May 1 May 2 May 3 May 4
Cruz arrives on the island and Kirk is overjoyed.  Derek warns Kelly about Craig.  Bunny and Gina arrive in Las Vegas to find Blackie.  Stephen and Sophia continue to argue on the movie set.  Stephen's film is about four orphan boys.  Kirk captures Cruz.  CC asks Stephen why Derek is on the closed set.  Derek now knows that CC is the investor on the film.  Phyllis tells Mack that she is in Stephen's film.  Blackie is a bit much for Gina to handle, but Bunny saves the day.  Cruz, Nikki and Michael make a run for it and Cruz finds his boat gone.
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Mason and Julia are paid a visit from Sasha's sister Sydney.  Gina and Bunny get a hold of a video tape of Augusta.  Julia and Mason are questioned by the police about Sasha's disappearance.  Mason tells Julia that Sydney has been lying to them about being close with Sasha.  August takes the tape from Gina and says they are even.
Gina tells Augusta that she will be on top again.  Kirk tells Cruz that the whole island is booby trapped.  After Augusta tells Mack to get lost, Mack argues with Gina on how she handled Augusta.  Michael tells Nikki that he realizes Kirk blackmailed her and will help her keep her job on the force.  Kirk tells Cruz what his life would have been like had his and Eden's baby lived and their marriage survived.  Sydney performs at the Lair and Bunny hires her.  It is revealed that Sydney has Sasha's body in her freezer.
Derek and Craig ask Stephen what he plans to gain from his film based on their lives.  Kelly finds a picture of Derek and Craig when they were teens.  Cruz foot ends up on a mine.  Cruz manages to get to the detonator.  The mine goes off and Kirk celebrates until Cruz points a gun to him.  Craig and Derek admit to Kelly that they grew up together at the orphanage.
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Craig and Derek ask Kelly to keep their secret.  Mason and Julia hold a séance and see what appears to be Sasha.  Cruz ties Kirk up to take back to the main land.  Sydney is playing Sasha's ghost and plans on bilking Mason and Julia.  Kirk and Michael both fall overboard on the way to the main land.  Nikki finds Michael washed up on the island.

Last appearance of Michelle NiCastro (Sasha Schmidt)
May 7 May 8 May 9 May 10 May 11
Ethan's nurse Shannon is upset with him digging up information about her father committing murder.  Gina is furious to find out that Brandon has been skipping school.  Mason and Julia are on to Sydney.  Mack talks to Brandon about the importance of an education.  Sydney takes the bait and is caught.
Craig and Kelly have a romantic evening which Derek plans on ruining.  Shannon tells Ethan more about her father.  Sydney explains why she was framing Mason and Julia.  Kelly is furious when Craig brings up Robert's name.  Mason and Julia talk with Laura's nurse.
Cruz is reunited with Michael and Nikki.  Ethan tells Craig and Derek that Shannon's mother lied on the witness stand.  Sophia complains to CC that the film has no structure or continuity.  Tawny accuses Ric of being a narc.  Derek is convinced the Capwells can lead them to the real murderer.  Shannon drinks some wine that Annie put poison in.
Ethan comes home and finds Shannon on the floor with a residue in her wine glass.  Cruz arrives home.  Cruz explains to CC and Sophia that Kirk has been behind the drug ring.  Mason and Julia tell Ethan that they suspect Laura killed Sasha.  Ric and Tawny feel a bond.  Mason starts his plot to set Laura up by telling Laura that Ethan has filed for divorce.

First departure of Henry Darrow (Rafael Castillo)
Julia asks Bunny to go along with the plan to set up Laura.  Annie makes another trip to Ethan's home.  Laura falls for the trap.
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May 14 May 15 May 16 May 17 May 18
Laura tells Ethan that Annie killed Sasha.  Craig and Shannon catch Annie at Ethan's where Annie says Laura is trying to kill Ethan.  Kelly appears jealous when she sees Craig sitting and talking with Sydney at the Lair.  Craig and Ethan decide they are running out of time about proving the murder of the Pressman child. A shaman arrives at Cruz door and says Cruz' face appears on a stone.
Derek tells Craig they have to find the real murderer since they put an innocent man on death row years ago.  Ethan goes to see Frank Pressman in prison and tells him that he is reopening the case.  Craig stumbles and calls the murdered girl Cassie to Kelly and Kelly realizes that Craig and Cassandra were in the same orphanage.  Shannon goes to visit Fran and tells him she loves him and wants to make up for her mother's lies.  Frank dismisses Shannon and tells her it is too late.
Brandon walks in on Mack having sex with a mystery woman (Gretchen Richards).  Cruz questions Annie about the raincoat and missing button as well as some entries in her diary.  Gina and Laura argue at the Lair.  Laura tells Gina that Ethan is after his nurse now.  Laura taunts Gina about her house being burned and lets it slip on how it happened.  Gina asks Mack how would Laura know so many of the details about the house fire.  Michael asks Nikki to marry him, so she won't be deported.  Mason and Julia happily get their marriage back on track.
First appearance of Jenny Lester-McLeon (Gretchen Richards)
Gina tells Stephen that he is a bad influence on Brandon.  Michael is not happy that Nikki turned his marriage proposal down.  Gina tells Stephen about the tunnel between the Lockridge and Capwell home.  Cruz and Michael grill Laura about the night Gina's house burned down and is then in a police line up for the night Laura posed as a nurse with Sasha.  Laura is correctly identified.  Laura freaks out and curses Ethan.
Eden calls both CC and Cruz and says she wants to come home.  Michael and Cruz wonder why the Shaman is reaching out to Cruz.  Two mysterious men arrive in Santa Barbara looking for the Shaman.  Cruz makes sure the Shaman has a proper burial.  Stephen films a scene with the boys in the tunnel.  Stephen is convinced one of the Capwells killed Cassandra. Gina acts odd after exploring the tunnel.   CC and Kelly realize there is a link between Stephen, Craig, Ethan and Derek.
May 21 May 22 May 23 May 24 May 25
Gina goes to CC to thank him for getting Brandon a job on Stephen's film.  The Capwell home is getting a renovation.  Ethan and Craig realize that they have to prove at Kelly's dinner party that one of the Capwells murdered Cassandra.  Julia and Mason go in front of the review board.  Gina warns Craig about getting involved with the Capwells.
Michael helps Nikki to stay in the United States for a while. But Nikki rejects him. Sophia and CC watch Stephen's tape. Stephen and Sophia share the memories of their first meeting at a movie premiere. Cruz joins Eden in Paris. They are followed by a man who tries to shoot Cruz.
CC tells Kelly that Ethan was also adopted.   Cruz and Eden enjoy Paris.  The man following Cruz puts poison in the orange juice that Cruz and Eden are to drink and the waiter samples it and passes out.  Cruz tells Eden that Kirk was behind the drug ring.  Mack begins playing with fire with Gretchen.  Craig fantasizes that CC is guilty of Cassandra's murder.
Julia asks Mason to move back home.  Kelly prepares for her dinner party.  Gina asks Mack to ask Augusta for the key to a storage area in the tunnel.  Augusta and Mack have a romantic evening.  The Capwell renovation is revealed as the party begins.
Cruz takes Eden shopping and buys her an outfit that replicates the outfit Eden had on when they met.  The dinner party tension escalates when Ethan accuses Mason or CC as Cassandra's real murderer.  Cruz is attacked in their suite by the man following him.
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May 28 May 29 May 30 May 31 June 1
Cruz and Eden enjoy their last night in Paris.  CC asks Mason if he killed Cassandra and Mason says no.  After CC leaves Mason confides in Julia that he did push Cassandra down in the tunnel, but hopes he did not kill her.  Stephen retrieves a recorder at Julia and Mason's he had hidden.  Shannon retrieves a recorder Ethan hid at CC's.  Ethan and Stephen are convinced Mason killed Cassandra.
Mack and Augusta go on a picnic.  Gina pays a man to come to the film where CC and Sophia are and say he is repossessing her car.  Craig admits to the attorney general that he fabricated lies about Frank Pressman, thinking that Frank would have been let off and not go to prison  Augusta receives a telegram saying Lionel has died.  Gina tells Mack that she lost her job at the diner.
Mason recalls the night he and Cassandra had an argument in the cave.  Craig does not believe Mason was responsible for Cassandra's death.  Cruz surprises Eden with a trip to Venice on the Orient Express.
