The weddings of Santa Barbara
Pamela Pepperidge and C.C. Capwell


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After having dated Grant Capwell for a while, Pamela Pepperidge turns to his brother, Channing Creighton, for a general surprise. Except these three, nobody else seems to know the real reasons which urged Pamela to turn away from Grant to accept C.C.'s marriage proposal. However, it seems very fast that C.C.'s feelings towards her are deep and sincere in nature.

The union between Pamela and C.C. takes place between the 1950s and 1954 (Mason's birth year). The wedding ceremony is held on June 14th, in the gardens of the Capwell mansion. In memory of this big day, before the ceremony, C.C. offers Pamela a valuable brooch accompanied with a sweet word: "Pamela, my darling, this is for you. So that you remember all your life of this extraordinary day. A guarantee of love for our marriage. C.C.". Pamela will wear this brooch, vestige of the past, during the wedding of her son Jeffrey with Kelly Capwell. Surprised of life, Kelly and Jeffrey will choose to unite their destiny at the same place, in this part of the gardens of the property. It is moreover on the occasion of this wedding that we shall learn some details of the past. In the exchange of memories between them, we learn that the wedding ceremony did not take place without surprises: the flowers were delivered after the ceremony, and one of the family dogs had begun to eat the cake.

If the first years seem idyllic, very fast the harmony between the married couple is slowly going to deteriorate. Pamela and C.C. eventually divorce in 1956.

Two events can be considered as detonators in the changes of behavior of Pamela and C.C.. The first one is the death of Emmett, C.C.'s father. The disappearance of the Capwell chief obliges C.C. to take control at the same time of his family, but also of Capwell Enterprises. C.C.'s availability for Pamela decreases; he does not concentrate in anything else than his business. One thing leading to another, feeling abandoned, Pamela turns to other men to find the love which she needs. Monopolized by the businesses of Capwell Enterprises, C.C. does not realize the estrangement between Pamela and him. Introduced to actress Sophia Wayne during a dinner, C.C. is then obliged to realize an obvious fact: his feelings for his wife have changed, and love has changed into something else. Conscious that nothing more binds them to one another, C.C. asks for a divorce.

The marriage between Pamela and C.C. finishes shared between hatred and fights. C.C. throws Pamela out of his life and his house, this woman whom he hates more than anyone... This woman, a symbol of all the treasons. He will oblige her to leave him the complete and whole custody of their son, Mason. And, as an ultimate treason, Pamela leaves Santa Barbara by hiding a last secret: she is pregnant. Pamela will hide the birth of this young daughter. And it is her who will deliver the last battle in the name of her mother. Symbolic of this divorce of the most violent, Elena will come to Santa Barbara with the firm intention to avenge her mother, by killing all the Capwell children.

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