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 Soap Opera Digest, 1986

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Actors come and go on the soaps. However, many characters endure for years so viewers must cope with accept the actor who is playing the part at the moment. Here, a look at soap characters who went through plenty of changes.


C.C. Capwell, Santa Barbara

Paul Burke (1984) : Actor Lloyd Bochner was originally hired to play the Capwell patriarch. Unfortunately, he suffered a heart attack just before the show debuted and had to be replaced. Peter Mark Richman filled in while Santa Barbara's producers searched for the perfect C.C.. Paul Burke take over, but he never made much of an impact. Perhaps it was because he was the third actor to be cast in the role.

Charles Bateman (1984-1986) : Soap veteran Charles Bateman was the next actor to play C.C. and things looked promising. However, it became obvious that the show wanted a different (younger) image for C.C.. So, once again, they recast.

Jed Allan (1986-present) : Allan was extremely popular for years on Days of our Lives. The producers at Santa Barbara were hoping to raise their ratings by bringing him on. There's no doubt that he is a pro. Still, his C.C. is a bit too cold. We would like to see him become more compassionate.