Augusta breaks down with Julia after telling Julia that Lionel has died.  Mack brings Augusta Lionel's will.  Augusta has Julia make the call about Lionel's body because Augusta says, she is in no condition to talk with Chinese people.  Eden and Cruz are unaware that they are being followed.  Gina schemes to get a job at an art gallery.  Julia tells Augusta that Lionel was cremated.  Gina tells Mack that she lost her job at the diner.
Shannon and Ethan begin get closer.  Craig finds out that Derek plans on killing Mason.  Cruz realizes that he is being followed.  Cruz and Eden change rooms with a sweet old man and the old man is found dead.  Julia goes to Derek to get some answers.  In disguise Craig tells Mason he is being set up and to leave town.  Mason tells Julia he is going to Los Angeles and has to do with the four vigilantes.
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June 4 June 5 June 6 June 7 June 8
Laken arrives at Augusta's.  Cruz captures the guy who is after him.  Ethan tells Shannon that he is getting a Mexican divorce.  Lionel's ashes arrive.  Julia arrives and asks Laken how her baby is and Laken says she never had a baby.  Augusta told Julia she could not make it to Julia's wedding because of Laken's pregnancy.  Frank is released and he and Shannon decide to start over.

First appearance of Shell Danielson (Laken Lockridge)
Laken meets Mack Blake.  Gina accepts an offer from Bunny to work at the Lair.  Annie shows up driving the bus transporting Laura to another prison.  Lionel has a gift for CC to wipe their slate clean.  Derek warns Craig to never cross him.  Augusta asks Laken how long she is staying in Santa Barbara.  Craig admits to Kelly that he was responsible for putting Pressman on death row.
CC asks Augusta if he can speak at Lionel's funeral.  Gina tells Brandon it would be better if he lived with CC for the summer.  Sophia tells CC that Stephen filmed a scene that makes Mason guilty of Cassandra's murder.
Julia goes to see CC and asks if he has heard from Mason.  Annie and Laura set off to find Annie's husband Ed.  Nikki and Amado get a job as a waiter and bartender via Tawny.  Kelly tells Craig that Mason is missing.  Mack continues his affair with Gretchen.  Gretchen hires Nikki and Amado.  Craig disguises his voice and calls Julia to tell her to tell CC to stop the search for Mason.
Cruz is bitten by a scorpion, Lionel's memorial service, Lionel is revealed to be alive and driving Augusta's limo
First reappearance of Nicolas Coster (Lionel Lockridge)
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June 11 June 12 June 13 June 14 June 15
Cruz recovers from a scorpion bite.  Lionel reveals himself to Augusta in the limo.  Derek shoots at Mason in the tunnel.  Gina brings Brandon to stay with the Capwells.  Lionel tells Augusta he plans on staying dead.  Craig rescues Mason from Derek.  Lionel tells Augusta what his plans are that there are paintings in the tunnel worth millions.  A gun goes off and Craig takes a bullet for Mason.
Bunny goes to Las Vegas and is taken hostage by Laura and Annie in a diner. Craig is found wounden in the tunnel by Cruz and Mason. He swears not to know who the gunman is. Cruz advises Mason to leave town. Mason sends Julia and Samantha away in a limo.
Cruz and Eden tell Kelly that Craig took a bullet for Mason.  Derek is taken in for questioning.  Lionel tells Augusta that he has to tell Laken he is alive.  Things get heated with Derek and Ethan tries to clear things up by saying they are a family.  Augusta is feeling guilty about lying to Laken about Lionel.  Lionel tells Augusta that the bulldozers to start building the home will crush the paintings in the tunnel.
Augusta and Lionel watch the bulldozers start working.  Annie and Laura are holding Bunny hostage.  Augusta and Lionel get into the Capwell home to investigate the tunnel, but are thwarted by Gina visiting Brandon.  Kelly realizes that Craig is a good guy.
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Craig tells Ethan he is leaving town.  Phyllis tells Gina that since she sent Brandon off, Gina is all wrapped into herself.  Gina fakes falling down the staircase in front of Sophia and Eden.  Kelly asks Craig to stay.  Craig tells Kelly he used her to get to her family.  Craig decides to stay after Kelly asks him to.  Craig and Kelly make love.

First reappearance of Roscoe Born (Robert Barr / Quinn Armitage)
June 18 June 19 June 20 June 21 June 22
Kelly refuses to talk to Robert. Craig understands she's still in love with him. Cruz is beaten by two men who steal the talisman. Eden finds Cruz wounded and calls for help. Cruz is led to the hospital.
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Robert shows up back in Santa Barbara.  Annie and Laura enlist an amnesiac Bunny into committing a robbery.  Augusta panics that Laken plans on staying.  Gina puts her plan in motion in front of the folks in Santa Barbara acting out of sorts.  Craig tells Robert that he has cleaned up his act.  Bunny and Annie celebrate robbing a video store.  Augusta and Lionel find nothing in the tunnel.
Gina sees a doctor who tells her she's going to be blind. Bunny wakes up as a crooner. Laura, Annie and him are followed by the police. Somewhere in the Middle East, a pasha gets the talisman and discovers it has no power without its owner. He asks his men to kidnap Cruz.
Mack asks Gina to go to the eye doctor.  Robert tells Renfield to keep an eye on Craig.  Cruz is in the hospital after a major beating from the man that followed him in Paris.  Kelly tells Eden that Robert is back in town.  Gina falls at the Lair in front of CC and Sophia.  Eden goes to see Cruz and he is gone from the hospital.  The man following Cruz and Eden has abducted Cruz and flying him to his homeland.
First appearance of Karen Moncrieff (Cassandra Benedict)
Mack and Gina disagree on how to handle Gina's impending blindness.  Derek calls one final meeting with Craig, Ethan and Stephen.  CC asks Gina to move into the mansion along with Brandon.  Cassandra shows up at the meeting.
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June 25 June 26 June 27 June 28 June 29
Cassandra proves who she is and Derek lets Mason go.  Cassandra explains where she has been and never knew about pressman.  Eden tells Ric that Cruz was abducted by the same people following them in Paris.  Cassandra tells Mason that she is not ready to be reunited with the Capwells.
Kelly wants to do something more meaningful at the orphanage for her community service work.  Craig scares off reporters for Cassie.  Cassie tells Craig that she is in financial trouble.  Craig turns down an offer from Robert.  Ric asks Nikki what is going on with Michael.  Robert visits Sister Allegra and introduces himself as her landlord and offers to waive the past six months rent.  Cassie and Kelly reunite.  Craig comes home and finds his placed trashed and calls Robert and says they need to talk.
Laken meets Amado.  Phyllis offers to give Gina one of her eyes.  CC catches Lionel in the tunnel.  Cruz is still being held captive and drugged.  CC brings Lionel to the house to explain himself to Augusta, Eden, Gina, Phyllis and Brandon.
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Laura decides that she and Annie have to get rid of Bunny.  Laken is thrilled to see Lionel.  Gina gets busted by CC acting bossy with the help while faking her blindness.  CC is thrilled to see Cassandra.  CC asks Cassandra to live at the Capwells.  Bunny stealing from a video store makes the headlines.  Bunny regains his memory.  Sophia screens the film and is pleased.  Bunny escapes.  Sophia argues with CC blocking the films release.
Daytime Emmy Awards - Santa Barbara wins its last Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series
Sophia is angry that Kelly reveals that she too knew CC financed the film.  Derek makes plans to leave Santa Barbara.  Ethan catches up with Laura and Annie.  Sophia has words with Stephen for selling out to CC.  Craig tells Kelly that he is now working for Robert.  Julia is shocked to see Derek in her home with Samantha.  Robert decides to have a fundraiser.
July 2 July 3 July 4 July 5 July 6
Mason asks Derek why he is in their home.  Eden and Michael work together to find Cruz.  Kelly is surprised to hear from Sister Allegra that there is a fundraiser in the works.  Derek prepares to abduct Samantha when the police arrive.  Craig learns that Robert is behind the fundraiser.  Amado and Laken have fun at the beach.  Kelly and Gretchen work together having the fundraiser at Gretchen's club.
Mack and Brandon talk Gina into going to the beach for the 4th.  Eden and Michael are getting closer to finding Cruz.  Kelly confronts Robert about the fundraiser.  Kelly receives roses without a card.  Gretchen and Amado meet Debra London aka Flame.  Gretchen asks Craig to be her friend, since she does not have many.  Pasha who has kidnapped Cruz for the Talisman plans on drugging Cruz so that Cruz can impregnate his wife, Shaila.  Pasha's henchman catch Eden and Michael poses as one of pasha's henchman.  Robert meets Debra London.  Robert denies sending Kelly the roses.
