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Complete name : Channing Creighton Capwell

Father : Emmett Capwell

Brother : Grant Capwell

Married to : Pamela Pepperidge (195?-1956), Sophia Wayne (1961-1985, 1987-1988, 1990-1991), Gina DeMott (1985, 1986-1987)

Children : Mason Capwell, Elena Nikolas, Eden Capwell, Kelly Capwell, Ted Capwell, Greg Hughes, Channing Capwell III


Former known girlfriends : Megan Richardson (1971, 1989), Caroline Wilson (196?), Santana Andrade (1984, 1991-1992), Lydia Saunders (1988), Angela Raymond (1992-1993)

Profession : Businessman, president of the Capwell Enterprises


Lloyd Bochner :
1984 (never appeared on screen)

Peter Mark Richman :
July 30 1984 (# 1) to September 12 1984 (# 33) 

Paul Burke :
September 1
3 1984 (# 34) to October 19 1984 (# 60)

Charles Bateman :
October 22 1984 (# 61) to December 04 1985 (# 344)

? :
December 13 1985 (# 351) to January 07 1986 (# 367)

Jed Allan :
January 08 1986 (# 368) to January 15 1993 (# 2137)


C.C. Capwell is a family father as we do not see anymore of them : authoritative, directing, narrow-minded... In short, a hell for his many wives and children who aspire to a little independence, but perhaps precisely because the love of his family is the most important for him. C.C. first disavows all his daughters' fiancés : in 1984, he refuses to see Kelly in love again with Joe Perkins, then always presumed guilty of the murder of his son Channing Junior. Thereafter, these are the Hartley brothers, Nick then Dylan, that he thinks inapt to deserve his daughter. Finally in 1987, he risks a malaise while learning that Kelly, always her, is engaged to Jeffrey Conrad, the son of his first wife, Pamela !

If he defends his children, he defends also his grandchildren, at least the presumed ones, like Brandon DeMott, Channing Junior and Santana Andrade's hidden son. If he decides to marry Gina DeMott, Brandon's adoptive mother in 1985, it is before everything to keep his grandson next to him, while preserving him from Santana. The strength of his love for his children can, from an extreme to another, leads him to hate as towards Mason, his eldest son from his first marriage whose threats to banish him from his will are become regular. Because Mason is far away from looking like the icon of the model son that represented Channing Junior for C.C.. As a proof, when he learns that this last one was gay, he has a mild heart attack ! He falls then in a profound coma for one month after having learnt by an avenging Mason that Channing Junior had in fact never been his son, but the one of his worst rival, Lionel Lockridge. At his awakening, his first action is to repudiate the one who cheated on him, Sophia, his children's mother.

C.C.'s best weapon : the cheque book. An invading enemy approach to his family : he holds out a cheque to him in exchange of an exile promise. C.C. tries this technique on several occasions : with Pamela when she comes to disturb Kelly and Jeffrey's wedding, or with Keith Timmons when he accuses him of Hal Clark's murder, years before. His fortune also allows him the biggest projects : the Capwell Hotel, the restaurant the Orient Express in 1985, the casino Nick's Place in 1986, the Country-club in 1988 and finally the Oasis in 1990. His power and his money arouse keen interest, as Robert Barr and Anthony Tonell, who succeed in a takeover on the Capwell Enterprises in summer 1989.

Another characteristic of C.C. : his propensity to discover after many years illegitimate children he didn't know the existence of. First, Elena Nikolas in 1987, whose existence had been hidden to him by Pamela, secretly pregnant when she ran away in England years ago. Thereafter it is Greg Hugues, in 1989, the son he had without knowing it with Megan Richardson. He was even going to marry her that year, before she learns she is suffering of leukemia and leaves town, alone. By extension, he also finds himself being in 1991 the father of Gina's baby, this one having insemined herself a dose of C.C.'s sperm, stolen at the Santa Barbara sperm bank !

Because C.C. has a problem with the opposite sex, specially his propensity to always push back his ex-wives, that it is Pamela, Gina and even Sophia when she reappears after some long years of absence in 1984. But Sophia will however remain the true love of his life and he will have no cease to try to marry her again, even by forcing her a little sometimes. And even if he multiplies the conquests (from the journalist Lydia Saunders to Santana Andrade from whom he had formerly taken Brandon away, passing by Angela Raymond), C.C. remains always faithful to Sophia. When, in early 1993, she becomes a widow after her last wedding with Ken Mathis, C.C. is there, free, and waits for her...

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On the left : in Drums of Africa, with Mariette Hartley and Frankie Avalon (1963)

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