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Maiden name : Wainwright

Father : Roger Wainwright

Sister : Julia Wainwright

Married to : Lionel Lockridge (1960-1986), Anthony Tonell (1989)


Children : Warren Lockridge, Laken Lockridge

Former known boyfriends : Jack Lee (198?), Peter Flint (198?), Joe Perkins (1984), Frank Armsted (1985), Joseph (1986), T.J. Daniels (1989)

Profession : Employed at the casino Nick's Place


Louise Sorel :
July 30 1984 (# 1) to August 22 1986 (# 526), November 07 1988 (# 1077) to May 11 1989 (# 1206), December 06 1989 (# 1349) to September 18 1991 (# 1801)


Augusta Lockridge is, in her first appearances, a faceless woman. Armed with long nails of a bursting red and with Breeze, a Doberman decorated with a necklace of diamonds, she already shows her originality and her strength of character.

While she tried at first to prevent him from coming back in town after his release from prison, she makes Joe Perkins come to the Lockridge mansion  for some manual labor. But very fast, she leads him up to her bedroom, taking advantage of the absence of her husband, Lionel, who travels around the world. Her clashes with her mother-in-law, Minx, who lives with her, are legendary. Queen of the little schemes, she succeeds in getting out of all the most compromising situations thanks to blackmail, her favorite game, in particular with Peter Flint. Her main target, in this year of 1984, is the rising love relation between her daughter Laken and Ted, the younger child of the Capwells, the nearby and rival family. But the love that Augusta holds for her daughter leads her to accept willy-nilly this relation, helped in it by the return of Lionel who allows to soften her vehemence.

Augusta's visible coolness is in fact a shield which allows her to hide her feelings to the others. It is illustrated in particular during the earthquake which strikes Santa Barbara in 1984, where she finds herself stuck in an abyss with Lionel during long hours. She then finally exposes her heart, settling with difficulty her differences with him. Mad of jealousy, she has trouble with Sophia Capwell's reappearance, whom everybody considered dead, and who had formerly been Lionel's mistress. In Lionel's slightest absence, she suspects him of having resumed his affair with Sophia. In summer 1985, the discovery that Sophia and Lionel have in common a son, Channing Capwell Junior, arranges obviously nothing.

Victim of the collapse of the tunnel between the Capwell and Lockridge mansions, Augusta suffers temporarily from blindness. Her close sister Julia joins her in Santa Barbara to help her to overcome this event. But Augusta finds some comfort only with Frank Armsted, the milkman, in fact hired to this purpose by Lionel. In 1986, tired not to succeed in trusting Lionel, Augusta decides to leave the city in the arm of her new lover, Joseph, not without having prepared previously a petition for divorce.

She joins Santa Barbara again a few years later, in November 1988, for  the wedding of her sister Julia with Mason Capwell. She whereas discovers that the Lockridge mansion had been repurchased by Gina DeMott and transformed into a hotel ! Spending most of her time to incite Julia to give up Mason whom she has finally not married, Augusta prefers to go away after a few months and a short love-affair with T.J. Daniels.

She finally makes her real comeback only at the very end of 1989 by revealing her secret : she meanwhile married Anthony Tonell, the dangerous mafioso who tried to kill the half of the inhabitants of the town, of which Cruz Castillo himself. Following the death of her husband, Augusta who now lives in Las Vegas, hires a professional killer to kill Robert Barr as quickly as possible. Because Augusta will inherit from the totality of the possessions of her late husband at the only condition that Robert does not appear at the reading of Anthony's will. Unfortunately for Augusta, in spite of the killer's efforts, Robert attends the reading of the will, and Augusta inherits only from a 50 000 dollar payment per year up to her death. Even if she is suspected for a while to be responsable of Tonell's death, she goes out of it quietly.

The return in town of Lionel, while he had faked death in Singapore, allows to recreate the so unpredictable couple that Augusta used to form with him. But this time for a short duration. When Lionel discovers that she hid from him the blackmail she is victim of further Tonell's death, he leaves her, this time definitively. Augusta ends up alone, with her daughter Laken for only comfort. Settled on the Lockridge yacht, she discovers that she has for neighbor Dash Nichols, her sister Julia's rapist. Nevertheless, she falls under this man's spell and starts with him a cat and mouse game. She swears that she is not attracted by him at all, but nobody is fooled, and especially not Julia with whom she falls out. By mutual agreement, she however begins no affair with Dash.

In summer 1991, on the return
of her son Warren in Bangkok, Augusta discovers that this latter had an affair with Cassandra Benedict, who meanwhile has proved to be Lionel's sister. Both lovers are so obliged to give up their passion, what activates a terrible matter of conscience at Augusta. Indeed, this latter reveals to Mason Capwell a terrible secret : Warren is not Lionel's biological son, but the fruit of an extra-marital one-night-stand. Frightened by the possible repercussions of her secret, she so unwillingly keeps separate Warren and Cassandra. Devastated by her lie and her son's despair, she then takes refuge in alcohol. Exhausted, she finally agrees to go in a detoxification center from where we shall never see her going out.

An abrupt and rather frustrating end for a character who will have especially marked the show for her strength of character and her irreverence...

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