First appearance of Roberta Bizeau Weiss (Flame Beaufort)
Kelly discovers the roses were sent to her by Craig. She goes on her boat during a storm and is rescued in the middle of the ocean by Robert. Craig talks business with Gretchen Richards. Shaila discovers that Cruz has been drugged. They try to escape, but they are arrested by two men. The pasha talks with Eden, then discovers that she is Cruz's wife.
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Pre-empted - Wimbledon coverage Pre-empted - Wimbledon coverage
July 9 July 10 July 11 July 12 July 13
Eden finds out that Cruz has escaped.  Gretchen tells Craig that Kelly has left and tries to get romantic with him.  Sophia gives Stephen a video of the film she found.  Kelly backs off from Robert's charms.  Shaila tries and help Michael.  Pasha plans on taking Eden as his new wife.  Debra tries to get the Capwell home on film, but Cassandra thwarts her plans.  Eden knocks out pasha and takes the Shaman necklace with her.  Cassandra tells CC about Debra stopping by.  Craig asks Kelly to go out of town with him.
Last appearance of Jenny Lester-McLeon (Gretchen Richards)
Annie shocks Bunny by showing up at the Lair as a hobo.  Augusta hires a decorator to redo Mason and Julia's home.  Lionel and Augusta scheme to get themselves into CC's home to get at the paintings.  Phyllis meets Cassandra.  Ethan visits Derek in jail, where Derek asks for his help.  Phyllis realizes that Gina is faking her blindness.  Ethan visits Laura in jail with the divorce decree and a goodbye.

Last appearance of Christopher Norris (Laura Asher)
Craig arrives to whisk Kelly away on a vacation.  Craig tells Robert that he is going away with Kelly.  Kelly asks CC to use his Yacht.  Cassandra goes to bat for Craig with CC.  Sophia invites CC to a screening of Journeys for Friday.  Robert is interviewed by Debra.  Kelly goes to Cruz and Eden's to get maps for her voyage and accidentally intercepts a recent letter from Robert to Eden.  CC asks Mason to come back to work for him.
Julia makes it clear that she does not want Mason going to work for CC.  Augusta is not thrilled to see Sophia and Lionel together.  CC tells Sophia he will screen the film.  Mason tells CC he will work with him again.  Eden decides to make a deal with Pasha in exchange for Cruz.
CC tells Debra that he wants all the footage she took at the Capwells back.  Kelly tries to stop thinking about Robert while with Craig on the yacht.  Debra aka Flame is greeted by a man in the shadows.  Craig finds the letter from Robert.  Cassandra sees what looks like a tender moment between Stephen and Sophia.  Before the screening, Stephen finds that the print is missing.  Craig reads Robert's letter telling Eden that Robert is in love with Kelly.
July 16 July 17 July 18 July 19 July 20
Kelly tells Craig that she had reservations about going on the trip, but no longer does.  Stephen is convinces that CC took the film.  Debra/Flame and the mysterious man begin their plan.  CC finds out there was a fire where the negative of the film was located.
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Kelly tells Craig that she wants to go home and there is no future for them.  CC says he did not burn the film since he owned the film and that someone is setting him up to be the fall guy.  Eden asks Pasha to set Shaila free to prove a point.  Robert shows up on the yacht.
Stephen consults with a lawyer on ways he can sue CC for the burning of the negative.  Augusta and Lionel argue about telling Laken the truth of why Lionel came back.  CC announces he is going to Khareef to get Eden and Cruz.
Tawny argues with Gretchen for selling her business to Robert Barr.  Craig pleads with Kelly to stay on the yacht for 1 more day.  Gina and Phyllis start switching the fake paintings of Lionel's Gina found in the tunnel with the real ones CC has hanging in his home.  Craig tears up Robert's letter to Eden about Kelly and throws it in the ocean.  Robert does a background check on Debra and Debra's mysterious friend answers the phone and verifies Debra is legitimate.  Kelly and Craig make love.  Kelly finds part of the letter.
First appearance of Rosalind Allen (Gretchen Richards)
Derek is released due to the lack of evidence.  Craig comes clean to Kelly about the letter.  CC is furious that Derek has been set free.  Ethan is arrested for illegally setting Derek free.  Derek is arrested again.  Debra's mystery man looks exactly like Robert.

Last appearance of Leigh J. McCloskey (Ethan Asher) and James Healy (Derek Griffin)
July 23 July 24 July 25 July 26 July 27
Laken introduces Amado to her parents. Mason has to deal with two shareholders of the Capwell Enterprises who do not appreciate him. Kelly gets mad after Robert when she learns why he really left her. She refuses to discuss with him or with Craig.
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Kelly let's Robert have it for not telling her the truth as to why he left.  Augusta is not thrilled with Laken dating Amado.  Robert tells Craig he wants and will get Kelly for himself.  Lionel tells Augusta with the money they make he wants them to own a rubber plantation in South America.  Amado accuses Augusta of being a bigot.  Phyllis and Gina hit some bumps stealing another painting.
Robert tries to win Kelly back.  Gretchen and Mack disagree on the turn their relationship is taking.  Gina talks with an appraiser for her paintings.  Laken asks Lionel to be Nikki's sponsor.  Robert finds out that his bank accounts have been tampered with.
Craig explains his past as an orphan to Kelly and that they would be dynamite together.  Craig tells Kelly he loves her, but Kelly can't respond back.  Pasha releases Cruz.  Mason tells Stephen that CC would like to settle out of court.
Cruz and Eden arrive home.  Robert hijacks Kelly on her way to New York.  Flame starts tutoring Quinn to be just like Robert.  The ladies get ready for a fashion show.  Kelly tells Robert what they had is over.  Flame takes Quinn out on the town to test the waters. Eden asks Cruz if he thinks the Talisman situation is over.  Craig embarks on a plane.  Kelly realizes Robert is taking her to Argentina.
July 30 July 31 August 1 August 2 August 3
CC plans on auctioning some of his paintings at the fundraiser/fashion show.  Augusta asks CC to give Lionel a job.  Craig shows up at Robert and Kelly's intimate dinner.  Julia is under the impression that Mason is only working for CC temporarily.  Lionel and Gina panic when they realize CC donated a painting to the fundraiser.  CC offers Lionel a job. Augusta steals the fashion show from the other ladies.
Gina and Phyllis, such as Augusta and Lionel, are relieved that the museum curator didn't notice that C.C.'s painting is a fake. Amado becomes to be jealous of Laken's interest for Stephen. Kelly, Robert and Craig ski in the Andes, and Craig gets injured. Flame doesn't think Quinn is ready to take Robert's place yet.
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Kelly tells Robert and Craig that she will find a plane and not spend another evening with either one of them.  Laken tells Stephen that due to the lack of funds she has to leave the acting group.  Flame/Debra is impressed with Quinn's likeness to Robert, so Debra interviews "Robert".  Without a co-pilot Robert flies Kelly and Craig back to Santa Barbara.  Mason and Julia plan a business trip to Hong Kong.  Robert crash lands the plan in the Andes.  Augusta starts pushing Stephen to Laken and Amado away from Laken.
Cruz tells Eden a new group called the Blue Sky Brigade is coming to Santa Barbara led by Dash Nichols.  Gina catches Lionel switching the paintings.  Eden agrees to be Nikki's sponsor.  Michael asks Nikki to marry him.  Nikki says yes to Michael.  Lionel realizes that the paintings that are hanging at CC's are fakes.
Tawny gets Ric a job working for her father Harland.  Debra/Flame tries to get information about Robert from Eden. 
Mack gets Gina a seeing eye dog.  Lionel tells Sophia that the letter she wrote to him telling Lionel she loved CC, gave to CC.  Kelly, Robert and Craig are held in jail accused of transporting drugs. Harland spies Mack and Gretchen getting cozy.
August 6 August 7 August 8 August 9 August 10
Nikki and Michael celebrate with Laken and Amado.  Bunny has Annie work as a cocktail waitress at the Lair.  Michael and Nikki decide to have Eden sponsor her and plan the wedding instead of rushing it.  Kelly, Robert and Craig escape.  Julia thanks Cassandra for taking care of Samantha while they were in Hong Kong.  Flame tells Quinn that he and Robert's parents are dead.  Bunny receives a goodbye note from Annie.
Dash Nichols of the Blue Sky Brigade arrives in Santa Barbara.  Amado lands himself in jail after a bar fight that he says he was set up in.  The rally that Dash is heading gets out of hand.  Quinn tricks Flame into thinking he is Robert, successfully.
First appearance of Timothy Gibbs (Dash Nichols)
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Sarita refuses to wait on Gina.  Mack tells Gretchen he is tired of being her stable boy.  Gina sets Augusta up so Lionel thinks Augusta betrayed him.  Dash accuses Mason of having put the bomb during the demonstration.
Augusta is furious with Lionel thinking she betrayed him.  Mack tells Gina that things with Gretchen have run its course.  Kelly confronts Eden about hiding Robert's letter.  Gina witnesses Lionel and Sophia dancing cheek to cheek.  Flame shots Robert so that Quinn can take over for Robert.
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Quinn starts playing Robert with Renfield.  Craig tells Kelly he may leave and she kisses him and asks him to stay.  Robert goes off on Flame.  Craig tells Quinn he is quitting.  Quinn tells Flame they need Craig to stay.  Julia has Cassandra get information on Dash Nichols.
August 13 August 14 August 15 August 16 August 17
Kelly proclaims her love for Quinn and Quinn acts strange and says let's start over again.  Bunny realizes Gina can see.  Mack and Gretchen have a romantic dinner and Mack tries to get Gretchen to open up about her relationship with Harland.  Kelly dines out with Sister Allegra and says she would like to continue volunteering.  Kelly is jealous to see Quinn and Flame dining together.
Dash plans on stopping Mason's project Capwell Oasis.  Julia and Mason are being interviewed as the "perfect family" for a magazine.  Laken begins to intern for Stephen.  Tawny asks Harland if the job he gave Ric has to do with the Sky Brigade.
First appearance of Allan Miller (Harland Richards)
Cruz tells an upset Tawny that Ric is missing.  Cruz and Boswell search Ric's apartment.  Craig goes to Quinn to tell him his paycheck bounced.  Lionel is on to Gina.  Quinn calls Flame in a panic.  Quinn stands Kelly up for dinner.
Lionel catches Gina and Phyllis in the act, so Gina shows Lionel the pictures of he and Sophia.  Craig tells Kelly that he is moving to San Francisco.  Lionel realizes Gina does not realize she has the originals.  Augusta catches Sophia at her home and tells Sophia that she and Lionel are back together.  Lionel tells Augusta that Gina is not blind and has been stealing the paintings.  Quinn tells Flame that Robert is not as rich as they thought.  Sophia goes to CC to see about working things out with each other and finds CC on a date.  Flame warns Quinn not to get too close to Kelly.  Craig decides to stay.
Cruz finds a shirt of Ric's with blood on it.  Cruz drills Harland on what Ric is doing for him.  Julia tries to make peace with Dash and the brigade.  Dash proves to Julia that there are issues with the Capwell Oasis and Mason is well aware, which causes a rift between Mason and Julia.  Craig tells Kelly he has agreed to work with Robert again.
August 20 August 21 August 22 August 23 August 24
Cassandra tells CC that Julia is not backing Mason on Capwell Oasis.  Robert realizes that Craig is not working with Debra.  Cruz goes to Quinn thinking he is behind Ric missing.  Quinn tells Debra that Robert is vulnerable when it comes to Kelly.  Quinn and Kelly get romantic.  Robert tries to manipulate Debra/Flame.  Ric was last seen talking with Jennings, the man who allegedly threw the smoke bomb at the brigade rally.  Julia offers the Blue Sky Brigade legal help.
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Cassandra offers to work late and help Mason.  Julia begins helping Dash and he asks her to stuff envelopes and she points out she offered legal advice.  Julia becomes an envelope stuffer.  Cassandra tells Cruz that Ric was talking into a recorder and when people would walk by him Ric would stop talking.  Augusta is not thrilled that Laken has moved out and next door to Amado.  Jeremy (Bill Beyers) works for the Blue Sky Brigade.  Gina accuses Cassandra of being a vulture.  Cruz finds tapes of Ric that prove that he was working for Harland.
First appearance of Karmin Murcello (Carmen Castillo)
Gretchen makes it look like Harland hit her to get sympathy from Mack.  The last person Ric was seen with was a demolitions expert.  CC warns Quinn/Robert that he better do good with Kelly or else.  Stephen and Cassandra have a romantic dinner.
Harland accuses Gretchen of cheating on him with Mack, but Gretchen denies it. Lionel sees Phyllis leaving the Capwell mansion with the paintings. He follows her, not seeing that he is also followed by an Asian man.
Gretchen begins to set Mack up.  Augusta returns home to find her place has been ransacked. Gina clues Phyllis in that Bunny knows she is faking her blindness.  Bunny and Annie are reunited at the Lair.  Flame tells Quinn she does not want him bedding down Kelly.  Augusta finds Lionel hanging in a meat locker.

Last episode for Jill Farren Phelps as executive producer
August 27 August 28 August 29 August 30 August 31
Augusta takes Lionel to the hospital.  Eden gives Carmen hope that Ric is still alive.  Gretchen and Mack make love.  Bunny catches Gina stealing the silver.
Mason receives a package which exploses when he opens it. Julia accuses Dash of having sent it. Sophia and C.C. reconciliate. Mason thinks his father started the fire at the bird sanctuary. Quinn doesn't want to get rid of Robert and proposes to Flame that they can use Kelly to get the Capwell fortune. They fight and Robert hears them from his cell.
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Gina and Phyllis propose to Lionel to get in touch with his buyer. They break in his house and find a foreign phone number they think to be the buyer's. Gretchen makes Mack believe she is in danger. Eden and Cruz follow Ric's credit card and meet a drifter who used it.
Phyllis and Gina visit Lionel in the hospital.  CC is not thrilled that Kelly and Quinn are going out of town.  Bunny tells Gina about Annie.  Craig starts getting close to Debra/Flame.  CC and Sophia overhear Gina and Phyllis smuggling.
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Quinn and Kelly begin to make love.  Flame sets off a fire alarm before Quinn and Kelly make love.  Flame tells Quinn that Robert has a scar on his back.  Cruz gets a call telling him where Ric is.  Julia gets herself arrested at a Blue Sky Brigade rally.
September 3 September 4 September 5 September 6 September 7
Cruz gets a call telling him where Ric is and Cruz decides to take the lead.  The woman making the call is taking care of Ric.  Cruz makes it to Ric.
CC watches Phyllis and Gina stealing paintings on surveillance.  Sophia realizes that Lionel and Augusta are also in on the painting scheme.  Julia tells Augusta that Mason has left her.  Sophia asks Lionel to keep their one night of lovemaking a secret.  Augusta tells Julia to quit the Blue Brigade.  Mason and Julia decide to reconcile.  Sophia tells CC that he has the real paintings.
Ric has a warm homecoming with Carmen and Eden.  Harland is wise to what Gretchen has been up to.  Gretchen starts her plan to have Mack kill Harland.
Cassie passes her driver's license test, but panics when they want to finger print her.  Julia tells Dash she is giving up her work with the Blue Sky Brigade.  Annie tells Bunny she believes her ex-husband Ed is stalking her.  Mason tells CC he is resigning from Capwell Enterprises.
Harland catches Mack and Gretchen kissing.  Kelly and Quinn are getting closer and Flame is not happy.
September 10 September 11 September 12 September 13 September 14
Quinn proposes marriage to Kelly.  Mack tells Gretchen he is falling in love with her.  Robert goes for Flame's neck to insure Kelly's safety.  Cruz finds out that Carmen has a connection to Anthony Tonell.  Eden is in shock when Kelly tells her that Robert/Quinn asked her to marry him.
Eden reacts to Kelly telling her Robert proposed to her.  CC tricks Gina and reveals he knows she has her sight and is stealing the paintings.  Augusta turns Lionel down for a reconciliation.  CC throws Gina out.  Kelly tells Sophia that Robert/Quinn proposed to her, but she did not say yes and does not know why.  CC tells Sophia he will prevent Robert from marrying Kelly. Mason and Julia enjoy their second honeymoon.
Lionel and Augusta celebrate the selling of the paintings.  The buyer of the paintings realizes that they are forgeries.  Laken tells Stephen she is leaving town with her parents.  Dash arrives to his office torn apart.  Gina tells Lionel that CC has all the original paintings.  Lionel calls Augusta and tells her that they sold fakes and have to get out of town.  Augusta is knocked out as she gets off the phone.
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Craig asks Debra out on a date and tells her to leave the wig and glasses at home.  Carmen tells Eden that she had an affair with Tonell while married to Rafael.  Gretchen has a shady lawyer modify Harland's will.  Gretchen tells Mack that Harland has hurt her again.  Robert tricks Flame into his cell and escapes.
Lionel tells Gina that he thinks Augusta was abducted by the people he sold the paintings to.  Robert and Quinn come face to face.  Quinn puts Robert back in his cell.  Robert tells Flame that once Quinn gets what he wants Flame will be history.
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September 17 September 18 September 19 September 20 September 21
Julia and Mason return from their vacation.  Kelly says yes to Quinn/Robert's marriage proposal.  Cruz and Eden have a dinner party with Nikki and Michael.  CC decides to put Quinn/Robert to the test.  Julia is appointed to represent Dash. Quinn tells Flame his only concern is himself.
CC goes off on Kelly about her engagement to Robert.  Dash tries to convince Julia to come back to the Blue Sky Brigade.  Gina tries to talk some sense into Mack, where Gretchen is concerned.
Craig realizes that Debra /Flame and Quinn/Robert are having an affair.  Kelly throws an engagement party and invites everyone except Eden.  Lionel tells Laken that Augusta has been kidnapped for 25 million dollars.  Mason tells CC he wants back with Capwell Oasis.  Craig shows up at the engagement party to talk with Eden and is surprised about the engagement.  CC asks Kelly to have Robert sign a pre-nup and she refuses.  Flame lets Robert go.  Brandon plans to show CC some baseball pictures and grabs the pictures of Sophia and Lionel kissing instead.
Gina arrives in time to switch out Brandon's pictures.  A man plants dynamite in Dash's office where Julia and Dash are going over the Blue Sky Brigade's case.  Gina begins blackmailing Lionel and Sophia.  Mack tells Gretchen if Harland hurts her again he will kill him.  Nikki asks Amado to give her away when she marries Michael.  Harland is responsible for the dynamite set in Dash's office.  Nikki shows up to meet Michael in Dash' office and the dynamite goes off.
The dynamite going off with Nikki in the office.  Michael arrives at the office and finds Nikki.  Flame tells Quinn that things are getting out of hand and they should leave town.  Robert tries to reach Kelly.  Mack and Gretchen finish lovemaking and Mack leaves the room. Gretchen trashes the room she and Mack made love in.  Bunny visits Annie in jail because she is on suicide watch.  Bunny offers to hire a lawyer for Annie, but she asks him to leave.  Gretchen calls Mack and he arrives to see the trashed room, where Gretchen says Harland caused.  Dash and Julia are also injured in the explosion.  Craig meets Eden to tell her about Debra and her odd home.  Kelly tells Craig and Eden to stay out of her business.  Bunny and Annie share a tearful goodbye. As Robert rings the Capwell doorbell, Quinn grabs Robert before Kelly can answer the door.
Last appearance of Sharonlee McLean (Annie DeGeralamo)
September 24 September 25 September 26 September 27 September 28
Michael is devastated when Nikki is pronounced dead at Dash's office.  Flame realizes that Craig had been snooping and alerts Quinn.  Dash and Julia are rescued.  Tawny tells Amado that Laken is still in town.  Michael tells Amado about Nikki.  Craig asks Flame if she is having an affair with Robert and Flame denies it.  An upset Tawny tells Harland that Nikki was killed.  Harland calls the man that planted the dynamite and he says that the trail will lead to CC not Harland.

Last appearance of Constance Marie (Nikki Alvarez)
Dash and Mason asks Julia to walk away from the case.  Laken and Eden comfort Amado.  CC and Kelly argue about her wedding.  Mack brings Gretchen to his trailer for safety.   Mack tells Gretchen he cannot commit murder even for her.  Craig tells Kelly he has a tape that looks like Robert and Debra have something going on.  Stephen and Cassandra offer to help Dash.  Craig tells Eden that Kelly refuses to watch his tape.
Michael tells Amado he will avenge Nikki's killer.  Cruz tells Eden that Harland Richards did not exist prior to Brazil.  Eden says that maybe Carmen is right that Harland Richards is really Richard Atkins, the man Carmen is accused of killing.  CC tells Lionel he will help Lionel get Augusta if Lionel gives CC the rest of the Lockridge estate.  Cruz asks Carmen to go to Mexico where Ric is for her safety.  CC offers the kidnappers 10 million and Augusta is furious that she has been, "marked down".
Craig tries talking Kelly into watching the tape he has of Robert and Debra.  Mack overhears Gretchen and Harland, and thinks that Gretchen is making up her allegations against Harland.  Cruz has evidence against Harland for the bombing.  Cruz tells Michael that Harland has a criminal file on his mother and that he is holding that file over Cruz head.  Gina and Phyllis discuss their concern over Mack.  Kelly overhears Robert (really Quinn) and Flame acting like he is devoted to Kelly, when in reality he and Flame are just trying to make her believe that.   Flame visits the real Robert where she is holding him hostage.  Flame shoots Robert.  Kelly tells Craig and Eden that she and Robert have set a wedding date for four weeks.
Kelly chooses Cassie as her maid of honor. CC gives Lionel the money for the ransom. Lionel pays the kidnappers and gets Augusta free. Augusta is upset to discover that Lionel gave the Lockridge property in exchange for CC's money. Craig warms Eden that Flame is going to the airport with a coffin. Eden learns she's going to New Orleans and decides to follow her there.
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October 1 October 2 October 3 October 4 October 5
Gina guesses that Gretchen asked Mack to kill her husband. Dash accuses Michael not to investigate about the explosion of the Blue Sky Brigade office. C.C. asks Sophia to marry him again. Mason continues to be jealous of Dash.
Julia is not thrilled that Mason has hired a bodyguard for her.  Flame and Quinn have transported Robert to New Orleans, with Eden hot on their tails.  Kelly and Sophia plan Kelly's wedding.  Eden talks to the sheriff in Beaufort for information on Robert and Debra and the sheriff is a relative of Debra's.  Sophia comes clean to CC about her night with Lionel. The sheriff catches Eden snooping.
Lionel and Augusta prepare for Minx' arrival.  Quinn tells Flame that he is going back to Santa Barbara and Flame is upset.  Augusta apologizes to Amado for the way she has treated him.  CC tells Lionel and Augusta to vacate the cottage.  Robert manages to escape.  Sophia tells Lionel he needs to let Augusta know about their one night stand before Gina tells her.  Sophia tells Gina that she came clean with CC and he forgave her.
Eden finds Robert.  Dash and Julia go to Sacramento on business.  Mason decides to surprise Julia in Sacramento.  Eden gets a delusional Robert to the hospital.  Stephen tells Cassie she is doing too much for Mason.  Julia falls asleep in Dash's room and misses Mason.  Quinn arrives at the hospital.
Julia goes to her hotel room and finds Mason.  Kelly reaches Eden and wants to know what she is doing in New Orleans.  Gretchen tells Harland that Mack is threatening her and that Mack gave her the black eye she had.  Quinn switches places with Robert.  Debra tells her cousin Roy if Robert tries to get away to shoot him.  Stephen confides to Craig that he has fallen hard for Cassie.  Harland confronts Mack in the tack room and they fight.  Gretchen shoots Harland and knocks Mack out and puts the gun in Mack's hand.  Eden runs into Flame/Debra at the airport.
October 8 October 9 October 10 October 11 October 12
Debra tells Eden that she is flying a charter plane and Eden asks to accompany her.  Michael arrives at the tack room and arrests Mack.  Gretchen cries that Mack shot Harland.  Quinn/Robert denies knowing Debra to Kelly.  Gina tells Bunny that it is Keith's birthday.  Mack explains Gretchen's plan to murder Harland.  Gretchen tries to inject Harland and is caught by Michael.  Craig brings CC to Debra's home and they find her hidden jail cell.  Gretchen is arrested for attempted murder.  Craig calls Eden and tells her about Debra's hidden jail cell.
Last appearance of Rosalind Allen (Gretchen Richards)
Dash opens up to Julia about his ex-girlfriend Eileen.  Cassandra tells Mason that Dash's ex-girlfriend died under suspicious circumstances where Dash was doing his residency.  Quinn can sense Kelly's apprehension of him.  Debra catches Craig and Eden in her home.  Julia tries to convince Michael not to do anything irrational where Harland Richards is concerned.  Quinn surprises Kelly with a beautiful home.
Kelly shocks Quinn by asking him who Quinn is.  Minx arrives at Lionel and Augusta's suite.  Sophia tries to convince CC to lay off Kelly about Robert.  CC blackmails Gina into giving him the pictures of Lionel and Sophia.  Quinn presents Kelly with a wedding dress that resembles a dress in an old picture.  Lionel explains to Minx how and why he lost the Lockridge land to CC Capwell.
First appearance of Janis Paige (Minx Lockridge)
Carmen and Ric arrive at Eden and Cruz' home.  Carmen goes ballistic when Ric decides to call Tawny.  Michael tells Julia he is convinced that Harland is responsible for Nikki's death.  Minx boots Lionel and Augusta out of their suite.  Mack decides to leave Santa Barbara.  Minx informs Lionel she came back to bail Lionel out and that she does indeed have money.  Cassandra tells Stephen she cannot return his feelings for her.

Last appearance of Steve Bond (Mack Blake)
CC plans to disinherit Kelly if she marries Robert.  Michael vows revenge on Harland.  Ric asks Tawny to take him to Harland.  Cassandra tells Eden that Kelly has asked her to be her maid of honor.  Cassandra fantasizes marrying Mason.
October 15 October 16 October 17 October 18 October 19
Tawny and Ric rescue Harland from Michael strangling him.  Michael arrests Harland for assaulting an officer.  Ric goes along with Michael.  Mabel tells Kelly she is Quinn's mother.  Mason tries to get information about Dash's background from a co-worker of his.  Julia and Mason make love.  Dash has fantasies of Julia being with him.  Quinn saves Kelly from Roy and shoots him and has Roy arrested.  Quinn tells Kelly it is time they went home.
Kelly tells CC she has no plans of inviting Eden to the wedding.  Minx introduces Lionel to her buddy Maxwell Hammer.  Quinn is not happy when Debra arrives back in Santa Barbara.  CC allows Brandon to live with Gina in the trailer.  Gina and Bunny throw Brandon a birthday party.  Brandon says he misses Keith.  Sophia does not agree with CC disinheriting Kelly.  CC makes sure Quinn overhears him calling his lawyer to disinherit Kelly.  Gina decides to become psychic.  Brandon shows Gina a letter addressed to her that was sent to the Lockridge address and has Keith's writing on it.
Brandon asks Gina if they can search for Keith.  Quinn tells Debra that CC plans on cutting Kelly off if she marries him.  Cassandra tells Mason what CC is doing to Kelly and Mason goes to tell Kelly.  Maxwell sets up a meeting with CC.  Gina reads the letter from Keith.  CC asks Cassandra to do a background check on Maxwell.  Mason tells Kelly that CC plans on disinheriting her if she marries Robert.  Kelly decides to get married right away.
Mason and Julia celebrate Mason's birthday.  Brandon tries to convince Gina to take the trailer and go to San Diego to locate Keith.  Minx hires Amado to work for her.  Mason learns that Dash has a history of having affairs with married women.  CC hears from Brandon's headmaster about the San Diego trip and visits Gina. Gina is so furious with CC, she tells CC they are going to San Diego.  Dash visits Eileen's grave and talks about Julia. Julia shows up at the gravesite.  CC is furious for Masons telling Kelly of his plan to disinherit her.  Julia and Dash's car gets stuck, so Julia is a no-show at Mason's bi
rthday dinner.
Last appearance of Joe Marinelli (Bunny Tagliatti)
Dash and Julia explain to Mason that Dash's car was stuck in the mud.  CC tells Sophia that Mason told Kelly about his plan.  Kelly tells Quinn about being disinherited if she marries him.  Cruz tells Carmen that Harland Richards is Richard Atkins.  Carmen tells Cruz that Harland Richards is Ric's father.  Dash wins an award with Julia by his side as Cassandra and Mason walk in.  Mason starts drinking again.  Mason makes a scene at the award ceremony.  Mason says that Dash is a murderer.
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October 22 October 23 October 24 October 25 October 26
Quinn is furious that Flame visited CC lawyer and found out that CC disinheriting Kelly was a hoax and that Debra was not going to tell him.  Mason goes on about Dash's background at the award ceremony.  Cruz tells Harland that he has information linking him to the explosion.  Ric tells Harland that he is his son.  Dash says he did not kill Eileen, he was relieved from his duties during surgery and did not lose his medical license.  Craig shows up at the yacht and Kelly tells him that Robert stood her up.  Julia is furious at Mason for drinking.  Robert drops a note as he arrives at the yacht and tells Kelly he was wondering why she did not meet at the airport, which is what the note said to do.  Mason asks Julia to pay more attention to him.  Mason tells Julia she is being naïve where Dash is concerned.  CC asks Kelly to have her wedding at the house and Kelly declines.
Last appearance of Allan Miller (Harland Richards)
Quinn talks Kelly into mending fences with her family.  Kelly tells her family she will have her wedding at the estate.  Maxwell successfully bought the Lockridge land from CC.  Mason apologizes to Dash for his behavior at the award ceremony.  Quinn shows Debra the home he bought for him and Kelly and Debra thinks it is a dump.  Debra says if Quinn murders Kelly on the honeymoon, Quinn does not need to buy a home.  Quinn tells Debra to leave town and go back to Beaufort.  Gina and Brandon meet a woman named Maxine who knew Keith.  Maxine says she and Keith never consummated their relationship.  Minx is drinking some special water found on Lockridge property.  Lionel follows Minx to the well.  Quinn asks Mason to be his best man.
It is a rainy night for Kelly's wedding.  Eden is upset about not being a part of the ceremony.  Craig shows Eden information that Debra's real name is Flame Beaufort, same name as the town in Louisiana.  Mason gives Quinn some advice on marrying into the Capwell family.  Gina does more readings on the road and finds out that Keith has made enemies.  Robert tricks Mabel into coming to his room faking being sick and escapes.  Quinn calls Mabel and finds out Flame never arrived.  Kelly, Sophia and CC toast the wedding and thunder strikes and Kelly spills red wine on her dress.
Lionel tells Augusta that Minx gave CC quite a bit of money for the transaction.  Lionel tells Augusta that Minx hired Amado and then Minx pumped water out of a well into her cane and then drank the water.  Eden and Craig fill Cruz in on what they found out about Quinn.  Robert calls Kelly, but the line goes dead.  Kelly asks CC to give her away.
Minx tells Lionel and Augusta that she feels the water is like a fountain of youth.  Dante calls Eden and says Debra's car is parked outside the Capwell estate.  Quinn and Kelly are married with Debra outside in the rain tearfully looking on.  Lionel and Augusta try the water and get frisky.  Julia tells CC that Mason hit the sauce again.  Quinn spots Debra outside and tells her that she is the only one for him and they kiss, which Eden witnesses.
October 29 October 30 October 31 November 1 November 2
Gina and Brandon get a flat tire on a deserted highway.  Eden confronts Quinn about his kissing Debra.  CC and Julia are upset that Mason is drinking at Kelly's reception.  Eden goes searching for Debra.  Dash comforts Julia at the Lair.  Debra hides out at the home that Quinn bought Kelly.  Mason gets in a car accident with Samantha.  Eden appears at the top of the stairs and tells Kelly that Debra is in the house and Kelly runs away and falls down the flight of stairs.
Cruz shows up and an ambulance arrives for Kelly.  Brandon and Gina continue the search for Keith.  Julia tells Mason she is through with him.  Debra removes the wire she had at the stairs causing Kelly to fall.  Flame fantasizes her life with Quinn.  Kelly cannot feel her legs. Cassandra gives Mason a much willing shoulder to cry on.  Minx tells Laken that Amado is unsuitable for romance and Laken disagrees.  Michael shows Dash, Harland's confession.  Julia tells Augusta that Mason is drinking again.  Lionel and Augusta come up with an idea to market the well water, but Minx and Maxwell beat them to the punch.  Gina and Brandon are back at the trailer.
Cruz tells Eden that Kelly falling may not have been an accident.  Lionel asks Maxwell what he expects from Minx.  Flame will not admit to Quinn that she is responsible for Kelly's fall.  Cruz and Eden set Quinn up.  CC can't get past Lionel and Sophia's fling.  Minx and Lionel do battle and Minx is proud of Lionel's assertiveness.  Minx tells Lionel that half of the water is running under CC's property.  Quinn falls for Cruz and Eden's trap.  Kelly tells CC and Sophia the paralysis may be permanent.  Debra gets unhinged when she finds the wedding photos of Kelly and Quinn.
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Cruz catches Quinn in CC's study reading Kelly's trust.  Kelly blames Eden for her paralysis. Quinn tells Flame that CC had a codicil added that if Kelly dies within 5 years everything goes to CC.  Kelly is adamant that Robert not see her.  Mason tells Cassandra that Julia thinks he is having an affair with her.  Dash visits Julia and realizes that Julia and Mason have split up. Flame begins to distrust Quinn, so he seduces her. Kelly tells Quinn she is releasing him of his vows.  Kelly turns Robert away.  Mason and Dash get into a fist fight. Mason takes a drink from a flask. The doctor tells Kelly she can go home and presents her with a wheel chair and she freaks.

Last appearance of Terry Lester (Mason Capwell) and first appearance of Gordon Thomson (Mason Capwell)
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At the hospital, Ric says goodbye to Kelly before leaving town. He tells Tawny that they are brother and sister, and leaves her. Kelly leaves the hospital for Quinn's house. Flame learns that Quinn can heritate from Kelly only if she is declared mentally irresponsable. She starts to create confusion in her mind about Eden. Craig phones Cruz to tell him who Debra London really is, but Roy hits him before he can talk.

Last appearance of Peter Love (Ric Castillo) and Julie St. Claire (Tawny Richards)
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November 5 November 6 November 7 November 8 November 9
Gina has to deal with Boots, who wants her to tell him where Keith is. Flame hides in Kelly and Quinn's bedroom, and continues to make Kelly believe that Eden is around. Kelly finds a painting that Quinn made of her. Craig discovers who hit him. He asks Cruz to join him.
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Julia orders a restraining order for Mason against Julia and Samantha. 
Kelly is adamant not to use a wheelchair.  Lionel does not approve of Minx lavishing Maxwell with gifts.  He tells CC that Maxwell does not own the Lockridge property.  Mason lets Cassie go.  He goes to see Julia and tells her he is back in AA.  Julia tells Mason she wants a divorce.  CC refuses to go into business with Lionel.
Minx gives Michael ten thousand dollars towards his scholarship in Nikki's name.  Kelly thinks she is hearing things.  Quinn tells Kelly's doctor that she is imagining things.  Lionel puts on a show for CC for Lockwell water.  Eden asks Sophia why she is sending CC anonymous letters.  CC and Lionel decide to settle the water rights via poker.  Kelly's doctor tells Eden that the paralysis could be emotional and that Kelly is in an emotional state.  Eden asks Robert if she can move in with him and Kelly.
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Julia has filed for divorce.  Robert agrees to talk with Kelly about Eden moving in while she recuperates.  Craig is furious when Cruz tells him what happened to Kelly on her wedding day.  Dash tells Stephen how special Julia is.  Augusta says that Julia and Dash compliment each other.  Quinn finds Flame in the house.
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Mason tells Julia that she can have the divorce.  Cruz finds Robert in Beaufort.  Gina tells Brandon she is getting tired of the run around Keith is giving them.  Robert tells Cruz all about Quinn and Debra.  Mason tells Casssandra that he has gone to an AA meeting.  Gina and Brandon are ready to go home and find another clue about Keith.  Kelly agrees to let Eden move in.  Cruz tells Robert about Kelly's accident.  Clara pulls a knife on Cruz and Robert.  Flame switches Kelly's portrait with Eden's and Kelly freaks and tells Quinn and Eden about it. Gina and Brandon decide to go to Disneyworld to find Keith.  Julia and Dash dine out at the Polo club and Dash thinks it is more than casual.  Roy shows up at Norma's as Cruz and Robert are getting ready to leave.
November 12 November 13 November 14 November 15 November 16
Lionel gets ready for his poker game with CC.  Eden's picture is hanging up and Kelly asks Quinn if he sees Eden and Robert says no.  Boots knocks Gina out and grabs the letter from Keith that says to meet him at Disneyworld.  Augusta tries to keep Lionel and CC's poker game a secret from Minx.  Minx crashes the poker game and disrupts everything as Lionel is about to win.  Minx decides to play with CC and they both up the ante.
Quinn finds Flame's hiding place.  Roy has Robert and Cruz in jail on trumped up charges.  Quinn tells Kelly he has set up a home office to be closer to her.  Lionel wins the poker game.  Minx finds out that to get to the water they have to blast on CC's property.
Flame starts making tapes of Eden and Quinn.  The press asks if Julia's divorce is due to Dash.  Mason visits with Kelly and tries to cheer her up.  Kelly hears the tape that Flame created of Quinn and Eden talking and thinks it is really them downstairs talking.  Eden is upset with Kelly canceling her physical therapy.  Craig visits with Kelly and Eden explores the home and almost finds Flame.
CC will let Minx and Lionel have water rights under certain conditions.  Gina and Brandon arrive in Disneyworld with Boots hot on their trail.  Dash follows Julia to Mexico where she is obtaining her divorce from Mason.
An explosion at Disneyworld covers Boots before he gets to Gina and Brandon.  Dash rescues Julia in Mexico from some natives.  Quinn ties Flame up and promises Kelly that everything will be ok.  Cassandra intentionally spills coffee on herself and Mason offers her his robe.  Quinn locks Flame up in her own cell and says he has fallen in love with Kelly.  Gina finally meets up with Keith.

First appearance of John Novak (Keith Timmons)
November 19 November 20 November 21 November 22 November 23
Gina and Keith have a nice reunion.  Eden shows Quinn a pair of woman's shoes that she found.  Minx asks Michael to search for a woman.  Robert and Cruz escape and make a run for it.  Keith tells Gina not to worry about Boots.  Minx asks Michael to don his collar again and find a Sister Angelique.  Robert tells Cruz he had no idea he had a twin brother.  Eden shows Craig a hidden panel and gives him a tour.  Craig finds one of the recordings that Flame made.  Kelly attempts to walk.
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Michael tells Minx he will look for Angelique, but not as a priest.  Julia gets visits from her long ago dead father.  Michael decides to don his collar to search for Angelique.  Michael talks with Sister Lillian and she cringes when he mentions Angelique.  Father Merlin tells Michael to leave and that no one will help him find Angelique.  Sister Lillian calls Michael and says to meet her and she can tell him where Angelique is.  Mason decides to find out the legalities of a San Carlos divorce.
Craig and Eden question Quinn about the tape that they found and listened to.  CC continues to get Sophia's notes.  Gina and Keith play matador and bull like old times.  Keith shocks Gina by saying he wants to go back to Santa Barbara.  Sophia finally shows up for one of her meetings with CC.  Kelly asks Robert who Flame is and then tells Quinn to stay in the other part of the house.  Gina and Keith head home.  Eden comes across Flame in her cell.
Pre-empted - Thanksgiving 1596
Gina and Keith get the royal treatment when they arrive in Santa Barbara.  Gina faints when one of the reporters says Keith is the new DA.  Debra tries to convince Eden that Robert has been behind everything and not her.  Robert and Cruz get on a plane and head to Santa Barbara.  Quinn finds a passed out Kelly, who is pretending.  Kelly stands up with a gun in her hand to use on Quinn.  Cruz and Robert arrive in Santa Barbara and are told the new DA wants to see Cruz.  Eden comes face to face with Quinn and Robert.
November 26 November 27 November 28 November 29 November 30
Eden while looking for Robert comes across both Robert and Quinn.  Kelly in a wheelchair pulls a gun on them.  Keith back in town, holding Cruz, gets punched in the face.  Gina walks in and Cruz gets away.  Father Michael goes to get answers on Sister Angelique. Sister Lillian says that Angelique and father Merlin have been in touch and that Angelique is "evil incarnate".  Quinn gets the gun and holds it on Robert.  Michael visits with Minx and wants to know how she knows Sister Angelique.  Eden shoots at Robert or Quinn.
Mason discovers that Keith is back and is the new district attorney. Cassandra makes Julia seeing her embracing Mason. Eden puts Kelly, unconscious, on the sofa. Cruz finds Robert attached in the attic and delivers him. Keith starts the investigation on Quinn's murder. Cruz understands that Eden shot Quinn.
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Robert tells Kelly that she is in the hospital due to cyanide poisoning from his twin Quinn.  Eden tells Cruz that she shot and killed Quinn.  Eden and Cruz tell Kelly that Quinn and Debra were in cahoots.  Kelly cannot back up Eden's story of shooting Quinn in self- defense because she remembers nothing.  Eden re-enacts the shooting with Cruz.  Keith and Gina give Eden and Cruz a hard time.  Cruz tells Debra that Quinn was shot and killed.  Cruz books Debra.
Laken has a date with a man working for Lionel sparking jealousy with Amado.  Dash tells Stephen he does not trust Cassandra and that he feels he is clicking with Julia.  Lionel tries to figure what Maxwell wants from Minx.  Michael admits to Minx that he followed her to Angelique's house.  Minx tells Michael that she had a child out of wedlock.  Julia cries on Dash's shoulder and they end up kissing passionately.
Cassandra's attempts to seduce Mason fail.  Gina and Keith try to figure out who killed Quinn.  Robert meets with Keith.  Keith brings Debra in and asks Robert if she was his captor.  Julia and Dash make love and Julia immediately regrets it.  Robert witnesses Kelly walking out of her wheelchair.
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December 3 December 4 December 5 December 6 December 7
Dash imagines a life with Julia and Samantha.  Julia is suffering pangs of guilt having slept with Dash.  Mason offers Dash a stern warning.  Eden tells Cruz she wants to turn herself in as the shooter.  Keith offers Debra a reduced sentence if she can help him prove a Capwell shot Quinn.  Kelly tells Eden she loves Quinn not Robert.
Richie, a guy from Laken's high school days competes with Amado for Laken's affection.  Minx tells Michael she did not want to give up her daughter.  Minx says she was afraid of a scandal.  Julia is no longer suspended and can go back into private practice.  Mason and Julia plan on how Samantha will spend Christmas.  Lionel finds out that Minx is having revisions done on her will.
Augusta tells Minx about "BGL". Gina releases Keith and Flame from the attic. The police find a gun in Craig's hotel room and arrest him. Craig tells Keith that he killed Quinn. Cruz learns from Gina that Kelly is walking again. He repeats it to Eden. Keith tells Craig that they found Kelly's fingerprints on the trigger.
Eden tells Sophia she is responsible for Kelly's traumas.  Dash tells Stephen he hopes Julia and Samantha move in with him.  Cruz asks Craig why he is taking the blame for killing Quinn.  Kelly asks CC to help Craig out.  Keith charges Kelly with the murder.  Keith points out to CC and Robert that Kelly has been able to walk for some time.  Eden decides to turn herself in for Quinn's murder.
Eden is in a car crash while heading to the police station.  Keith is interviewed about being the new DA.  Gina lets Keith know she is jealous of Flame.  Mason notifies CC and Sophia that Eden was in a car accident and is in the hospital.  Dash has a diamond ring for Julia.  Julia goes to Dash's to tell him everything was a mistake.  Augusta finds a distraught and quiet Julia at home.  Eden has lapsed into a coma.  Julia tells Augusta that Dash raped her.  Eden flat-lines while in the hospital.
December 10 December 11 December 12 December 13 December 14
Stephen visits Dash and feels something is wrong.  Eden is in stable condition.  Julia calls her doctor friend to come over to talk about the rape. Dash tells Stephen he was right about rushing Julia.  Cruz realizes Craig is not the shooter.
Dash is arrested for the rape of Julia Capwell.  Augusta tells Lionel about Julia.  Dash tells the police he was asking Julia to marry him.  Minx advises Amado that he can hurt Laken.  Keith releases Dash.  Lionel tells Minx he knows about his "sister".
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Kelly's hearing begins.  Kelly is denied bail.  A ghostlike Eden witnesses everything while still in her coma.  Gina and Keith walk into his office and Flame is sitting in his chair and infuriates Gina.  Keith releases Flame so she can testify against Kelly.  Robert gives Flame a stern warning.  Cruz tells Kelly that Eden is in a coma.  Cruz wants to have Kelly hypnotized.  A woman named Briana is guiding Eden.
Robert tells Craig it would be to Kelly's better interest if he stayed away from her.  Dash goes to see Julia and Julia and Augusta freak.  Keith tells Mason that Julia alleges she was raped by Dash.  Craig visits Kelly in jail.  Robert asks why she pulls away from him.  Mason goes to comfort Julia and tell her that the charges against Dash have been dropped.
Robert goes to Keith and asks why he let Flame go.  Ghost Eden plays matchmaker for CC and Sophia.  CC asks Sophia to the gala and Sophia accepts.  Gina is about to expose Sophia and Lionel at the gala and Eden/Briana prevent it.  Kelly gets hypnotized.  Kelly remembers everything and realizes Cruz has known all along.  Lionel announces the water partnership with CC at the gala.  Michael tells Minx that Cassandra is his daughter.  Keith proposes to Gina and she accepts.
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December 17 December 18 December 19 December 20 December 21
Cruz tells Mason they need to find out who set Kelly up.  Minx is annoyed that Cassandra is involved with the Capwells.  Minx apologizes to Cassandra for her careless remarks and Cassandra gives her a lashing.  Julia goes to Keith about releasing Dash.  Dash tells Stephen the charges were dropped.  Briana tells Eden by going back to the site, she will remember things.  Mason tries to talk Julia out of going after Dash.  Julia tells Mason that she slept with Dash prior to the rape.  Cassandra tells Cruz she left a sweater at Kelly's.  While at Kelly's, Cruz witnesses Cassandra taking something.
Cruz tells Craig that Eden shot Quinn, not Kelly. Ghost Eden goes back to the night of Quinn's murder thanks to Briana. She sees again all the scenes which happened that night. She discovers that there was someone behind her when she shot Quinn, and that it is this person who actually killed him.
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Cruz sees a tear on Eden's cheek on her hospital bed. Kelly's trial begins. Mason asks for Cassandra at the witness bar. She recognizes she saw Kelly unconscious the night of the murder, but that she didn't have any gun in her hands. She has to admit that the only one she saw with a gun is Eden. Kelly is released and goes back home. She tells Sophia that she is pregnant with Quinn.
Minx invites Amado to her holiday party.  Jeremy tells Dash that his reputation is affecting the Blue Brigade and to step down.  Minx asks Michael to get to know Cassandra for her.  Michael and Stephen investigate Cassie's background.  Gina tells Keith about her own rape.  Michael arrives at Minx' party and says he would like to continue investigating Cassandra.  Stephen tells Cassandra he found out that her fingerprints were found on CC's safe, where his film was and burned.  Keith calls Julia to tell her that he is prosecuting Dash for her rape.
Cassandra tells Stephen she never wants to see him again after his accusations.  Brandon, Keith and Gina are in Las Vegas for Gina and Keith's wedding.  Craig and Robert compete for Kelly's affections, again.  Sophia and Kelly talk about Kelly being pregnant by Quinn.  Eden finally awakes to Cruz.
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Phyllis arrives in Vegas.  Eden tells Cruz she did not kill Quinn.  Dash's dad comes to visit him.  Eden visits Julia and they discuss being raped.  Gina stops the wedding.  Cruz and Eden realize Kelly was set up.
Pre-empted - Christmas Day 1618
Craig overhears Kelly making an appointment with an obstetrician.  Gina says the Las Vegas wedding is tack and Keith walks out.  The blood found at the site matches Quinn and Robert's blood type.  Jamie calls Cruz to tell him that Keith is going after Kelly's hypnosis tape.
Minx gives Michael a framed picture of Nikki for Christmas.  Mason having lunch with Cassandra see's Dash eating with his father and confronts him.  Dash says he did not rape Julia.  Augusta tells Lionel she does not want Julia to prosecute Dash. Julia slaps Keith across the face.  Cassandra apologizes to her previous encounter with Stephen, but Stephen does not accept.  Keith calls Julia to tell her he has Dash behind bars.  Augusta goes through Minx' things and realizes Cassandra is her daughter and alerts Lionel.  Michael asks Cassandra out for New Year's Eve.
Phyllis tells Gina she should not be spending New Year's Eve alone.  Keith questions Eden about the gun he confiscated with her finger prints on it.  Sophia prepares for her wedding to CC.  CC and Sophia are wed.  Keith arrives and arrests Eden.
Last appearance of Stella Stevens (Phyllis Blake)
December 31        
Eden is sent in jail. Keith gets the bullett he shot with Eden's gun. Cassandra and Michael have dinner for New Year's Eve. Kelly tells Sophia that Eden shot Quinn. Eden is released thanks to Mason. With Cruz, she thinks the only possible culprit is Flame.